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Friday, February 1, 2013

Turkey - Missing US woman’s Sarai Sierra last known contact 'Taylan' taken into custody.

Turkey - Missing US woman’s Sarai Sierra last known contact 'Taylan' taken into custody.(HD).Istanbul police have detained a man that was one of the last known people to contact American woman Sarai Sierra before she went missing Jan. 21, Doğan news agency has reported.
The man, who identified himself to Sierra on social media sites as “Taylan,” was taken into custody after being questioned yesterday by authorities.
The man reportedly told police during his interrogation that the two did not meet Jan. 21, despite planning to do so, daily Hürriyet has reported.
We did not meet that day, but we had met before,” Taylan said, adding that he had first met Sierra online four months ago.
The interrogation did not take place at a police station due to a specific request made by the witness.
Earlier reports claimed “Taylan” had arranged to meet Sierra by Galata Tower in Beyoğlu on Jan. 20. Chat transcripts between him and Sierra, which led police to discover his identity, were uncovered when Sierra’s husband, Steven Sierra, turned his wife’s Facebook and Twitter correspondences over to police in an attempt to better track her activities during her stay. Sierra had been in contact with four Turkish citizens via the social media websites.
Authorities have decided not to disclose the identity of "Taylan."
Police think there is a good chance Sarai Sierra, an American woman who has been missing in Istanbul since Jan. 21, is still alive after discovering her U.S. phone was activated twice since she was reported missing, according to daily Sabah.
Sierra reportedly made a call using a Skype application on her American phone Jan. 30, nine days after she reportedly went missing. The woman’s phone was turned on once again yesterday, daily Sabah has reported. Turkish police are pursuing their collaboration with the Federal Bureau of Information (FBI) to find Sierra. The real identity of "Taylan" has been uncovered and transmitted to the Turkish police by the FBI, Doğan news agency reported yesterday.Read the full story here.

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