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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

US nuclear expert: Iranian FM Salehi linked to past clandestine nuclear program.

US nuclear expert: Iranian FM Salehi linked to past clandestine nuclear program.(JPost).WASHINGTON - Communications from the 1990s suggest Iran's current foreign minister, Ali Akbar Salehi, had knowledge of a program to procure goods for an alleged clandestine nuclear program when he was head of a university, a US nuclear expert said on Tuesday. David Albright, founder of the Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS), said among 1,600 telexes and other material he has obtained and is studying was a letter signed by Salehi as head of Sharif University in 1991.The letter served as an end-user guarantee to a European supplier of materials that could have a dual purpose for use in a nuclear program. Tehran-based Sharif University, however, was acting essentially as a front for Iran's military procurement network, Albright said. "Salehi knew about or was involved in efforts to create an alleged parallel military nuclear program that is of great interest to the IAEA now," Albright told Reuters, referring to the International Atomic Energy Agency, the United Nations' nuclear watchdog."And the intention of that program was probably to make nuclear weapons, including producing highly enriched uranium," Albright said. While senior IAEA officials have in the past told Reuters they suspected Salehi and Sharif University played a role in such procurement activities, the telexes appear to be the first public evidence supporting those suspicions.Hmmmm.....A Fatwa a day, makes you work,rest and play the whole world.Read the full story here.

Overnight Music Video - Eric Clapton - Tears In Heaven

Miss you my friend.

Life in Israel Amazing pics Anno 1948.

                                          This is before and after of the same place!

Jewish families waiting outside their homes to be evacuated by Arab troops. Jerusalem, Israel. June 1948.Pic by John Phillips.

 Rubble lying in the streets after Arab looting of Jewish homes. Jerusalem. June 1948.Pic by John Phillips

Life in Israel Amazing pics Anno 1948.HT: BenAtlas.




"The 'Cuckoo's egg' - Obama Drops His Name Into the Other Presidential Biographies.

"The 'Cuckoo's egg" - Obama Drops His Name Into the Other Presidential Biographies.(CM).By Seth Mandel.Many of President Obama’s fervent devotees are young enough not to have much memory of the political world before the arrival of The One. Coincidentally, Obama himself feels the same way—and the White House’s official website reflects that. The Heritage Foundation’s Rory Cooper tweeted that Obama had casually dropped his own name into Ronald Reagan’s official biography on, claiming credit for taking up the mantle of Reagan’s tax reform advocacy with his “Buffett Rule” gimmick. My first thought was, he must be joking. But he wasn’t—it turns out Obama has added bullet points bragging about his own accomplishments to the biographical sketches of every single U.S. president since Calvin Coolidge (except, for some reason, Gerald Ford). Here are a few examples.

  • In a June 28, 1985 speech Reagan called for a fairer tax code, one where a multi-millionaire did not have a lower tax rate than his secretary. Today, President Obama is calling for the same with the Buffett Rule.

I imagine Bill Clinton will be especially receptive to Obama’s habit of shoehorning himself into the limelight previously occupied by others. As you can see, the bullet points make clear that while each president has done something historic or notable, Obama is carrying forward every one of those accomplishments since Coolidge. No wonder he always seems so proud of himself.Read and see the full story here.

Alleged new Recordings of Jeremiah Wright cast doubt on Obama’s Christianity.

Alleged new Recordings of Jeremiah Wright cast doubt on Obama’s Christianity.(Shoebat).By BenBarrack.In 2008, video recordings of Jeremiah Wright’s sermons came closer than anything else to derailing Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. Now, four years later, there appears to be audio recordings of Wright that may be damaging to Obama as well. Those recordings, allegedly in the possession of author Edward Klein, consist of Wright telling Klein some unflattering things, to include charges that Obama attempted to silence Wright in 2008. One claim had to do with Obama’s Christianity. During an appearance on Sean Hannity’s radio show, Klein said that Wright wouldn’t go so far as to say he converted Obama from Islam but he came awfully close: …the Reverend Wright told me on tape, that Obama came to him and said, ‘I need some spiritual advice; I don’t know exactly who I am’ and the Reverend Wright said… ‘Well we know your Islam background… but what you need now, is some coaching on Christianity.’ And I asked the Reverend Wright ‘did you convert him from being a Muslim to being a Christian and he said, ‘well, I don’t know if I could go that far but… I made it comfortable for him to accept Christianity without having to renounce his Islamic background.’ When one converts to Christianity – from any religion – isn’t the point of doing so to renounce your previous religion? Does Islam not repudiate Christianity by denying this central component? Why is the reverse not true as well? Christianity must necessarily repudiate Islam for the same reason. If Klein’s claim is true, perhaps the best we can say about the president is that he is a ‘Chrislamist,’ which means he is not a Christian. At worst, the president is feigning Christianity for political expediency so that he can remain a Muslim. Read and see the full story here.

Hmmm......Flashback Dec 25 2010 - MFS - The Other News: "Was President Obama Baptised or not ? Is he a Christian?Obama himself writes that he was only baptised in his mid 20's !

Nobody, except Obama knows if his conversion to Christianity is real or not. Although some reports and even Obama have referred to a "baptism", there doesn't appear to be any record of a baptism.

Chicago-based journalist, broadcaster and critic Andy Martin, when asked about Obama's baptism, wrote, "I have never been able to obtain any evidence that he was baptized, although I asked for those records."

It seems that Obama's conversion occurred when he answered one of Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright's altar calls by walking down the aisle of Trinity Church to make a formal commitment of his faith.

Cathleen Falsani, religion columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times, writes, "He (Obama) described his conversion experience in his mid-20s, how he walked the aisle at Trinity United Church of Christ one Sunday in a public affirmation of his private change of heart."I came to Christianity through the black church tradition where the line between evangelical and non-evangelical is completely blurred. Nobody knows exactly what it means."

