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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Empty churches towards Muslims? The French overwhelmingly say NO!

Empty churches towards Muslims? The French overwhelmingly say NO! (Christianophobie).[GoogleTranslated].

A reader (ES thank you!) tells me a little fact which is quite hilarious ...

I look pretty regularly log 12 h 45 on M6 . Each day a question is asked and submitted to the vote of viewers on the Internet.

The survey response is usually given in 12: 45 pm the next day. 

Yesterday, Monday, June 15, the question was:
"Must the empty churches accommodate Muslim prayer rooms as proposed Dalil Boubaker? ". 
I went to vote on the Internet shortly after the question was asked and I remember that "no" to the already carried 88%.

Today, Tuesday 16 June, so the next day, I'm positioned in front of my screen 12 h 45 and awaits the distribution of the answer to the question of the day before. Except error (a moment of inattention lightning sleep?): NOTHING! 
                                                No response to the survey as usual. 
So I went back on the Internet where I could found it difficult in the footsteps of the question that was asked but when I did however could not find the results of the survey. 

It happens that I am also auditor of the newspaper RTL Midi .

And the question that day was similar on RTL that of M6 yesterday: "Should we transform disused churches into mosques? " .

You will find attached a screenshot of giving you the result: no to 93% ...(Picture on top of the post).

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