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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Can the UN possibly sink any lower?

Can the UN possibly sink any lower?(EzraLevant).Iran was just appointed by the United Nations to sit on the UN’s Arms Trade Treaty conference. Yes, the same Iran that was just found guilty in a UN report of rearming the Syrian regime in its war against its own people, is now one of 15 countries at the UN overseeing arms control. That’s sort of like OJ saying he really wants to track down the real killers, isn’t it? 
Here’s what makes that even grosser: It was a unanimous vote.
Not a single country at the UN voted against Iran being on the committee. The Asian countries got to pick three, and so they chose the democracies of Japan and South Korea — but also the Islamic Republic of Iran. And the decision was rubber-stamped.


Oh, but it gets insaner.

The UN keeps plunging to new depths.

They hit rock bottom, and then break out the diamond-tipped drill bits to keep digging deeper.

Because nobody stops them

So not only is Iran on the arms control leadership committee, but Syria is — get this, are you ready? — Syria is now on track to be appointed to the UN’s Human Rights Council.

Using the same system of slates and rule-rigging, Syria is going to now be the boss of human rights.

It sounds crazy.

But how is that any crazier than China, Cuba or Saudi Arabia being on the council, either?

In a vote between the world’s liberal democracies, and the dictatorships, where every country gets the same vote, how could these thug regimes not win the vote?

The largest voting bloc at the UN isn’t NATO.

It’s the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, with 57 members in it, little dictatorships such as Yemen and Syria — with the whole thing run by Saudi Arabia.

Of course it’s in their interest to take over the human rights council and the arms trade council.

It’s like a mafia boss paying off the local cops — or, a better analogy, actually becoming the cops.

Being on these committees mean no worries that Iran or Syria will actually be subject to any punishment.

And use whatever goodwill remains from the UN to cast aspersions against real democracies, such as America or Israel, or, increasingly, Canada.

So because the UN is now controlled by the likes of Iran and Syria, and their masters China and Russia, it shouldn’t be a surprise that they need to find scapegoats to distract from their own misdeeds.

Which is surely why the UN has ramped up its moral war against Canada — us, the gentlest country in the world.

They sent their “food” commissioner to condemn us for our lack of food security. Us — a massive net food exporter, a country where being fat is much more of a health risk than being thin.

They came after us, instead of North Korea, where the Communist regime is so harsh that their state-engineered famine has driven people to literally eat grass.

Neither will the UN condemn terrorism or torture in the Arab world.

But their torture commissioner will condemn us for our treatment of Omar Khadr — even though a judge threw out his baseless claims of torture as laughably false.

So what, the UN will give a tyrant every benefit of the doubt, but will assume the worst about our democracy.

Question: Why does Canada spend $400 million a year on the UN?Hmmm......Hear, Hear!

This column appeared in The Sun Chain July 10 2012. Source: Ezra Levant.

U.S. Gov. Study: Muslim terrorists are widely misunderstood and don’t wish to impose Islam around world as is commonly believed in the west.

U.S. Gov. Study: Muslim terrorists are widely misunderstood and don’t wish to impose Islam around world as is commonly believed in the west.(JW).A new government study says Muslim terrorists are widely misunderstood and don’t wish to impose Islam around world as is commonly believed in the west, they simply murder innocent people to defend against foreign attacks by enemies of Islam.
At least that’s what the experts at a public university in Arizona have determined. They offer details and make rather comical recommendations to counter terrorism in a taxpayer-funded study released this week. The highly-regarded academics operate a special center dedicated to studying the role of communication in combating terrorism, promoting national security and successfully engaging in public diplomacy worldwide.
To fulfill this mission, the center gets big bucks from the U.S. government. In fact, earlier this year it got a rather generous $6.1 million grant from the Department of Defense (DOD) for a neurophysiological study involving narrative comprehension and persuasion. The center’s biggest project, however, is a six-year, $4.5 million study on Islamist extremists’ use of narrative to influence contested populations in the Middle East, Southwest Asia, North Africa and Europe.
That brings us back to this week’s rather sympathetic report (How Islamist Extremists Quote the Qur’an) portraying Muslim terrorists as misunderstood by westerners. It spans 14 pages, but here is the gist of it; based on how they quote religious texts (Quran), Islamic extremists are not “an aggressive offensive foe seeking domination and conquest of unbelievers, as is commonly assumed. Instead they deal with themes of victimization, dishonor and retribution.”
The report continues: “The verses frequently utilized by extremists” address subjects such as “enduring hardships and the importance of fighting against the unjust unbelievers who oppress men, women and children.” This shows close integration with the rhetorical vision of Islamist extremism, according to the brilliant academics that compiled this on the government’s dime.Now that we better understand these violent terrorists, researches recommend that the west abandon claims that Islamist extremists seek world domination, focus on counteracting or addressing claims of victimization, emphasize alternative means of deliverance and work to undermine the “champion” image sought by extremists. After all, “studies” have shown that al Qaeda-linked militants are 38 times more likely to kill a Muslim than a member of another group, according to these researchers, who say this is hardly the activity of a “competent champion.”
It is important to be realistic about Islamists’ arguments when trying to counter their influence attempts, says a professor to co-authored this study. “If we try to portray them as evil conquerors when their audience sees them as protectors and champions, it damages our credibility and makes our communication less effective,” he said. The report’s lead author confirmed that “what extremists are really saying to Muslims is ‘our communities are under siege and God will defend us if we have faith and courage’.”Hmmm.....Then Jesus said, "Father, forgive them. They don't know what they're doing." ~ Luke 23:24.Read the full story here.

"ИЗМЕНЕНИЕ" a.k.a. CHANGE! - Obama re-set in action: Russians send six naval destroyers to Syrian port.

"ИЗМЕНЕНИЕ" a.k.a. CHANGE! - Obama re-set in action: Russians send six naval destroyers to Syrian port.HT: IsraelMatzav.Here's that Obama re-set with the Russians in action. The Russians have sent a fleet of six naval destroyers to the Syrian port of Tartus in a show of strength against the US and NATO.

Russia has sent a naval flotilla of six warships led by an anti-submarine destroyer to its naval base at the Syrian port of Tartus, the Interfax news agency reported Tuesday.

The Admiral Chabanenko and three landing craft have left their home port of Severomorsk in the Arctic Circle on their way to the Mediterranean where they will be joined by the Russian patrol ship Yaroslav Mudry as well as an assistance vessel, a military source told the agency.

"The programme of the voyage includes a call in the Syrian port of Tartus," the unnamed source told the news agency.

The source said the trip was taking place in line with the plans of military readiness of the Russian fleet. According to Interfax, the source insisted that the deployment "was not linked to the escalation of the situation in Syria."

"In Tartus the ships are going to top up on supplies of fuel, water and foodstuffs," the source said, adding that their deployment in the Mediterranean would last until the end of September.
Obama has sure succeeded in re-setting relations with the Russians, hasn't he? Right back to where they were in the Cold War.Read the full story here.

‘Sex debate’ heats up in Morocco, "personal freedoms cannot violate national values and the Islamic identity of Morocco."

