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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Will Valley Park Middle School, with its Friday Muslim prayers, become a model for all Ontario public schools?

Ontario's first Lesbian Premier.

Will Valley Park Middle School, with its Friday Muslim prayers, become a model for all Ontario public schools?(TorontoSun).TarekFatah. As Ontario Liberals converged on Toronto’s Maple Leaf Gardens to elect their new leader, Kathleen Wynne’s team sent out a mass e-mail to delegates seeking their support. Nothing extraordinary, except this message was filtered so it would not reach all delegates, only the roughly 100 Muslims among them.
Here is part of that message:
“Dear Muslim Delegates, Assalamu Alaikum:
We appeal to you all to join us in supporting Kathleen Wynne to become the leader of OLP and thus next premier of Ontario … She had openly defended Muslims’ religious rights for Friday prayers in Valley Park Middle School in her riding.” 
The bulk e-mail was followed by a direct letter from Wynne to Muslim delegates touting her credentials, specifically noting her support for “the Muslim prayer issue at Valley Park Middle School.” The fact many Liberal Muslims had vociferously opposed the mosque-in-school initiative was lost on Wynne.
This was actually a case of a Liberal candidate choosing to abandon Liberal Muslims in a bid for Muslim support.
The e-mail touting Wynne as a good-for-Muslims-candidate was signed, among others, by Abdulhuq Ingar, the man behind the establishment of the Mosque in Valley Park Middle School.
Salma Siddiqui, president of the Muslim Canadian Congress and a lifelong Liberal, was indignant.
The hypocrisy of these Islamists is appalling. They (dislike) Irshad Manji because she is a lesbian, but endorse Wynne?” she asked. “How can Ingar, a supporter of Sharia law, which among other things considers gays as worthy of outright contempt ... become a spokesman for Wynne?asked Siddiqui.Will Valley Park Middle School, that Wynne boasts of as one of her proud accomplishments, become a model for all Ontario public schools? Will the Friday ritual prayer asking Allah to bring victory to Muslims and defeat the “Kufaar” (Jews and Christians) ring out from all of them?Read the full story here.

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