Falsani warns us that Obama’s walking the aisle at Trinity is poles apart from what Christians commonly refer to as being "saved, transformed or washed in the blood." In other words, it’s not to be confused with what Jesus called being "born again." As Mr. Obama himself explains, "It wasn’t an epiphany … but just a moment to certify or publicly affirm a growing faith in me."

In another account of this event, Manya Brachear, writing in the Chicago Tribune, describes the event thusly: "When Obama sought his own church community, he felt increasingly at home at Trinity. Before leaving for Harvard Law School in 1988, he responded to one of Wright's altar calls and declared a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Falsani wonders, "What kind of faith is it that is growing in Barack Obama? Is it the historic Christian faith? Not according to the good senator, who describes his faith as: (1) Suspicious of dogma (2) Without any monopoly on the truth (3) Nontransferable to others (4) Infused with a big healthy dose of doubt, and (5) Indulgent of and compatible with all other religions."

Unlike traditional Christianity, which Mr. Obama bemoans for its "call to evangelize and proselytize," the good senator’s faith is strictly a personal and private affair. Although he has no qualms about parading it in public in hopes of bolstering his political career, he would never dream of preaching it to others in hopes of converting them to Christ.

At the core of Obama's faith -- whether lapsed Muslim, new Christian or some mixture of the two -- is African nativism and Obama's having pledged allegiance to the Black Value System raises political issues of its own.

The phrase, “having been baptized,” is apparently based on Obama’s claim about being baptized. Our major media haven’t questioned the claim.

Miller went on to say, “His baptism presents its own problems. The senior pastor at Trinity at the time of Obama’s baptism was the Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr., the preacher who was seen damning America on cable TV…”

Notice the formulation, “at the time of Obama’s baptism.” She carefully does not say that Wright performed the baptism. In fact, there’s no evidence it was a baptism in the traditional sense that it was performed by Wright or anybody else. It looks like Obama walked down the aisle and made a profession of faith. That is not a Christian baptism.

The Canada Free Press published a very interesting article in February by Madeline Brooks, who asked, “Where is the baptism certificate? We do not see one because there was no baptism. That central part of Christianity was not required at Obama’s former church, the Trinity United Church of Christ, during the years Obama attended…”

She cites the research of a pastor, Usama Dakdok, who had called Obama’s church to ask about membership:

“Do I have to be baptized to join the church?” asked Pastor Dakdok. “No, you don’t,” was the answer. “You can be a member without being baptized.”
“And what exactly is required to become a member?” The answer: “You attend two Sunday school classes in a row about membership, and then you walk the aisle.”

The phrase, “having been baptized,” is apparently based on Obama’s claim about being baptized. Our major media haven’t questioned the claim.

What do The Scriptures tell us about the Sacrament of Baptism?
The Necessity of Baptism:

Christ Himself ordered His disciples to preach the Gospel to all nations and to baptize those who accept the message of the Gospel. In His encounter with Nicodemus (John 3:1-21), Christ made it clear that baptism was necessary for salvation: "Amen, amen I say to thee, unless a man be born again of water and the Holy Ghost, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God." For Catholics, the sacrament is not a mere formality; it is the very mark of a Christian, because it brings us into new life in Christ.

Hmmmm....Nope nothing about "“You attend two Sunday school classes in a row about membership, and then you walk the aisle.”

In other words it seems according to the description by the Scriptures of the act of Baptism Barrack Hussein Obama is not Baptised and thus still a Muslim!
I'm sure any Islamic scholar will agree that "attending two Sunday school classes in a row about membership, and then you walking the aisle" doesn't mean renouncing your Islamic Faith!

Instead of concentrating on his so called Islamic past we should concentrate on his so called Christian past !


Germans want to Check the 'fed reserve' Vaults about Their Foreign Gold Reserves.

Germans want to Check the 'fed reserve' Vaults about Their Foreign Gold Reserves.(Spiegel).A large portion of Germany's massive gold reserves are stored abroad, mainly in the Federal Reserve in New York. But are the bars really where they are supposed to be? A dispute has broken out over whether the central bank needs to check on its gold, or if Germany can trust its international partners.Germany has gold reserves of just under 3,400 tons, the second-largest reserves in the world after the United States. Much of that is in the safekeeping of central banks outside Germany, especially in the US Federal Reserve in New York. One would think that with such a valuable stash, worth around €133 billion ($170 billion), the German government would want to keep a close eye on its whereabouts. But now a bizarre dispute has broken out between different German institutions over how closely the reserves should be checked. Germany's federal audit office, the Bundesrechnungshof, which monitors the German government's financial management, is unhappy with how Germany's central bank, the Bundesbank, keeps tabs on its gold.
According to media reports, the auditors are dissatisfied with the fact that gold reserves in Frankfurt are more closely monitored than those held abroad. In Germany, spot checks are carried out to make sure that the gold bars are in the right place. But for the German gold that is stored on the Bundesbank's behalf by the US Federal Reserve in New York, the Bank of England in London and the Banque de France in France, the German central bank relies on the assurances of its foreign counterparts that the gold is where it should be.
The three foreign central banks give the Bundesbank annual statements confirming the size of the reserves, but the Germans do not usually carry out physical inspections of the bars. According to German media reports, the Bundesrechnungshof has now recommended in its confidential annual audit of the Bundesbank for 2011 that Germany's central bank check its foreign gold reserves with yearly spot checks. The Bundesbank has rejected the demand, arguing that central banks do not usually check each others' reserves. "The scope of the checks that the Bundesrechnungshof wants does not correspond to the usual practices among central banks," the Bundesbank said in a statement quoted by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper.
"There are no doubts about the integrity and the reputation of these foreign depositories."In times of uncertainty about the future of Europe's common currency, gold is a hot topic, and some Germans take a dim view of the fact that much of the country's gold -- which theoretically belongs to the people -- is held abroad. Some members of parliament have even expressed doubts as to whether the foreign gold reserves really exist. Philipp Missfelder, a member of the conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU), wanted to see the gold for himself and traveled to New York in person to inspect the holdings, according to the newspaper Frankfurter Rundschau. His trip was apparently unsuccessful, though. When he visited the Fed's safes in New York, staff were either unable or unwilling to show him exactly which bars belonged to Germany.Some Germans even want to bring the gold reserves back to Germany. An initiative called "Gold Action" is campaigning under the slogan: "Repatriate Our Gold!"Read the full 'burried treasure' story here.

