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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Overnight Music Video - Sister Sledge - We Are Family

Emails show Obama Admin involvement in killing Non - union Auto Pensions.

Emails show Obama Admin involvement in killing Non - union Auto Pensions.(HE).By: John Hayward.Matthew Boyle of the Daily Caller reports that internal emails show Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner was “the driving force” behind terminating the pensions of 20,000 non-union retirees from the Delphi auto parts manufacturing company, as part of the government’s bailout plan for General Motors. Union workers, on the other hand, “saw their pensions topped off and made whole.” This decision was supposed to be made by the independent Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, which is meant to be free of political influence, so it can represent the interests of private-sector pensioners. Instead, the Daily Caller unearthed a string of emails that show extensive involvement by the Treasury Department and the White House.
In one email, PBGC staffer Joseph House told his associates that he had just spoken with Treasury official Matt Feldman, who said he had “made progress discussing our proposal with a number of key folks in Treasury and at [the] White House, but he has not yet wrapped up his coordination. He indicated that there is an 8 AM call tomorrow that he’ll use to close the communication-loop, and he’s confident he’ll have a fully-vetted Treasury view after that call.” This is problematic not only because of appearances, but because Treasury officials have testified under oath that the PBGC terminated those pensions, not the Administration. It’s tough to read the correspondence between PBGC and Treasury without concluding that Administration officials were running the show. Especially troubling is a series of emails that show PBGC staffers were actually disinvited from a key early meeting of the Administration’s auto bailout team. The meeting was clearly intended to include a discussion of the pension situation, but Joseph House told other staffers that the Treasury department had “uninvited” them. This is more than merely controversial, because as Boyle notes, “without a PBGC representative in the room, Treasury officials were legally prohibited from making decision about pensions – or even from moving toward them.” Despite this effort to save money at the expense of non-union employees, the GM bailout remains a titanic loss to the taxpayers, currently standing at roughly $35 billion with the recent dip in stock prices.Hmmmm......."Impeachable acts"?Read the full story here.

Obama: 'I'm not the president of black America'.

Obama: 'I'm not the president of black America'.(Politico).By Byron Tau. President Obama addresses the criticism that he hasn't done enough for the black community in an interview with Black Enterprise magazine:
How do you respond to criticism that your administration hasn’t done enough to support black businesses?

My general view has been consistent throughout, which is that I want all businesses to succeed. I want all Americans to have opportunity. I’m not the president of black America. I’m the president of the United States of America, but the programs that we have put in place have been directed at those folks who are least able to get financing through conventional means, who have been in the past locked out of opportunities that were available to everybody. So, I’ll put my track record up against anybody in terms of us putting in place broad-based programs that ultimately had a huge benefit for African American businesses. The resurrected financial services industry hasn’t stepped up in terms of providing adequate capital to small- and minority-owned businesses. There is no doubt that American taxpayers stepped in and pulled the banking industry out of the fire. It was controversial. It was messy. Ultimately it was the right thing to do for the economy. But it is true that once banks got back on their feet they haven’t been as aggressive in lending to small and medium-sized businesses as we would like. And I’ve had conversations with the major banks about this issue. What they will say is that some of the additional regulations have impeded some of their capacity to lend. We don’t see major evidence of that.Hmmmm.....for the "Track Record": Decision to list Arab Americans as ‘minority’ postponed 30 days to late July. “Arab Americans have suffered long-term, chronic discrimination and prejudice in American society,” Read the full story here.

Scandinavians launch ship to break Gaza blockade, probably haven't heard the news: "Egypt lifts 5-year Gaza blockade".

Scandinavians launch ship to break Gaza blockade, probably haven't heard the news:"Egypt lifts 5-year Gaza blockade".(JPost).OSLO - Scandinavian activist groups are launching an aid ship destined for Gaza on Tuesday, hoping to challenge the Israeli blockade and draw international attention to the conflict in a move reminiscent of the 2010 "Freedom Flotilla", organizers said. "We have the same goal as the previous flotillas, to put an end to the blockade of Gaza by challenging the Israeli navy," said Torstein Dahle, the leader of the Norwegian section of the activist group "Ship to Gaza". "This time around it will be an easy task for the Israelis to stop us because we will be so few and strictly non-violent," Dahle told Reuters at Oslo harbour. In May 2010, several aid ships trying to run Israel's blockade of the Gaza Strip were halted by Israeli naval commandos, who killed nine pro-Palestinian Turks aboard one of the vessels. A second convoy, planned a year later, did not sail after the organizers said they had been sabotaged. In November 2011, the Israeli navy boarded two yachts in international waters, one Canadian and one Irish, carrying pro-Palestinian activists and medical supplies and heading for Gaza to challenge the Israeli blockade. The SV Estelle, a 53-metre vessel backed mainly by Swedish and Norwegian groups, will sail from Oslo on Tuesday, and organizers hope several other ships will join it during its journey before it reaches waters off Gaza in October. Israel says it blockades seaborne approaches to the Gaza Strip to prevent arms smuggling to the Palestinians.Read the full story here.

Video - Tarek Fatah joins Ezra Levant to discuss Islam's War On Women.

"The War on Christianity" - 16 Syrians, mostly Alawite and Christian, die in attack: NGO.

"The War on Christianity" - 16 Syrians, mostly Alawite and Christian, die in attack: NGO.(PJ).Beirut: Anti-regime gunmen killed 16 civilians, mostly Alawites and Christians, in an attack on Tuesday on a housing compound for power company employees near Homs, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. "Armed men stormed the Jandar Residential Compound, firing indiscriminately and killing 16 Syrians, among them six Christians, six Alawites -- including the compound director -- and four Sunnis," said Observatory director Rami Abdel Rahman. Abdel Rahman said the Jandar Power Station employs Syrians, as well as foreigners, mainly from Iran and Japan, who live with their families at the compound in Jandar village, about 30 kilometres from the central Syrian city of Homs. "The village and its surrounding areas are Sunni," he added. The majority of Syria's population is Sunni Muslim, while the ruling clan of President Bashar al-Assad belong to the Alawite sect, an offshoot of Shiite Islam. Rights watchdogs have expressed fears that the Syrian uprising -- in which more than 21,000 people have been killed since March 2011 -- is becoming increasingly sectarian.Hmmmm......As we all predicted the Christians will be 'butchered' by the 'friends of Syria's henchmen'.Read the full story here.

Convoy of Turkish military forces briefly enters Syrian town of Jarablos.

                                      Don't Worry Just go Ahead "I've Got Your Back".

Convoy of Turkish military forces briefly enters Syrian town of Jarablos.(PressTV).Turkish military forces have briefly crossed the border with a Kurdish region in Syria with the backing of armored vehicles and helicopters. More than 100 Turkish troops armed with thermal rockets and sophisticated weaponry on Tuesday entered the town of Cerablos in the Kurdish region of Kobani. The contingent of Turkish soldiers reportedly left for their bases after an hour. Meanwhile, Turkish media are reporting that about 40 Turkish troops have been detained inside Syria. A spokesman for the Kurdish militias in the border towns of Kobani and Efrin accused the Turkish forces of supplying arms and ammunition to insurgents fighting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government. The Turkish foreign ministry has denied reports of cross-border incursion into Syria. Last week, the Turkish Army staged tank exercises in the Nusaybin district of Mardin province, just two kilometers away from the Syrian border. The NBC News also reported on July 31 that nearly two dozen MANPADs (man-portable air-defense systems) have been delivered to the insurgents in Syria by Turkey. Ankara’s intervention in Syria’s internal affairs has drawn criticism from Turkey’s opposition parties. The leader of the Republican People’s Party warned the government last month against dragging the country in the “Middle Eastern quagmire” by its aggressive stance against Syria.Read the full story here.