‘Sex debate’ heats up in Morocco, "personal freedoms cannot violate national values and the Islamic identity of Morocco."(AA).Moroccan Justice Minister Mustafa al-Ramid lashed out at a request submitted by a group of activists asking for the legalizing of sexual relations outside marriage and called the initiative a promotion of debauchery. “Revoking the law that criminalizes sex outside marriage is a propagation of corruption that will deal a fatal blow to Moroccan values,” Ramid said Monday in parliament, answering a question about his response to the sexual freedom initiative. A group of Moroccan activists called a few days ago for crossing out Article 490 of the Penal Code which punishes every man and woman caught having sex outside marriage even if the couple is consenting adults. According to those activists, adults should have the freedom to engage in sexual relations as long as there is mutual consent.
The harsh criticism directed at this demand was not confined to the parliament, but extended to clerics who saw the call for sexual freedom as a grave threat to the moral and spiritual wellbeing of Moroccans. The Union for Quranic Houses, affiliated to the Salafi school of thought, issued a statement slamming the sexual freedom initiative which, it said, “came at a time when reformers and wise men are trying to rebuild the country and fight corruption.”
Al Arabiya obtained a statement by Moroccan Salafi Front in which it accused the activists behind the initiative of violating an indisputable law in the Quran. “They are saying that by prohibiting fornication, the Holy Quran has caused people to suffer from sexual frustration.” The initiative, the statement added, also flagrantly contradicts the Moroccan constitution. “According to the constitution, personal freedoms cannot violate national values and the Islamic identity of Morocco.” The reactions of Islamists, in turn, infuriated liberals. Secular activist Abdul Hamid Amin accused Islamists of ultra-conservatism and narrow-mindedness. “They just attack anyone who has a different opinion; they want to impose their inflexible ideologies on society,” he said. Amin refuted allegations that activists calling for the legalization of sexual freedom aim at Westernizing society. “On the contrary, Islamists are the ones who have always been allied with the West.” He also disagreed with Islamists’ argument that sexual freedom is bound to increase sexually-transmitted diseases. “This is a lie that only reveals how hypocritical society is.”Hmmmm......Ayatollah Khomeini is reported to have said: “Allah did not create man so that he could have fun. The aim of creation was for mankind to be put to the test through hardship and prayer. An Islamic regime must be serious in every field. There are no jokes in Islam. There is no humor in Islam. There is no fun in Islam. There can be no fun and joy in whatever is serious. .Read the full story here

OUTRAGE: Eric Holder disarmed Brian Terry while arming his killers.

OUTRAGE: Eric Holder disarmed Brian Terry while arming his killers.(DougRoss).Just when you thought Operation Fast and Furious -- and its cover-up -- couldn't get any worse, another layer of the onion gets unpeeled.

US Border Agent Brian Terry was shooting beanbags at cartel members before they shot him dead with assault rifles. (Truth about Guns).

For the first time the Obama Administration today admitted that Brian Terry and fellow border agents were firing beanbags and not bullets during their shootout with armed cartel members... FOX News reported, via Free Republic:

For the first time, federal officials revealed Monday that murdered Border Patrol agent Brian Terry and an elite squad of federal agents first fired bean bags — not bullets — at a heavily armed drug cartel crew in the mountains south of Tucson in December 2011.

The announcement came as the Department of Justice unsealed an indictment charging five individuals allegedly involved in Terry’s death. A sixth suspect has also been charged in a related incident.

The U.S. is also offering a reward of up to $1 million for information leading to the arrest of four outstanding suspects believed to hiding out in Mexico. The names of the four suspects were revealed, and their pictures released, to the public. Police in the US and in Mexico are cooperating and under intense pressure to find them.

[Commenter] Roark added: "Disarmed by the very bureaucrats that armed their killers."
This is the biggest political scandal in the last century. And vintage media, for the most part, refuses to report on it.

The mass murders facilitated by Eric Holder -- and the subsequent cover-up by the Obama administration and Holder -- make Watergate look like a parking violation.

Every Republican in Congress needs to demand Eric Holder's immediate resignation. Contact your Representative now and ask them whether they have done so. If not, why the hell not?Read the full story here.

"Après nous le déluge?" - France's government sells short-term bonds at negative interest rates.

"Après nous le déluge?" - France's government sells short-term bonds at negative interest rates.(AP).By Masha MacPherson. PARIS -- France enjoyed a boost in investor confidence with a successful bond auction Monday - but also got a warning from the president that growth so far this year is "nil" and that the country needs to rethink its social model. France's government sold (EURO) 6 billlion in short-term bonds at negative interest rates Monday, as investors flock to the perceived safety of Europe's larger economies. It was the first time rates entered negative territory, according to the French Treasury. France's borrowing costs have been dropping in recent months as those in neighboring Spain have soared and raised fears that it, too, will need a bailout. France, the No. 2 economy in Europe, has high debts of its own and 10-percent unemployment, and is struggling to avoid a new recession. "Everybody knows that in the first half of the year, growth will be nil. So we need to mobilize all our forces, all our imagination, all our capacities to achieve lasting growth for the years ahead," French President Francois Hollande said Monday at a conference with labor and business leaders meant to lay the groundwork for new jobs policies.In Monday's bond sale, the treasury sold three-month bonds at -0.005 percent, and six-month bonds at -0.006 percent. The treasury agency says it's the first time they have registered negative yields.Hmmmmm.......Read the full story here.

Video - The best Three minutes of Video ! Explaining why America’s Not the Greatest Country Any Longer… But It Can Be.

U.S. Corn Growers Farming in Hell, why this will hit your wallet hard

U.S. Corn Growers Farming in Hell, why this will hit your wallet hard.(BW).By Jeff Wilson.The worst U.S. drought since Ronald Reagan was president is withering the world’s largest corn crop, and the speed of the damage may spur the government to make a record cut in its July estimate for domestic inventories. Tumbling yields will combine with the greatest-ever global demand to leave U.S. stockpiles on Sept. 1, 2013, at 1.216 billion bushels (30.89 million metric tons), according to the average of 31 analyst estimates compiled by Bloomberg. That’s 35 percent below the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s June 12 forecast, implying the biggest reduction since at least 1973.
The USDA updates its harvest and inventory estimates July 11. Crops on July 1 were in the worst condition since 1988, and a Midwest heat wave last week set or tied 1,067 temperature records, government data show. 
Prices surged 37 percent in three weeks, and Rabobank International said June 28 that corn may rise 9.9 percent more by December to near a record $8 a bushel. 
The gain is threatening to boost food costs the United Nations says fell 15 percent from a record in February 2011 and feed prices for meat producers including Smithfield Foods Inc. (SFD) (SFD) “The drought is much worse than last year and approaching the 1988 disaster,” said John Cory, the chief executive officer of Rochester, Indiana-based grain processor Prairie Mills Products LLC. “There are crops that won’t make it. The dairy and livestock industries are going to get hit very hard. People are just beginning to realize the depth of the problem.
Corn rallied 18 percent in the month through July 6 on the Chicago Board of Trade to $6.93, trailing only wheat among 24 commodities tracked by the Standard and Poor’s GSCI Spot Index, which rose 2 percent. About 53 percent of the Midwest, where farmers harvested 60 percent of last year’s U.S. crop, had moderate to extreme drought conditions as of July 3, the highest since the government-funded U.S. Drought Monitor in Lincoln, Nebraska, began tracking the data in 2000.
Fields are parched just as corn plants began to pollinate, a critical period for determining kernel development and final yields. About 48 percent of the crop in the U.S., the world’s largest grower and exporter, was in good or excellent condition as of July 1, the lowest for that date since 1988 and down from 77 percent on May 18, government data show. “The shrinking global economy is the elephant in the room that no one wants to discuss as long as U.S. crops are under siege,” said Dale Durcholz, the senior market analyst for Bloomington, Illinois-based AgriVisor LLC. “Corn demand at $5 is much more robust than when it costs $7.”
Corn tumbled into a bear market in September and kept dropping as farmers planted more crops. Robert Manly, the chief financial officer at Smithfield Foods, the largest U.S. pork producer, told analysts on a June 14 conference call (SFD) that hog- raising costs would “begin to decline starting in the fall.” Corn has surged 41 percent since then, reaching a nine-month high today. U.S. corn production may drop to 11 billion bushels, the smallest crop in seven years, because the hot, dry weather killed the pollen and rains now may be too late to reverse the damage, according to Cory, the Indiana mill owner and a former investment banker. Prices may reach $9 before demand slows, he said. The drought may spark a rebound in global food prices this month through October, halting a slide that sent costs in June to the lowest level in 21 months, Abdolreza Abbassian, an economist in Rome at the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization, said July 5. “Corn is key because of its widespread use as a base ingredient in so many foods and for its use in feed for livestock,” said Stanley Crouch, who helps oversee $2 billion of assets as chief investment officer at New York-based Aegis Capital Corp. “We are at the tipping point.”
In May, retail prices of boneless hams, ground beef and cheese in the U.S. were close to all-time highs set earlier this year, while chicken breast jumped more than 12 percent during the first five months of the year, government data show.
When people look at rising prices for hamburger, butter, eggs and other protein sources from higher corn costs, that’s when more money ends up in the food basket,” said Minneapolis- based Michael Swanson, a senior agricultural economist at Wells Fargo and Co., the biggest U.S. farm lender. “We were hoping for a break, and we aren’t going to get it.Hmmmm..........Higher food prices just in time for the elections.....CHANGE, preparing  to UNINSTALLING OBAMA.... █████████████▒▒▒▒▒▒ 47.5% .Read the full story here.U.S. Drought monitor here.

