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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Video - Ikea 'monkey mom' back in court fighting to get Darwin back.

Video - Ikea 'monkey mom' back in court fighting to get Darwin back.(Yahoo).TORONTO - When a baby monkey in a little shearling coat made international news by hopping around an Ikea parking lot, it would have been hard to predict he would become such a polarizing primate.
Darwin the macaque was taken to Toronto Animal Services that December day and sent to Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary, where he has resided ever since.
Yasmin Nakhuda, the self-professed "Monkey Mom," is trying to get him back and an Ontario Superior Court judge in Oshawa is set to hear arguments Thursday on where Darwin should live until the case can be fully heard at a trial. After an interim motion in December the judge ruled that Darwin would stay at the sanctuary for the time being.
The already heated fight over Darwin, which sanctuary staffers say has resulted in threats against them, intensified when the sanctuary filed allegations with the court that Darwin was abused. Nakhuda vehemently denies the allegations, which have not been proven in court.
Meanwhile, a fierce debate has been raging online between supporters of the sanctuary, who argue that's where Darwin will receive the best care, and Nakhuda's supporters, who argue he belongs with the woman who obviously loves him.
Nakhuda — who refers to Darwin as her "monkid" — has become the target for much derision and scorn but also compassion.
She has posted numerous videos on YouTube of her cuddling in bed with Darwin, brushing her teeth with Darwin, at the gym with Darwin and changing Darwin's diaper.
Pictures and videos abound on a Facebook page of Darwin wearing overalls, polo shirts and his trademark coat, playing at her office, drinking from a baby bottle and splashing around in a bathtub.
Her newest video is a photo montage set to Phil Collins' song "Against All Odds." It ends with footage of Darwin wearing that famous coat, hopping up on a bed and over to Nakhuda, who hugs him.Hmmmm....People love dogs, cats , fish ,pigs ...why not a monkey?Read the full story here.

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