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Friday, May 3, 2013

Syria - 'Insurgents' Destroyed the shrine of Hajar Bin Adi a companion of the prophet.

Syria - 'Insurgents' Destroyed the shrine of Hajar Bin Adi a companion of the prophet.HT: EAWorldview. (SANA) - Ministry of Endowments on Thursday condemned the attack committed by the armed terrorist groups on the shrine of Companion of prophet Hujr Bin Oudai in Adra city in Damascus Countryside.

In a statement, the Ministry said that destroying the shrine of a companion of the prophet and sacrilege his tomb is a flagrant attack on all Muslims' sanctity.

"Those Takfiri terrorist groups have got used to attack the places of worship of churches and mosques.. the attack on the Islamic and Christian sanctities is a systemized plot carried out by enemies of the humanity, on top, the attack on the Great Umayyad Mosque in Aleppo," the statement added.

It affirmed that the Syrian people with all their spectrums have been aware of the reality of those takfiri criminal acts as they have become, more than any time before, committed to face this conspiracy and those who stand behind it.

The armed terrorist groups destroyed and burnt several Mosques and Churches in different provinces, including some sites with historical and religious values.

One of those attacks was the explosion of the Great Umayyad Mosque' minaret in Aleppo and the attack on Khaled Ibn al-Waled Mosque in Homs, in addition to destroying parts of Om al-Zunar Church in Homs.

The sites affected by terrorists' acts in Daraa were al-Omari Mosque, the ancient al-Hrak Mosque in Izraa'a and the two old Mosgues in AL-Sheikh Misken and Mahaja.Hmmmm.....Enter 'as promised' Hezbollah?...........I wonder what Pres Obama will say?"The future does not belong to those who blow up the compagnions of the Prophet"?Read the full story here.More here.

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