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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Overnight Music Video - im eshkachech, if i ever forget thee, Jerusalem.

Tonight begins Yom Yerushalayim -- Jerusalem Day. The day is celebrated according to the Hebrew date of the liberation by Israeli troops of eastern (historic Jewish) Jerusalem, in 1967.
“Har Habayit b’yadenu! Ani chozer: Har Habayit b’yadenu! The Temple Mount is in our hands! I repeat, the Temple Mount is in our hands!” So declared Gen. Motta Gur when he and the paratroopers he commanded reached the Mount. 
You can hear an historic recording of this event, which includes prayers by Rabbi Shlomo Goren, and see a translated transcript here:.

In the 3,000 years since King David first made Jerusalem his capital, the city had been divided only once: during the 19 years that Jordan controlled eastern Jerusalem following the War of Independence. When Israel liberated that part of the city, on the third day of the Six Day War, Jerusalem was reunited -- never, ever to be divided again.
The myth is that "east" Jerusalem is "Arab." But this only appeared to be the case because Jordan rendered it Judenrein -- not only banishing all Jews, but destroying synagogues and desecrating cemeteries. The reality is that the very heart of ancient Jewish heritage is in the eastern part of the city.
Today, almost half of the population of eastern Jerusalem -- more than 225,00 people -- is Jewish. Any notion of being able to divide the city -- with western Jerusalem for the Jews, and eastern Jerusalem for the Arabs, is pure nonsense. In fact, the notion that the Palestinian Arabs have a legitimate claim to any part of Jerusalem is equally nonsense. 
And let it be clearly understood: They say they want the eastern part of the city for their capital. But a serious analysis of statements made by the Palestinian Authority makes it clear that they intend to have all of the city. We made a grievous error, in turning over the daily administration of the Temple Mount to the Muslim Wakf after we had liberated it. Let there be no more mistakes. To surrender the very heart of Jewish heritage would be to seriously weaken our national resolve, and to rob us of our deepest purpose. And don't imagine the Arabs are not aware of this. Under no circumstances may Jerusalem be divided.
Any so-called Jewish leader or thinker or writer, whether here in Israel or outside, who proposes such a division -- imagining it to be somehow necessary either in the interests of "peace" or to satisfy international demands -- does a serious disservice to Am Yisrael and the State of Israel. Such a move would serve only to weaken the Jewish people and to subvert the cause of true peace.
Almost immediately after the city was reunited, a law was passed for the protection of holy places; it reads: "The Holy Places shall be protected from desecration and any other violation and from anything likely to violate the freedom of access of the members of the different religions to the places sacred to them or their feelings with regard to those places..."
It must be noted that only under Israeli sovereignty will Christian holy places in Jerusalem be guarded.
In July 1980, the Knesset passed the Jerusalem Law, declaring, " Jerusalem , complete and united, is the capital of Israel. "
Eastern Jerusalem is indivisibly part of the capital.
If you have never visited Jerusalem, I urge you to do so. There is no way to truly value her in your heart without knowing her. When you come, be sure to take a tour of the ancient Jewish sites in eastern Jerusalem. Of course, the Kotel, and the tunnel adjacent, and the nearby archeological gardens. And go up on the Mount -- an important thing to do -- with a guide. Not to be missed, as well, is Ir David -- the City of David, outside the city walls. This is the original ancient city, and archeologists regularly uncover new evidence of life there.

Im eshkachech: If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, let my right hand lose its cunning; let my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth, if I do not set Jerusalem above my greatest joy. From Psalm 137.
I offer here in closing what I still think is the best of the videos offering the song Im Eshkachech. A few years old, it remains very moving.
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Emerging (Obama - Erdogan proposed?) US-Iran interim nuclear deal endangers Israel.

Emerging (Obama - Erdogan proposed?) US-Iran interim nuclear deal endangers Israel.(Debka).Yukiya Amano, head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, is entrusted with a decisive mission in Tehran Sunday, May 20: collecting Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s broad endorsement of the interim eight-point deal he and US President Barack Obama have drafted through secret dialogue.
debkafile has obtained exclusive access to the eight points - with the caveat that they may not be final. The details are still to be hammered out and proved practicable. But the way the deal stands now, it will be unacceptable to Israel because if affords Iran enough leeway to carry on developing a nuclear bomb program with no real hindrance. 
The White House is waiting tensely for Khamenei’s nod to activate the link promised by Obama between their back-track talks and the formal negotiations the Six Powers (P5+1) negotiations with Iran, which go forward in Baghdad on May 23. This link would grant the bilateral US-Iranian deal UN-world power imprimatur and vindicate the US president’s contested Iran policy. From that moment, Israel would find it doubly hard to go through with its military option against Iran’s nuclear sites without risk of international isolation and opprobrium.
Until that moment, the Obama administration had found Israel’s threatening stance useful for bending Iran to a diplomatic accommodation on its nuclear plans, while at the same time holding Jerusalem back from actually going through with its threat. It was this double game that made the US-Iranian dialogue workable. It was also used adroitly by Khamenei to achieve another of the Islamic Republic’s key strategic goals, to destroy the abiding friendship between the US and the Zionist state.
The Iranian leader’s main argument to his colleagues in support of his secret dealings with the US president was that sanctions were well worth enduring if at the end of the road a deal with the US forced a breach between Washington and Jerusalem and so substantially weakened the Jewish state.debkafile has obtained exclusive access to the eight-point draft with the caveat that it may not be final; the details remained to be hammered out and proved practicable.Hmmmm.....Exactly as i always said: "What else did Obama and Erdogan promise Iran?Read the full story here.

Overnight Music video - Little Peggy March - I Will Follow Him

Canada B.C.- Man holds ex-girlfriend hostage for six-hours with a SUICIDE-VEST strapped to his body before releasing her and blowing himself and her house up.

Canada B.C.- Man holds ex-girlfriend hostage for six-hours with a SUICIDE-VEST strapped to his body before releasing her and blowing himself and her house up.(DM)(CBC).One man is dead, but a woman and her family managed to escape a violent hostage-taking in Kamloops, B.C. last night that ended with an explosion destroying a family home. The incident began late Thursday afternoon when a neighbour saw a man armed with a long gun burst into the home in the 1400 block of Cannel Drive.
"Shortly after entering the house, the suspect fired a shot into the ceiling of the home and told all but his former girlfriend to leave the house," said RCMP Staff Sgt. Grant Learned.
"The new boyfriend grabbed the three children closest and fled out the front door while the other child fled to a bedroom and escaped by climbing out a window."
Police quickly surrounded the home, evacuated the neighbourhood and established contact with the 48-year-old Surrey man, who said he was distraught over his break up with the woman two years ago. "The man told police that he had explosives wired to his body, that explosives were in the residence, that an explosive device was wired to the gas tank of his vehicle and that there was a second bomb in the car," said Learned. "The suspect, who is an electrician by trade, provided specific details to the negotiator regarding how the explosives were wired and how he would be able to detonate the devices remotely."Police negotiated with the man and finally after six and half hours, they managed to talk the suspect into letting the woman go unharmed.But shortly after the woman was released, the phone line went silent and two explosions rocked the house. As it went up in flames, a third explosion rocked the neighbourhood. The fire crew tried to fight the flames, but could not approach the house because of concerns there were more explosives inside and in the suspect's vehicle that was parked nearby. "As the heat and flame intensified, two RCMP bomb squad members ran to the suspect’s van to assess the threat of the reported explosive devices."Through the windows of the vehicle they could see a series of wires leading from a switch attached to the driver’s door and one set of wires attached to a metal pipe bomb on the vehicle consol. In the back, they could see a five gallon gas can and a 20 pound propane cylinder."Read and See (Video's) the full story here and here.

