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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Jihadi John allegedly has slipped into Libya after the ISIS 'Bogey man' was unmasked.

Jihadi John allegedly has slipped into Libya after the ISIS 'Bogey man' was unmasked. (Express).

The masked executioner lost his “bogey man” persona the moment he was identified as 26-year-old Londoner Mohammed Emwazi, U.S spies say.

The “fear factor” vanished when the world realised that rather than a Carlos the Jackal he was “a baseball hat-wearing West London street gang member”.

He has not appeared in an IS film since January following the beheading of Japanese hostage Kenji Goto.

Many thought he had been killed or severely wounded in an airstrike.

However a source with America’s Joint Terrorism Taskforce, which along with the CIA and U.S special forces DEVGRU is hunting Emwazi, believes he has slipped over the border.

Speaking on condition of anonymity the insider, who recently spent time in the UK working alongside MI5 and Special Branch, said: “We think it is a tactical move by ISIS to keep Emwazi out of the limelight.

“His unmasking by the Press took away the mystery surrounding his ‘bogey man’ persona and though we have targeted him with conventional missiles we have had no confirmation of a successful strike.

We have picked up communication intercepts to suggest Emwazi has been in Libya and remained there over a number of days.”

The revelation was picked up by intelligence officers monitoring so called “electronic terrorist chatter” among jihadis in the UK.

They believe Emwazi and other IS leaders are in contact with a terror cell based in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, the hometown of Britain’s youngest suicide bomber Talha Asmal, 17Hmmm.....Planning Ramadan fireworks in the UK? Read the full story here.

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