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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Hamas threatens "escalating events" against UNRWA over cuts.

Hamas threatens "escalating events" against UNRWA over cuts. HT: IMRA.

DRAH: Unfair UNRWA Decisions Pour Oil on the Fire. -  Hamas newspaper 12 June 2015

Gaza,(— Division Refugee Affairs-Hamas stated that UNRWA tends to reduce the services provided to Palestinian refugees without a resolution from the United Nations, and before getting the Palestinian refugees back to their homes in occupied Palestine in accordance with the UN resolution 302 in 1949, according to which UNRWA was established.

In a press release on Thursday, 11 June 2015, DRAH said that the cuts and decisions UNRWA tends to make including halt of employment in the five areas UNRWA operates in are unprecedented resolutions and exceed the powers UNRWA has been assumed by the United Nations.

"Through such unfair decisions, UNRWA pours oil on the fire". DRAH added in the statement.

DRAH demanded UNRWA to retreat such resolutions that have been issued in May and June, 2015.

DRAH called on the United Nations to continually compensate every lack in UNRWA budget that is caused by failure of donors to meet their pledges, inviting the United Nations to search for alternatives financial resources to overcome the crisis.

DRAH called on the national forces, civil society organizations and Refugees to get around these demands and coordinat efforts to get them achieved.

"We will carry out escalating events that will continue till getting these demands achieved whereas the refugees will not the only losers because of the UNRWA unfair resolutions." DRAH added in the statement.

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