Video - Hamas MP Sheik Yunis Al-Astal: Allah Punished the Jews throughout History and Will Use the Islamic Nation to Punish Them Again.

Video - Hamas MP Sheik Yunis Al-Astal: Allah Punished the Jews throughout History and Will Use the Islamic Nation to Punish Them Again.

Following are excerpts from an interview with Hamas MP Sheik Yunis Al-Astal, which aired on Al-Aqsa TV on June 20, 2012.

Sheik Yunis Al-Astal: Allah punished the Israelites many times throughout history. He punished them by means of the Assyrians and the Babylonians. He punished them by means of the Companions of the Prophet in the Arabian Peninsula, at Al-Madina, and at Khaybar. He punished them by means of the Germans, and before that by means of the Romans. Today, it is the turn of the Islamic nation to punish them once again. Source: Memri.

Egypt’s parliament to reconvene as new crisis looms between Mursi and judiciary, million-man march planned for Tuesday

Egypt’s parliament to reconvene as new crisis looms between Mursi and judiciary, million-man march planned for Tuesday.(AA).Egypt’s lower house of parliament (People’s Assembly) will convene on Tuesday, at the call of Parliamentary Speaker Saad al-Katatni, following a decree by the country’s newly elected president Mohammed Mursi reinstating the assembly, which was dissolved following a ruling on June 14 by Egypt’s Supreme Constitutional Court. Egypt’s top court has rejected Mursi’s decree, setting him on a collision course with the military which says the rule of law must be respected. “All the rulings and decisions of the Supreme Constitutional Court are final and not subject to appeal... and are binding for all state institutions,” the court said in a statement Monday.
People’s Assembly Secretary General Sami Mahran was quoted by the online edition of the state-run al-Ahram as telling parliamentary correspondents on Monday that the assembly’s secretariat had “sent invitations to 508 MPs, asking them to return on July 10 and resume attending sessions and performing their parliamentary duties.” “MPs were allowed to enter the parliament building today [Monday] after they had been barred by security forces on June 14 following the Supreme Constitutional Court verdict that led to the dissolution of parliament’s lower house,” he said. Mursi’s surprise decree, according to Mahran, has overturned an order by Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, head of Egypt’s Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), commanding security forces to bar MPs from entering the parliament building. “Tantawi’s order is no longer valid,” Mahran was quoted as saying. “It expired today by virtue of Mursi’s decree in the latter’s capacity as president of the republic.
Some MPs had declared on satellite television channels that they planned to resign from the assembly to object to Mursi’s order, but I have not received any written resignations,” he said. Ahmed al-Zind, the head of the powerful association of judges, gave Mursi a 36-hour ultimatum to rescind his decision and offer an apology to judges or face what he called “harsher” options. The SCAF, which ruled Egypt after former president Hosni Mubarak was ousted last year, underlined the “importance of the constitution in light of the latest developments,” the official MENA news agency reported. “The state will respect all aspects of the Constitutional Declaration,” stated the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces on Monday in reaction to Mursi’s decree. Egypt’s daily al-Masry al-Youm cited a statement by SCAF as stressing the necessity of respecting the rule of law, the constitution and governmental institutions to maintain the integrity of the Egyptian state and show respect to the Egyptian people. U.S. Muslim Brotherhood Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is due in Egypt on July 14 to express U.S. support for the process of democratic transition in the U.S. ally state.The dispute over the fate of parliament has divided the nation just as Egyptians were looking forward to a semblance of stability after the tumult of the 17 months since the ouster of longtime authoritarian ruler Hosni Mubarak. Egypt has seen a dramatic surge in crime, deadly street protests, a faltering economy and seemingly non-stop strikes, sit-ins and demonstrations.Hmmmm......"There will be blood?"Read the full story here.

It's come to this: Obama will do ANYTHING to avoid having to veto 'Palestinian statehood' in an election campaign

It's come to this: Obama will do ANYTHING to avoid having to veto 'Palestinian statehood' in an election campaign.HT: IsraelMatzav.Barack Hussein Obama is convinced he knows better than the 'Palestinians' what's good for the 'Palestinians.' (And he's probably right). Obama believes that if he is reelected, he can dump Israel and bring about a 'Palestinian state.' The problem is that the 'Palestinians' don't believe him.

The 'Palestinians' are once again threatening to go to the United Nations to seek a 'state.' And the last thing that Barack Hussein Obama wants to do in the middle of a reelection campaign is the thing he would have to do if the 'Palestinians' make that move: He would have to veto a 'Palestinian state' in the United Nations Security Council.

As a result, Obama is threatening the 'Palestinians' with the kind of sanctions with which they were threatened by George W. Bush (link in Arabic, Google translation here, Hat Tip: Jonathan Schanzer via Twitter). He is threatening to close their 'embassy' in Washington. He is threatening to stop all US aid to the 'Palestinians.' And he even sent emissaries to Ramallah last week to convey that threat in person.

Meanwhile, the 'Palestinians' are now up to seven preconditions for resuming the same 'negotiations' that the United States has asked them to resume 'immediately and unconditionally.' One of the new preconditions is that the Fatah-Hamas reconciliation is a 'top priority.'

This election season may yet turn out to be fun after all. Hmmmm........"Palestinian Spring' anyone?Read the full story here.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Overnight Music Video - Dionne Warwick Anyone Who Had A Heart

Pres. Obama’s obsession with being 'In Control', Obama signs new Executive Order.

