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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Live updates & video: Canada - New Brunswick - Moncton residents witness RCMP shooting from inside home.

 RCMP NewBrunswick on Twitter

WATCH LIVE: PM Stephen Harper expected to make statement on #Monctonshooting

CTV News live updates: Moncton manhunt after shooter kills three, wounds two RCMP officers

Exclusive: Ex-Coworker Says Suspected Cop-Killer 'Wanted To Go Out With A Bang' 
"He's always seemed to have a problem with authority," she says. "Issues with parents, bosses, police..." Still, she says, he "seemed friendly enough. Little bit of an outcast, but not to this extent." He was fired for "attitude related issues, being defiant, not doing what he was supposed to be doing — problem with authority." 

Horror of Moncton shooting captured on social media

Link to Justin Bourque's facebook page 

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