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Friday, February 13, 2015

"CHANGE" - Ethnic French are less racist and French Muslims are increasingly anti-Semitic.

Nine most antisemitic affected cities 

"CHANGE" - Ethnic French are less racist and French Muslims are increasingly anti-Semitic. HT: DreuzeInfo.

                    In France, the curves of racism and anti-Semitism are reversed.

The historic French are less racist and French Muslims are increasingly anti-Semitic, and more and more violent.

Racist, anti-Semitic acts out, identified in 2014 were down 5% compared to 2013 *.
In contrast, the number of anti-Semitic acts recorded doubled.

It is 851 against 423 in 2013. An increase of 101%, and they were all committed by Muslims.

The divide is widening between firstly ethnic French more tolerant with respect to diversity and immigration, and French Muslims increasingly violent against the Jews.

Thus in 2014, the violent actions committed by Muslims against Jews increased by 130% compared to 2013.

And the number of violent attacks by French Muslims in 2014 was 241 against 105 in 2013.

Taking all figures, more than half of racist acts in France in 2014 were the work of Muslims and were directed against the Jews.

If we want to note that Jews represent less than 1% of the French population, this means that less than 1% of the citizens of the country are the target of half of all racist acts in France, and they are committed by Muslims.

French Departments with their respective number of Antisemitic cases

The cities most affected by the anti-Semitic acts in 2014 are Paris , Marseille , Lyon, Toulouse, Sarcelles , Nice, Villeurbanne , Strasbourg and Créteil . These excellent figures are to be worn for the benefit of native French, whose tolerance is once again confirmed. SOS Racism can be proud that racism is both declining and it is so small.

However, the catastrophic results on Muslim anti-Semitism clearly indicate to fight organizations like the MRAP, LICRA, SOS Racisme and LDH way to go and the direction they should take to safeguard the civil society. Full report on Antisemitism in France can be read and Downloaded here. (French).

Reproduction authorized with the following: © Alain Leger for .

* Figures from the 2014 report of the SPCJ in close cooperation with the Ministry of the Interior.

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