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Saturday, June 20, 2015

A Yazidi woman’s terrifying account of their ordeal in ISIS captivity.

A Yazidi woman’s terrifying account of their ordeal in ISIS captivity. (rferl).
"We stayed on our feet while they looked for the ones who were pretty, those with a nice body, or pretty eyes, or pretty hair, or a pretty face. They would take them, rape them, and pass them on to others."
This is one of the terrifying memories that 28-year-old Ghazala, a Yazidi woman from Sinjar in Iraq's Kurdistan region, has of her ordeal in Islamic State captivity.

Ghazala and her younger sister Narin (their names have been changed for security reasons) were held prisoner in the extremist group's de facto capital, the Syrian city of Raqqa, for nine months.

The IS gunmen in Badush took Ghazala, her sister and the rest of the younger Yazidi women to Raqqa in Syria.

It was there, in IS's de facto capital, that their captors began selling the Yazidi women and girls as sex slaves to other militants, including foreign fighters.

Ghazala recalls how her fellow captives were sold as chattel to IS militants who showed up in groups to haggle over the human goods.

"Every hour some IS men came -- two, three, four, five, six, seven of them," Ghazala says. "They opened the door carrying big sticks. They told us to stand up. They beat any of us who didn't stand up."

When a militant chose a girl he was interested in, he would drag her to the bathroom to "examine" her before handing over cash to pay for her.

"They would strip her and if they liked her they bought her," she remembers.

The gunmen were particularly interested in the youngest and prettiest girls, whom they raped and then passed them on to other gunmen, Ghazala says. Read the full story here.

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