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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

HPG: Turkish army conducted bombardment with warplanes

HPG: Turkish army conducted bombardment with warplanes. (Firat).

HPG Central Headquarters Command said in a written statement that they as Kurdistan People's Defense Forces have acted in line with the spirit of the process of Democratic Resolution Initiative started by Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan in early 2013, and have since been involved in no activities apart from warning fires responding to the attacks of the Turkish army.

Yet – HPG said- the Turkish army has within this process reinforced the construction of new guard posts, military roads and dams as well as military deployment in Kurdistan, mainly along the border, while on the other hand enhancing its intermittent attacks on guerrilla forces in 2014 and since the spring of 2015.

HPG remarked that following the most recent MGK (National Security Council) meeting and for the first time since 2013, the Turkish army has carried out an expansive bombardment against guerrilla areas with warplanes today.

According to the HPG statement, the bombardment with a number of warplanes of the Turkish army targeted the areas of Avashin, Martyr Rahime, Martyr Bager, Martyr Erdal, Martyr Gafur, Martyr Afad and Şaxê Nêriya in Medya Defense Zones at between 09.10 - 13.00 today.

HPG reported that the bombardment which was also supported by tank, howitzer and mortar attacks conducted from the Oramar (Dağlıca) guard post as of 6 am this morning started a fire on Hill Martyr Gafur and Şaxê Nêriya area, which is still going on. It added that guerrilla forces have suffered no casualties in the attack so far.

HPG said; "It is obvious that the planning of the attack on Medya Defense Zones was one of the discussion items of the MGK meeting which had been reported as Syria-oriented. It has become evident that Kurdistan Freedom Guerrillas were the actual target of the warplanes that were reported to have been put into action as a precaution against the ISIS members in Jarablus.
The Turkish army which continuously violated the conditions of ceasefire up to date has completely ended the truce unilaterally. 
It is obvious that this attack, which targeted the guerrilla forces not involved in any military activities, has been put into practice as an outcome of a mentality that doesn't want the Kurdish question to be resolved through democratic ways."

HPG Central Headquarters Command stated that they had the right to retaliate against these attacks on guerrilla areas, and called on the democratic public opinion and the patriotic Kurdish people to be aware and careful against this and similar attacks. Hmmmm.....As i predicted the target was the Kurds and not ISIS.

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