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Thursday, February 6, 2014

"Sanctions that Benefit" - Iran attracts $4.5 bln foreign investments during last months.

"Sanctions that Benefit" - Iran attracts $4.5 bln foreign investments during last months.(Taz).
Iran's President who took office in August, 2013, said that during the last few months some $4.5 billon foreign investments were absorbed by the country.
He said during a live TV speech given on Feb.5 that during the current Iranian calendar year, about $8 billion in foreign investments have been attracted and it's planned to absorb more $8.5 billon in foreign investment before the end of this year. (Iran's calendar year starts on March 20.)

The Iranian president went on to say that the attracted funds were invested mostly in power plant and dam buildings as well as steel production plants, mines and metro construction spheres.

Rouhani added that "a new page opened in Iran's economy and we would be witness to economic development in upcoming months due to ruptured, eased and unclenched sanction's chains over Iran".

Iran and six major powers including the U.S., UK, Germany, France, Russia, China reached a nuclear accord in November 24, 2013, which came into force on Jan.20.

According to the accord, the western countries would eased or suspended some restrictive sanctions over Iran's industrial sector when Iran halted some sensitive nuclear activities, including enriching uranium at a 20 percent level. Iran also would be able to access to his $4.2 billion blocked funds in abroad in eight stages.
According to a White House announcement, due to financial sanctions, Iran's inaccessible assets abroad are about $100 billion.

Recently, several foreign economic delegations have traveled to Iran to evaluate cooperation opportunities, including the Turkish and French delegations visits in the last ten days.
 Iran hopes to keep nuclear accord until elimination of all sanctions imposed by West over the country.

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