Video - Gerald Celente America Is A Full Blown Police State!

The Hillary Effect. India ditches Iran, ups oil ties with UAE, Saudi Arabia and Iraq.What effect may i ask?

The Hillary Effect. India ditches Iran, ups oil ties with UAE, Saudi Arabia and Iraq.What effect may i ask?(BM).By Mayabhushan Nagvenkar.New Delhi: US secretary of state Hillary Clinton’s crack of the whip vis a vis India’s oil imports from sanction-hit Iran appears to have worked. Keen on making up the for the likely drop in the import of Iranian crude, India is now cozying up to United Arab Emirates (UAE), Iraq as well as Saudi Arabia to beef up its oil import. A joint task force headed by India’s minister for trade and commerce Anand Sharma and other UAE officials have also been working at beefing up UAE’s investment into India to the tune of half a trillion US dollars. India is also eager to up its oil import from 12 million tons last year to 14 million tons this year. The oil rich conglomeration of Arab emirates are one of the world’s largest suppliers o crude oil and the UAE is also the UAE is the fourth largest supplier of oil to India.Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the US government, which seems to be overtly India’s shift in the oil import policies, has said that India’s oil imports from Iran had dropped by as much as 11 per cent, which equals to 15.5 million tons in this financial year alone.Hmmmmm.........MFS: Using the NY Times numbers below , this would mean that India who imports about 325,000 Barrels a day from Iran , would reduce it's oil import by 35,750 barrels a day, leaves 289,000 a day being imported, not really a 'succes story' if you ask me. Not mentioning Turkey who's still importing 55% of it's oil needs from Iran.The whole thing sounds like a 'smokescreen' if you ask me.Why else would India be buying Gold in Turkey to pay for Iranian Oil?Read the full story here.

Video - Dr Wafa Sultan Exposes Islams Values.

Irshad Manji, a Canadian Muslim gay activist launches book in Malaysia despite ‘ban’.

Irshad Manji, a Canadian Muslim gay activist launches book in Malaysia despite ‘ban’.(AA).A Canadian Muslim gay activist launched her controversial new book on liberal Islam in Muslim-majority Malaysia Saturday despite a government minister’s attempts to shut down the event. Irshad Manji launched “Allah, Liberty and Love” at a hastily arranged event in the capital Kuala Lumpur after two other venues pulled out of hosting her, according to local publisher ZI Publications. “Fantastic event in KL! Great energy ̶ except 4 cops who told latecomers that event is banned. Didn't stop us. Congrats 2 all,” Manji wrote on Twitter. Jamil Khir Baharom, minister in charge of Islamic affairs, had said Islamic officials and the Home Ministry would not allow the author’s roadshow in the country following complaints. He was quoted by national news agency Bernama as saying earlier Saturday that the book was offensive to Muslims as was Manji’s ideology and openly gay lifestyle, which was deemed to be against Islam.
According to her website, the book, now available in the local Malay language, “shows all of us how to reconcile faith and freedom in a world seething with repressive dogmas... This book is the ultimate guide to becoming a gutsy global citizen.” The book has not been officially banned. Manji was due to fly to New York City late Saturday. Her previous internationally acclaimed book, “The Trouble with Islam Today,” is already banned in Malaysia, ZI Publications said. Manji also faced problems while touring Indonesia before coming to Malaysia. Police shut down several events after the Islamic Defenders Front group held violent protests condemning her liberal views on Islam and her homosexuality. It is also not the first time a foreign act has run into trouble in Malaysia. In February, Malaysia banned a show by American singer Erykah Badu after a photo of her with body art including the Arabic word for “Allah” was published in a daily newspaper.Read the full story here.

Apparently Osama Bin Laden Died Twice? Former Turkish CIA Agent states: Bin Laden Died of Disease in 2006.

Apparently Osama Bin Laden Died Twice? Former Turkish CIA Agent states: Bin Laden Died of Disease in 2006.(Fars).Tehran - Osama Bin Laden, the al-Qaeda chief, died a natural death nearly 5 years before it was announced that he was eliminated by the American commandos in Pakistan, unveiled a former CIA agent.Speaking in an interview with Russia's Channel One, Berkan Yashar, a Turkish politician and former US intelligence agent claimed that the Americans did not kill al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden and, in fact, he died naturally. The journalists of Channel One first met Yashar in 2008. At the time he was featured in the documentary "Plan Caucasus," talking about the attempts of the western intelligence services in the early 1990's to separate the Northern Caucasus and, in particular, Chechnya from Russia. Chechen by nationality, Yashar is now a Turkish politician, but in those years he was one of the ideologists of Johar Dudayev. He asked for a meeting, promising to tell the truth about the death of Osama bin Laden whom he met in the early 90-ies in Chechnya. "In September of 1992,  I was in Chechnya, that's when I first met the man whose name was Bin Laden. This meeting took place in a two-story house in the city of Grozny; on the top floor was a family of Gamsakhurdia, the Georgian president, who then was kicked out of his country. We met on the bottom floor; Osama lived in the same building, "said Berkan Yashar. Berkan said he did not know why bin Laden visited while in Grozny, and said only one thing about his meetings: "Just wanted to talk." However, according to Channel One, in those years the former employee of Radio Liberty Berkan Yashar already had an operational name Abubakar, given to him by the CIA. According to Berkan, after that trip Chechen nationals appeared in Osama bin Laden's circle. Berkan Yashar emphasized that they did not participate "directly in the terror bombings." "They protected bin Laden, it was his choice because he trusted them entirely, and knew that they would never betray," said Yashar. According to Yashar he was not the only one who knew about it, but the Russian security services and the CIA were aware of this as well. Answering the question whether he believed that the Americans killed Osama bin Laden in Pakistan, Berkan Yashar answered, "Even if the entire world believed I could not possibly believe it." "I personally know the Chechens who protected him, they are Sami, Mahmood, and Ayub, and they were with him until the very end. I remember that day very well, there were three sixes in it: 26 June 2006. These people, as well as two others from London and two Americans, all seven of them, saw him dead. He was very ill, he was skin and bones, very thin, and they washed him and buried him," said Berkan Yashar. Yashar stressed that although the two American Muslims and two British Muslims the guards of bin Laden and saw him dead, they did not participate in the funerals. "Only three Chechens buried him, according to his will," said Yashar. Bin Laden was buried, according to Yashar, in the mountains on the Pakistan-Afghan border. "There was no assault," said Yashar. "I know the American operations from the inside: they find the grave, dig out bin Laden and tell everyone about this. They need to show how technologically the security services worked, how each step was controlled, and then present it as a great victory to show that taxpayers are not paying taxes for nothing. " Berkan now blames himself for the fact that the Chechens from the protection of bin Laden, "the terrorist number one" are no longer alive after the US intelligence services began to tap Berkan's telephone conversations. He said he was the first one who announced the date of death of bin Laden. "I was the first one who announced the date of his death in November of 2008 at a conference in Washington, not naming any names, and it looks like it was when the Americans began to track my contacts," he said. The last security guard Berkan saw Sami, who, according to him, a few days before bin Laden was declared killed, was kidnapped by the US intelligence agencies. According to Berkan, most likely, it was him who disclosed to them the exact place of burial in the mountains on the Pakistan-Afghan border. In any case, the last call from Sami was from Pakistan. Berkan explained why he informed the journalists of Channel One: he feared for his life. According to him, only wide publicity around the world can protect him from the CIA. However, just in case, the Turkish secret services, according to him, provided him with guards and weapons.Hmmmm........Is this why no pictures or documents can be disclosed or found of the Taking down of Osama Bin Laden.........Except the White house  pictures? Read the full story here.

