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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Video - Sheppard in Bosnia-Herzegovina wrestled and drowned a bear with his bare hands.

Video - Sheppard in Bosnia-Herzegovina wrestled and drowned a bear with his bare hands.(GoogleTranslate).

 Forty-eight year Blazo Grković from the village of Vrba in Gacko drowned the bear that attacked him while he tended sheep, and he suffered bodily injury of and is out of danger.

The bear is Grkovića attacked yesterday around 17:00 hours while he tended sheep on the meadow in the mountain summer pastures Volljak. In a tough fight Grković sustained injuries all over his body and teeth of predatory animals were passing through his arm and leg bones, but fortunately not injured head.

Grković, located in the Clinical Center in Foca, in a short interview Srna has confirmed that feels good and it's only now aware of what happened, but he could not specify how long and uncertain battle ruthless "melee" with Mecke.

As he sat in a big bear ran sheep in the flock, and walked toward Grković, who at this point in his pocket had only a small ax.

The brave man is in the municipality of Gacko previously known for his fearlessness seize upon a bear who broke his ax in his hand, but he was able to overcome Blazo, I do not even knowing how.

- At one point, one arm was in the bear's arms, and the second I held him by the throat until he fell - Blazo said.

His wife Mira after visiting her husband Srna confirmed that Blazo can move, but not the best hands to move.

- Everything will be fine, it's the softer alive and wounds will heal - Mira says, adding jokingly that she knew that her husband was brave, but not that powerful and the bear.

She points out that the clothes he was wearing can be concluded that the fight was terrible.

- All goods Blažina was bloody, and on it were placed pieces of meat - specifies the Peace. Once the hands of drowned bears, Blazo was able to call his wife's brother Bozidar Eleza, who called an ambulance.

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