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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ari Fleischer: Obama’s Pen Can’t ‘Doodle on Our Constitution’

Ari Fleischer: Obama’s Pen Can’t ‘Doodle on Our Constitution’ HT: Newsmax.

Attorney General Eric Holder’s message to state attorneys general that they aren’t always obligated to defend laws banning same-gender marriage is a dangerous “overreach” that chips away at “one of the hallmarks of America,” Ari Fleischer warned Tuesday.

In an exclusive interview with “The Steve Malzberg Show” on Newsmax TV, Fleischer, a former White House spokesman for President George W. Bush, charged that the Obama administration is flouting the Constitution with such selective enforcement.
Just because the president has the pen, it doesn’t give him the right to doodle on our Constitution,” Fleisher said.
Holder on Tuesday cited his own experience in refusing to defend the federal Defense of Marriage Act, as well as similar stances taken more recently by state attorneys general, in saying laws raising questions of equal protection deserve a higher level of scrutiny, The Associated Press reported.

Fleischer said Holder is climbing a slippery slope with that logic.
If this attorney general, because he feels so passionately, strongly, about an issue, can decide he will not enforce the existing laws of the land, what stops the next attorney general from coming along and saying, ‘Well, I won’t enforce these other rules of the land?’” Fleischer asked.
One of the hallmarks of America that makes us a beacon of liberty and freedom and strength is that we’re a nation of laws, not men,” he added.

When the laws are written, regardless of whether you liked them or didn’t like them . . . we have an obligation no matter what our party is to accept them and enforce them . . . There’s a way to undo laws if you don’t like them, and it’s called change the law.”

Fleischer said Obama is trying to “undo everything that was done before.”Read more at NEWSMAX.

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