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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Videos - Tbilisi flood: 'At least 11 killed, incl. 3 zoo employees' and zoo animals on loose & Dead in city after freak storm.

Videos - Tbilisi flood: 'Seven people dead' and zoo animals on loose & Dead in city after freak storm. (Source).

At least eight people died and several are missing as a result of flooding in Tbilisi overnight on Sunday, officials say.

Heavy rainfall, which started before midnight, turned normally small stream, Vere, which runs in the Tbilisi center across Vake and Saburtalo districts, into a raging river.

A large and fast-moving stream of Vere flooded significant portions of a 4-km highway, linking Vake-Saburtalo road to Hero’s Square; it swept cars, at least one small house and flooded many others.

The river also flooded Tbilisi zoo. Animals, among them tigers, lions, bears and wolves escaped from the flooded zoo. Some of them were either captured or killed, but search of remaining escaped animals was still ongoing early on Sunday morning.

Two employees of the zoo are among the fatalities.

Parts of the right embankment of Riva Mtkvari has also been flooded.

“The damage is substantial,” said PM Irakli Garibashvili. He also called on the people to stay home as search of animals, which escaped from the flooded zoo, was still ongoing. More pictures can be seen here. Read the full story here.

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