Video - Sexually suggestive cheerleaders are a great way to protest Belarus hosting 2014 IIHF worlds

Video - Sexually suggestive cheerleaders are a great way to protest Belarus hosting 2014 IIHF worlds.(Yahoo).The 2012 IIHF world championship tournament is being hosted by Helsinki and Stockholm this month, and then in 2013. After that, it's scheduled for Minsk, Belarus — a decision that's thrust the IIHF into international controversy over the ongoing human rights violations by President Alexander Lukashenko's government. No To Minsk 2014 is an organization that demands the IIHF pull the 2014 tournament from Belarus, calling on NHL players and national team players from around the world to join the effort. This week, they released a protest video that may get their attention (some NSFW sexual imagery).
The "cheerleaders" in the video are actually popular Finnish actresses: Lotta Kaihua, Anna-Mari Karvonen, Krista Kosonen, Elena Leeve, Rakel Liekki, Anna Paavilainen, Sanna Stellan and Armi Toivanen. (Surely you remember Lotta Kaihua from 2005's "Beauty and the Bastard"? No?)
This is, of course, the second blending of sexuality and politics to draw attention to the Belarus issue. Please recall the topless street hockey played by Ukrainian feminist group named Femen in front of IIHF headquarters. We certainly do.Read and see the full story here: Yahoo.

‘Haniyeh: No Future For Israel In Palestine’, meanwhile Obama reinstated financial aid to PA under false pretense.

‘Haniyeh: No Future For Israel In Palestine’, meanwhile Obama reinstated financial aid to PA under false pretense.(JPost).Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh told an international pro-Palestinian delegation on Friday that there is no future for Israel “on the land of Palestine,” Gaza news portal Al-Resalah reported. Haniyeh was speaking at a meeting in Gaza with delegates from several countries including Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon. “We must live up to our motto.. .which says, we will not recognize Israel,” the Hamas-affiliate quoted him as saying. He reportedly emphasized the importance of the right of return for Palestinian refugees, and lauded the “victory of the Palestinian hunger strikers.” Israel and Palestinian security prisoners signed a deal to end a 28-day hunger strike by the inmates on Monday. According to the terms of the agreement, Palestinian prisoners committed to refrain from dealing with “activities against security” within prison confines. In exchange, they will receive benefits from the Prisons Service, including the end of separation from the general prison population, and family visits. The Hamas prime minister also thanked the delegation for their efforts, “to alleviate the suffering of the Palestinian people in the besieged Gaza Strip, and strengthen their steadfastness on their land.” The Obama administration justified releasing more than $192 million in financial aid to the Palestinian Authority with false information, according to an Israeli expert who monitors the Palestinian media’s constant promotion of violent, hateful rhetoric. The administration quietly reinstated the P.A.’s aid last month after it was frozen by Congress in the wake of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s attempt to declare statehood before the United Nations. The administration also secretly attempted to restore funding to a U.N. cultural agency that unilaterally—and illegally—recognized the “State of Palestine.” In explaining the administration’s rationale for reinstating the funds, White House spokesperson Tommy Vietor claimed, “The P.A. has recognized Israel’s right to exist, renounced violence, and accepted previous agreements, including the Roadmap,” in reference to the peace plan advanced by the Middle East Quartet, according to AFP. Each of these claims is false and promotes the erroneous notion that the Israelis have a genuine partner for peace, said Itamar Marcus, the head of an Israeli research institute, who was appointed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to represent the Israeli government in negotiations with the P.A. on incitement issues. “This is totally, totally false information,” Marcus told a crowd of congressional staffers and other observers Friday during a presentation on Capitol Hill sponsored by the Endowment for Middle East Truth. “Someone has to get the proper information to the White House” because it is “releasing $192 million based on false information.”Hmmmmm........Obama:"But I’m also mindful of the proverb, “A man is judged by his deeds, not his words.” So if you want to know where my heart lies, look no further than what I have done — to stand up for Israel".......Easy enough.Read the full story here and here.

Foreigners can now buy more Turkish land, no mention if Jews and Greeks are now allowed to buy land.

Foreigners can now buy more Turkish land, no mention if Jews and Greeks are now allowed to buy land.(HD).Turkish President Abdullah Gül approved a law on May 17 which envisages the sale of real estate to foreign nationals. According to the law, foreigners will be able to buy real estate in Turkey in line with the interests of the country.
The new law has raised the amount of land a foreign buyer can purchase from 25,000 square meters to 300,000. The Turkish Cabinet, however, may increase the amount of land a foreign buyer can purchase to 600,000 square meters.
Under the new legislation, foreign buyers must provide construction plans before a purchase is made.
Individuals and businesses will need to submit project proposals for vacant land to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization within two years. If approved, the project will be sent to the local land registry office.The draft law also allows for the purchase of up to 10 percent of the total area of densely populated towns.Foreign companies may purchase land only as allowed by law.
The Turkish Cabinet may decide which country’s citizens or companies will be able to buy property and will determine the location and the size of the real estate.Hmmmm.........Europe is right to keep Turkey out!Flashback: Turkey Bans Sale of Land to Israelis and Greeks--Oh, you didn't hear about it? Why am I not surprised?? Read the full story here.

Video - Charles Krauthammer: Shoot down a drone, become an American hero.

Fox News commentator Charles Krauthammer has found a novel approach to handling the whole drone surveillance dilemma that has Americans worried that the government will soon watch their every move from the sky. Speaking out against the future of aerial eavesdropping Judge Andrew Napolitano said on Fox on Tuesday, “The first American patriot that shoots down one of these drones that comes too close to his children in his backyard will be an American hero.”
Congress is currently working alongside defense contractors, the Federal Aviation Administration and local law enforcement agencies across the country, among others, to draft plans to put unmanned aerial aircraft into US sky in the near future. The FAA believes that, at this rate, 30,000 small, remote-controlled drones could be above the homes of every American. Even just recently, higher ups within the US Air Force admitted that drones might collect imagery that “may incidentally include US persons or private property without consent.”
Local law enforcement agencies already have drones at their disposal ready to be used as soon as Congress and the FAA can figure out how to use the crafts without disrupting air traffic. Judge Napolitano warns that, even if it sounds like an impossible science fiction fantasy gone awry, Americans should be more than just a bit weary. If the past is any precedent, it wouldn’t be above Congress to have the crafts licensed and launched at any moment.“The same Congress that let the president bomb Libya is going to let his Air Force spy in our backyards and like potted plants, they’ll look the other way.” Judge Napolitano said this week.
The Third Amendment, the Fourth Amendment, the Fifth Amendment and the Ninth Amendment were written to guarantee us the right to be left alone … Suddenly the government, silently, from 30, 000 feet above is violating those amendments.” In recent weeks, we’ve reported at RT on the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and now CISPA — the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act.
In each one of these cases, the federal government has circumvented the American public’s concerns over civil liberties. Now while CISPA still awaits further congressional voting and perhaps an eventual approval from the president himself, another hotbed issue involving the civil liberties of each and every American is on the table. Even if the next major threat to civil liberties isn’t just on Capitol Hill — but thousands of feet off the ground — Judge Napolitano said this week any American that takes up arms to attack drones is an alright person in his book. Those are the only people on the planet that should be worried, either. Aside from the continuous deployment of combat drones across the world, surveillance crafts are now making their way north of the border into Canada too.