Video - Leaked Pentagon Video - Flu Vaccine Use to Modify Human Behavior.

HT: BlacklistedNews.

New Facebook tool may turn friends into enemies ~> for the Democratic cause !!!

New Facebook tool may turn friends into enemies ~ for the Democratic cause !!!(BarracudaBrigade).Here’s one you may not “like.”

Imagine having a friend on Facebook who matches up your privately shared data to a public voting record -- then flags you for more frequent campaign calls and contacts.

That’s exactly what the Democratic party is doing. The upcoming presidential campaigns are eager to get their hands on the treasure trove of voter data that 900 million users have voluntarily posted on Facebook. Enter Social Organizing, a new tool developed by Democratic activist group NGP VAN. Using it, your friends can log in to Facebook and tell the service about you. You can then be added to a caller database, pinged for ads and harassed during the entire election.

Many users think the information they post to Facebook cannot legally or ethically leave the site’s confines, noted Roger Kay, a technology analyst with Endpoint Technologies. They may be in for a surprise.

“[Facebook] was born on the idea of taking information about people and making it available to others … With political information, this sharing has become a notch more like selling out your friends,” Kay told

To use the tool, supporters log in at a campaign site. Social Organizing lets them connect to Facebook and locates friends. The supporter can then choose the relationship for those friends, such as co-worker or business partner.

Supporters earn badges and points as they flag these friends. The data is then matched to voter records.

For example, a supporter might have 500 friends, but the tool might know that 300 of those friends are already identified as donors or loyal to the campaign, based on voting record. The supporter can then focus attention on calling or e-mailing only the 200 friends who still need persuasion.

President Obama tapped this company, which describes itself as “the leading technology provider to Democratic and progressive campaigns and organizations” and only works with the Democratic Party, to gather voter data in 2008.Hmmmmm..........Seems like the East German Communist 'Stasi' model has just been improved.Read the full story here.

Video - Sikh Massacre: "One Of The First Cops On The Scene Told The Mayor To Prepare For A Mass Shooting WEEKS AGO."

You might be a psychopath if you don't join Facebook? Some employers and psychologists say staying away from social media is 'suspicious'.

You might be a psychopath if you don't join Facebook? Some employers and psychologists say staying away from social media is 'suspicious'.(DM).Facebook has become such a pervasive force in modern society that increasing numbers of employers, and even some psychologists, believe people who aren’t on social networking sites are ‘suspicious.’

The German magazine Der Taggspiegel went so far as to point out that accused theater shooter James Holmes and Norwegian mass murder Anders Behring Breivik have common ground in their lack of Facebook profiles.
On a more tangible level, reports that human resources departments across the country are becoming more wary of young job candidates who don’t use the site.
Normal: Facebook has become so pervasive in this culture that not having a profile is considered ‘abnormal’
The common concern among bosses is that a lack of Facebook could mean the applicant’s account could be so full of red flags that it had to be deleted. tech reporter Farhad Manjoo wrote in an advice column that young people shouldn’t date anyone who isn’t on Facebook.'If you’re of a certain age and you meet someone who you are about to go to bed with, and that person doesn’t have a Facebook page, you may be getting a false name. It could be some kind of red flag,' he says.
Manjoo points out that these judgements don't apply to older people who were already productive adults before social media became widespread.
The tech news site Slashdot summed up Der Taggspiegel's story about social networking as 'not having a Facebook account could be the first sign that you are a mass murderer.'Hmmmmm......Is Obama or the rest of the family on facebook?Read the full story here.

The "War on Christianity" - Gunmen open fire on Nigerian Deeper Life Bible Church service, kill 19.

The "War on Christianity" - Gunmen open fire on Nigerian Deeper Life Bible Church service, kill 19.(AA)(SaharaReporters).Gunmen stormed an evangelical church in central Nigeria, cut the electricity and opened fire once the building was plunged into darkness, killing 19 people, including the pastor, officials said Tuesday. Residents in the town of Okene in Kogi state, where the church was attacked late Monday, reported fresh gun battles on a main commercial street on Tuesday, but the circumstances were not immediately clear. Officials said it was too early to say who carried out the church raids, but the radical Islamist group Boko Haram has repeatedly targeted Christians during worship in a series of gun and suicide bomb attacks. Kogi, southwest of the capital Abuja, has not been hit particularly hard by the Islamists, although members of the group are believed to have come from the ethnically diverse area. In mid-July, a bomb went off near another church in Okene, but caused no casualties, while in April, the military said it had discovered a Boko Haram bomb making factory in Kogi, in the town of Ogaminana. The Deeper Life Church in Okene was attacked by “unknown gunmen” at roughly 8:20 pm on Monday, said Lt. Col. Gabriel Olorunyomi, head of a military task force in Kogi. Before firing on worshippers who had come for a regular Monday evening service, two of the three assailants knocked out the building’s generator, state police spokesman Simon Ile told AFP. Mr. Jacob Edi, Special Assistant to the governor on Media and Strategy, told SaharaReporters over the phone that the assailants arrived at the church at about 8:45p.m. local time, during a late evening church service. They cut off electricity supply and began shooting indiscriminately into the crowd. He said some of the worshippers who tried to escape from the premises were captured and their throats slashed. When military personnel arrived at the scene, they “saw 15 people dead, including the pastor,” said Olorunyomi, who added that four more people later died from their wounds. Several others were injured. Ile told AFP there were no early indications regarding the culprits. “They entered the church...they just opened fire and they went away. We don’t know their motives yet,” he said. The perpetrators of the heinous crime, said the governor who cut short a Ramadan state dinner, are “wicked, devilish, ungodly and deserve no place in a same society.”Hmmmm.....Killing Christians doesn't qualify you as a "Foreign Terrorist Organization" in Obama's reignRead the full story here and here, photoreport here.

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PM Netanyahu: If Iran goes nuclear, it may actually use bomb.