Pres. Obama’s obsession with being 'In Control', Obama signs new Executive Order.(NI).By Douglas J. Hagmann and Joe Hagmann.
8 July 2012: In the event you missed the Friday news dump, President Barack Hussein Obama issued yet another executive order. Titled “Assignment of National Security and Emergency Preparedness Communications Functions,” is may be read in its entirety on the White House website here. At first blush, it appears that the order modernizes previous communications functionality, particularly as it relates to the continuity of governmental communication during wartime or national crisis as defined by Obama. The text of the order itself consists of 2,205 words and seven-(7) sections and multiple subsections. The policy statement (section one) seems innocuous and actually beneficial to the continuity of communications within the U.S., until one begins to dissect the order and consider it in context with other Obama issued directives. Extensive analysis of this order, in tandem with other recent Obama orders and signed legislation, suggests a disconcerting pattern of potential overreach by Obama into the area of normal and customary commercial communication systems. Based on our analysis of this order, it would appear that the implementation of emergency communications by Obama, using all forms of wired and wireless communication systems, is redirected through the Executive branch and could expand such takeover abilities beyond the limits of an actual act of war, national emergency, or other event impacting the national security of the U.S.
The order also mandates that the Department Homeland Security develops and submits such a plan to Obama within sixty-(60) days of this order (section 5.2(h)).
Additionally, Obama’s order completely revokes Executive Order 12472 of April 3, 1984, as amended, which established and defined the National Communication System (NCS). The purpose of the NCS is to “assist the President” in matters of emergency communications in war-time emergencies, and during “those crises or emergencies in which the exercise of the President’s war power functions is not required or permitted by law.” By the stroke of his pen, such distinctions are removed.Hmmmm........"The order also mandates that the Department Homeland Security develops and submits such a plan to Obama within sixty-(60) days of this order." October 'surprise' anyone?Read the full story here.

Withholding information is the essence of tyranny. Control of the flow of information is the tool of the dictatorship.~ Bruce Coville.

Video - Taliban publicly execute 'Adulteress' woman near Kabul to 'Cheers of Jubilation'.

Video - Taliban publicly execute 'Adulteress' woman near Kabul to 'Cheers of Jubilation'.(Reuters). A man Afghan officials say is a member of the Taliban shot dead a woman accused of adultery in front of a crowd near Kabul, a video obtained by Reuters showed, a sign that the austere Islamist group dictates law even near the Afghan capital. In the three-minute video, a turban-clad man approaches a woman kneeling in the dirt and shoots her five times at close range with an automatic rifle, to cheers of jubilation from the 150 or so men watching in a village in Parwan province. "Allah warns us not to get close to adultery because it's the wrong way," another man says as the shooter gets closer to the woman. "It is the order of Allah that she be executed". Provincial Governor Basir Salangi said the video, obtained on Saturday, was shot a week ago in the village of Qimchok in Shinwari district, about an hour's drive from Kabul. Such rare public punishment was a painful reminder to Afghan authorities of the Taliban's 1996-2001 period in power, and it raised concern about the treatment of Afghan women 11 years into the NATO-led war against Taliban insurgents. "When I saw this video, I closed my eyes ... The woman was not guilty; the Taliban are guilty," Salangi told Reuters. When the unnamed woman, most of her body tightly wrapped in a shawl, fell sideways after being shot several times in the head, the spectators chanted: "Long live the Afghan mujahideen! (Islamist fighters)", a name the Taliban use for themselves. Violence against women has increased sharply in the past year, according to Afghanistan's independent human rights commission. Activists say there is waning interest in women's rights on the part of President Hamid Karzai's government. "After 10 years (of foreign intervention), and only a few kilometres from Kabul... how could this happen in front of all these people?" female lawmaker Fawzia Koofi said of the public execution in Parwan. "This is happening under a government that claims to have made so much progress in women's rights, claims to have changed women's lives, and this is unacceptable. It is a huge step backwards," said Koofi, a campaigner for girls' education who wants to run in the 2014 presidential election. Salangi said two Taliban commanders were sexually involved with the woman in Parwan, either through rape or romantically, and decided to torture her and then kill her to settle a dispute between the two of them. "They are outlaws, murderers, and like savages they killed the woman," he said, adding that the Taliban exerted considerable sway in his province. Earlier this week a 30-year-old woman and two of her children were beheaded in eastern Afghanistan by a man police said was her divorced husband, the latest of a string of so-called "honour killings".Hmmm......Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declared that Afghanistan is now a “major non-NATO ally” of the United states, doesn't that make us proud ?Read the full story here.

Iran MP: Permanent end to uranium enrichment out of question, but temporary suspension can be taken under advisement.

Iran MP: Permanent end to uranium enrichment out of question, but temporary suspension can be taken under advisement.(TI).An Iranian lawmaker says permanently halting 20-percent uranium enrichment is in no way acceptable for Iran but temporary suspension can be taken under advisement, Press TV reported. "The reality is that the Islamic Republic of Iran has no problem for negotiating this issue [halting uranium enrichment], provided that the P5+1 - the US, Britain, France, China, and Russia, plus Germany - accept to meet Iran's need to 20-percent enriched uranium," Mohammad Hassan Asferi said on Saturday. The lawmaker, who is member of Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Committee, emphasized that Iran would never accept permanent suspension of enrichment, Majlis official news agency, ICANA, reported. "The West should set a specific period for the suspension of enrichment. For example, they should tell Iran to suspend 20-percent enrichment for two years during which time the West will have to meet Iran's [enriched uranium] needs. However, permanent suspension of enrichment is by no means acceptable," he added. Asferi stated that even the acceptance of temporary suspension of 20-percent enrichment will depend on the termination of sanctions against Iran and returning the Iranian nuclear dossier from the UN Security Council to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). The US and European Union accuse Iran of pursuing military purposes in its nuclear energy program and have imposed international and unilateral sanctions against Tehran under that pretext. EU sanctions entered into force against Iran's financial and oil sectors on July 1, to prevent all the union's member states from purchasing Iranian oil, extending insurance coverage for tankers carrying Iranian crude, and doing business with the Iranian central bank. Tehran has frequently refuted West's allegations, saying repeated inspections by IAEA have never found any diversion in its nuclear energy program toward military purposes. Read the full story here.

Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Leader Calls for Jihad on Israel.

Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Leader Calls for Jihad on Israel.(TCJR).By Raymond Ibrahim. This would be the same “leader” of Egypt’s new president, the Muslim Brotherhood’s Muhammad Morsi—and the man whom some have even portrayed as the true power behind Egypt’s presidency, with Morsi acting as his puppet. According to last Thursday’s edition of Al Wafd, during his weekly sermon, “Muhammad Badi, the Muslim Brotherhood’s Supreme Guide, confirmed the necessity for every Muslim to strive to save al-Quds [Jerusalem] from the hands of the rapists [Israelis] and to cleanse Palestine from the clutches of the occupation, deeming this an individual duty for all Muslims.”
More specifically, he “called on all Muslims to wage jihad with their money and their selves to free al-Quds”—the same exact language one finds in al-Qaeda’s tracts. If this is the position of the Supreme Leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, what can one expect from the Muslim Brotherhood president of Egypt?Hmmm..........Obama: "“We will hold sacred the beliefs held sacred by others.”Read the full story

Video - Islam was not for me – Amil Imani (Free Iran).

Video - Islam was not for me – Amil Imani (Free Iran).(TCJR).Iranians are leaving Islam behind. If any country is ready to leave Islam, it is Iran. Good luck to all Iranians fighting for freedom.Amil Imani is an Iranian-American writer, poet, satirist, novelist, essayist, literary translator, public speaker and political analyst who has been writing and speaking out about the danger of radical Islam both in America and internationally. He has become a formidable voice in the United States against the danger of global jihad and Islamization of America. Imani is the author of the riveting book Obama Meets Ahmadinejad and a new book “OPERATION PERSIAN GULF".By Amil Imani.