Video - Shelby Steele on the Likes of NAACP, Sharpton, Jackson, Self-Anointed Black Leaders aka the Quintessential Uncle Tom (2008)

Talk about a culture of corruption, no doubt for those in my community who have been brainwashed to believe that the Democratic Party is what is best for them, the words of Shelby Steele are a bitter pill to swallow.HT:  PumaByDesign.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Video - Chicago police start preemptive arrests of U.S. Citizens before NATO Summit?

Overnight Music video - Ennio Morricone - Here's To You

American jihadist Omar Hammami fondly recalls living in Canada, misses his Tim Hortons coffee.

American jihadist Omar Hammami fondly recalls living in Canada, misses his Tim Hortons coffee.(Yahoo).An American Islamic jihadist fighting in Somalia has published an online autobiography that includes fond memories of Canada.
Alabama-born Omar Hammami lived in Toronto for a year before travelling to Somalia to join Al Shabab, an al Qaeda-linked group fighting for control of the dystopian African country.
The memoir ostensibly written by Hammami, who goes by the nom de guerre Abu Mansour Al Amriki (the American), is entitled The Story of an American Jihādī, Part 1.
In it, according to the Toronto Star, Hammami says he has no regrets about his life but misses his family and Western pleasures such as hot wings, Chinese food and Tim Hortons coffee.
"There are Tim Horten's (sic) fast-food joints all over the place and people speak from their nose," Hammami wrote, recalling his first impressions after crossing the U.S.-Canada border.
"We used to have a blast asking the Canadians we met: "How 'bout that hockey eh? Wanna have a coffee at Tim Horten's or should I get ya a Fresca?'
"Everything is the same, but slightly different. Dollars are called 'Loonies' and a two dollar coin is a 'Toonie.' That became important on one occasion because I think I got badgered in the airport once for not knowing what a bloody 'Loonie' is.
"But, eventually I got used to the accent and I started to have an addiction to Tim Horten's coffee."
Hammami, 28, had been reported killed in Mogadishu but his body could not be found, the National Post reported. He resurfaced last year in a video where he taunted the U.S., where he was on the FBI's most-wanted list, to make him a martyr.
Hammami, child of a Syrian-born engineer and an American mother, converted to Islam and quit university in 2002.
He came to Toronto to pursue a relationship with an Ethiopian woman, the Star reported. He ended up marrying a Somali-born immigrant and moving to Cairo. She refused to follow him to Mogadishu and demanded by phone that they get a divorce.
"I told her that I live under a tree and that I am speaking from a mountain," Hammami wrote. "She didn't seem to understand. She refused to come to Somalia and insisted that I should simply come back to Canada and live happily ever after (fat chance!)."
According to the Post, Hammami was delivering pizza in Toronto when he felt the pull of jihad.
"I finally looked at my life and decided that I had to move on," he wrote.
He interacted with different Muslims in Toronto and sampled "black-listed books." Living in a multicultural city helped him in "trying new things and melting down the artificial barriers."
"I was happy for quite a while until I realized that even this is not enough. Obviously (Toronto) was never a pure Islamic society by any stretch of the imagination, but it served as a temporary haven for me while I digested new information and formed new plans for my future."
Hammami faces terrorism charges in the United States.
The Alabama news blog said his father, Shafik Hammami, appeared Thursday on TV where he tearfully described his continued worries about his son.
"To me, every single day, first thing when I get up in the morning, I scour the Internet, and that's how I start my day," Hammami said from his home in Daphne, Alabama. "As long as I know that he is alive, that's enough for me.""In his mind, he's fulfilling God's guidance to him, and no one can convince him otherwise."Read the full story here.

Pres Obama planning to use again Strategic Petroleum Reserve tool to buy votes? He has yet to refill previous release

Pres Obama planning to use again Strategic Petroleum Reserve tool to buy votes?He has yet to refill previous release.(JPost).WASHINGTON/NEW YORK - After months of intense but quiet diplomacy with key allies, US President Barack Obama may secure the support of the G8 to essentially pre-authorize a release of strategic reserves later this summer, just as US and European sanctions on Iran come into force. Late last year, Iran issued a series of not-so veiled threats to the West, suggesting it could use its "oil weapon" to show displeasure over toughening sanctions by halting exports or disrupting the Strait of Hormuz.This weekend, the Group of Eight nations may offer a timely retort: We've got an oil weapon of our own, and we're not afraid to use it. G8 leaders at this weekend's summit at Camp David in Maryland will discuss a "range of options" to address oil market strains, Tom Donilon, Obama's top security aide, told reporters. The Japanese news agency Kyodo reported on Wednesday that Obama would urge leaders to support plans to release reserves. A diplomat said the topic will likely be part of an energy discussion on Saturday. "My position is to use all instruments to lower (oil) prices," France's newly elected Socialist President Francois Hollande told reporters on Friday, confirming a shift in his stance since the elections. He said however that the question of reserves was not raised in his first meeting with Obama. While leaders are likely to stop short of any hard and fast commitment to intervene in the oil market, the talks will show that this month's slump in oil prices hasn't deterred Obama from moving toward tapping the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) again - an unprecedented second release for a US president. US crude oil has tumbled 12 percent this month, dropping to the lowest since before a November UN report on Iran's atomic program which kindled global fears.Obama's focus on the SPR carries risks: Republicans will blast the White House for using a national security tool to buy votes; Saudi Arabia and other OPEC allies may cry foul for having their market-balancing role usurped; and some consumer nations, like Germany, have resisted suggestions of using stockpiles. "Last year, the president released 30 million barrels of the reserve to manipulate oil prices and has yet to refill it. Releasing even more this year only lessens our buffer and protection when a true crisis hits," said Senator David Vitter, a Republican from Louisiana. And it may do little to affect oil prices in the short-term: Analysts say many traders have priced in a likely release, and that right now, markets are well supplied. But the message between the lines may ultimately be more important than the act itself, reinforcing a growing perception that Obama is leading a fundamental rethink of the strategic value of government crude.Hmmmm......Meanwhile Turkey (Obama's buddy) is still importing 55% of it's oil from Iran, not mentioning India and China who can pay Iran for their oil in Gold bought from Turkey.Anything to get reelected.Read the full story here.

