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Monday, February 18, 2013

Iran planning terror terror attacks during Obama's visit to Israel?

Iran planning terror terror attacks during Obama's visit to Israel?HT: IsraelMatzav.(WND).World Net Daily is reporting that Iran is planning to welcome President Obama to Israel with a bang.
The officials stressed there is no known threat against Obama himself or any U.S. targets.
Rather, Islamic Jihad is planning for possible attacks within the West Bank as well as inside major Israeli cities before and after Obama’s trip, said the officials.
The officials fear Iran is trying to disrupt planned Israeli-Palestinian dialogue aimed at creating a Palestinian Authority-led state. Obama’s visit is ostensibly aimed, among other things, at restarting these long stalled negotiations.
Since Hamas itself does not oppose the talks, Iran must reach out to Islamic Jihad, largely funded by Tehran, to carry out any attacks, said the officials.
Based on this information, PA security forces working with Israeli security agencies have been leading a major campaign in recent days to minimize Islamic Jihad cells in Jenin and surrounding villages, said the officials.
WND is also reporting that the Obama administration is backing Hamas-Fatah unity talks and coordinating with Tzipi Livni (whom they apparently expect to be part of Netanyahu's new government) and Haim Ramon.Hmmmm......"From Iran With love?"Read the full story here.

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