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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sequestration is 'The Sky Falling'?

Sequestration is 'The Sky Falling'?(CATO).By Christopher A. Preble.

Will sequestration undermine U.S. national security? Hardly. Today, the Cato Institute released a new info graphic putting these minor cuts in perspective.
Military spending will remain at roughly 2006 levels—$603 billion, higher than peak U.S. spending during the Cold War. Meanwhile, we live in a safer world. The Soviet Union has been dead for more than two decades; no other nation, or combination of nations, has emerged since that can pose a comparable threat. We should have a defense budget that reflects this reality.
Hmmm.....I'm sorry but with all due respect 'We do not live in a 'safer' world and the 'Soviet Union' might be 'dead' but the remains are getting up and showing their teeth!Read the full story here.

Download and share this infographic on your blog, Twitter, or Facebook.
My thanks go out to Harrison Moar and Zach Graves for conceiving this, pulling the data together, and making it look really cool.

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