Paging Dr. Doolitle - The 'Mossad zoo' first the Mossad Shark, Mossad vulture now the "Mossad Bee-eater".

Paging Dr. Doolitle - The 'Mossad zoo' first the Mossad Shark, Mossad vulture now the "Mossad Bee-eater".(YNet).Turkish authorities believe that they have found a bird used for espionage purposes by Israel, the country's media reported. According to a Tuesday report in Yedioth Ahronoth, an investigation to that effect was launched in Ankara several days ago, after a farmer discovered a dead Merops Apiaster, commonly known as the European Bee-Eater, in his field. The bird had a ring reading "Israel" on one of its legs.Bird-banding is a common practice in ornithology, meant to help scientists track bird migration routes. The band, however, was not the most damning piece of evidence against the bee-eater: Its nostrils were. The bird-beak in question reportedly sported "unusually large nostrils," which – combined with the identification ring – raised suspicions that the bird was "implanted with a surveillance device" and that it arrived in Turkey as part of an espionage mission. The bird's remains were originally handed over to the Turkish Agriculture Ministry, which then turned in over to Ankara's security services. News of the "spy bird" spread quickly within Turkey's ornithological community, and Israeli ornithologists soon got word of it as well. The Society for Protection of Nature in Israel was alerted and was able to confirm that the bird was banded about four years ago, as a matter of routine, Yoav Pearlman, of the Israeli Birdwatching Center, explained that Israel's north is home to a large bee-eater population, and that many more use Israel as a stop in their migration route, which includes Turkey, southern Europe and Russia. "The Turkish authorities can rest easy – it's not a spy," Pearlman said. Israeli wildlife officials said that this was not the first time that Israeli birds landing in Arab countries as part of their migration were "detained" for alleged espionage. Such birds, they added, usually disappear.Read the full story here.

Mossad Vulture

Mossad Shark 

Iran - Alcohol consumption in Tehran is “worrying”, official.

Iran - Alcohol consumption in Tehran is “worrying”, official.(AA).Alcohol consumption in Tehran, banned since the Islamic revolution, has become “alarming”, according to deputy health minister, Bagher Larijani, quoted Tuesday by the Iranian media. “We sometimes receive quite disturbing reports from hospitals and doctors concerning the consumption of alcohol in (popular) neighborhoods south of Tehran,” said Larijani, adding that alcohol consumption was also “high” in some other “parts of the country”. He stressed the need “to pay more attention” in the current times to the problem of alcohol than to diseases like “diabetes, heart illnesses and vascular problems.” Since the 1979 Islamic revolution, the sale and consumption of alcohol is prohibited in Iran, except for the Christian minorities. But alcoholic consumption seemed to increase in recent years, despite the severe penalties against the production, consumption and trafficking of alcohol. According to official figures, 60 to 80 million liters of smuggled alcohol enter the country each year of which only 20 million liters are seized by the police. A representative of the “anti-trafficking” movement estimated the market of alcohol at $ 730 million per year in early 2011. Police Chief, General Esmail Ahmadi Moghadam, recently said that the country counts some “200,000 alcoholic cases” and that 80% of the smuggled alcohol enters to Iran from the Iraqi Kurdistan.Iranian police has set this year breath testing to detect motorists driving while intoxicated. Offenders are liable to a fine of 2 million rials (120 dollars), confiscation of driver’s license and prosecution.Read the full story here.

Video - Ezra Levant - Protecting America From Sharia Law.

National Director of ADL Foxman Decries Forward Cartoonist Depiction of Netanyahu Raping Obama .

                                                       Full size pic here.

National Director of ADL Foxman Decries Forward Cartoonist Depiction of Netanyahu Raping Obama.(A).In an interview with The Algemeiner, Abraham Foxman, National Director of the Anti-Defamation League criticized cartoonist Eli Valley’s newest creation which depicts Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu raping President Obama and eating his limbs as he forces him to implement his demands, which include the deployment of an American built “intergalactic robot ray gun” to protect Israel from “possible meteor showers”. “Its offensive and obnoxious and crosses the line,” Foxman said. “Cartoonists usually have much greater leeway of criticism because they are cartoonists, but even within that framework it crosses the line,” he told the Algemeiner. “You really don’t care for Jews, do you?” Netanyahu asks Obama at the end of the political cartoon entitled “The hater in the sky”, published by +972 Magazine. Valley is The Forward Newspaper’s “Artist in Residence” and has also been published by New York Magazine, Haaretz, and Gawker.Read and see the full story here.More on this 'cartoon' here By Carl @ IsraelMatzav.

Iran executes ‘Mossad agent’ for scientist killing, spying.

Iran executes ‘Mossad agent’ for scientist killing, spying.(AA).Iran on Tuesday hanged a man convicted of playing a key role in the 2010 murder of a top nuclear scientist and of spying for Israel, the official IRNA news agency reported quoting Tehran prosecution office. " Majid Jamali Fashi, the Mossad spy and the person who assassinated Masoud Ali Mohammadi, our nation's nuclear scientist was hanged on Tuesday morning," IRNA said. Local media on August 28 reported that Jamali Fashi was sentenced to death after being "convicted of Moharebeh (waging war against God) for placing a bomb-laden bike and blowing it up in front of martyr Ali Mohammadi's home, collaboration with the Zionist regime and Mossad." Jamali Fashi stood trial as the main suspect in the killing of Ali Mohammadi, a particle physics professor at Tehran University who was killed in a bomb attack outside his home in January 2010. Jamali Fashi also faced charges of cooperating with Israel's spy agency and of having received $120,000 for passing on intelligence to Mossad, the website report added. The Islamic republic has blamed the Jewish state and the United States for the killing of four of its scientists and nuclear experts since 2010. Western powers and Israel suspect Iran is seeking an atomic weapons capability under the guise of its civilian nuclear and space programmes, a charge Tehran vehemently denies.Read and see (Video) the full story here.

