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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

'ENOUGH" - Google calls for anti-Isis push over ‘inhuman’ beheading videos.

'ENOUGH" - Google calls for anti-Isis push over ‘inhuman’ beheading videos.(Guardian).
Google calls for anti-Isis push and makes YouTube propaganda pledge.
Executives vow video site will not be used as a platform for ‘brutally violent propaganda produced by terrorists’, but argue against blanket censorship.

Google has issued a call to arms against Isis, arguing that the terror group has engineered a “viral moment” on social networks with propaganda and beheading videos that needs to be challenged.

Two of Google’s top executives – legal chief David Drummond and policy director Victoria Grand – used the Cannes Lions advertising festival to launch an attack, and appeal, against terrorist propaganda on Google-owned YouTube.

Isis is having a viral moment on social media and the countervailing viewpoints are nowhere near strong enough to oppose them,” said Grand. “Isis, in particular, has been putting up footage that is inhuman and atrocious. We are still seeing about two or three of these beheadings each week. They are heeding advice from a decade before from Osama bin Laden and they are taking it to another level using social media.”
“The challenge for us is to strike this balance between allowing people to be educated about the dangers and the violence of this group,” said Grand. “But not allowing ourselves to become a distribution channel for this horrible, but very newsworthy, terrorist propaganda.”
Google put forward a challenge to the advertising and marketing executives to help populate YouTube with more content that combats Isis propaganda.

We used to think of terrorists as people who are hiding out in caves But now would-be terrorists are hanging out online. Technology is one of the greatest tools we have to reach at-risk youth all over the world and divert them from hate and radicalisation. We can only do that if we offer them alternatives. Only on open and diverse sites like YouTube… that we can find these countervailing points of view”. Hmmm......Those who follow me on twitter know i said already yesterday(See Pic Above), we have to put a stop to being a platform for #ISIS.Read the full story here.

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