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Monday, June 22, 2015

Syrian Kurds plead for Canadian military, financial support in fight against ISIS.

Kurd protest in Toronto

Syrian Kurds plead for Canadian military, financial support in fight against ISIS. (NaPo).

TORONTO — Kurdish leaders appealed Sunday for Canada’s help in Syria, telling an event attended by several Conservative Members of Parliament they needed military and financial support to defeat ISIL.

Appearing by videoconference, Salih Muslim, co-chair of the Democratic Union Party, thanked Canada for conducting air strikes against ISIL but said money would be required to rebuild the devastated regions its fighters have taken back from the extremists.

Sinam Mohamad, the European representative of the Kurdish region of Syria, known as Rojava, also emphasized the need for international assistance to restore centres such as Kobani, which the Kurdish forces retook from ISIL but which lies in ruin.

“I think that participation of Canada in this coalition, it’s very important. It means that Canadians value the principles of humanity and democracy,” she said of the coalition military campaign that includes Canadian CF-18s and 69 Special Forces advisers.

In an interview, she said the Kurds needed heavy weapons and training, but also assistance for hospitals, schools and houses for those returning to their liberated but razed towns. “It’s very important,” she said. “Everybody, they say ‘yes, yes.’ But it’s time to see something concrete.” Hmmmm......I believe it is important for the future and for an eventual 'Independent Kurdistan' that Canada steps up their help to the Kurds, they can't allow a leader like Erdogan dictate who will be in his 'Neo Ottoman Reich'.Read the full story here.

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