Indonesia "Example of religious tolerance" according to Pres Obama cancels Lady Gaga's concert out of fear of Islamic hardliners.

Indonesia "Example of religious tolerance" according to Pres Obama cancels Lady Gaga's concert out of fear of Islamic hardliners.(AA).Lady Gaga will have to cancel her sold-out show in Indonesia because police worry her sexy clothes and dance moves undermine Islamic values and will corrupt the country’s youth. National police spokesman Boy Rafli Amar said Tuesday the permit for her June 3 “Born This Way Ball” concert - the biggest show on her Asian tour - had been denied. Jakarta police recommended the denial. “We will not issue a permit for the Lady Gaga concert in Jakarta,” said national police spokesman Saud Usman Nasution. “The concert will have to be cancelled.” The local promoter, Michael Rusli, could not immediately be reached for comment. Earlier, he told The Associated Press it would be “regrettable” if police didn’t give the clearance. Fans have been eagerly awaiting Lady Gaga, he said, with every seat in Jakarta’s 52,000-seat Gelora Bung Karno stadium scooped up - half in the first two hours of sales. Indonesia, a secular country of 240 million people, has more Muslims than any other in the world. Though it has a long history of religious tolerance, a small extremist fringe has become more vocal in recent years. Hard-liners have loudly criticized Lady Gaga, saying the suggestive nature of her show threatened to undermine the country’s moral fiber. Some threatened to use physical force to prevent her from stepping off the plane. “I’m very disappointed,” said Mariska Renata, who had tickets to the Jakarta show. She said by bowing to the wishes of “troublemakers,” authorities only give them more power. “We are mature enough to be able to separate our own moral values from arts and culture,” Renata said. Lady Gaga’s Asian tour started late last month and many of the stops have sold out. The South Korean concerts were limited to fans 18 or older because conservatives there raised objections.Read the full story here.

Belgium court charges six people in deadly exorcism of Muslim woman

Belgium court charges six people in deadly exorcism of Muslim woman.(AA).A court in Brussels opened on Monday the trial of six people charged in connection with the 2004 murder of a young Muslim woman in a deadly act of exorcism, a practice of evicting demons or other spiritual entities from a person believed to be possessed. The woman was reportedly deceived into believing that she could not have children because she was possessed by a 'Djinn' and that she had to undergo a practice of exorcism. But the woman apparently could not stand the severe punishment the exorcism allegedly entails to scourge the demon out of the body, and she lost her life. 
The detainees in the case include two self-appointed exorcists, the victim’s husband and three female members of a radical Muslim group, will be standing trial for three weeks and facing charges of “torture leading to death.” If they are convicted, they face up to 30 years in prison. Hours after Latifa Hachmi, 23, died in the evening of Aug. 5, 2004, her husband, Mourad Mazouj, made an emergency call reporting that his wife was feeling ill and stuck in the bathroom. But the hypothesis of a natural death was quickly dismissed, as her body was found covered with bruises and her lungs filled with water. Her husband later admitted to investigators that his wife was subjected month-long sessions of exorcism to evict from her body the demons that “prevented her from becoming pregnant.” The practice was conducted in the couple’s apartment in Brussels by Abdelkrim Aznagui, a Moroccan self-proclaimed “Sheik” and his “disciple,” Xavier Meert, a Belgian native who converted to Islam. They were reportedly assisted by the woman’s husband and three Muslim “sisters” of the victim. During this period, the young woman had swallowed dozens of liters of “holy” water, according to Belgian media reports. She was fed two spoons of yogurt every day and always had earphones playing verses from the Quran. In order to evict the demons, the exorcists reportedly put their fingers down the woman’s throat, forced her into bathing in hot water and beat her with a stick. “The husband and Latifa herself asked Xavier Meert for the exorcism sessions,” the husband’s lawyer, Peter Chomé said. “He may have misjudged her health condition, but it has nothing to do with torture,” he added. Latifa’s family asked the court to consider the practice that led to the death of their daughter as an act of torture. “They made Latifa believe that she could not have children because the devil was inside her. That’s why they started the exorcism rituals, but exorcism is not recognized in the Islamic faith,” the victim’s brother said.Read the full story here.

Obama Betrays Israel Again, Seeks Re-Funding of UNESCO by Circumventing US Law!

