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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Sanctions against Iran to be fully removed in stages.

Sanctions against Iran to be fully removed in stages. (Taz).

An Iranian expert says he is hopeful that the Geneva, Lausanne, and Vienna talks on Iran 's nuclear program will lead to a comprehensive deal and the removal of economic sanctions on Iran.

The general approach is that six of the sanctions will be removed immediately, Said Yari, nuclear affairs expert and chairman of the Iranian Reform Front’s Nuclear Committee told Trend June 17.
The six are those that were imposed through UN Security Council resolutions and they are to be removed by another resolution that would annul them, he explained.
He added that another set of six resolutions set by the US or EU will be removed in the following fashion: first, 60 percent of them will be removed immediately, and then the remaining 40 percent will be lifted through an agreed process which will take between two to five years.
There remain 22 other sanctions will be removed after trust building actions are undertaken in the course of a set frame of 10 years, Yari said. However, he noted, the time can to be reduced to five or seven years, for example, if the other side is convinced of Iran 's peaceful activities.
Yari said that the 22 sanctions have been imposed on Iran on alleged grounds related to missile activities, terrorism, and human rights issues.

A control committee consisting of the members of the group P5+1 (the US, UK, France, Russia, China, and Germany), Iran, and the secretary general of the IAEA will inspect the trust-building cooperation in the course of the years, he explained.

Iran and the six powers have only to June 30 to strike the expected deal. Although the Western side is stressing a comprehensive agreement by the said deadline, Iran says it will not go for any deal and will not lose what it calls a good deal just to observe a time frame.

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