A number of hedge funds and other shareholders filed a Class Action Lawsuit against General Motors

A number of hedge funds and other shareholders filed a Class Action Lawsuit against General Motors.(MP).A number of hedge funds and other holders of shares in General Motors have filed a class action lawsuit alleging that GM is channel stuffing in order to inflate its sales numbers. This has been long discussed and finally some action. If you think the economy is so robust, what is robust is how much manipulation is going on.
 Quote: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

1. This is a securities class action on behalf of all purchasers of the common stock of GM pursuant in or traceable to the Company's November 18, 2010 initial public offering (the "MO" or the "Offering") pursuant to the Securities Act of 1933 (the "Securities Act").

2. Defendants made materially false and misleading statements, and failed to make subsequent disclosures to make the earlier statements not misleading, related to GM having strong inventory controls in place at the time of the IPO.

3. In connection with the IPO, and in order to assuage concerns that GM was predicting revenue based on production rather than actual sales, GM falsely assured investors that it was actively managing its production by monitoring its dealer inventory levels. Additionally, GM assured investors that in 2011 it would improve inventory management, which would improve average transaction price.

4. These statements were false when made. In July 2011, reports began to surface that GM had engaged in an extraordinary inventory build-up. In particular, an article published by Bloomberg on July 5, 2011 revealed that GM may have been unloading excessive inventory on dealers, a practice known as channel stuffing, in order to create the false impression that GM was recovering and sales and revenues were rising. The Bloomberg article stated that GM's truck inventory swelled to 122 days worth of average sales whereas, by comparison, GM's less profitable car inventory was limited to 60 to 70 days of average sales, Ford was maintaining only a 79 day inventory on comparable trucks, and GM's truck inventory during the years 2002-2010 had similarly averaged only 78 days of average sales. By November 2011, GM dealer inventories were 30% higher than they were on September 30, 2010 (the end of the last full quarter before the November 18, 2010 IPO) and 62% higher than they were at the end of2009.

5. During the three months following the Bloomberg article, GM's share price fell from more than $31.00 to below $20.00, far below the IPO price of $33.00, and continues to trade around $20.00 today.

6. Plaintiff is asserting non-fraud prospectus liability claims under Sections 11, 12(a)(2) and 15 of the Securities Act of 1933 on behalf of purchasers of GM stock in or traceable to the November 18, 2010 IPO.

Hmmmm..........Obama Pushes False GM Success Story: "As part of a credit agreement with Treasury, $16.4 billion in TARP funds were placed in an escrow account that GM could access only with Treasury's permission." As it turns out, GM got Treasury's OK to "repay" more than $6.7 billion "using a portion of the escrow account that had been funded with TARP funds." So GM is merely paying the government back with government money, not money GM is earning selling cars, as the administration has claimed.............."Yes We Can?"Read the full story here.

Al-Qaeda terror suspect, probable Would-be suicide bomber caught at Olympic Park.

Al-Qaeda terror suspect, probable Would-be suicide bomber caught at Olympic Park.(Telegraph).By David Barrett. The alleged al-Qaeda militant was caught crossing through the Olympic Park five times, breaking a ban imposed by the Home Secretary, The Sunday Telegraph has learned. The 24 year-old has previously tried to get to Afghanistan, allegedly for terrorist training, and is suspected of fighting for the Somali Islamist group al Shabaab, which has been responsible for thousands of deaths, including those of Western aid workers.
He is accused of trying to recruit other Britons to its cause. A Home Office lawyer warned after his discovery in the Olympic area that the man - known as CF - wanted to “re-engage in terrorism-related activities, either in the UK or Somalia” and is “determined to continue to adhere to his Islamist extremist agenda”. His detention is the most serious security alert yet to hit the Olympic Park. It is disclosed today after a week which saw 14 terror-related arrests across Britain, including a white Muslim convert detained over an alleged plan to carry out a major terrorist attack. The Olympic Park in Stratford, east London, will be protected by the largest peacetime security operation ever seen in Britain when the event begins on July 27. CF is one of nine suspected risks to national security who are subject to Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures (Tpim) - legal orders which restrict their movements and computer use and who they can meet. They were introduced to replace control orders, which were abolished by the Coalition after long-running controversy over whether they breached human rights and threatened civil liberties. CF is being prosecuted for breaking the conditions of his order after he was arrested last month and held in police custody. He challenges the banning order at the High Court on Monday. He is charged with five separate breaches between April and May of an order specifically banning him from using the London Overground rail route which passes through the centre of the Olympic Park. He apparently travelled from Caledonian Road and Barnsbury station in north London to Stratford, the station for the Games. Stratford station is beside the Westfield shopping centre which people will go through to get into the Olympic Park, where most of the events are to be held. The area is heavily protected and regarded by security services and police as among the most significant targets for terrorists. His presence in the banned zone was discovered because of an electronic tag which he must wear under the conditions of his order, which banned travelling on the route he took or being in the vicinity of the Games. The tag uses GPS satellite technology to trace his exact movements, and revealed he had passed through the Olympic Park repeatedly. The latest security scare came to light in a court case involving CF and another terror suspect, known as CC. Theresa May, the Home Secretary, has compiled a case against CF which says he attempted to travel to Afghanistan to fight jihad and take part in suicide operations in 2008. He was prosecuted in Britain but absconded during his trial in June 2009 and fled to Somalia. In his absence he was acquitted of any crime. Officials claim CF, who comes from a large family of Somali origin from north London, attended a terrorist training camp and fought alongside jihadis from the al-Qaeda group al-Shabaab. The Home Office says CF is linked to a group of six British nationals who received terror training from al-Qaeda leader Saleh Nabhan, who was killed in a dramatic raid by American Navy Seals in 2009, an operation with parallels to the raid last year which killed Osama bin Laden.Hmmmmm........Once again the name Hamza Bin Laden a.k.a. "the Crown Prince of Terror” comes to my mind.Sure is awfully quiet around this guy.......makes you wonder.Read the full story here.

Holder says civil rights ‘under renewed threat’.

Holder says civil rights ‘under renewed threat’.(TheHill).In an address to the National Council of La Raza convention in Las Vegas on Saturday, Attorney General Eric Holder told the Hispanic advocacy group that the gains of the Civil Rights era were coming “under renewed threat,” and touted the administration’s efforts in protecting the rights of minority groups and immigrants. “Many of you know this firsthand – and have felt the impact of division, and even discrimination, in your own lives,” said Holder in his address, according to prepared remarks released by the Justice Department.”The attorney general pledged that the civil rights advocacy group would “never have a more committed partner than the United States Department of Justice” and touted the administration’s record on those issues. In particular, Holder highlighted the Supreme Court’s ruling last week striking down much of Arizona’s law targeting illegal immigration. In a 5-3 ruling, the court rejected most provisions of the law, but let stand a key measure allowing police to check the legal status of those stopped on suspicion of committing unrelated offenses. Holder said with the decision, the justices were “confirming the federal government’s exclusive authority to regulate with regard to immigration issues.” But Holder, expressed concerns over the provision left standing. “We’ll work to ensure – as the Court affirmed – that such laws cannot be seen as a license to engage in racial profiling. And we’ll continue to enforce federal prohibitions against racial and ethnic discrimination, in order – as President Obama has promised – to “uphold our tradition as a nation of laws and a nation of immigrants,” he said. Holder told the civil rights group that the DOJ would remain vigilant to protect the rights of all Americans. “Over the past three years, our Civil Rights Division has filed more criminal civil rights cases than during any other period in its history – including record numbers of human trafficking, hate crimes, and police misconduct cases,” said Holder, pledging that such efforts would remain a "top priority" for the department. The Obama administration is also sending Vice President Biden to the convention. He is scheduled to speak on Tuesday. Romney, however, will not be attending, and chose instead to send a surrogate, former Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez. Gutierrez was not given a speaking role and instead met with attendees at the conference.Hmmmmmm.......Department of Injustice "My People Only".The most divisive  presidency evah.Read the full story here.

