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Monday, July 20, 2015

As expected Iran uses UNSC Resolution on Nuclear Conclusion to go after Israel's Nuclear weapons.

As expected Iran uses UN acceptance of Nuke deal to go after Israel's Nuclear weapons.

         UNSC Resolution on Nuclear Conclusion A Major Development: Iran's Envoy.

In an address to the UNSC session minutes after the resolution was passed, Gholamali Khoshroo hailed the "fundamental shift in the consideration of Iran's peaceful nuclear program".

The following is an excerpt from the full text of Mr. Khoshroo's statement:

Fourth, the Israeli regime, following its general policy to stoke tension in the region, has done whatever in its power to sabotage and defeat any effort towards resolving the standoff over Iran’s nuclear energy program. In so doing, it proves once more that it doesn’t see peace in our region in its interest and considers peace as an existential threat to itself. The Iranophobia that they try to spread in the region and beyond is also to serve this nefarious purpose.

Thus, we alert our friends and neighbors not to fall into their trap. In this context, it is also not surprising that the Israeli regime is the only obstacle in the way of establishing a Nuclear Weapons-Free Zone in the Middle East that my country initiated more than forty years ago and has ever since promoted.
We believe that nuclear warheads stockpiled by the Israeli regime constitute a grave threat to peace and security in our unstable region, and the Security Council should live up to its primary responsibility under the UN Charter and take necessary action to neutralize this threat.

Hmmm....How long before Hussein Obama follows? I said more then once in the past that Israel's nuclear stock pile was the real target, time will show i was right.

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