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Saturday, August 30, 2014

ISIS Sells 300 Yazidi Girls at One Thousand US Dollars a 'head'.

Kurdish girl buying a 'captured' SISI ISIS fighter

ISIS Sells 300 Yazidi Girls at One Thousand US Dollars a 'head'.(BasNews).

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has announced that Islamic State (IS) insurgents have sent 300 Yazidi girls to its members in Syria, claiming those girls are slaves and have been captured in battles against ’infidels’.

According to the German DPA News Agency, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claim many cases like this have been documented.

IS militants have sold kidnapped Yazidi girls to their own militants for US $1000 each. There are claims that these girls were forcibly converted to Islam in order to be married to IS militants.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights stated that 27 cases have been registered - “they have been sold and then married” to IS insurgents in the Halab, Raqqa and Hassakah areas, Syria.

The Observatory also revealed that in the last three weeks, many well-known Kurds and Arabs in Shadadiya areas located in Southern Hasakkah, Syrian Kurdistan have tried to negotiate with IS insurgents about ’buying’ these girls before releasing them to their own relatives and families, falsely telling IS militants that they will use them as slaves.

The Observatory has roundly condemned kidnapping Yazidi girls and women and selling them as possessions. This a further complication to the situation in Syria, where 40 months ago, multiple forces began a revolution to remove the government they consider captors.

UPDATE: ISIS denies the story, claim it's a lie.


Update: 06 Sept - ISIS member admits existence and practice of slave girls in ISIS Caliphate


  1. If that photo isn't from Burning Man, I'll eat my car.

    1. I have no idea of the origin of the picture and so does Google pictures, the earliest mention of the picture is on a Japanese site Aug 2013. But i'm willing to take your word for it :)

    2. this is burning man ! no doubt.

  2. even if it is from burning man, it's what those crazed assholes deserve. instead of trials give them to the women. I doubt they would survive intact


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