After successful rescue, 3rd C Buddhist figures destroyed at police station.

The heaviest statue was of the Bodhisattva (left). Other artefacts included Jatka and sculptures of Hariti. PHOTO: ATHAR KHAN/EXPRESS.

After successful rescue, 3rd C Buddhist figures destroyed at police station.(TE). Karachi .Amid the sweating and heaving, labourers offloading smuggled boxes from a seized container argued whether their contents were Hindu or Buddhist, ignoring that they were smashing the treasures in the process. The work, which began at about 8am turned the Awami Colony police station into a mangled museum of Gandhara art of over 30 pieces. “We’ll open a museum right here,” joked one of the police officers. “Here, you want to take one home?” Their value in Japan, according to one estimate, could be more than $10 million. The truck carrying the sculptures was seized by the police at Bilal Chowrangi in Korangi. Its other contents included water coolers, slippers, straw and broom sticks. “We got a tipoff from the intelligence agencies and seized the truck,” beamed SHO Javed Brohi. The artefacts, sculptures, tablets, and figures were destined for Sialkot. The driver, Zafar Ali, was arrested but all he could tell the police was that the vehicle was loaded from his employer Asif Butt’s warehouse in Ibrahim Haidery. According to Qasim Ali Qasim, the director of the archaeology and museums department, the Buddhist sculptures were known as Gandhara art and were found in Taxila, Peshawar and Swat in Pakistan and even parts of Afghanistan. He estimated that they date to the third century and are mostly of mediating goddesses and gods. One of the heaviest ones was a 1,000 kg Bodhisattva, a mustached sculpture, adorned with a crown and ornaments. In Buddhism, a Bodhisattva is an enlightened and wise being who invites others towards Buddhism. Pointing to a tablet with dancing goddesses engraved on it, Qasim explained that it was an important artefact known as Jataka. “This piece tells the story of Gautama Buddha’s birth,” he said. “Though images, it shows how Queen Maya gave birth to him and shows others dancing and pouring water in joy.” Another prominent sculpture was Hariti, a mother goddess with one child in her arms and the other standing next to her. “This goddess was a demon and used to eat children, but after meeting Buddha, she became a mother goddess.” Qasim doubted that the artefacts were stolen from a museum or their reserves, and said they were most likely illegally dug up from Swat during the presence of the Taliban in the valley. This would have been a violation of the Antiquities Act of 1975, he added, saying that you needed a licence to be in possession of such items.Read the full story here.

Video - Adagum River submerged Krymsk: Russia’s southern city destroyed by flood.

Video - Adagum River submerged Krymsk: Russia’s southern city destroyed by flood.(RT).Almost everyone in Krymsk was caught by surprise when devastating flood waters hit the town. In an instant homes, cars and gardens were swept away by a five-meter high wave as the nearby Adagum River turned into a roaring nightmare. The streets of Krymsk are now mostly deserted. The town looks like the set of a post-apocalyptic movie, RT’s Denis Bolotsky reports from the scene. At least 130 people drowned after the entire city was completely submerged by flood waters on Saturday. But the death toll is likely to rise as rescuers reportedly continue to recover bodies. The flood water came extremely quickly and with immense force. Many of the dead are reportedly pensioners who were asleep when the flood struck and unable to escape in time. The town's emergency ward was also hit. Local doctors, barely escaping death, continued working. Two out of six ambulances were destroyed instantaneously. Doctors and drivers, however, managed to get other vehicles out of the garage to help people. Hours after the devastating flood hit their houses, local residents are still in shock.Eyewitnesses claim a seven-meter wave struck Krymsk in the middle of the night. The wave came down from the mountains, they say. The reasons are unknown, but one possible explanation, widely circulating in social networks, is that the water was discharged from reservoirs situated in the mountains near the town. The other is that the wave was caused by excessive rain. Anna Kovalyovskaya, whose parents are currently in the flood zone, says that local residents are expressing doubts that a wave of such size could have been caused by rain storms alone. “It all happened during the night. People just ran from their homes, because there was a huge wave of water, nobody warned them. Two-story houses were flooded up to the second floor. The water came on very fast. It wasn’t rain." "I don’t know if this is official information or not, but in the city they are saying that they opened the water reservoir in the mountains above the city. That’s where the wave came from. In the city all of a sudden there was seven meters of water. There was certainly a large storm beforehand, but the water came on so quick that in 15 minutes, everything was flooded,” Kovalyovskaya told the Russian News Service.Read and see the full story here.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Resident Evil 5: outrage over Koran lying on the floor .

Resident Evil 5: outrage over Koran lying on the floor.(EN).By Tobias Ritter.[GoogleTranslate]The zombie action game Resident Evil 5 has at one point in the game world seems to be a copy of the Koran, the holy book of Islam, lost onto the ground.Or so suggests a currently circulating in Santander on various social networking channels screenshot that Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield, the two protagonists of the game, before lying on the floor of the issue also shows God's revelation of the Qur'an mentioned to the Prophet Muhammad.What now for many more may not cause as a shrug, currently set to panic, some Muslims outraged about this disgraceful treatment they consider their Holy Scriptures - and partly to a rather extreme way.Insults were directed to the responsible developer of the variety 'bastards' and 'dog' and these are the harmless variety. Some will even demand that one should bring the makers of Resident Evil 5 kindly to justice. Others call for the death penalty openly.The scale of the riots surrounding the Mohammed cartoons the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten will accept the outrage while not well, an unpleasant aftertaste brings the whole discussion in the way the supposed other side several times with the Koran and Islam insults over the strands suggests, however, still with them. It is not yet even proved that the screenshot is authentic at all.Hmmm......Read the full story here.

The 'Monsanto Rider': Are Biotech Companies About to Gain Immunity from Federal Law?

The 'Monsanto Rider': Are Biotech Companies About to Gain Immunity from Federal Law?(AN).While many Americans were firing up barbecues and breaking out the sparklers to celebrate Independence Day, biotech industry executives were more likely chilling champagne to celebrate another kind of independence: immunity from federal law.
A so-called “Monsanto rider,” quietly slipped into the multi-billion dollar FY 2013 Agricultural Appropriations bill, would require – not just allow, but require - the Secretary of Agriculture to grant a temporary permit for the planting or cultivation of a genetically engineered crop, even if a federal court has ordered the planting be halted until an Environmental Impact Statement is completed. All the farmer or the biotech producer has to do is ask, and the questionable crops could be released into the environment where they could potentially contaminate conventional or organic crops and, ultimately, the nation’s food supply.
Unless the Senate or a citizen’s army of farmers and consumers can stop them, the House of Representatives is likely to ram this dangerous rider through any day now.
In a statement issued last month, the Center For Food Safety had this to say about the biotech industry’s latest attempt to circumvent legal and regulatory safeguards.
The Monsanto Rider is an unconstitutional violation of the separation of powers. Judicial review is an essential element of U.S. law, providing a critical and impartial check on government decisions that may negatively impact human health, the environment or livelihoods. Maintaining the clear-cut boundary of a Constitutionally-guaranteed separation of powers is essential to our government. This provision will blur that line.
· Judicial review is a gateway, not a roadblock. Congress should be fully supportive of our nation’s independent judiciary. The ability of courts to review, evaluate and judge an issue that impacts public and environmental health is a strength, not a weakness, of our system. The loss of this fundamental safeguard could leave public health, the environment and livelihoods at risk.Read the full story here.

