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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Secret Document Reveals Obama 'Admin' to Give BFF Iran Nuclear Equipment.

Secret Document Reveals Obama 'Admin' to Give BFF Iran Nuclear Equipment.(INN).

Covert draft outlines deal by which US and West give Islamic regime advanced nuclear equipment in return for toning down program.

A confidential paper obtained by the Associated Press and revealed Wednesday outlines some of the concessions the US and other world powers are offering Iran in the nuclear talks that are approaching a June 30 deadline.

According to the eight-page paper, which is dated June 19 and entitled "Civil Nuclear Cooperation," the US and world powers will give the Islamic regime state-of-the-art nuclear equipment in return for Iran stepping down its nuclear weapons program.

There are a number of bracketed sections in the text indicating points that remain under dispute, such as technical cooperation regarding supervising the nuclear program.

Iran would be given light-water nuclear reactors to replace its almost completed heavy-water nuclear facility at Arak, which if completed will be able to produce several nuclear weapons each year.

Iran has also demanded that all sanctions be immediately lifted after a deal is reached, and vowed to use advanced centrifuges as soon as a deal is signed which would allow it to obtain a nuclear arsenal in weeksHmmmm.....We can't have Iran waiting 10 years to build the bomb, lets give them the means to build it the full story here.

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