Obama Betrays Israel Again, Seeks Re-Funding of UNESCO by Circumventing US Law!(Apapromotions).Via (CriticalAnalyst). The Obama administration is once again betraying our ally Israel and demonstrating just how hypocritical it can be by attempting to circumvent US laws that bar funding of any United Nations agency that grants full membership status to Palestine. The stunning and shameful Obama move centers on a covert attempt to re-establish funding to UNESCO – the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. In 2011, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas attempted to avoid peace negotiations with Israel by enacting a bogus scheme to request the UN recognize Palestinian statehood. UNESCO was the ONLY United Nations agency to grant full membership to Palestine. Immediately, Obama announced the cut-off of US funding to UNESCO according to US laws passed in 1990 and 1994. This funding accounts for about 22% of UNESCO’s annual budget – around $80 million a year. The move put enormous financial pressure on the United Nations as a whole, which deeply depends on US funding, and helped assure that no other UN agencies would recognize Palestinian statehood or grant Palestine member status.
However, the Obama administration has now done a complete about-face, sneaking measures to re-fund UNESCO into the 2013 proposed Obama budget! Within the budget, the State Department requested $79 million for UNESCO. An additional $40.5 million was also requested for UNESCO under the heading of “contingent requirements.” This additional funding would actually cover the balance of the FY 2012 assessment for UNESCO. In other words, it would back-pay UNESCO for the funding Obama withdrew – meaning they would never have actually lost any funding in the first place!
A footnote in the Obama 2013 proposed budget, submitted to Congress this month, makes clear that this was not an accidental move on the part of the Obama administration – one in which they simply “forgot” that funding had been cut off. To the contrary, the footnote boldly declares, “The Department of State intends to work with Congress to seek legislation that would provide authority to waive restrictions on paying the US assessed contributions to UNESCO.” Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL), chairwoman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, criticized the Obama move by stating, “The Palestinian leadership’s dangerous statehood scheme at the UN was dealt a significant blow last year after the US cut off funding to UNESCO due to its admission of ‘Palestine’. Resuming US funding would give a green light for other UN bodies to follow in UNESCO’s footsteps and support the Palestinian statehood push. Any effort to walk back this funding cutoff will pave the way for the Palestinian leadership’s unilateral statehood scheme to drive on, and sends a disastrous message that the US will fund UN bodies no matter what irresponsible decisions they make.” The Chairwoman then blasted the Obama administration, adding, “I am deeply disappointed that, rather than standing up for U.S. law and for our key ally, Israel, the Administration is seeking to remove this roadblock to the unilateral recognition of a ‘Palestinian state.’” Jennifer Rubin noted in her Washington Post blog, “This is further evidence that the administration remains wedded to its failed attempt to cozy up to the Palestinian Authority and alleviate it from any adverse consequences flowing from its abrogation of international agreements to seek a bilateral settlement with Israel.”
This development comes directly on the heels of the Obama administration’s refusal to cut-off funding for the Palestinian Authority in the wake of the new “unity” deal struck between the P.A. and Hamas. Again, US law bars funding of designated terrorist groups – such as Hamas! Elliot Abrams, former deputy national security advisor, recently wrote that this merger between the P.A. and Hamas also effectively ends any “peace process”: There is a price to pay for these theatrics, for no one can seriously expect Israel to negotiate peace with a combined Fatah-Hamas team when Hamas is dedicated to Israel’s destruction. It is not the PA but the PLO that formally negotiates with Israel, and one of the most damaging aspects of the “reconciliation” agreement is that Hamas is supposed to join the PLO. Once it does, all but the most ardent peace-processors will have to admit the negotiations track is truly frozen. Yes, perhaps Hamas will magically take that occasion to abandon its previous hatred of Jews and Israel, abandon terrorism, and declare itself ready for peace with Israel. If so, let’s all go back to Camp David or Annapolis for another round. If not, if Hamas is admitted into the PA government and the PLO as the terrorist group it is today, let’s acknowledge that the Palestinian leadership has turned away from any genuine effort to negotiate peace. Rubin addresses the Obama administration’s response to both issues when she writes, “But of course the administration will do none of that [cut-off funds to the Palestinian Authority and close PLO offices in US]. It won’t even abide by the cut-off of UNESCO funds, the one symbolic move that demonstrated the futility of the P.A.’s unilateral declaration mandate. This is how the administration behaves before an election. Can you imagine how it will conduct itself if it should get four more years and be alleviated of any electoral pressure to stand with our ally Israel?”Hmmm.......“I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”Read the full story here.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Overnight Music Video - Star Wars Main Title Theme (A Cappella)

Bahrain backs Saudi plan to unify six Persian Gulf Arab states.

Bahrain backs Saudi plan to unify six Persian Gulf Arab states.(PTV).Bahraini Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa has declared Manama’s support for a Saudi plan to unify the six Arab states of the [Persian] Gulf Cooperation Council, a report says. According to a report published by the Saudi newspaper al-Riyadh on Sunday, the Bahraini premier said the “option of a union has become urgent.” Riyadh is reportedly seeking to initially merge with Manama in line with a proposal to unify the six Arab states of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Oman. Leaders of the [Persian] Gulf Cooperation Council states are expected to meet and discuss the Saudi proposal on May 14. The Arab states claim the purpose of the unity is to counter regional threats. In December 2011, Saudi King Abdullah called on the council members to move “beyond the stage of cooperation and into the stage of unity in a single entity.” The Bahraini premier told al-Riyadh the [Persian] Gulf Cooperation Council must “concentrate during this period on achieving and ensuring security and increasing coordination in the fields of security, military and defense by adopting a unified [Persian] Gulf security structure to protect the council’s states.”Bahraini Information Minister Samira Rajab said on Saturday the idea of Arab union could follow the “European Union model.” The report by al-Riyadh comes as Sheikh Ali Salman, leader of the main Bahraini opposition group, al-Wefaq, censured the unity proposal on Sunday, demanding a referendum on the issue to be held in all the six Arab countries. “Bahrain gained its independence (in 1971) following a referendum” overseen by the United Nations, Salman said in a speech. The Bahraini opposition leader also stated that the people of Bahrain “alone have the right” to decide and the ruling Al Khalifa regime has “no right to decide a union or confederation with any country.”Read the full story here.

Shin Bet: Palestinian prisoners end hunger strike.

Shin Bet: Palestinian prisoners end hunger strike.(YNet).Hundreds of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails agreed on Monday to end a mass hunger strike after winning concessions from Israel to improve their conditions, the Shin Bet security service announced. The Israel Prison Service said the inmates are expected to begin eating again in the next few hours.Some 1,600 prisoners, a third of the 4,800 Palestinians held by Israel, have been refusing food since April 17 in a protest against the conditions of their incarceration.The Palestinian minister for Prisoner Affairs, Issa Qaraqe, said that Palestinian prisoner leaders signed the deal on Monday afternoon at an Israeli prison in Ashkelon. The Shin Bet and Palestinian terror groups confirmed the deal, which was brokered by Egyptian mediators. According to a Palestinian negotiator, Israel agreed to allow prisoners from both the West Bank and Gaza to receive family visits. 
The visits from Gaza were halted in 2006 after Hamas-linked terrorists in Gaza captured Gilad Shalit. After the soldier was released in a prisoner swap last October, the Palestinians said the ban should be lifted. He said Israel also agreed to halt its punitive policy of placing prisoners in solitary confinement. The Shin Bet said that in return the prisoners pledged “to absolutely stop terror activity from inside Israeli jails.” It also said terror group’s commanders outside the jails made a commitment “to prevent terror activity.” The Shin Bet said the agreement does not obligate Israel to allow the prisoners to pursue academic studies, as they demanded. Their demand for access to additional television channels was also rejected, according to the security service. However, two Russian channels will be replaced with two Arabic TV channels.During the strike, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and other Palestinian leaders warned that the death of any one of the prisoners could trigger a backlash that might slip out of control. Israel feared the death of a prisoner would lead to harsh condemnation from the international community.Read the full story here.