Two Russian nuclear-capable 'Bear' bombers intercepted near West Coast in second U.S. air defense zone intrusion in two weeks.

Two Russian nuclear-capable 'Bear' bombers intercepted near West Coast in second U.S. air defense zone intrusion in two weeks.(FB).By Bill Gertz.Two Russian strategic nuclear bombers entered the U.S. air defense zone near the Pacific coast on Wednesday and were met by U.S. interceptor jets, defense officials told the Free Beacon. It was the second time Moscow dispatched nuclear-capable bombers into the 200-mile zone surrounding U.S. territory in the past two weeks. An earlier intrusion by two Tu-95 Bear H bombers took place near Alaska as part of arctic war games that a Russian military spokesman said included simulated attacks on “enemy” air defenses and strategic facilities. A defense official said the Pacific coast intrusion came close to the U.S. coast but did not enter the 12-mile area that the U.S. military considers sovereign airspace. The bomber flights near the Pacific and earlier flights near Alaska appear to be signs Moscow is practicing the targeting of its long-range air-launched cruise missiles on two strategic missile defense sites, one at Fort Greely, Alaska and a second site at Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif. In May, Russian Gen. Nikolai Makarov, the chief of the Russian General Staff, said during a Moscow conference that because missile defense systems are destabilizing, “A decision on pre-emptive use of the attack weapons available will be made when the situation worsens.” The comments highlighted Russian opposition to planned deployments of U.S. missile defense interceptors and sensors in Europe. The U.S. defense official called the latest Bear H incident near the U.S. West Coast “Putin’s Fourth of July Bear greeting to Obama.” Retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney, a former Alaska commander for the North American Aerospace Defense Command, said the latest Bear H intrusion appears to be Russian military testing. “It’s becoming very obvious that Putin is testing Obama and his national security team,” McInerney told the Free Beacon. “These long-range aviation excursions are duplicating exercises I experienced during the height of the Cold War when I command the Alaska NORAD region.The Alaska bomber flights coincided with a summit between Obama and Putin in Mexico June 18. According to U.S. officials, some 30 bombers and support aircraft took part in the war games, including the Bear Hs and Tu-160 Blackjack bombers. Russian Air Force spokesman Lt. Col. Vladimir Deryabin, told reporters in Moscow last month that the arctic strategic war games “practice destruction of enemy air defenses and strategic facilities.”Hmmmm............"ИЗМЕНЕНИЕ" a.k.a. CHANGE!Read the full story here.

OPEC President Iran Consulting with Members on Holding Emergency Meeting.

OPEC President Iran Consulting with Members on Holding Emergency Meeting.(Fars).Iran's Governor at the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries Mohammad Ali Khatibi announced that OPEC president Iran is in talks with other member states to hold an emergency meeting following the recent slide in oil prices. "Following the falling world oil prices, OPEC presidency is consulting with the member countries to hold the emergency meeting as soon as possible," Khatibi told FNA on Saturday. He noted that a number of members are eager to hold an emergency meeting due to the decline in oil prices, and said, "To hold an emergency meeting, all members should be present and the meeting will be held once all members agree with it." Khatibi reiterated that consultations still continue with the oil ministers of the member states on this topic. Iranian Oil Minister Rostam Qassemi had said earlier this week that many OPEC members have voiced their agreement with Iran's call for holding an emergency meeting. "Fortunately OPEC members, like Algeria, agree with holding this extraordinary meeting," Qassemi told FNA on Tuesday, and added that Algeria has even offered to host the meeting. He reminded the decreasing oil prices in the last few days, and said although the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries has not yet sent a reply to Tehran's request, "it seems that OPEC agrees with holding this extraordinary meeting, given the current conditions of oil price". Qassemi called on the members of the oil cartel on Sunday to convene in an emergency meeting, warning that the current market value of oil has gone "illogical". "In 161st OPEC meeting it was agreed that fall of oil prices below $100 per barrel would mean prices have violated the critical line, so we have demanded OPEC secretary make preparations for holding an emergency meeting," Qassemi told the oil ministry's website at the time. Referring to overproduction by some OPEC members and rising inventories in oil consuming countries, the minister told Shana that "if OPEC members don't observe the agreed production ceiling, the oil market will experience disorder". "All members have agreed to respect the organization's production ceiling in a bid to keep the market balanced," he reminded. Qassemi went on to say that prior to the recent OPEC meeting, the cartel's total output had hit approximately 33 million barrels per day which was agreed to scale back to 30 million barrels per day with reasonable prices. "Following the recent OPEC meeting, the supply conditions have improved to some extent,"(Lower production due to Summer hours working in SaudiArabia) Qassemi said, and expressed the hope that members would comply with their commitments. On falling oil prices in recent days, Qassemi said at this time of year falling oil prices originates from seasonal reasons and falling demand but it is expected to go up in winter provided that the level of oil production is reasonable.Hmmm.....Get ready for higher Gas prices.Read the full story here.

Iranian Analyst "Iran Oil Ban Fatal Blow to EU economy".

Iranian Analyst "Iran Oil Ban Fatal Blow to EU economy".(Fars).The US-led EU oil sanctions against Iran strike a fatal blow to Europe, a senior analyst said, adding that Washington is sacrificing its European allies for the sake of its own foreign policy.Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich, a Public Diplomacy Scholar, independent researcher and blogger with a focus on US foreign policy and the role of lobby groups, believes that the US-driven pressures and sanctions on Iran will have dire repercussions for the green continent, specially if Iran reciprocates the European move and blocks the Strait of Hormuz to tankers carrying crude to the EU. "Although American-led Western allies are flexing their muscles by sending battle ships to the Persian Gulf, Washington's own war game exercise, The Millennium Challenge 2002 with a price tag of $250 million, underscored America's inability to defeat Iran. Oblivious to the lesson of its own making, by sending more warships to the Persian Gulf, the United States is inching towards a full scale conflict. The inherent danger from the naval buildup is that unlike the Cuban Missile Crisis, the forces in the Persian Gulf are not confined to two leaders who would be able to communicate to stop a run-away situation. Nor would the consequences of such a potential conflict be limited to the region," Sepahpour-Ulrich said in an article in Global Research. "Given that 17 million barrels of oil a day, or 35% of the world's seaborne oil exports go through the Strait of Hormuz, incidents in the Strait would be fatal for the world economy. While only 1.1 millions barrels per day goes to the United States, a significant amount of this oil is destined for Europe. Surely, one must ask why the United States demands that its "European allies" act contrary to their own national interest, pay a higher price for oil by boycotting Iranian oil and running the risk of Iran blocking the passage of other oil-tankers destined for them? "Again, history has the straight answer. Contrary to conventional wisdom, the United States and not the oil-producing countries has used oil as a weapon. Some examples include the pressure the United States put on Britain in the 1920s to share its oil concessions in the Middle East with US companies. Post World War II, the United States violated the terms of the 1928 Red Line Agreement freezing the British and the French out of the Agreement," she added. "In 1956, the United States made it clear to Britain and France that no oil would be sent to Western Europe unless the two aforementioned countries agreed to a rapid withdrawal from Egypt. The US was not opposed to the overthrow of Nasser, but as Eisenhower said: "Had they done it quickly, we would have accepted it"3. "Demonstrably, although Europe is a major trade partner of the United States, the US does not concern itself with Europe's well being when it comes to executing its foreign policy. This should come as no surprise, especially since the United States sacrifices its own national interest to promote the Israeli agenda and that of the military industrial complex. But this does not explain why Europe would shoot itself in the foot at a time when its economical woes have passed the crisis point." "It is possible that the leaders of Western European countries are beholden to special interest groups - the pro-Israel lobbies, as the United States is, or they believe Iran will not call their bluff by ratifying the bill passed by Majlis and their oil will be delivered unhindered; perhaps both. Either way, they are committing financial suicide and their demise may well come before Iran's resolve is shaken," she concluded.Hmmmm.......Sadly he is right the European Economy will receive the heaviest blows by high oil prices.Read the full story here.

