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Friday, June 19, 2015

Video - Stand Up Comedy Jim Jefferies - US Gun Control -

Some may consider putting this video as 'Bad taste', I've always considered and used humor as a way to get the message over.

A Must read!  The Chapel Hill Tragedy and American Muslims’ Mental Health.

When acts like this murder hit so close to home, it’s natural to fall in to a state of despair, helplessness, paranoia and depression. But that is not the only murder that is happening: we are slowly killing ourselves by denying the destruction that mental illness is causing in our communities.

How does one cope with such acts of hatred, knowing that people do not care if you live or die? This type of stress is not new in the society; any marginalized and oppressed population feel the same pain. Statistics of drug use, depression, anxiety, suicide, addictions, psychotic episodes in the American Muslim population are rapidly approaching (if it already has not in select areas) the norm of American society.

We have taken that away from ourselves as a society. We do not put the same weight of mental health as we do on physical health. This is the silent killer

The instability of people’s mental health goes unnoticed, and then when they do some unstable things, we are surprised and shocked.
Hatred is a mental health issue. 
Lack of value for life is a mental health issue. 
How many youth had to die in those schools before we took mental health seriously? 
How many people had to get shot on college campuses before we address our mental health? 
How many fatal hate crimes do we want to happen to anyone before we take this seriously? 
Mental Health is not a game anymore: it is life and death, literally. 
Our mental health takes us seriously, so we had better take it seriously. This begins with acknowledging that there is a problem, addressing it, and beginning the process of healing and some type of therapy, consultation, evaluation, and similar services from professionals.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Dr. Halim Naeem holds a degree in Counseling Psychology at Western Michigan University. He is a practicing psychotherapist and president of his own private practice, Naeem and Associates in Livonia, MI. He specializes in ADD/ADHD, psychological assessment, and behavioral issues among adolescents and young adults. He works with individuals, couples, and families. He is also the president of Muslim Mental Health (, the leading nationwide experts regarding mental health issues in the Muslim community.

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