"Tit-For-Tat" - Obama to Skip APEC Summit in Vladivostok - Spokesman.

"Tit-For-Tat" - Obama to Skip APEC Summit in Vladivostok - Spokesman.(RN).U.S. President Barack Obama will not be attending the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit (APEC-2012) in Russia’s Vladivostok, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said on Monday. “I'm not aware of any foreign travel that we’d be taking, with the exception of the Mexico trip, before November, but I’ll have to take the question,” Carney told a press briefing. The question concerning Obama’s participation in the 2012 APEC summit came in the wake of the news that Russian President Vladimir Putin decided against participating in the G8 summit in the U.S. on May 18-19. Former president and current Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev will go in Putin's place. “The President spoke with President Putin and will be meeting with President Putin at the G20 in Mexico and looks very much forward to that. The fact of the matter is we have a comprehensive relationship with Russia that's built on working together in areas where we agree and that has borne significant successes, that approach, and then be very clear about where we disagree but not letting those disagreements undermine the overall relationship,” Carney said.Hmmmm......Don't want to 'caught' talking 'flexibility' again?Read the full story here.

Iran Boasts U.S. (Obama) Has Abandoned Israel.

Iran Boasts U.S. (Obama) Has Abandoned Israel.(WND).By Reza Kahlili.Iranian outlets have been claiming recently the United States has been forced to bow before Iran on its nuclear program, demonstrating the West’s abandonment of Israel and paving the way for the Islamic regime to annihilate the Jewish state. While restating that Iran will demand ever more in the upcoming second round of talks with the 5+1 nations to be held this month in Baghdad, the Iranian media are now boasting that Israel has been abandoned by its allies and is in a dire bind.
One such editorial, published last week by Iran’s Keyhan newspaper, which is directly under the supervision of Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, stated, “It can be said that within the last 60 years, this is the first time that the Zionist regime, since its illegal inception, has had to endure rejection by the West over its vision and interest in the region.”
The editorial, written by Sadollah Zarei, a columnist for the hard-line paper, said that within the last three months, Israeli officials, after reports that America is on the verge of accepting the Iranian nuclear program, have made several trips to Washington, where on one trip they met for 10 days with U.S. officials to try to change President Obama’s decision to accept Iran’s nuclear program. They were unsuccessful. “The ramifications of [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu’s defeat in the face of Obama’s policies have been a breakdown in Israel’s usurper regime, where now many within its own government have spoken against its own prime minister, claiming Iran is a rational regime and not after the bomb,” Zarei wrote.
While Israel’s government is in disarray internally, the editorial said, the West is forced to watch Iran’s victory in nuclear negotiations. The question now is why the West has changed its policies toward Iran, the editorial said. It could have continued with the same old policies of confrontation. The answer, the editorial said, is that “in the last year, two important events have taken place. One has been the Islamic Awakening (the Arab Spring) in the region, which is based on the ideology of the Islamic Republic of Iran and has the West quite worried and concerned; the other is the events in Egypt, which, despite all the analysis by the West, have turned into an Islamic movement with Sharia laws.
These two events have forced the West to rethink its approach toward Iran.” As a result, Israel is backed into a corner, alone without its allies, the editorial said. Zarei concluded that Israel has been weakened drastically with what is happening in Egypt, which has collapsed part of Israel’s regional security.
With diminishing support for Israel and with the (upcoming) collapse of the monarchy in Saudi Arabia,” Zarei claims, “there won’t be any obstacles left facing Iran with its policy of annihilation of Israel.” Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi, one of the most influential clerics in the Islamic regime and possibly the next supreme leader, has stated that it is the duty of Muslims to destroy the “Zionist regime and its arrogant supporters.” Yazdi had decreed in 2006 that in case of war between Muslims and “infidels,” Muslims can take the “infidels” as slaves until they become Muslims and then send them back to their countries. In a new decree, Yazdi said, “When protecting Islam and the Muslim (community), martyrdom operation not only is allowed, but it even is an obligation.” Calling Israel a danger to Islam, the conservative website Alef, with ties to Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said the opportunity must not be lost to remove “this corrupting material. It is a ‘jurisprudential justification’ to kill all the Jews and annihilate Israel, and in that, the Islamic government of Iran must take the helm.”Read the full story here.

