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Friday, October 24, 2014

'Chemical' Attack on Canadian, Belgian and German Embassies in Turkey?

'Chemical' Attack on Canadian, Belgian and German Embassies in Turkey? (Hurryet)[GoogleTranslate].

Consulate in Istanbul received an envelope sent to them containing  "yellow dust" has alarmed the police. AFAD teams, Germany, Canada and the Consulate General of Belgium is inspected. AFAD said in a statement, "According to information received from the Consulate General, the first person who opens the envelope, directly and indirectly in the same environment as the material is exposed to six people," he said. These developments last year in the United States to mind the poison letters brought panic.

Germany, Canada and the Consulate General of Belgium in the yellow powder was sent to the envelope. Consulate officials to report on the status of the police were alerted. Firstly, on the 16th floor of a business center in Levent to the Canadian Consulate General in special outfit includes officials from entering AFAD launched an investigation. Consulate General of Germany and Belgium also come to the notice of the same on the team were sent to this place. Consulate General of investigations in progress.

Consulate officials see when they arrive in the morning they opened the envelope. Turned yellow powder inside the envelope. It was reported on the state police.

Canadian Consulate General in the envelope in the yellow dust-related examination continues Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD) a written statement said. statement said: "Canada's Consulate in Istanbul opened in an envelope inside the yellow powder substance on the emergence AFAD Chemical, Biological , Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) teams rapidly intervened did. CBRN first responders arrived at the scene, during the AFAD Central CBRN Team providing coordination consular officials to be taken initial measures briefed. reached the scene of Istanbul AFAD CBRN teams, suspicious envelope procedures held subject to the necessary procedures in accordance with "

"the envelope is opened the room's ventilation system by closing agent has contacted the people who can fold leaving them was allowed cross-contamination has been blocked. Consulate General information received from the According to the envelope which one person directly in the same environment 6 people found the indirectly exposed to material I stayed. reached the scene CBRN first responders sampling completed; area and the people decontamination processes are underway. ARTICLE come in contact with 6 PEOPLE scene present UMK Team, substance comes into contact with people who may be the necessary medical support is provided. İstanbul Provincial AFAD of samples taken by the team of CBRN security was provided and analyzed in the laboratory in Ankara for Public Health in the ministry of health was delivered to the team " Hmmm...Sorry for the [Ghoolish] translation by Google, as soon an english update is available the story will be updated. Read the full story and see videos here.

 Update: The MSM has finally awoken and here's an English update : Canadian consulate in Istanbul gets package containing yellow powder: Turkish disaster body ; more here.

Turkish officials were put on alert on Friday after the Canadian consulate in Istanbul reported receiving an envelope containing an unidentified yellow powder on Friday morning.

The German and Belgium consulates also reported suspicious envelopes in their incoming mail, reinforcing the consulates' alert as well. Receiving letters with suspected material has prompted immediate precautions. All events at the consulates have been cancelled for security, although the consulates have not been closed.

The officials in the Canadian consulate said, "One person, who opened the letter, has been exposed to the substance directly and six others in the same environment have been exposed indirectly."

An emergency squad from Turkey's disaster management unit, or AFAD, was immediately sent to the Canadian office, which is located on the 16th-storey of a business center in the Levent district.

The team, made up of chemical, nuclear and radiology experts, examined the mystery package and conducted further tests on staff, who were exposed to the substance when the envelope was opened in the office.

"The air conditioning system was immediately shut down in the room where the envelope was opened, and people who could have been exposed to the substance were evacuated from the consulate office as a precaution," said AFAD in its statement.

"The experts delivered the samples, which were taken from the suspected substance, to a team from the Health Ministry for further examination at a public health laboratory in Ankara," said AFAD.

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