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Sunday, June 21, 2015

We are not prepared for this! Lion Cubs of the caliphate: a ticking time bomb?

We are not prepared for this! Lion Cubs of the caliphate: a ticking time bomb? (Rudaw).

Journalists rarely make contact with people living in ISIS territories. They must depend mainly on those who fled ISIS and brought back the stories of its harsh rule by Sharia law and the way the radicals indoctrinate children.

One of the unique facets of ISIS is how it targets children. It starts with their education, which has been Islamized and cleansed of Western influence and anything that differs from life in the so-called ISIS caliphate.

Children go to special camps to be ingrained in the ideology of ISIS. Then they are sent to military camps where they learn how to fight. Many end up on the frontlines.

But not all, however, because ISIS understands that its future is the children they call the “Lion Cubs of the Caliphate.”

It is the youth that are the easiest to deceive and indoctrinate. Once that happens, they are lost to society unless they get help to replace these fundamentalist ideas with a healthier outlook.

In the problematic life of refugees, an existence focused on survival, this will not happen. It may even strengthen their beliefs and frustrations. Worse it could deepen the animosity ingrained in them against the “unbelievers.”

These young men, once the property of ISIS, are the time bombs the refugees carry with them when they return to their homes in areas recaptured from ISIS.

These “Lion Cubs” might follow ISIS commands to attack and kill and create chaos in order to bring back the caliphate they lost.

Even as ISIS is removed from areas it once controlled, the ideas they forced on young people remain.

Hmmmm.....If we look at what has happened in the past in Africa than we know sooner or later they will 'deploy' these kids in battle, i would hate to be among those who will be facing them for the first time.....It will take strong determination from the men or women in the 'forces' to aim and shoot a child......are we mentally prepared for this? And how do we deal with it afterwards?

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