Report: Orthodox Jews Angered by Obama Nominee

Report: Orthodox Jews Angered by Obama Nominee.(Breitbart).A former U.S. Attorney appointed by President Obama who previously came under scrutiny by the Jewish Orthodox community may soon be confirmed by the U.S. Senate for a federal judgeship, after she received a majority vote from the Senate Judiciary Committee.Stephanie Rose, 39, was recently nominated for a lifetime appointment by President Obama in the Southern District of Iowa.Rose’s appointment is controversial within the Orthodox Jewish community because of her previous involvement in the prosecution of Sholom Rubashkin, the former CEO of a now-bankrupt, Iowa-based Kosher meatpacking company that was accused of employing hundreds of illegal immigrants and violating child labor laws.Rubashkin’s company, Agriprocessors, reportedly the largest kosher meat producer in the United States, had its Postville, Iowa plant raided by federal officials and shut down in May 2008. FBI and Homeland Security agents stormed the plant and arrested 389 illegal workers, which was at the time the largest raid in the United States.
Rose “fast-tracked” those prosecutions, a term used within the legal community for expeditious charging and plea bargains, a process widely used by state and federal prosecutors in the past, including former Bush administration Attorney General, John Ashcroft.
In November 2009, Rubashkin was prosecuted by then U.S. Attorney Rose in the Northern District of Iowa and he was convicted of 86 counts of financial crimes including bank fraud, wire fraud, and money laundering. A few months later in June 2010, he was sentenced to a stunning 27 years in federal prison even after being acquitted of violating child labor laws in a separate trial. Rubashkin appealed the conviction, but a federal court of appeals ruled against him in September 2011.
Although no one seems to have disputed Rubashkin’s crimes, many in the legal community felt the Justice Department’s pursuit for a life sentence was overzealous and that his actual sentence of 27 years was unusually harsh.“Our sense is that the call for a life sentence is completely disproportionate,” Alyza D. Lewin, Rubashkin's attorney, told ABC News in 2010. "This is a first-time, non-violent offender. He has 10 children. One of them is severely autistic. He has done tremendous charitable work. To suggest that his activities warrant life in prison, where you put murderers, people who represent an ongoing threat to society, it makes no sense.”
Several prominent members of the legal community joined Rubashkin’s public relations and legal team including former Attorney Generals Ramsey Clark, Nicholas de B. Katezenbach, Edwin Messe and Dick Thornburgh and William Barr, according to ABC News.
In addition, according to ABC, U.S. Representative Bob Barr (R-GA) complained that the sentence was more extreme than financial crimes mastermind Bernard Madoff who spun a $65 billion decade-long Ponzi scheme, and the Anti-Defamation League wrote a letter to the Justice Department complaining that it was inappropriate to deem Rubashkin a flight risk because he was Jewish, and could thus escape to Israel.
Some members of the Jewish Orthodox community have expressed concern about his prison term, saying that it is unusually harsh, wondering if the entire debacle sprung from “a little bit of anti-Semitism.”
Suspicion about the Rubashkin prosecution has probably gained some credibility because of previous allegations that Obama’s Justice Department, under the directorship of former Washington, D.C. U.S. Attorney Eric Holder is guided primarily by racial politics instead of the law.
In his 2011 book, Injustice: Exposing the Racial Agenda of the Obama Justice Department, former DOJ lawyer J. Christian Adams makes the claim that Holder has guided his prosecutions on race based concepts instead of the law, and that he has refrained from prosecuting potential African-American targets while focusing on other groups instead.
Still, no actual evidence has surfaced that proves the Rubashkin prosecution and conviction was unfounded. U.S. Senators questioning Rose during her confirmation proceedings did however take issue with an actual accusation of discrimination that has been filed against her in federal court—age discrimination.Rose will likely replace Chief Judge Robert Pratt on July 1.Read the full story here.

Hugo Chavez, the crazed South American leader asked the Munkatcher Rebbe of Brooklyn to pray for his well-being

Hugo Chavez, the crazed South American leader asked the Munkatcher Rebbe of Brooklyn to pray for his well-being.(Matzav).Hugo Chavez, the crazed South American leader who is struggling with cancer for more than a year now, sought a blessing from the Munkatcher Rebbe of Brooklyn. Chavez himself did not visit the Rebbe, but a top Venezuela diplomat and lead Council official both slipped into the Rebbe’s house a while ago asking that the Rebbe pray for Chavez’s well-being. The Rebbe, in exchange, asked that Venezuela, one of a few countries to have full contact with Bolivia, should persuade Bolivia to free Yanky Ostreicher, the Jewish American businessman incarcerated there for almost a year now.It is unclear if the diplomat and Council official channeled the message to Chavez.Hmmmm....."And I will bless them that bless you, and curse him that curses you: and in you shall all families of the earth be blessed." ~ Genesis 12:3.Read the full story here.

Top Israeli General Says Iran 'May Order Hizbullah Hit on Israel'.

Top Israeli General Says Iran 'May Order Hizbullah Hit on Israel'.(NHN).Hizbullah may not want a new war with Israel but an order to attack would come from Tehran in the event of a strike on Iran, a senior military official in Israel's northern command told Agence France Presse. And should another conflict break out between Israel and the Lebanese group, it would be "much faster" than the 34-day war of 2006, said the official, who asked not to be identified. Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah warned on Friday that his group’s missiles could strike anywhere inside Israel. "The biggest spending of Iran in 30 years has been on the nuclear and Hizbullah is the second," the Israeli official told AFP, adding that Tehran's aim was to create "Iranian footprints near the border with Israel." "If something would happen in Iran, it's a tool that they can use in all kinds of scenarios," he said. "They (Iran) have so many high-ranking officials in Lebanon. I don't think this is a decision of Nasrallah -- he will get orders. That's why he was created," said the official. "If you ask Nasrallah today, he would say 'no' (to a new war with Israel) but I don't think that's his call," he said. "Nasrallah understood the power of Israel and he is still licking his wounds." He said other scenarios which could spark a new conflict between Israel and Hizbullah include an attack on Israelis abroad or the transfer to Hizbullah of chemical weapons from Syria, in the midst of its deadly crackdown on protests. Any new confrontation would likely be over much faster than the 34-day conflict which erupted in July 2006, said the military official for the northern region which borders Israel. "This will be much shorter, much faster than the month" it took last time, he said. "The most important mission today is to win decisively in any kind of war in Lebanon. If you win, you win -- everybody sees it."He said Israel's biggest challenge in any new conflict would be Hizbullah's positioning of weapons in the heart of civilian areas in around 100 Lebanese towns and villages along the border. "In the villages there are three-story houses: on one floor there are rockets, then there is a family on the next floor, then a (military) headquarters then another family. The people that live there are human shields," he said. "Every Shiite village has become such a compound. The great challenge will be to deal with all these compounds."Read the full story here.

Russia Deputy Foreign Minister sees Al-Qaeda hand in Syria.