PM Netanyahu: If Iran goes nuclear, it may actually use bomb.(JPost).If Iran gets a nuclear bomb it may actually use it, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said Monday, rejecting the notion that Tehran would act responsibly if it became a member of the world’s nuclear “club.” Netanyahu, in a meeting with visiting Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr, spelled out five things that would likely happen, were Iran allowed to go nuclear:

  1. There will be nuclear proliferation in the Middle East as various other actors will then want to have a bomb; 
  2. Iran will have a firmer hand on the “choke point of the world’s oil supply,” namely the Strait of Hormuz; 
  3. there will be a magnification of global terrorism because the terrorists under Iran’s sway will believe that they have immunity;
  4.  and Israel’s cities will be rocketed even more because those firing the rockets will feel that they enjoy a nuclear umbrella. 
  5. That the Iranians might actually use the bomb is a reality that cannot be denied, Netanyahu said. 
“This is a regime that has broken every rule in the book,” he added. “They very likely could use weapons of mass death.” Netanyahu said there was an illusion among many in the world that if Iran acquired nuclear weapons, it would behave responsibly like the world’s other nuclear states. The prime minister, during the discussion dominated by the Iranian issue, said Iran is governed by a “fanatical regime” that sees itself on a sacred mission of global Islamic domination, and destroying Israel was just one step toward its larger vision.Everyone talks about the cost of stopping Iran, “but they shouldn’t ignore the cost of not stopping Iran,” he said. Netanyahu’s comments come a week after he said that the decision to attack Iran would be taken by the country’s elected political leadership, and not by the defense and security establishment. Those remarks followed media reports of Israel’s top security officials being opposed to an Israeli attack without US backing. In a television interview last week, Netanyahu said that he sees “the regime of the ayatollahs declaring what it has etched on its banner – to destroy us. It is working to destroy us, and is preparing atom bombs to destroy us. As much as it is dependent on me, I will not let that happen.Hmmmmmm......"Pour les vaincre, messieurs, il nous faut de l'audace, encore de l'audace, et toujours de l'audace et la Patrie sera sauvée!" ~ Danton. Read the full story here.

Mohamed Bassiouny: Treaty allows unlimited police deployment on border with Israel .

Mohamed Bassiouny: Treaty allows unlimited police deployment on border with Israel.(Imra).
[Dr. Aaron Lerner - IMRA: It should be noted that the treaty in no way sets limits on the experience of the Egyptian police deployed in the border area near Israel.] 
Mohamed Bassiouny: Treaty allows unlimited police deployment "According to the treaty, Sinai is divided into three areas, namely West Sinai (A), central Sinai (B) and East Sinai (C), where the clashes took place. This last region along the border line with Israel includes Taba, Sharm el-Sheikh and Rafah, the gate to the Gaza Strip. According to the treaty, the Egyptian armed forces secure sections A and B with 26,000 equipped soldiers, while section C is secured by police. And despite the fact that the treaty allows Egypt to put any number of police personnel in this section, they are poorly armed, lack military experience and may make mistakes. This allows the Bedouins, who are better armed and more familiar with the region, to infiltrate the border." Mohamed Bassiouny, Egypt's former ambassador to Israel from 1986 to 2000 interviewed by Al-Masry Al-Youm Former Egyptian ambassador to Israel: Peace treaty should be modified Omar Halawa Al-Masry Al-Youm Thu, 25/08/2011 - 17:14 the full story here.

Turkey slams Iran on eve of Salehi’s visit

Turkey slams Iran on eve of Salehi’s visit.(HD).Turkish Foreign Ministry strongly condemned comments by the top Iranian army officer blaming Ankara for the bloodshed in Syria and warning Turkey it would be next, as baseless and inappropriate, on the eve of Iranian foreign minister’s snap visit to Ankara for talks on 48 of its citizens taken hostage in Syria. “We strongly condemn statements of baseless accusations and inappropriate threats against our country by some Iranian officials,” Turkish Foreign Ministry statement said. “Turkey’s foreign policy acts in the guidance of its own goals and principles and it has a big state tradition,” the ministry said, adding that Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu was set to convey to his Iranian counterpart later today to Turkey’s unease over the Iranian officials’ remarks. Turkey will be next in line for violence after Syria if it continues to work on behalf of Western interests, Iranian Chief of General Staff Hasan Firuzabadi has said. Ankara is following the Western lead in the region, along with Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and is responsible for the bloodshed in the Arab republic, Firuzabadi said. “If these countries continue with their existent approach to Syria, they should know that Turkey and the others will be next in line,” Firuzabadi said. Kazem Jalali, a member of the Iranian Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, had previously said that “Turkey and those who support and arm terrorists [in Syria]” were responsible for the safety of Iranians kidnapped in Syria. “Considering that the Free Syrian Army, which claims to have abducted the Iranian pilgrims, is backed by Turkey, the visit by the foreign minister aims to warn and remind the Ankara government of its responsibilities in this matter,” the ministry said. In a phone conversation on late Aug. 5, Salehi asked Davutoğlu for assitance to rescue 48 Iranian pilgrims. Yet, Turkish officials are pessimistic, since the pilgrims were abducted in Damascus, where Turkey even does not operate its embassy at the moment. The meetings came as Iran revealed its plans to host a meeting of regional and other countries that have “realistic stances” on Syria on Aug. 9 to find ways to resolve the country’s crisis, the official IRNA news agency quoted Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian as saying on Aug. 6. Davutoğlu also met with representatives of Syrian Turkmen yesterday.Read the full story here.

Video - PA libel: Israel using chemicals to ruin Al-Aqsa Mosque's foundations and plans Temple in its place

PA TV news host: "Experts on the Al-Aqsa Mosque and Jerusalem issues warned that there are traces of chemicals under Al-Aqsa, which the occupation authorities are using in intensified excavations around the foundations of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in order to dissolve them." Narrator: "Israel's policies and schemes have never stopped and will never stop in Al-Aqsa's courtyards and surroundings in order to harm [the Mosque's] Arabness and holiness. What is new this time is the discovery of traces of dangerous chemicals in the Al-Aqsa foundations and [the discovery of] other solvents used to cause the foundations to crumble and collapse in accordance with [Israel's] step-by-step plans." [PA TV (Fatah), Aug. 3, 2012].HT: PalWatch.

Assad ‘determined’ to crash uprising, U.S. warns against sending ‘proxies’ to Syria.

                                                Syrian Muslim Brotherhood

Assad ‘determined’ to crash uprising, U.S. warns against sending ‘proxies’ to Syria.(AA).Syrian President Bashar al-Assad vowed on Tuesday to crush the uprising against his regime and cleanse the country of “terrorists,” the state news agency reported. Meanwhile, The United States has warned against “proxies or terrorist fighters” being sent in to Syria following the abduction of dozens of Iranians allegedly helping the Assad’s regime there. “The Syrian people and their government are determined to purge the country of terrorists and to fight terrorism without respite,” Assad told Saeed Jalili, visiting envoy of Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Jalili said Tehran will continue to back Syria under Assad, which acts as a pillar of an Iran-led regional alliance. “What is happening in Syria is not an internal issue but a conflict between the axis of resistance on one hand, and the regional and global enemies of this axis on the other,” said Jalili, a top aide to Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Tuesday that the crisis in Syria must not be allowed to descend into sectarian warfare and she warned against “proxies or terrorist fighters” being sent in to join the conflict. “We have to send very clear expectations about avoiding sectarian warfare. Those who are attempting to exploit the situation by sending in proxies or terrorist fighters must realize that will not be tolerated,” Clinton said at a news conference in the South African capital Pretoria. Clinton’s statement came a day after Syrian opposition forces said 3 abducted Iranian were killed in government shelling and vowed to kill dozens of other Iranians being held in Syria. Iran has its citizens who were abducted in Syria were pilgrims. The Syrian opposition insists they were army officers fighting with the Assad’s regime forces.Read the full story here.

Coming soon "The Muslim Olympics?"

