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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Top Navy SEAL sniper killed on gun range, list of Seals killed since Obama became Pres.

Top Navy SEAL sniper killed on gun range, list of Seals killed since Obama became Pres.(START).Chris Kyle, a retired Navy SEAL and the U.S. military's most lethal sniper, was fatally shot Saturday along with another man on the gun range of Rough Creek Lodge, a posh resort just west of Glen Rose, Erath County Sheriff Tommy Bryant said.
The 25-year-old suspect was apprehended about five hours later in Lancaster, southeast of Dallas, more than 70 miles from the scene, Bryant said.
The suspect, identified as Eddie Ray Routh, 25, was pursued to a house in Lancaster by officers, including a local SWAT team. Routh again try to flee in a vehicle but was stopped about 9 p.m. after spikes were laid across a road, Bryant said.
"The suspect has been caught and is in custody in Lancaster," the sheriff said. Erath County sheriff's investigators and Texas Rangers were securing a capital murder warrant, he said.
Witnesses told sheriff's investigators that the gunman opened fire on the two men around 3:30 p.m., then fled in a pickup truck belonging to one of the victims. The sheriff's department didn't get a call until around 6 p.m.Hmmmm?
The motive of the shooting remained unclear, Bryant said. "Not a clue; absolutely no idea."
WFAA/Channel 8 quoted unnamed sources as saying that Kyle of Midlothian and a neighbor had taken Routh on an outing to help him deal with post-traumatic stress disorder. Routh turned on the men and shot them in the back, the report added.
Chris Kyle never disclosed exactly how many enemy combatants he shot, but the Pentagon certified more than 150 of his kills during four combat tours of Iraq. Some news reports credited him with as many as 255. His confirmed kills exceeded the exploits of legendary Marine Carlos Hathcock, whom Kyle called "the best sniper in the world." Hathcock had 93 confirmed kills in Vietnam.
In all, he was awarded two Silver Stars, five Bronze Stars with Valor and two Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medals.
"I don't care about the medals," Kyle told the Star-Telegram in a 2012 interview. "I didn't do it for the money or the awards. I did it because I felt like it was something that needed to be done and it was honorable. I loved the guys."Read the full story here.

The following is a list of United States Navy UDT/SEALs who have laid down their lives since Sen Barack Obama became Pres :

Rank, Name, Date of Death, KIA or KIT, Location.

SO1 Nicolas D. Checque, 12/8/2012, KIA, Afghanistan.
SO1 Kevin R. Ebbert, 11/24/2012, KIA, Afghanistan.
SO2 Matthew G. Kantor, KIA, 11/1/2012, Afghanistan.

KIA 8/16/2012, Helicopter Crash, Kandahar Province, Afghanistan.

SO1 Patrick D. Feeks.
SO2 David J. Warsen.

SO1 Caleb A. Nelson, 10/1/2011, KIA, Afghanistan.

KIA 8/6/2011, CH-47 Downed by Enemy Fire, Afghanistan:

LCDR Jonas B. Kelsall.
SOCM Louis J. Langlais.
SOCS Thomas A. Ratzlaff.
SOCS Heath M. Robinson.
SOC Brian R. Bill.
SOC Christopher G. Campbell.
SOC John W. Faas.
SOC Kevin A. Houston.
SOC Matthew D. Mason.
SOC Stephen M. Mills.
SOC Robert J. Reeves.
SOC Jason R. Workman.
SO1 Darrik C. Benson.
SO1 Jon T. Tumilson.
SOC Aaron C. Vaughn.
SO1 Jesse D. Pittman.
SO2 Nicholas P. Spehar.

KIA 9/21/2010, Blackhawk Crash, Afghanistan:

LT Brendan J. Looney.
SO2 Adam O. Smith.
SO3 Denis C. Miranda.

SOC Collin T. Thomas, 8/18/2010, KIA, Afghanistan.

SOC Adam L. Brown, 3/17/2010, KIA, Afghanistan.

SO2 Ronald T. Woodle, 2/16/2010, KIT, Key West, FL.

SO2 Ryan Job, 9/24/2009, died in surgery to repair combat wounds received in Iraq on 8/2/2006.

SOC Eric F. Shellenberger, 5/7/2009, KIT, Keyport, WA.

Pre - Obama era:

SOCS John W. Marcum, 9/12/2008, KIA, Afghanistan.

SOC Jason R. Freiwald,9/11/2008, KIA, Afghanistan.

SO1 Joshua T. Harris, 8/30/2008, KIA, Afghanistan .

SOC Lance Vaccaro, 3/6/2008, KIT, Marana, AZ .

SOCS Thomas J. Valentine, 2/13/2008, KIT, Marana, AZ.

SOC Michael E. Koch, 2/4/2008, KIA, Iraq .

SOC Nathan H. Hardy, 2/4/2008, KIA, Iraq .

SO2 Shapoor "Alex" Ghane, 1/30/2008, KIT, Walls, MS.

SO1 Jason D. Lewis, 7/6/2007, KIA, Iraq .

SO2 Joseph C. Schwedler, 4/6/2007, KIA, Iraq .

SOC Mark T. Carter, 12/11/2007, KIA, Iraq .

MA2 Michael A. Monsoor, 9/29/2006, KIA, Iraq, MOH.

AO2 Marc A. Lee, 8/2/2006, KIA, Iraq.

KIA 6/28/2005, Afghanistan, Operation Red Wing:.
STG2 Matthew G. Axelson.

GM2 Danny P. Dietz.

FCC Jacques J. Fontan.

ITCS Daniel R. Healy.

LCDR Erik S. Kristensen.

ET1 Jeffery A. Lucas.

LT Michael M. McGreevy, Jr.

LT Michael P. Murphy, MOH.

MM1 Shane E. Patton.

QM2 James E. Suh.

HM1 Jeffrey S. Taylor.

HMCS Theodore Fitzhenry, 6/15/2004, KIT, near Spanish Springs,NV.

BM1 Brian J. Ouellette, 5/29/2004, KIA, Afghanistan.

PH1 David M. Tapper, KIA, 8/20/2003, Afghanistan.

IT2 Mario G. Maestas, 7/3/2003, KIT, Ft. Chaffee, AR.

IC1 Thomas E. Retzer, 6/26/2003, KIA, Afghanistan .

ENS Jerry O. Pope II, 10/16/2002, KIT, Yemen .

CDR Peter G. Oswald, 8/27/2002, KIT, El Salvador .

HMC Matthew J. Bourgeois, 3/28/2002, KIA, Afghanistan.

ABH1 Neil C. Roberts, 3/4/2002, KIA, Afghanistan .

LCDR Rock E. Blais, 8/30/2001, KIT, Tampa, FL.

HT2 Scott Danielson, 2/21/2001, KIT, Va. Beach, VA.

GM2 Chad M. Burkhart, 11/24/2000, KIA, Kosovo.

PR3 Michael D. Bearden Jr., 7/12/2000, KIT, Lake Elsinore, CA.

HM1 Brad K. Tucker, 3/9/2000, KIT, Bahamas.

The list go's on. Semper Fi.

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