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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Armed soldiers surround Crimea's main airports in Sevastopol and Simferopol.

Armed soldiers surround Crimea's main airports in Sevastopol and Simferopol.(Ukrainianpolicy).

UNIAN is reporting that approximately 6 military trucks full of armed soldiers are currently surrounding the Sevastapol International Airport, which doubles as an Ukrainian Air Force facility.

The source notes that “unknown armed people in uniform” also surrounded a guest residence normally reserved for senior officials. NBNews claims the soldiers to be Russian Black Sea Fleet personnel. Those on the scene were not able to identify the purpose of the soldiers, as they will not answer questions to the press.
Gazeta quotes Ukrainian political scientist Pavel Nuss, citing his own sources, who identified the troops as Russian military and said the convoy rammed the , and speculates that the purpose may be to secure airlift of troops in.

Local news is reporting that in fact both Sevastopol and Simferopol airports are surrounded, the latter by militants at 1am local time. Interfax and Ukrainska Pravda confirmed these reports, and that approximately 150 armed unmarked soldiers are in the area, dropped off via 3 unmarked Kamaz transport trucks. The airport is still operational. They report that 25 supporters have a Russian naval flag. The soldiers speak with heavy Russian accents.

The head of the security at the airport stated the gunmen “politely” asked security officers to leave, and while refuting an outright takeover, they “arrived at the airport to search for Ukrainian airborne troops. However, after finding out that there was no military present on the tarmac, they apologized and left the territory.”

Russian MP Vladimir Garnachuk, who is now in Simferopol, elaborated that the aim of the operation was to stop the interim Ukrainian president Oleksandr Turchynov from landing in Crimea.

This news comes directly after armed insurgents occupied the Crimean parliament buildings in Simferopol under the Russian flag.Hmmm........What counts is to be the first with the most.

More troubling news from Crimea:

New head of Crimean regional govt says Yanukovych still president, will take instructions from him.

— Roland Oliphant (@RolandOliphant) February 27, 2014

More and more of these “mutinous berkut guard the entrance to the crimea” stories coming in.

— Roland Oliphant (@RolandOliphant) February 27, 2014

Tomorrow, we expect to be following the story of Crimean self-defense forces, and the return of the now-disbanded Berkut, because these could now be the front-line soldiers of a counterrevolution — or not, but tensions look like they are increasing at the moment, not decreasing.

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  1. No "Heavy Russian accent", what a moronic stereotype. Soldiers speak with clear and excellent Russian language. Accents is for foreign languages, not for native one.


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