Coming soon "The Muslim Olympics?".HT: IsraelMatzav.Turkey is bidding to host the 2020 Olympic games and Michael Rubin asks whether it's appropriate for a Muslim nation to serve as the host.
Now Erdoğan has rooted Turkey’s bid to host the 2020 Olympics in religion. “No country with a majority of Muslim population has ever hosted the Olympics,” he said while visiting London last week. “Istanbul has bid to host the Olympics five times but has never been handed the rights. This is not a fair approach.” The Istanbul 2020 logo features not the bridge between civilizations, but rather minarets and mosques. No previous Olympic emblem has featured religious symbols.

If Erdoğan advocates viewing the world through a religious prism, then perhaps he can also embrace the Tel Aviv Olympics in 2024 and Bombay Olympics in 2028. If it is time for a majority Muslim state to host the Olympics, it would make sense if the first would be a country like Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim country and one noted for its relative moderation compared to the rest of the Islamic world. Qatar certainly has the resources, both to bribe the International Olympic Committee and to stage the games, and certainly Arab states would like the honor. Morocco is as much a bridge between civilizations as Turkey but, in recent years, has been far more tolerant. As regions go, neither Africa nor the Caribbean has ever hosted the Olympics.Turkey should one day host the games. Istanbul is a beautiful city. But Turkey should only have that honor when it lives at peace with its neighbors, withdraws from Cyprus, and shows it can manage basic infrastructure like its highways and bridges. It needs to release its journalists from prison, and reach a settlement with its Kurdish population. Let’s hope the International Olympics Committee will choose a country on that country’s merits; they should not implicitly endorse Erdoğan’s desire to see the world through a religious lens.Hmmmm........“Minarets are our bayonets, the domes our helmets, the mosques our barracks, and the believers our army.” Read the full story here.

Munich widows slams IOC over no moment of silence.

Munich widows slams IOC over no moment of silence.(AA).Widows of two of the 11 Israelis killed at the Munich Olympics in 1972 lambasted the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and its president at a London commemoration on Monday. The two, Ankie Spitzer and Ilana Romano, representing family members of the athletes, coaches and officials who were killed, say they have tried for four decades to persuade the IOC to organize an official commemoration. They vowed to continue their efforts get their wish at future Games. Senior international figures including U.S. President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have called for a tribute to the 11 men who were killed in a standoff in Munich with Palestinian gunmen. A German policeman was also killed. Monday’s commemoration was hosted by Israel’s Olympic Committee at London’s impressive Guildhall, with International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge, top British politicians, Israel’s sports minister and Germany’s foreign minister present. Israel has organized a commemorative event since the Sydney Games in 2000 and Rogge has participated as IOC president since the Athens Olympics four years later, but the two widows said it should be the IOC that organizes the ceremony, not Israel. Lamenting what she said was Rogge’s refusal to hold the minute’s silence,
Spitzer said the “call was heard all over the world, (and) only the International Olympic Committee remains deaf and blind.” “They were killed on Olympic soil and the appropriate place to remember them is at the opening ceremony,” Romano said in her speech to the hundreds of invited guests, who stood for a minute of silence. Rogge said everybody remembered the “horrific events of 1972” even if they had not yet been born, and he described the killings as “the worst days of the Olympic movement.” “We are all here today because we share a duty those innocent victims and to history to make sure the lessons of 1972 are never forgotten ... we are here to speak with one voice against terrorism,” he said. Rogge held a surprise tribute in the athletes’ village on the Monday before the opening ceremony but that low-key event failed to satisfy the victims’ relatives. In her speech, which won her a standing ovation, Spitzer accused the IOC of having priorities that did not allow it to heed the call for the tribute at the Olympic opening ceremony. “Is the IOC only interested in power, money and politics (that) they have forgotten what they are supposed to promote: peace brotherhood and fair play?” she said.
Spitzer also said the refusal involved the victims’ nationality and religion.
 “Shame on you International Olympic Committee because you have forsaken the 11 members of your Olympic family, you are discriminating against them only because they are Israelis and Jews.” 
 Obama sent a greeting to the gathering which was read by U.S. Ambassador to Britain, Louis Susman. “While the United States supported a moment of silence in their honour, we welcome any effort to recall the terrible loss that was suffered in Munich and the lives of those who were lost,” Obama wrote. British Prime Minister David Cameron who attended the ceremony at its start, said the events of Munich were “a sickening act of terrorism that betrayed everything the Olympic movement stands for and everything that we in Britain believe in.” Spitzer said she was “overwhelmed” by the amount of international support the campaign for a commemoration and that the efforts to gain the moment’s silence would continue. “We will be back because until we hear the words you need to say because you owe it to them,” she said.Read the full story here.

Veiled French Muslim woman charged with inciting riot.

Veiled French Muslim woman charged with inciting riot.(AA).A French Muslim woman has been charged with assault and inciting a riot after she refused a police ID check because she was wearing a banned full-face veil, a police source said Tuesday. The 18-year-old is to appear in court in the northern city of Lille on October 30 charged with assault, insulting police and inciting a riot after police tried to take her to a station for refusing to provide identification. A French law passed in 2011, the first of its kind to be enforced in Europe, banned the wearing of the full-face-covering Islamic veil. The law came into effect at an already fraught moment in relations between the state and France’s Muslim minority − the largest in Europe − with then president Nicolas Sarkozy accused of stigmatizing Islam to win back votes from a resurgent far right in this year’s election. Supporters of the law have defended it as a measure aimed at supporting women’s rights although the text makes it clear that a woman cannot choose herself to cover her face in public. The woman, arrested on Saturday, was stopped by officers in Roubaix, outside northern France’s largest city of Lille. She allegedly said she did not have time and did not want to show her ID card and covered herself up with another veil as she walked away, the police source said, asking not to be named. When police tried to take her to the station, she allegedly grabbed hold of a vehicle and started kicking, punching and screaming, the source added.Read the full story here.

Overnight Music Video - Queen - Princes of the Universe (Highlander).

U.S. responsible for hostages’ lives in Syria: Iran

U.S. responsible for hostages’ lives in Syria: Iran.(AA).Iran said on Tuesday that it was holding the United States responsible for the lives of 48 of its citizens taken hostage in Syria, following an unconfirmed report by a Syrian rebel group that three of them had been killed by shelling. The foreign ministry, which transmitted its message through the Swiss embassy in Tehran that handles U.S. interests in the absence of Iran-U.S. diplomatic relations, insisted the 48 were pilgrims, not Revolutionary Guards as the rebels claimed. “Because of the United States’ manifest support of terrorist groups and the dispatch of weapons to Syria, the United States is responsible for the lives of the 48 Iranian pilgrims abducted in Damascus,” Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian quoted the letter as saying. He told the official IRNA news agency that “we expect the countries that are in a way responsible for the events in Syria to take the necessary measures to ensure the safety and lives of the Iranian pilgrims and their return to Iran.” He stressed that Iran had appealed for help from both Turkey and Qatar, two governments it accuses of arming the Syrian rebels. Iran’s message was issued after a Syrian rebel group, Al-Baraa Brigade of the Free Syrian Army, claimed on its Facebook page that “three of the Iranian prisoners were killed in fierce shelling” by the army in Damascus on Monday. The page said the group’s leader, Abdel Nasser Shmeir, was threatening to “execute the prisoners who are proven members of the Revolutionary Guard if the shelling continues.” The Iranians were taken hostage on Saturday as they travelled in a bus in Damascus. The rebel group posted a video online on Sunday alleging the Iranians were elite Revolutionary Guards on a “reconnaissance mission.” But Tehran insists they are some of the hundreds of thousands of Iranian Shiite pilgrims who visit the revered Sayyida Zeinab shrine in the southeastern suburbs of Damascus each year. Iran’s parliament speaker, Ali Larijani, said on Tuesday that “the United States and certain countries of the region are responsible for the deaths of the Iranian pilgrims, and they will receive an appropriate response at the right time.”Read the full story here.

