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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Does Obama's relationship with Bill Ayers bolster Hitler / Stalin comparisons?

Does Obama's relationship with Bill Ayers bolster Hitler / Stalin comparisons?(BarrackNow).Comparisons of Barack Obama to Hitler and Stalin appear to be going somewhat mainstream in one respect, thanks to Vice President Joe Biden's announcement that 'the president is going to act' on gun control. The implication was clear - the road to confiscation includes Executive Orders, which are unconstitutional, especially when they do not enforce existing laws enacted by Congress. Such orders are beyond unconstitutional when they target the second amendment itself.

After Biden's comments, it wasn't difficult to make the connection to Hitler and Stalin in this regard - both confiscated guns before committing mass murder by the millions.

Fast forward to the 2008 election campaign. One figure from Obama's past whom he attempted to distance himself from was Bill Ayers, founder of the Weather Underground. Despite the successful attempts by Obama to dismiss his relationship with Ayers - coupled with media complicity in suppressing it - the fact remains that these two men had a rather lengthy and cozy relationship. That's not only relevant based on Ayers' terrorist background but it's also relevant based on his plans, conveyed in 1969.

People may be inclined to compare Obama's desire to confiscate guns to that of Hitler and Stalin but they should also be willing to compare Ayers' desire to commit mass murder to the desire of Hitler and Stalin to do the same thing.

Then, for good measure, consider how close the relationship between Obama and Ayers must have been if they shared an office for at least three years.Read the full story here.

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