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Monday, January 21, 2013

New $237 million F35 combat jet is banned from flying in bad weather because it could EXPLODE.

New $237 million F35 combat jet is banned from flying in bad weather because it could EXPLODE.(DM).
Not mentioning the Navy’s $670 Million Fighting Ship that Is ‘Not Expected to Be Survivable.’
It's considered to be the world's most sophisticated superfighter jet, but Britain's new £150million combat aircraft has been banned from flying in bad weather for fears it could explode.
Engineers working on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter have found the jet's fuel tank could explode if hit by lightning.
According to reports, the aircraft, which is hoped to enter service for both the RAF and the Royal Navy in five years' time, has also been made more vulnerable to enemy attack than the aircraft it is set to replace, after its weight was reduced in an attempt to increase fuel efficiency.
The Telegraph has reported the revelations were disclosed in a leaked report from the Pentagon's operational test and evaluation office, which states that, until a device in the fuel tank is redesigned, test-flying within 25 miles of thunderstorms is 'not permitted'.
Several other problems have been identified with the plane, including a fault in the design of the fuel tank which means it is unable to rapidly descend to low altitude.
A handful of cracks were also discovered in the tested aircraft during examinations by the United States Air Force and the aircraft's manufacturer Lockheed Martin.
The latest revelation is the second blow to the programme in recent weeks, after Canada pulled out of a deal to buy 65 of the aircraft last month.
And while the US is buying 2,500 F-35s for £254bn, Britain is committed to buying only 48, although the final decision will depend on the role of the Royal Navy's two new carriers in the future and whether the price of the aircraft falls, as is expected.
A Ministry of Defence spokesman said: 'All variants of F-35 are currently within the Development Test phase and minor issues like this are common during this early stage of the overall programme.'Hmmmm.....Obama: "We do big things."Read the full story here.

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