'Number of threats from Sinai growing'

'Number of threats from Sinai growing'.(YNet).Defense officials told Ynet Monday that the Shin Bet and Military Intelligence collaboration and intelligence gathering tactics have proven effective in thwarting a potentially devastating terror attack Sunday. A GOC Southern Command inquest into the events of Sunday night derived that the IDF had intelligence indicating an imminent threat of terror from the sector, including a Shin Bet alert suggesting that Sinai terror groups were planning a combined attack against Israeli and Egyptian forces. The information prompted increased IDF deployment near some of the more vulnerable points of the Sinai border, and allowed the military to prevent the terrorists' armored vehicle – taken from Egyptian patrolmen after killing 16 men – and a truck carrying half a ton of explosives, from reaching their destination – Israel's Gaza vicinity communities.The area along which the terror attack took place – from the Rafah crossing up to Gate 380 near the Kerem Shalom crossing – was considered "intelligence assets poor" until about six months ago. MI sources said that over the past year several terror cells have been identified in Sinai, some comprised of young Bedouins who defy the sheiks and act as hired guns or are motivated by their own radical views. Several indicators support the theory that militants forming a virtual "terror state" in Sinai have been able to outwit Gaza's bigger terror groups and carry out massive attacks. Another angle explored by Israeli intelligence is that Sunday's attack marks another direct hit at the heart of Cairo's new regime. Defense sources told Ynet that it is likely that Iran or Hezbollah were not part of this attack. Still, MI sources added that the number of threats from the sector is growing, at times exceeding the threats coming from Gaza. Hmmmm......Take back the Sinai, they never should have allowed the Egyptians in.Read the full story here.

Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood blames Israeli Mossad for Aggression Against Rafah Border-Guards, wants review the terms of Sinai accords with Israel.

Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood blames Israeli Mossad for Aggression Against Rafah Border-Guards, wants review the terms of Sinai accords with Israel.(IW).Since the Egyptian people erupted in their glorious January 25 revolution, many ‘special interests’ were threatened, private calculations were upset, and dubious equations were disrupted on all levels, all around. This brought together many forces, at home and abroad, against the revolution, united in an increasingly desperate and relentless war seeking to abort the revolution and halt the march to true democracy, away from despotism and repression.
Yesterday, a group of criminals and terrorists attacked an Egyptian security checkpoint in Rafah, killing nearly twenty of our brothers, our sons, and stole one car and one truck, and tried to crash their way into Israel.

Immediately, Israeli media linked these attackers to the people of Gaza. Nevertheless, this ‘operation’, at this particular time, aims to achieve several goals:

• Create a major border problem for Egypt in its current critical circumstances, to be added to the many internal problems plaguing the homeland after the collapse of a corrupt system that subverted the country’s interests for decades.

• Endeavor to prove the failure of the new Egyptian government, formed just three days ago.

• Attempt to disrupt the new President’s reform project.

• Drive a wedge between the Egyptian administration and the Egyptian people on the one hand, and between the Palestinian government and the people of Gaza on the other.

Evidently, this crime may well be the work of Israel’s Mossad, which has sought to abort the revolution ever since its launch, and which issued instructions to Israeli citizens in Sinai to leave immediately, just days ago. It is clearly noticeable that every time a warning like this is issued, a terrorist incident takes place in the Sinai.This crime also draws our attention to the fact that our forces in the Sinai lack the personnel and the equipment to protect the region or guard our borders, which makes it imperative to review the terms of our accords with Israel.Hmmmm......How 'original' Blame the Jews.Read the full story here.

Monday, August 6, 2012

The Place of Women in Islam.

The Place of Women in Islam.(Allysa).By Ali Sina.There are two men in Islam that are indisputably the greatest in the annals of this religion. They are Imam al Ghazzali and Jalaleddin Rumi, both Persians. Let us see what they thought of women.Ghazzali is so highly revered amongst the majority of Muslim clerics that he is called Hojjatul Islam,” proof of Islam”. For many, his authority in religious matters is only second to the Prophet. In his The Revival of the Religious Sciences Ghazzali defines the position of women in Islam:
  • She should stay at home and get on with her spinning
  • She can go out only in emergencies.
  • She must not be well-informed nor must she be communicative with her neighbors and only visit them when absolutely necessary.
  • She should take care of her husband and respect him in his presence and his absence and seek to satisfy him in everything.
  • She must not leave her house without his permission and if given his permission she must leave secretly.
  • She should put on old clothes and take deserted streets and alleys, avoid markets, and make sure that a stranger does not hear her voice, her footsteps, smell her or recognize her.
  • She must not speak to a friend of her husband even in need.
  • Her sole worry should be her “al bud” (reproductive organs) her home as well as her prayers and her fast.
  • If a friend of her husband calls when her husband is absent she must not open the door nor reply to him in order to safeguard her “al bud”.
  • She should accept what her husband gives her as sufficient sexual needs at any moment.
  • She should be clean and ready to satisfy her husband’s sexual needs at any moment.

The great theologian then warns all men to be careful of women for their “guile is immense and their mischief is noxious; they are immoral and mean spirited“.
Ghazzali states “It is a fact that all the trials, misfortunes and woes which befall men come from women“.
In his Book of Counsel for Kings, Ghazzali sums up things that a woman has to endure because of Eve’s misbehavior in the Garden of Eden:

“When Eve ate fruit which He had forbidden to her from the tree in Paradise, the Lord, be He praised, cursed women with eighteen punishments:
  • menstruation;
  • childbirth;
  • separation from mother and father and marriage to a stranger;
  • pregnancy;
  • not having control over her own person;
  • a lesser share in inheritance; (one half of the male as per the Quran)
  • her liability to be divorced and inability to divorce;
  • its being lawful for men to have four wives, but for a woman to have only one husband;
  • the fact that she must stay secluded in the house;
  • the fact that she must keep her head covered inside the house;
  • the fact that two women’s testimony has to be set against the testimony of one man;
  • the fact that she must not go out of the house unless accompanied by a near relative;
  • the fact that men take part in Friday and feast day prayers and funerals while women do not;
  • disqualification for ruler ship and judgeship;
  • the fact that merit has one thousand components, only one of which is attributable to women, while 999 are attributable to men;
  • the fact that if women are profligate they will be given twice as much torment as the rest of the community at the Resurrection Day;
  • - the fact that if their husbands die they must observe a waiting period of four months and ten days before remarrying;

Marriage is a form of slavery” says Ghazzali. “The woman is man’s slave and her duty therefore is absolute obedience to the husband in all that he asks of her person. A woman, who at the moment of death enjoys the full approval of her husband, will find her place in Paradise.”
He also wrote: “If you relax the woman’s leash a tiny bit, she will take you and bolt wildly…. Their deception is awesome and their wickedness is contagious; bad character and feeble mind are their predominant traits …”

What about Jalalleddin Rumi? If Gazzali is great among the clerics, Rumi is the greatest lighthouse for all the Muslims. Rumi was a genius poet. But he was also a Muslim. Let us see what this genius Muslim thinks of women.
He narrates a story of an Arab couple, where the woman, tired of poverty, complains to her husband to get off his butts, do some work and improve their lives.