"Welcome to A.D. 620?" - Saudi Arabia bans using Gregorian dates and the use of the English language to answer calls or communicate in Companies or Hotels

The right to left movement mirrors the direction pilgrims move as they perambulate the Kaaba or Arabic text

"Welcome to A.D. 620?" - Saudi Arabia bans using Gregorian dates and the use of the English language to answer calls or communicate in Companies or Hotels.(GN).Dubai: Saudi Arabia has banned all government and private agencies from using the Gregorian calendar in official dealings. The use of the English language to answer calls or communicate, mainly in companies and hotels, has also been banned, a local daily said. All ministries and agencies have to use the Hijri dates (Islamic calendar) and the Arabic language, the interior ministry said. The ministry attributed its decision to preserving the Islamic calendar and the Arabic language, Arabic daily Al Watan reported. In the statement to the ministries and establishments, the ministry said that it noted that some government entities were using Gregorian dates "unnecessarily", in a violation of high orders and instructions. Several hotel and company receptions used English in their communications, the ministry said.However, ministries and agencies could use the Gregorian calendar, whenever needed, on the condition that it is associated with the corresponding Hijri date.Hmmmm......"Lord forgive them for......"Related?The watches for Today's Muslims - Traveling backwards in time has suddenly a 'whole new meaning'.Read the full story here.

NATO 'Bully' Turkey warns firms for Greek Cyprus gas.

NATO 'Bully' Turkey warns firms for Greek Cyprus gas.(HD).International companies, which cooperate with Greek Cypurs in off shore oil and gas search, will not be allowed to participate in Turkish energy projects, Foreign Ministry says. ‘Both communities must decide together how maritime natural gas and oil resources will be used,’ the statement also notes.Turkey warned 15 companies, who submitted bids in a fresh Greek Cypriot tender for oil exploration in disputed areas of the Mediterranean, to withdraw from the project. “The companies which cooperate with GKRY [the Greek Cypriot administration] will not be included in energy projects in Turkey in the future,” a Foreign Ministry statement said yesterday. Turkey’s warning came after Greek Cyprus announced that 29 companies had made 15 bids for exploratory drilling in a second round of licensing to exploit offshore oil and gas deposits despite strong objections from Turkey. Russia’s Novatec, Italy’s ENI, France’s Total and Malaysia’s Petronas, ATP of the US, Canada’s Petra Petroleum, Israel’s Delek and Britain’s Vitol are among 15 firms and consortiums seeking a license to carry out exploratory drilling off Cyprus Island. The statement said the exploration was an abuse of the rights of Turkish Cypriots to the same resources. Some areas of the new bid overlaps Turkey’s continental shelf in the Mediterranean, the statement said. “As expressed before, Turkey will not allow any activity on these areas,” the foreign ministry said.Hmmmm.........We invaded it fair and square and now "It's mine all mine", Europe and Russia might disagree that Cyprus is Turkish.Read the full story here, more here.

"Ah ! ça ira Cecile" - France's housing minister Cecile Duflot has caused a sensation by showing up in jeans.

"Ah ! ça ira Cecile" - France's housing minister Cecile Duflot has caused a sensation by showing up in jeans.(E24/7).France's housing minister has caused a sensation by showing up in jeans while her colleagues donned dresses and suits for the new left-wing government's inaugural cabinet meeting at the presidential Elysee Palace in Paris. Cecile Duflot, 37-year-old head of the Greens ecology party, struck a lone figure in denims on Thursday when several of the 34 ministers spared no effort to look chic for the debut meeting with President Francois Hollande. Less might have been said in public if Duflot had not been taken to task by a notoriously pugnacious right-wing adversary whose disparagement fired up debate on Twitter. "Personally speaking, when you are a representative of the French people you have to distinguish between cabinet meeting clothes and weekend dilettante wear," said Nadine Morano, who was a minister until the left took over this week. Duflot, also the sole minister to arrive and leave by public transport, earned qualified support from former health minister Roselyne Bachelot, who issued a Twitter message saying: "Frankly, if Duflot's jeans are made in France she did well to wear them to the cabinet meeting."Hmmmm.....Those French and their women?Read the full story here.

Video - Latma - The new and improved La Marseillaise."Liberté, égalité, fraternité,".

 HT: IsraelMatzav.

Smoky Mountains National Park - A UN "World Heritage" and "Biosphere Reserve".So WHO OWNS these "World Heritage and "Biosphere Reserve" Sites?

Smoky Mountains National Park - A UN "World Heritage" and "Biosphere Reserve".So WHO OWNS these "World Heritage and "Biosphere Reserve" Sites?(BlackListedNews).By Sherrie Questioning All.I live in East Tennessee. I recently took a friend of mine who was visiting me up to the Smoky Mountains National Park. I love going up into the mountains and have gone many times needless to say. We camp up there often at the Elkmont campgrounds inside the park. Which as a side note has one of the only two places in the world where the fireflies are synchronized during their peak time, the first week of June. The fireflies blink at exactly the same time in the Elkmont campground - Millionaires Row area. Another side note - The Smoky Mountains are considered one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world. They are 200 to 300 Million years old. The Great Smoky Mountains are among the oldest mountains in the world, formed perhaps 200-300 million years ago. They are unique in their northeast to southwest orientation, which allowed species to migrate along their slopes during climatic changes such as the last ice age, 10,000 years ago. In fact, the glaciers of the last ice age affected the Smoky Mountains without invading them.
During that time, glaciers scoured much of North America but did not quite reach as far south as the Smokies. Consequently, these mountains became a refuge for many species of plants and animals that were disrupted from their northern homes. The Smokies have been relatively undisturbed by glaciers or ocean inundation for over a million years, allowing species eons to diversify. We got up to Newfound Gap where the Tennessee and North Carolina State line divides the park, which I have gone to multiple times. We walked down the viewing walkway away from the main area that people congregate at. When we got to steps that go back up to the parking spaces, there were two plaques on either side of the steps, attached to the stone walls. somewhat obscured. I stopped to read them for the first time ever. I was surprised at what I read and took pictures of the plaques to research the information on the internet and find out what exactly the plaques meanings were. I thought "What the Hell is a UN World Heritage site?" The way it read to me is that the Smoky Mountains are not actually a National Park of the United States and thus the People of the United States are not the owners, but is controlled by the United Nations. Did our U.S. government give up our national park to the UN in 1983? I am sure the average person who reads the plaques think "Oh, how awesome these mountains are considered 'World owned mountains and are protected through the UN.' But for those of us who know about the UN Agenda 21, we know that it means the U.S gives up Sovereignty to the UN to become a "One World Government and control of land and resources."Needless to say the above plaques disturbed me and I wanted to know exactly what their meaning was.I have now done the research and have found the U.S. government has given the UN control of most of our National Parks, including the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Yellowstone, Redwood Forest, Mammoth Caves, Statue of Liberty, Olympic National Park, the Everglades, the list goes on.Read what Sherrie discovered here.

Obama is looking to replace King Abdullah of Jordan with the Muslim Brotherhood .