Campaigner-In-Chief Uses First-Person Pronoun “I” And “Me” 117 Times In A Single 25 min Speech.

                                                         Leading By EXAMPLE!

Campaigner-In-Chief Uses First-Person Pronoun “I” And “Me” 117 Times In A Single 25 min Speech.(CNSNews).Speaking in Sandusky, Ohio on July 5, President Barack Obama used the first-person pronouns “I” and “me” a combined 117 times in a speech that lasted about 25 minutes and 32 seconds.
Obama used “I” 98 times and “me” 19 times, according to a transcript of the speech posted by the White House. A videotape of the speech posted on YouTube shows that Obama spoke for about 25-and-a-half minutes.
During this speech, Obama used “I” or “me” approximately once every 13.09 seconds.
Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney also frequently used the first-person pronoun in his most recent speech that has been posted in its entiretyon C-SPAN. Speaking in Salem, Va., on Jun 26, Romney used the first-person pronouns “I” and “me” a combined 55 times in a speech that lasted about 18 minutes and 13 seconds.Near the end of his talk in Sandusky, Ohio, Obama told his audience he had made a commitment to think about them every morning when he arises.Hmmmm.........Herr Doctor Freud would have written several books on him .Read the full story here.

Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders brings his crusade against Islam to Colorado conservative confab.

Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders brings his crusade against Islam to Colorado conservative confab.(TCS).By Ernest Luning. Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders brought his crusade against the Islamic religion to Denver last weekend, warning an audience at the Western Conservative Summit that Europe and the United States are vulnerable to an insidious takeover by what he termed a “dangerous, totalitarian ideology” masquerading as a religion. “If we do not stop the Islamization, we will lose everything: our identity, our culture, our democratic constitutional state, our freedom, and our civilization,” Wilders told an audience of roughly 1,000 gathered in the main ballroom at the downtown Hyatt Regency Denver on Saturday. The annual summit, in its third year, is sponsored by the Lakewood-based Colorado Christian University’s Centennial Institute and had an estimated 1,300 attendees over three days. While the reaction to Wilders was mixed — he received repeated standing ovations during his 45-minute talk, but perhaps a third of the audience members remained planted in their seats throughout — one Colorado lawmaker said Americans should take the Islamic threat seriously and consider prohibiting the construction of mosques in the state.
Wilders, the founder and head of the far-right Party for Freedom, now the third-largest political party in the Netherlands, has lived under constant guard since 2004 and is the author of the recently published “Marked for Death: Islam’s War Against the West and Me.” He has been targeted “for criticizing Islam,” he told the avid crowd after describing some of the security measures required to protect him and his wife. “My view, in a nutshell, is that Islam, rather than a religion, is predominantly a totalitarian ideology striving for world dominance,” he said. “I believe that Islam and freedom are incompatible.” CCU president and former U.S. Sen. Bill Armstrong launched the summit on Friday by proclaiming it open to members of all faiths. “Of course, those of us at CCU are followers of Jesus, but in the room tonight are men and women of not only the New Testament but the Old Testament, and of other religious and philosophical traditions as well. You’re all welcome, we’re delighted you’re here,” Armstrong said.Former radio talk-show host and Denver attorney Craig Silverman introduced Wilders, but first told the crowd that he stood before them “in all humility to you conservatives for confession and forgiveness,” and admitted that he voted for Obama in 2008. Silverman said he has since seen the error of his ways. “I thought Barack Hussein Obama was ideally situated to speak simple truths to the Islamic world,” Silverman said, adding that instead, the president “wouldn’t do it, he did not do it, and he will not do it.” Saying he feared for America’s safety and for the very survival of Israel, Silverman declared that he has read few books in recent years that affected him as profoundly as Wilders’ memoir. “Geert Wilders is a great man,” Silverman said. “He refuses to be intimidated. He is a profile in courage.” Hmmmm.......Wilders “I believe that Islam and freedom are incompatible.” he might be right when it comes to 'Democracy and Islam' - Fatwa issued February 28, 2010 by Sheikh Nasser Al-Din Al-Baghdadi, a member of the shari'a committee: "The elections are based on the system of democracy, and democracy is a religion that is not the religion of Allah... [Participating in them] is blatant heresy... It is [our] duty to eliminate [the system of] democracy, which contravenes our religion, and cleave to the real and pure monotheistic faith."Makes you wonder why they vote?Read the full story here.

Video: Dick Morris – Obama Will Sign Gun Control Treaty on July 27 2012.

Dick Morris is an American political author and commentator who previously worked as a pollster, political campaign consultant, and general political consultant.

"No Child Left Behind Obama Style" - Michigan test scores reveal a country in steep decline.

"No Child Left Behind Obama Style" - Michigan test scores reveal a country in steep decline.(TT).Racial gaps in Michigan exam results a concern.Michigan educators have spent years trying to address the persistent gap in achievement between white and minority students, but Michigan Merit Exam results released Thursday provided troubling news: The gap keeps widening.
Results in Detroit Public Schools were grimmer. Just 205 students — or 6% of the 3,418 who took the math exam — passed. In science, 104 students — or 3% of the 3,477 students who took the exam, passed. Only 1.8% DPS students were deemed college ready. “
The State Board of Education and the Michigan Department of Education recently set closing the achievement gap — the difference in percentage of students passing the exam — as a key goal for the 2012-13 school year.
The gaps, State Superintendent Mike Flanagan said in a statement, are “shameful.”
We need to end this disparity in education, and we need to do this together as a state,” Flanagan said.
Overall, Thursday’s release of MME results was mixed. Average ACT scores are up. So is the percentage of students considered college-ready. But students struggled against a higher standard for passing the exams, with only about a quarter of them passing in math and science.
The achievement gap between white and black students widened in reading, math, science and writing on the MME, and narrowed in only social studies. The gap between white and Hispanic students widened in math and science, but narrowed in other subjects.
The gap also widened for both groups in the percentage of students considered college-ready.
Plymouth-Canton Community Schools leaders have worked for several years to address the achievement gap.
“We are very concerned about (the gaps),” said Jeanne Farina, assistant superintendent for instructional services. District and building equity teams are looking at the gaps, she said, “and digging deep into the data to find out where did they start to fail and what we can do about it.”
At nearly 80 schools statewide, none of the students was considered college-ready. That includes 11 charter schools, 31 alternative schools and 36 traditional, comprehensive high schools. Sixteen Detroit Public Schools had no college-ready students.
Only six schools in the state had more than half their students considered college-ready.
If America doesn’t turn around (like repeal healthcare, shun statist socialism and get back to liberty, freedom and business) it’s future is here.Hmmmm......Now if he follows the 'example of his BFF Erdogan he could start 'Religious Imam Hatip schools' the level is 'easier'.In Turkey, only 27 percent of the adult population has a complete secondary school education, compared with 65 percent in the EU, 74 percent in Korea, 82 percent in Poland, and 87 percent in the US.Read the full story here

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