The husband rebukes her for her covetousness. He engages in a series of logical fallacies verbalizing Rumi’s own views about wealth and worldly possessions. He says wealth and poverty will pass just as floods come and go and what difference does it make whether the flood is clear water or muddy? In this world, he argues, all sorts of animals live in comfort praising their Lord without bothering to go after work. Possession is like a hat, which is only needed by the bald. The wise man is like an eye. He can see better when it is naked and not covered by a veil. Only defects have to be covered. A man of God has no defects to cover. From mosquito to elephant, all creatures are provided by God. And we too must abandon all concerns and rely on God for our sustenance.He then reminds his wife of the Prophet’s saying that there is glory in poverty, and threatens to divorce her.

The wife, realizing that complaints don’t work and frightened of divorce, resorts to tricks. She sheds crocodile tears to fool her husband. Rumi says all tears shed by women are for deceiving men. She apologizes profusely and praises her husband’s kingly detachment. In these verses, the great sage masterfully depicts women as sly, cunning and manipulative creatures who can beguile the wisest of men.Finally, through tears and blandishments she softens her husband’s heart and convinces him to do her bidding, which eventually leads him to become greedy and forget God.

The greatest sage of the Muslim world, the biggest luminary that was ever born in Islam, is saying that men, though wise and strong, can be seduced and bested by women and swayed from the right path, (the path of laziness and poverty that leads to God) and can become her slave, go after worldly pursuits, (i.e., industry, production and wealth) and become deterred from God.Read the full story here.

Making Oregon a “Dry State” - Obama admin now seizing water supplies.

Making Oregon a “Dry State” - Obama admin now seizing water supplies.(TrevorLoudon).By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton.
Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness… Treasured guarantees from the Declaration of Independence. Except that life depends on water and in a stealth power grab of staggering scope, governments and agencies have laid claim to the very rain itself.
This ties into the socialist precept that the government shall own the means of production, including the means of food production. If you are looking for the logical implication of Obama’s recent rant that “You didn’t build that!,” that the necessary components of anything you build or grow come from government, this is where you arrive.
It has always been the American ideal that you own land and all that is on it. It’s yours, not the government’s. That should include the water that is on that land or that falls on that land. But it would seem that Oregon is more in tune with state collectivism as Gary Harrington of Jackson County, Oregon found out the hard way recently. He owns 170 acres with 3 ponds on his land. Most of us would consider it a no-brainer that the water on his land was his to do with as he sees fit. Oregon has other ideas and is instituting water prohibition:
Oregon law that says all of the water in the state of Oregon is public water and if you want to use that water, either to divert it or to store it, you have to acquire a water right from the state of Oregon before doing that activity.
If you build a dam, an earthen dam, and interrupt the flow of water off of [YOUR OWN] property, and store that water that is an activity that would require a water right permit from us.
Under Oregon law, all water is publicly owned. With some exceptions, cities, farmers, factory owners, and other water users must obtain a permit or water right from the Water Resources Department to use water from ANY source…
Note: “publicly owned” means “not yours.”
For the heinous crime of water collection, Harrington has been sentenced to 30 days in jail and a $1500 fine. Why, how very, very Communist:
Communism, the political and economic doctrine that aims to replace private property and a profit-based economy with public ownership and communal control of at least the major means of production (e.g., mines, mills, and factories) and the natural resources of a society.
And lest you think this is just a whacky Oregon thing, think again. The EPA has gone insane with Communistic glee and is wreaking havoc across America with the help of Obama, the Progressives and their regulator minions. Indiana is our next stop:
There is a story in Net Right Daily about landowner, Dexter Lutter of Noble County, who thought he was cleaning up the water supply and creating a healthier environment for years to come. Instead, he is facing hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines from the EPA, whose main goal is complete control over all land, air and water.
His crime? Check it out on Net Right Daily, excerpted below:
…A small manmade open ditch ran through Lutter’s property in Noble County, Ind. It was in need of repair, and Lutter got permission from his county to place tile drains for the collection of the agricultural discharge and cover over the eroding open ditch. This not only saved county taxpayer dollars, but also cleaned up the water supply and prevented further soil erosion.
But that doesn’t matter. According to Noble County and Lutter, they were told they violated the Clean Water Act. This is despite the fact that Lutter said the ditch was manmade and used only for agricultural discharge and did not impede the flow of any main waterways — usual exemptions under the Clean Water Act.
It seems both the EPA and Army Corps are no longer content just monitoring activity in “navigable” waterways—as stated in the Clean Water Act, which has commonly lent itself to waterways where a vessel could in fact, navigate. These agencies seem to think they need to adopt a different interpretation of the law, which gets them another step closer to controlling all water in the U.S…
Mr. Lutter now faces the loss of his business thanks to the overreach of the EPA.In fact, Obama is seizing western water supplies now. Didn’t hear about that? Not surprised, the lamestream media is not covering it (well, maybe covering for the administration or covering up criminal overreach, but not covering the story). But just because you can’t see a terrorist, it doesn’t mean he hasn’t been busy. Now the EPA and the feds are brandishing lawsuits which, if won, will award them future water rights of states – starting with New Mexico. Control the water, control the food, control the people. Ask Mao, Lenin or any other dictator. If people won’t comply, starve them out. Think it can’t happen here? It’s already started.
The lawyers told the committee the U.S. government is apparently trying to take over legal management of the state’s water supply. The federal government has asserted claims for damages to groundwater in a natural resource damage case in New Mexico involving Chevron/Molycorp. The claim seeks for those damages to be awarded in the form of future water rights management.
The federal government’s lawsuit has caught the attention of the Western Governors’ Association.
Claims by federal trustees of this nature are unprecedented and are of great concern to the Western states,” said Pam O. Inmann, executive director of the Western Governors’ Association, in a letter to Tom Vilsack, secretary of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and Ken Salazar, secretary of the U.S. Department of the Interior. “…The ramifications of such legal position extend to the very heart of the Western states exclusive ownership and/or management and control of the groundwater resources within their respective boundaries.”
Perhaps a refresher of where this came from (other than Karl Marx) is in order
Hmmm.......“Dictatorship, by whatever name, is founded on the doctrine that the individual amounts to nothing; that the State is the only one that counts; and that men and women and children were put on earth solely for the purpose of serving the state.” ~ Harry S. Truman.Read the full story here.

Thousands of fish die as US streams heat up.

