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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

COUNTING DIGITAL MONUMENT FOR WOMEN WHO DIED because of violence in 'Islamist' Turkey.

09,00 Am. - 17 June 2015

COUNTING DIGITAL MONUMENT FOR WOMEN WHO DIED because of violence in 'Islamist' Turkey. (Anitsayac).

The Monument Counter is an on-line (Internet) monument to commemorate the women who lost their lives due to domestic violence. It is also a counter that is updated every day. It has been announced that between January and September 2012 that the 125 women lost their lives due to domestic violence. The Monument Counter bunun has been conceived as a device to generate public awareness Concerning the rising number of deaths due to domestic violence and bring light into unknown data. This website will have the names of the dead woman and is not only an awareness raising mechanism directed against society Concerning domestic violence but also is a monument for the dead woman. The counter masks a rising threat while also reporting about the continuity of violence. The Monument Counter does not only demonstrate a worrying increase, a burdensome accumulation but also invites an urgent count down. As the counter counts up, hope Vanishes. It Disappears one by one. 

The main page of the Monument Counter is the counter itself. It contains a counter showing the women who have died because of domestic violence and a page that consists of the names of the dead women. This page builds a semi-wall with the names of the dead women who have been killed between 2008-2015 and will be updated daily. The wall will have a separate color for each year and will thus show the difference between years. When one clicks on the name of a woman there will be another page.

In order to create this website, various requests were submitted to the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Family and Social Policy and General Directorate for Security Concerning data on women. As they remained fruitless, a media search has been made ​​between 2008-2013. This data has been compared with that of the "Platform for Stopping Homicide of Women" and a list has been compiled. Attention has been paid to cover only deaths Caused by domestic violence and other Causes have been eliminated with unclear motives. Recently cleared domestic violence cases are being added to the list of Sinem such as Yurdanur who died in 2010, as they become public knowledge. As the list has been compiled through media search, it is possible that many other homicides have occurred that have not been covered. With the opening of a separate page for each woman, one can see how, why and by whom she has been killed as well as whether it she requested protection from the government. One can also see the news in the media Regarding the homicide. This draws attention to the difference in the language used over the years by the media in covering this kind of news. 

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