Obama is looking to replace King Abdullah of Jordan with the Muslim Brotherhood.(IsraPundit).By Ted Belman.I have just received reliable information from a certain insider that a meeting was held two weeks ago in Turkey attended by the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood, Qatar and CIA. Allegedly, Israel’s Mosad sat in as an observer. The attendees discussed what they want to happen in Jordan when the King falls. The MB was asked specifically whether it would uphold the peace treaty with Israel if it came to power and they said yes. Furthermore the MB offered to take in many Palestinians from Judea and Samaria. It struck me that this is exactly what Mudar Zahran is intending to do should he come to power. The MB is obviously following his playbook. From a different source I heard that Obama is putting financial pressure on Abdullah so that he will fall. Obama wants to replace him with the MB. Mudar Zahran says he cannot see how the Muslim Brotherhood will come to power in Jordan. They are are mostly East Bank Jordanians and are hated by the Palestinians. The Palestinians will never vote for the MB. Zahran said he could not comment nor confirm that such a meeting took place, nonetheless, he said if it turns out to be true, then Obama is betting on losing horse.Hmmmm.....Who needs enemies with 'friends'like Obama?Caliphat.....anyone?Read the full story here.

Uncovering Early Islam.

Uncovering Early Islam.By Daniel Pipes.
National Review Online
May 16, 2012.

Video - Panetta: Obama Has Authority to Override Congress to Declare War.

Video - Terrorists Plant Explosive Device On UN Monitors Vehicle And Film It For Propanganda As A Government Missile Attack.

LIVELEAK: Members of the ‘Free Syrian Army’ crowd around the bonnet UN monitor vehicle, and an explosive device is planted on the bonnet and explodes. The event is captured on camera by an operative placed a safe distance away in the area of Khan Sheikhun, Idlib province. No one was hurt by the explosion. The terrorists claim that this was a missile attack by the Syrian army on the UN convoy. The videos clearly contradict the blatant lie. The second video is damning and shows damage which is not due to a missile landing on the car. The bonnet has been blown open and is uncharred, while the explosion came from lower down. Had this been a missile from the Syrian army, there would also have been scores of dead from the explosion as many people were around the car. Rather, the crowd was used as cover for the emplacement of the device.HT: TundraTabloids.


Al-Qaeda responsible for recent attacks in Syria: UN chief.United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has held the al-Qaeda terrorist group responsible for the last week’s deadly twin bombings in Syria.

"A few days ago there was a huge, serious, massive terrorist attack. I believe that there must be al-Qaeda behind it. This has created again very serious problems," Ban said during a UN youth event on Thursday.

Last Thursday, at least 55 people were killed in the attacks in the al-Qazzaz district in Damascus, while another 400 were wounded.

Meanwhile, US and Russian officials have also said they believe the terrorist group is behind the attacks and other violent militants are operating in the country.Most of the terrorists, mainly Tunisian and Libyan nationals, have reportedly confessed that they are al-Qaeda members.Hmmmm....The same Al-Qaeda members who fought Ghadaffi now are fighting Assad.Who transported them and what's their relation to the 'Friends of Syria'?

Yemen - Al-Qaeda Terrorist Guide Encourages Western Terrorists to Attack at Home.

Yemen - Al-Qaeda Terrorist Guide Encourages Western Terrorists to Attack at Home.(INN).Al-Qaeda's affiliate in Yemen has released a new guide for would-be Western recruits, urging Western militants who were thinking of traveling to join the group in Yemen to, in effect, think twice before making the trip. The guide, entitled “Expectations Full,” was apparently compiled by Samir Khan, the American-Saudi editor of the group's Inspire magazine, before his death in a drone strike in late September 2011. CNN released on Wednesday some of the contents of the guide. “I strongly recommend all the brothers and sisters coming from the West to consider attacking America in its own backyard,” Khan wrote, according to the excerpts published by CNN. “The effect is much greater, it always embarrasses the enemy, and these type of individual decision-making attacks are nearly impossible for them to contain.” The guide, released Monday, makes clear that Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) views Western recruits as more valuable to its campaign of international terrorism than in waging insurgent operations in Yemen. “If you're coming from the West, especially America, you might be asked by the leaders of the mujahidin or those who know where you're from why you didn't partake in jihad inside your country,” Khan’s guide states, according to CNN.
“If you tell them, 'to help the mujahidin,' they might tell you that attacking the enemy in their backyard is one of the best ways to help the jihad. They certainly will not force you to go back home, but they will leave that option open for you just in case you change your mind and decide to attack the enemy back home.”
Last month the group believed it had recruited a British passport holder to blow up an explosive device on a U.S.-bound plane. In the end, the recruit turned out to be an agent working for Saudi counterterrorism. Khan’s guide was written well before the plot was foiled and it advises recruits the group is suspicious about newcomers, CNN noted. “In addition, there are certain questions you should avoid asking. Some of these questions include, 'Where are you from', 'How long have you been in the jihad', 'Where does so-and-so stay', 'When is so-and-so going out for the operation' and 'When are we going to leave this base'. This is because we don't want any possible spies in our ranks to take advantage of this information. Also, the more you ask these kind of questions, the more the mujahidin and its leadership will think of you as a spy and place you on their blacklist, keeping a close watch of you.”
The guide also provides practical advice for those still wanting to travel to Yemen to join the group. It says Jihadis should anticipate moving between bases frequently and wannabes are advised to practice this nomadic life before they come to Yemen. “I suggest you try and practice this at your house, a friend's house, a hotel/motel, the mountains,” Khan says. “Live in the locality for exactly one week or however long you can with a friend or two.” The guide also warns of the difficulties of living outdoors, the rigors of training and has a section about the experience of being targeted by drone strikes, which the guide suggests are of increasing concern to Al-Qaeda members in Yemen. “As for protecting yourself from the enemy bombardment...this will all be taught to you when you join the ranks of the mujahidin,” the guide states. “If you feel terrified, then think about paradise.” The latest edition of the Inspire magazine instructs lone terrorists to refrain from targeting churches, mosques and synagogues in order to protect their “'reputation.”Hmmmm.......In case you haven't heard "The War On Terror Is Over".Read the full story here,The guide can be found here on scribd.


Video - Sean Hannity Show: Ed Klein and Rev Jeremiah Wright Tapes.

American-born Shabaab Leader Omar Hammami Showing Signs of Life, asserts plainly that CAIR, has "ties to Hamas,".

American-born Shabaab Leader Omar Hammami Showing Signs of Life, asserts plainly that CAIR, has "ties to Hamas,".(TIP).By Daniel E. Rogell.Two months after a frenzied appearance on YouTube warning that his life was in danger at the hands of fellow jihadists, American-born designated terrorist Omar Hammami has launched a media blitz to prove he is indeed alive and well in Somalia. This, after various reports made their way around the web alleging that the American al-Shabaab leader, more commonly known as Abu Mansoor al-Amriki, was executed on April 4.
In his first public move since reports of his death surfaced, Hammami reportedly reached out to Vanguard/Current TV correspondent, Christof Putzel, three weeks ago for an exclusive interview. The interview was conducted from afar, and Hammami claims he is alone in hiding in Somalia. According to Current's report, Putzel was told that he was singled out for the interview because Hammami had recently seen his 2010 Vanguard documentary, "American Jihadi." The Daphne, Alabama native is the main subject of the film.
Then, late Wednesday, Hammami brought his message to a wider audience with the online release of his 127-page autobiography, entitled The Story of An American Jihaadi Part One. The document was posted on the hosting site Scribd.In his Story of An American Jihaadi, Hammami also sheds light on the 2006 emergence on an independent al-Shabaab organization, although he stops short of sharing sensitive, recent details. Typically thought of as the youth wing of the Islamic Courts Union (ICU) government, Hammami says that factional disputes led to al-Shabaab's consolidation as a separate pro-al-Qaida movement.Hammami also makes interesting observations about American Islamist organizations, as well as the evolution of Muslim American opinions on violent jihad. He remarks that his Salafi teacher in Alabama had once been attracted to jihad as well, "when it was still acceptable to the U.S." He asserts plainly that the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, has "ties to Hamas," even though he is critical of political Islamists, who don't move fast enough in trying to replace Western democracy with Islamic theocracies.Read the full story here.