Thousands of fish die as US streams heat up.(Phys).By Grant Shulte. IOWA - Thousands of fish are dying in the central U.S. as the hot, dry summer dries up rivers and causes water temperatures to climb in some spots to nearly 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 Celsius). About 40,000 shovelnose sturgeon were killed in Iowa last week as water temperatures reached 97 degrees Fahrenheit (36.1 Celsius).
Nebraska fishery officials said they’ve seen thousands of dead sturgeon, catfish, carp, and other species in the Lower Platte River, including the endangered pallid sturgeon. And biologists in Illinois said the hot weather has killed tens of thousands of large- and smallmouth bass and channel catfish and is threatening the population of the greater redhorse fish, a state-endangered species.
So many fish died in one Illinois lake that the carcasses clogged an intake screen near a power plant, lowering water levels to the point that the station had to shut down one of its generators. “It’s something I’ve never seen in my career, and I’ve been here for more than 17 years,” said Mark Flammang, a fisheries biologist with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. “I think what we’re mainly dealing with here are the extremely low flows and this unparalleled heat.” The fish are victims of one of the driest and warmest summers in history. The federal U.S. Drought Monitor shows nearly two-thirds of the lower 48 states are experiencing some form of drought, and the Department of Agriculture has declared more than half of the nation’s counties — nearly 1,600 in 32 states — as natural disaster areas. More than 3,000 heat records were broken over the last month. Iowa DNR officials said the sturgeon found dead in the Des Moines River were worth nearly $10 million, a high value based in part on their highly sought eggs, which are used for caviar. The fish are valued at more than $110 a pound. Gavin Gibbons, a spokesman for the National Fisheries Institute, said the sturgeon kills don’t appear to have reduced the supply enough to hurt regional caviar suppliers. “We’re talking hundreds of thousands (killed), maybe millions by now,” Stephenson said. “If you’re only talking about game fish, it’s probably in the thousands. But for all fish, it’s probably in the millions if you look statewide.” Stephenson said fish kills happen most summers in small private ponds and streams, but the hot weather this year has made the situation much worse. “This year has been really, really bad — disproportionately bad, compared to our other years,” he said.Read the full story here.

Video - Egyptian Sociologist Saadudin Ibrahim: The Muslim Brotherhood Is Hijacking the Revolution, More Dangerous than the Salafis

Egyptian Sociologist Saadudin Ibrahim: The Muslim Brotherhood Is Hijacking the Revolution, More Dangerous than the Salafis

Following are excerpts from an interview with Egyptian sociologist Saadudin Ibrahim , which aired on ON TV on July 31, 2012:

Interviewer: You indicated that the Muslim Brotherhood are hijacking the country, not merely the top political posts. Is the Muslim Brotherhood indeed about to hijack the country?

Saadudin Ibrahim: Well, this is how it seems to me, as well as to other observers, some of whom are more knowledgeable than me about the Brotherhood.

I have said that in my youth, I was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, but it was people who remained in it for a longer period, or were much closer to the leadership than me, who helped me form my general view of the Muslim Brotherhood, and of their desire to hijack everything and to control everything.

Their plan is to turn Egypt into an Islamic emirate, which would be the seed of an Islamic caliphate, which would first encompass the Muslim world, and later the world in its entirety.

Of course, in 2012, this sounds like sheer fantasy, but all the major enterprises in history began as an idea. Some of ideas died while still in the cradle, while others developed.Therefore, we should not underestimate this idea, which is harbored by the Muslim Brotherhood leaders in Egypt.
The most important statement confirming this was made by Mahdi Akef, the former Muslim Brotherhood General Guide, who said: "To hell with Egypt."

Interviewer: He also said that a [Muslim] ruler from Malaysia could govern Egypt better than...

Saadudin Ibrahim: Ideas like this point to their plan. Egypt is part of a bigger plan, and can be ignored for the sake of something better. Egypt can be governed by any ruler from abroad, as long as he is a devout Muslim, who is acceptable to them.
The concept of a nation state is absent from the Brotherhood's plans. They speak of a comprehensive, religious, Islamic state.
They are hijacking Egypt, not just the revolution. They were among the last organized groups to join the revolution. They came at the end of the fourth day or at the beginning of the fifth...

Interviewer: Three days after the revolution...

Saadudin Ibrahim: No, four days after it.

Nevertheless, the young people who carried out the revolution are not in power. It is the latecomers who are in power. Some of them like the Salafis, did not participate in the revolution at all. The latecomers and those who did not participate at all are now in the seat of power.
This is an indication of their plan to hijack, control, and monopolize.

Interviewer: Which Islamist movement is the most dangerous to Egypt – the Muslim Brotherhood, the Salafis, the Jihadists, or others?

Saadudin Ibrahim: The Muslim Brotherhood.

Interviewer: Even though some believe the Salafis to be the most dangerous?

Saadudin Ibrahim: The Salafis, with their simplistic and naïve ideology, speak their minds. Therefore, we know what they are up to and how to contain it, if it's dangerous.

The Brotherhood, on the other hand, is an organization about whose leadership we know very little. We know that there is the General Guide Office, and that they conduct secretive meetings, from which no protocols are issued for public review. Such a political party does not exist in democratic countries. A politburo may have existed in Communist or totalitarian countries, in the Communist or Nazi parties... Source: Memri.

Video - Egyptian Salafist Muhammad Al-Zawahiri, Brother of Al-Qaeda Leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri, Explains and Justifies 9/11.

Egyptian Salafist Muhammad Al-Zawahiri, Brother of Al-Qaeda Leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri, Explains and Justifies 9/11.

Following are excerpts from an interview with Egyptian Salafist Muhammad Al-Zawahiri, the brother of Al-Qaeda Leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri, which aired on the Al-Jazeera network on August 1, 2012.

Muhammad Al-Zawahiri: We in Al-Qaeda are bound by the laws of the shari'a, and we reject and condemn any killing that is prohibited by the shari'a.

Unfortunately, however, the media portrays our operations falsely. For example, they say about operations carried out in the West: "Civilians were killed. Muslims and children were killed." They say that children were killed in 9/11. The head of an FBI division was killed in 9/11, but this is never mentioned.
The success of the Arab revolutions was solely because of the actions of the Jihadist Salafi movement.

Interviewer: In what way?

Muhammad Al-Zawahiri: When pressure was exerted in the US on its own turf... You said that we killed civilians in America. That's not true. Did the brothers who attacked America want to conquer Washington or New York? Does anybody really believe that? Why do you think they went there? To end the injustice, the persecution, and the killing of women and children that takes place in Arab countries.

Did Al-Qaeda even exist when the Amiriya shelter was bombed [in Iraq in the First Gulf War]? When America attacked people in Afghanistan...

Interviewer: But it is said that your actions in 9/11 were the main reason for the occupation of Afghanistan and later of Iraq.

Muhammad Al-Zawahiri: That is not true. Taking control of oil resources and groundwater was planned in the days of Kissinger a long time ago.

Interviewer: Why America? Why not some Arab regimes that you consider infidel? Why not Israel? What is the reason?

Muhammad Al-Zawahiri: We consider anyone hostile towards the Muslims to be an enemy, but all in good time. At present, America is attacking our countries. When we manage to attack Israel... Al-Qaeda has already attacked Israel.

Interviewer: Where? In Nairobi and Dar es Salaam?

Muhammad Al-Zawahiri: No, I meant the plane attacked in Nairobi and the synagogue in Djerba, Tunisia. If Al-Qaeda could reach... If the regimes of the Arab countries bordering Israel did not prevent it... Al-Qaeda wants to carry out attacks against Israel.

Interviewer: So this is possible in the future...