US gas giant Nobel works to avoid Israeli electric shortage this Summer.

US gas giant Nobel works to avoid Israeli electric shortage this Summer.(HD).Noble Energy is to hook up two small natural gas fields to Israel’s central gas supply to avoid electricity shortages over the summer due to the cut in Egyptian supplies, a spokesman said on May 16. Israel currently generates 40 percent of its electricity from natural gas and until last year, Egypt provided 43 percent of its gas supplies. But that supply has been regularly disrupted since an uprising overthrew former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak in February 2011, raising fears of electricity shortages in the Jewish state. Binyamin Zomer, director of corporate affairs at Noble Energy, said the firm had drilled the Noa and Pinnacle gas fields off the southern Israeli coast, and planned to connect the two by pipeline to the nearby Mari-B platform. “From there, it will tie into the 30-inch (76 cm) pipeline that brings the gas to shore,” he told Agence-France-Presse. “It will add significant supplies,” he said, without specifying exactly how much gas the venture would provide. The Mari-B platform, also operated by the U.S .energy and gas giant, sits over the Yam Tethys reserve which is depleting faster than expected due to overpumping since the slide in Egyptian supplies, Zomer explained. “That’s right now declining because we demanded more of that well in the absence of Egyptian gas,” he said. “We delivered much more than was anticipated early on, when the Egyptian gas stopped coming.” Noble Energy had worked “closely” with the Israeli government on the plans, he said. “It’s something that we’ve done in order to mitigate the absence of Egyptian gas. The government wants us to do it, our customers want to do it and we wanted to do whatever we could to make sure that gas was delivered to the Israeli market,” he told AFP. Noble Energy discovered a large natural gas reserve, which exceeding the demands of both Greek Cyprus and Israel combined, Anatolia news agency reported earlier in May. Lawson Freeman, Noble’s vice president for the Eastern Mediterranean, said the aim of the new project was to avoid electricity shortages during the hot summer months. “Noble is utilizing every technology at its disposal to bring as much gas to Israel as possible and hopes to mitigate the need for alternative fuels in the hot summer months,” he said in a statement received by AFP.Read the full story here.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

"Sanctions That Bite?" - Obama's 'trustee' Turkey their Gold sales to Iranians skyrocket.

"Sanctions That Bite?" - Obama's 'trustee' Turkey their Gold sales to Iranians skyrocket.(HD).Turkish gold sales to Iran in March soared over 30 times and gold companies said Iranians were turning to gold for savings and possibly trade as Western sanctions tighten. Sanctions to force Iran to curb its nuclear program have targeted its energy and banking sectors and new measures from both the United States and European Union take effect in July, aimed at strangling Tehran’s foreign earnings. The sanctions have made neighboring Turkey an ever more important channel for the Islamic republic. Data from Turkey’s Statistics Institute yesterday showed gold exports to Iran rose to nine tons, worth $480 million, in March, from 286 kg a year earlier and compared to just 30 kg in February this year. They were the highest monthly exports to Iran since records started in 2010. Total gold exports were 11.1 tons in March. “It wouldn’t be wrong to say Iran chooses Turkey for gold imports because of embargoes,” said Gokhan Aksu, vice chairman of Istanbul Gold Refinery, one of Turkey’s biggest gold firms. “Iranians prefer jewels and precious stones to protect the value of their money and escape instability,” he told Reuters. Turkey’s trade with Iran is politically sensitive and one gold company official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said gold could also be in use for trade as sanctions made regular currency transactions harder.Hmmmm.....It's pretty obvious that Turkey is the 'Golden Goose' for Iranian business, the sanctions don't count for 'Obama trustee' Erdogan.Read the full story here.

Overnight Music Video - She Works Hard For The Money - Donna Summer (1948 - 2012).

New York — Disco queen Donna Summer, whose pulsing anthems such as "Last Dance," "Love to Love You Baby" and "Bad Girl" became the soundtrack for a glittery age of sex, drugs, dance and flashy clothes, has died. She was 63.
Summer, real name LaDonna Adrian Gaines, was born in 1948 in Boston. She was raised on gospel music and became the soloist in her church choir by age 10. 
Her family released a statement, saying Summer died Thursday morning and that they "are at peace celebrating her extraordinary life and her continued legacy." "Words truly can't express how much we appreciate your prayers and love for our family at this sensitive time," the statement read.
She had been living in Englewood, Fla., with her husband Bruce Sudano.
Summer came to prominence just as disco was burgeoning, and came to define the era with a string of No. 1 hits and her beauty queen looks. Disco became as much defined by her sultry, sexual vocals -- her bedroom moans and sighs -- as the relentless, pulsing rhythms of the music itself. "Love to Love You Baby," with its erotic moans, was her first hit and one of the most scandalous songs of the polyester-and-platform-heel era. Unlike some other stars of disco who faded as the music became less popular, Summer was able to grow beyond it and later segued to a pop-rock sound.
She had one of her biggest hits in the 1980s with "She Works Hard For The Money," which became another anthem, this time for women's rights. Soon after, Summer became a born-again Christian and faced controversy when she was accused of making anti-gay comments in relation to the AIDS epidemic. Summer denied making the comments, but was the target of a boycott. Still, even as disco went out of fashion she remained a fixture in dance clubs, endlessly sampled and remixed into contemporary dance hits.
Another music Icon has left us. May she rest in peace.

Video - Rev. Jeremiah Wright: Barack Obama Has Done Nothing For Black Community, he was 'selected before he was elected' he's accountable for his first term.

Shocking video: Jews barred from Boca Raton synagogue because they oppose Obama.

Shocking video: Jews barred from Boca Raton synagogue because they oppose Obama.HT: IsraelMatzav.A Political Rabbi in Boca Raton works with the Obama Campaign to treat Jews like criminals.

BizPac Review reported on the contretemps that arose from the Jewish protesters ejection at the B’nai Torah event for Amb. Rice: Rabbi David Steinhardt, head of the B'nai Torah Congregation, had the highest of praise for the ambassador and commended her and the president for the administration’s relationship and cooperation with Israel. But not all the members of the Jewish community agree. The protesters came to quietly express their opposition to Rice’s message and left the auditorium without incident. But they were then asked to leave the entire congregation premises on the grounds that it was private property and they were not welcome. While the removal of the demonstrators was generally peaceful and uneventful, the situation became a little tense when a police officer asked protester Dmitry Levin for his identification. He was not inclined to provide it without an argument. Levin, a Russian native, accused the Obama administration of having communist and Marxist tendencies and said he sees the country going down the path of Russia. Missing from the group was the protest’s organizer, Alan Bergstein, a strong pro-Israel, anti-Obama activist, lecturer and writer. Bergstein said he arrived early and was greeted by event organizers, who locked the door and would not allow him access. Bergstein said he was told to leave and was then escorted out by law enforcement officers. “I was treated like a terrorist,” Bergstein said. “When I got to the doors, I heard someone say, ’That’s him,’ and another say, ‘Is that him?’” Bergstein said he is concerned that he and other Jewish activists who stand up to the administration will see more censorship like Thursday’s removal if Obama stays in office.
The former New Yorker said is certain that he is on a watch list and is outraged at how he was treated for conducting a peaceful protest Yesterday, a You Tube film was released about the handling of the protests at the B’nai Torah event for Amb. Rice. It chronicles how the synagogue had developed a black list for denial of entry of key Jewish activist protesters and laid on additional law enforcement to eject them from the premises. It also highlights the close association of Rabbi Steinhardt with the Obama Administration going back to the 2008 election campaign and Amb. Rice’s stands against Israel’s settlement policies at the UN.

Is Greece the First Domino Toward Widespread Banking Panic and Currency Controls?

Is Greece the First Domino Toward Widespread Banking Panic and Currency Controls?(AP).By Michael Snyder.Money is being pulled out of Greek banks at an alarming rate, and if something dramatic is not done quickly Greek banks are going to start dropping like flies. As I detailed yesterday, people do not want to be stuck with euros in Greek banks when Greece leaves the euro and converts back to the drachma.
The fear is that all existing euros in Greek banks would be converted over to drachmas which would then rapidly lose value after the transition. So right now euros are being pulled out of Greek banks at a staggering pace. According to MSNBC, Greeks withdrew $894 million from Greek banks on Monday alone and a similar amount was withdrawn on Tuesday. But this is just an acceleration of a trend that has been going on for a couple of years. It has been reported that approximately a third of all Greek bank deposits were withdrawn between January 2010 and March 2012.
So where has all of the cash for these withdrawals been coming from? Well, the European Central Bank has been providing liquidity for Greek banks, but on Tuesday it was reported that the ECB is going to stop providing liquidity to some Greek banks. It was not announced which Greek banks are being cut off. For now, the Greek Central Bank will continue to provide euros to those banks, but the Greek Central Bank will not be able to funnel euros into insolvent banks indefinitely. This is a major move by the European Central Bank, and it is going to shake confidence in the Greek banking system even more.
There are already rumors that the Greek government is considering placing limits on bank withdrawals, and many Greeks will be tempted to go grab their money while they still can.Once strict currency controls are put in place, the population is likely to respond very angrily. If people can't get their money there is no telling what they might do.
We are reaching a critical moment. Many fear that a full-blown "bank panic" could happen at any time. The following is from a recent Forbes article....
The pressing problem isn't a splintered legislature that may balk at delivering the reforms that the IMF and European Community are demanding in exchange for the next tranche of bailout money. It's a disastrous, old-fashioned run-on-the bank. 'For a year, Greeks have been sending their savings from Greek banks to foreign banks,' says Robert Aliber, retired professor of international economics from the University of Chicago. 'Now, the flood has reached a crescendo.' Indeed on Monday alone, outflows from the Greek banks reached almost $900 million.
These banks would have collapsed already if not for the support of the European Central Bank and the Greek Central Bank. This was described in a recent blog post by Paul Krugman of the New York Times....
But where are the euros coming from? Basically, banks are borrowing them from the Greek central bank, which in turn must borrow them from the European Central Bank. The question then becomes how far the ECB is willing to go here; is it willing, in effect, to lend enough money to buy up the entire balance sheet of the Greek banking sector, given the likelihood that this sector will be left insolvent by Greek default?Yet if the ECB says no more, Greek banks stop operating — and it’s hard to see how they can be restored to operation except by ditching the euro and using something else.

That is why the announcement on Tuesday was so dramatic. The ECB is starting to pull back and that is a very bad sign for the Greek banking system.
For the moment, the Greek Central Bank is continuing to support the Greek banks that the European Central Bank is no longer providing liquidity for. A Reuters article explained how this works....
The ECB only conducts its refinancing operations with solvent banks. Banks which fail to meet strict ECB rules but are deemed solvent by the national central bank (NCB) concerned can nonetheless go to their NCB for emergency liquidity assistance (ELA).
But this emergency liquidity assistance is not intended to be a long-term solution as a recent Wall Street Journal article noted....
The ECB's emergency-lending facility isn't intended as a long-term fix. National central banks must get approval each month that they want to let their banks access the facility from the ECB's governing council, which can veto use of the program.
If Greece installs an antibailout government that reneges on its austerity promises, it would almost certainly be cut off from ECB funding.
The truth is that we are heading for a financial tragedy in Greece. If the flow of money out of Greek banks intensifies, the Greek banking system might not even be able to make it to the next election in June. This point was underscored in an article that was published on Tuesday that was authored by renowned financial journalist Ambrose Evans-Pritchard....
Steen Jakobsen from Danske Bank said outflows are becoming unstoppable, not helped by open talk in EU circles of 'technical' plans for Greek withdrawal.
'This has a self-fulfilling prophecy built into it and I don’t think we can get to June. The fuse is burning and the only two options now are a controlled explosion where Germany steps in to ensure an orderly exit, or an uncontrolled explosion,' he said.
So what should we expect to see next?

Well, James Carney of CNBC says that he believes that it is inevitable that Greece is going to have to implement currency controls in order to slow the bleeding....
It looks increasingly likely that Greece will have to implement controls to prevent capital flight and a banking collapse. To my mind, the only real question is when this will occur.
The widespread talk about Greece possibly leaving the euro zone is likely to trigger withdrawal of bank deposits and other financial assets, by those who fear they might be redenominated into a drachma that would be worth far less than the euro.
The Greek government may soon announce a limit on the amount of money that can be withdrawn on a single day.The Greek government may also soon announce a limit on the amount of money that can be moved out of the country.
Those would be dramatic steps to take, but if nothing is done we are likely to watch the Greek banking system die right in front of our eyes.

A Greek exit from the euro seems more likely with each passing day. Such an exit would have a devastating impact on the Greek economy, but it would also dramatically affect the rest of the globe as well. The following is from a recent article by Louise Armitstead....
The Institute of International Finance has estimated that the global cost of a Greek exit could hit €1trillion. When Argentina defaulted in 2001, foreign debtors lost around 70pc of their investments.
That is a big hit for such a little country.So what would it cost the globe if Spain or Italy left the eurozone?That is something to think about.

Meanwhile, the United States continues to steamroll down the same road that Greece has gone. According to the Republican Senate Budget Committee, the U.S. government is currently spending more money per person than Greece, Portugal, Italy or Spain does.We are spending ourselves into oblivion, and we are heading for a national financial disaster.

Unfortunately, most Americans are totally oblivious to all of this.
Instead of getting educated about the horrific financial crisis heading our way, most Americans would rather read about why Jennifer Lopez is leaving American Idol.

But those who are listening to the warnings will be prepared when the storm hits.Things in Europe look really, really bad.You better get prepared while you still can.Read the full story here.
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