Muhammad Al-Zawahiri: I am talking in terms of ideology. The oppressed have a legitimate right to defend themselves. Someone who kills my children and burns down my home should not be angry if I kill his children and burn down his home. If I had bombed their home first, they could have claimed that I was the attacker.

America has been occupying the oil resources in the region for 40 years, according to their own statements. They declare that they have been in the Dhahran base for over 60 years, and will remain there for more than 60 years. They say that they have to control the oil resources. This is total aggression against the Arab and Muslim peoples. They have killed women and children and desecrated what is holy to us, and some people have responded to that.

If [Al-Qaeda] had merely killed a soldier or two, it would not have had the same effect as a strike on their own turf.

Interviewer: So this was simply an effective means to score points against the US?

Muhammad Al-Zawahiri: Hold on a moment. It wasn't me who carried out 9/11, but at the same time, I don't agree with the West that we should slaughter those who carried it out.

We must understand the background to every action. If America attacks the Arab peoples and their regimes do not defend them, somebody who does defend the Arab and Muslim peoples should not be considered a criminal. We must seek out the original crime, the one who began the aggression. We have done nothing wrong.

Now that America has withdrawn its forces from our region, we will not attack it on its own turf.Source: Memri.

Obama's '08 campaign manager David Plouffe got $100K from Iranian affiliate

Obama's '08 campaign manager David Plouffe got $100K from Iranian affiliate.HT: IsraelMatzav.A senior adviser to President Obama, who was also his 2008 campaign manager, received a $100,000 speaking fee in 2010 from an affiliate of a company that does business with the government of Iran.
A subsidiary of MTN Group, a South Africa-based telecommunications company, paid [David] Plouffe for two speeches he made in Nigeria in December 2010, about a month before he joined the White House staff.

Since Plouffe’s speeches, MTN Group has come under intensified scrutiny from U.S. authorities because of its activities in Iran and Syria, which are under international sanctions intended to limit the countries’ access to sensitive technology. At the time of Plouffe’s speeches, MTN had been in a widely reported partnership for five years with a state-
owned Iranian telecommunications firm.

There were no legal or ethical restrictions on Plouffe being paid to speak to the MTN subsidiary as a private citizen. But for a close Obama aide to have accepted payment from a company involved in Iran could prove troublesome for the president as the White House toughens its stance toward the Islamic republic. In recent weeks, Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney has accused the administration of being soft on Iran.

The White House declined to make Plouffe available for an interview. Eric Schultz, a White House spokesman, said Sunday that criticizing Plouffe would be unfair because MTN Group’s role in Iran was not a high-profile issue when he was invited to speak to the affiliate.
In other words, the White House is trying to argue that since this should have been below the radar screen, it was okay. This administration is reminding me more and more of the Clinton administration, which made legalistic arguments to avoid the spirit of US laws and regulations.
Plouffe is no minor official.
With a broad portfolio mixing politics and policy, Plouffe is a key member of Obama’s inner circle, a confidant whose desk is just steps from the Oval Office. There is no evidence that he has been involved in policy discussions about Iran sanctions, though he has spoken publicly about the need to restrain Iran’s nuclear program.Read the full story here.

Iraqi human rights activists: "Syrian Rebels Hang Shiite Child after Killing Family Members."

Iraqi human rights activists: "Syrian Rebels Hang Shiite Child after Killing Family Members."(Fars).According to a report by Iraq's Qanon news website, Iraqi human rights activists said that armed rebel groups attacked the house of a Shiite Iraqi family in the Seyede Zainab neighborhood in the capital city of Damascus, killed all members of the family and hanged the last one, a little child. The footages and pictures of the rebels' brutality which surfaced online in the last few days are revealing the terrorist nature and the war crimes of the opposition fighters in Syria. The massacre is said to have badly damaged the western-backed rebels and opposition forces' ability to claim the moral high ground in their fight against Damascus and showed their accusations that Syrian President Bashar Assad's forces are conducting war crimes are nothing but lies. Meantime, Saudi Wahhabi cleric Mohammad al-Arifi has called on Syrian armed groups to prevent leakage of the pictures and footages of their attacks against Syrian army and civilians. In his Tweeter page, Arifi asked rebel groups to continue their attacks and intimidation against Syrian people but do not allow a release of the pictures and footages of their operations. In a similar crime last week, terrorists in Syria brutally executed 15 civilians in the Northwestern city of Aleppo on charges of supporting the Bashar al-Assad government. The terrorist members of the so-called Free Syrian Army on Tuesday attacked Al Berri family in Bab al-Neirab neighborhood in Aleppo who are famous for their pro-government stances, and kidnapped 15 family members and executed them in front of a local school.Hmmmm.......How long before they start hanging Christians?Read the full story here.

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Overnight Music video - Ennio Morricone The Ecstasy of Gold.

The "Motherland counts on you" - Cossacks get call-up to keep out Muslims.

The "Motherland counts on you" - Cossacks get call-up to keep out Muslims.(SMH).THE governor of Russia's Krasnodar region, which will host the Winter Olympics in 2014, has enlisted the area's Cossacks as an auxiliary police force, urging them to prevent darker-skinned Muslims from moving there. Alexander Tkachev, in a speech to police officers on Thursday, announced that as of next month, 1000 Cossacks would be paid from the budget to maintain public order. He said the Cossacks - whose paramilitary forces served the tsars - could take measures beyond what the police are allowed. ''We have no other way,'' he said. ''We shall stamp it out, instil order; we shall demand paperwork and enforce migration policies.'' Advertisement He said a neighbouring region had stopped performing its traditional function as ''a filter'' between central Russia and the North Caucasus. The people who live in the North Caucasus, who are darker skinned and mostly Muslim, are considered by some ethnic Russians to be foreigners. He said ethnic Russians there were ''already feeling uncomfortable'', and that the people who settled the region, Cossacks among them, ''year after year are losing their position''. Read the full story here.

"The Wilders Model?" - The Dutch government steps away from the model of a multicultural society.

"The Wilders Model?" - The Dutch government steps away from the model of a multicultural society.HT: Scaramouche.The Dutch government says it will abandon the long-standing model of multiculturalism that has encouraged Muslim immigrants to create a parallel society within the Netherlands. A new integration bill (covering letter and 15-page action plan), which Dutch Interior Minister Piet Hein Donner presented to parliament on June 16, reads: "The government shares the social dissatisfaction over the multicultural society model and plans to shift priority to the values of the Dutch people. In the new integration system, the values of the Dutch society play a central role. With this change, the government steps away from the model of a multicultural society."
The letter continues: "A more obligatory integration is justified because the government also demands that from its own citizens. It is necessary because otherwise the society gradually grows apart and eventually no one feels at home anymore in the Netherlands. The integration will not be tailored to different groups." The new integration policy will place more demands on immigrants. For example, immigrants will be required to learn the Dutch language, and the government will take a tougher approach to immigrants to ignore Dutch values or disobey Dutch law. The government will also stop offering special subsidies for Muslim immigrants because, according to Donner, "it is not the government's job to integrate immigrants." The government will introduce new legislation that outlaws forced marriages and will also impose tougher measures against Muslim immigrants who lower their chances of employment by the way they dress. More specifically, the government will impose a ban on face-covering Islamic burqas as of January 1, 2013.Hmmmm....Anything for a vote?Read the full story here.
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