Russia Deputy Foreign Minister sees Al-Qaeda hand in Syria.(HD).Russia today accused Al-Qaeda of being behind the brutal recent bombings in Syria and warned of a protracted and increasingly bloody conflict in which neither side gained the upper hand. Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov painted a bleak picture of Syria's future one month after Bashar al-Assad's government signed up to international envoy Kofi Annan's six-point peace plan. Gatilov said the standoff had reached a military "balance" that would be hard to break unless Western and Arab nations took a harder line with opposition groups with which they had links. But he added that current foreign assistance to fighters required Russia not to leave its traditional ally defenceless and to continue supplying Assad's army with certain "defensive" arms. "It is very sad to see very powerful foreign support for the opposition -- both financial and military. This foreign support only emboldens the diehard opposition, prompting them to continue their terrorist activity," Gatilov said. "For us it is absolutely clear that terrorist groups are behind this -- Al-Qaeda and those groups that work with Al-Qaeda," he added in reference to the deadly wave of bombings that have recently struck Syria's biggest cities. Twin suicide bombings in Damascus last week killed 55 people and wounded 372 outside a government security building. Gatilov on Monday said Russia had "never said it has to be Assad and no one else. That is not our goal. We are not holding on to any specific political figures." He added that Russia's military was "trying to exercise some restraint" by not supplying Assad's forces with "offensive weapons" such as heavy tanks. But he flatly dismissed the idea of Russia simply breaking its lucrative and long-standing military links with the Damascus regime. "Of course, against the backdrop of such massive military support for the opposition -- we cannot but also take this into account. "It would be wrong to leave the Syrian government without the means for self-defence."Hmmmm......You've been forewarned.Read the full story here.

 Hmmmm......Now why would he think that Al -Qaeda is in Syria?


Video - Syria - UN Observers Smuggling Terrorists in their Vehicles to Gather Intel about the Syrian Army.

A video leaked to the pro-Assad Truth Syria You Tube channel purports to show an anti-regime rebel being transported by UN observers in trucks bearing the distinctive UN text. According to the transcript accompanying the video, the “terrorist” traveling in the vehicle is allowed to conduct reconnaissance on where government checkpoints are located for the purpose of planning future attacks. At the end of the clip, the men in the UN vehicle break out in a spontaneous chant of “Allahu Akbar,” a phrase widely associated with fundamentalist Muslims who are engaged in jihad. The fact that rebels are being transported by UN observers who are supposed to remain impartial is obviously a sign that the UN mission represents little more than a furtherance of the effort to destabilize Assad’s government.

Is it any surprise that Syrian “opposition” forces are now also rallying around the Al-Qaeda flag just as they did in Libya given that Hillary Clinton admitted in a BBC News interview that the US and Al-Qaeda were on the same side in Syria?

This video shows Syrian “activists” flying the Al-Qaeda flag during an anti-Assad protest in the northern Syrian town of Binnish.

In another clip, armed Syrian rebels address the camera standing behind a table draped with the black Al-Qaeda flag.

"Forward" - Report says 230,000 unemployed losing benefits over weekend.

"Forward" - Report says 230,000 unemployed losing benefits over weekend.(TheHill).More than 230,000 unemployed workers will lose their jobless benefits this weekend as portions of federal programs expire across several states.
All told, 409,300 long-term unemployed Americans in 27 states will have lost upward of 20 weeks of federal unemployment benefits by this past Saturday, even as the many state jobless rates remain high, according to a new analysis by the National Employment Law Project (NELP).The latest batch of cuts affects 236,300 unemployed people in eight states — California (11%), Texas (7%) Pennsylvania (7.5%), Florida (9%), Illinois (8.8%) North Carolina (9.7%) Colorado (7.8%) and Connecticut (7.7%) — half of which have jobless rates above the 8.1 percent national average posted in April.

"A growing number of long-term unemployed workers are being left behind," said Christine Owens, executive director of the NELP.
"Job openings are not taking the place of these cuts,” Owens said.Hmmm.......Reality shows that only 44 % of the total U.S. population works.Read the full story here.

America sorry Germany Faces Green Energy Crisis - Network Agency Calls For Suspension Of Emission Laws For Old Coal Plants.

America sorry Germany Faces Green Energy Crisis - Network Agency Calls For Suspension Of Emission Laws For Old Coal Plants.(WUWT).Global-warming-related catastrophes are increasingly hitting vulnerable populations around the world, with one species in particular danger: the electricity ratepayer. Denmark, an early adopter of the global-warming mania, now requires its households to pay the developed world’s highest power prices — about 40¢ a kilowatt hour, or three to four times what North Americans pay today. Germany, whose powerhouse economy gave green developers a blank cheque, is a close second, followed by other politically correct nations such as Belgium, the headquarters of the EU, and distressed nations such as Spain. The result is chaos to the economic well-being of the EU nations. Even in rock-solid Germany, up to 15% of the populace is now believed to be in “fuel poverty.” Some 600,000 low-income Germans are now being cut off by their power companies annually, a number expected to increase as a never-ending stream of global-warming projects in the pipeline wallops customers. In the U.K., which has laboured under the most politically correct climate leadership in the world, some 12 million people are already in fuel poverty, 900,000 of them in wind-infested Scotland alone, and the U.K. has now entered a double-dip recession. –Lawrence Solomon, Financial Post, 12 May 2012
Last winter, on several occasions, Germany escaped only just large-scale power outages. Next winter the risk of large blackouts is even greater. The culprit for the looming crisis is the single most important instrument of German energy policy: the “Renewable Energy Law.” The economic cost of a wide-scale blackout are measured in billions of Euros per day. The most important test of energy policy is now the stability of power – so far only the cost of the green energy transition has been focused upon. Because the federal government does not have the guts to start an overdue and fundamental debate about the usefulness of a 12-year-old, now totally outdated, “launch aid” called EEG, it now threatens to over-steer, with the green energy transition ending up in a crash. Fasten your seat belts. –Daniel Wetzel, Die Welt, 10 May 2012

Old coal power plants need to stay in operation or Germany’s power grid faces collapse. That is the warning of Germany’s national grid agency. Because the danger of blackouts is growing as a result of the shut-down of six nuclear power plants last year, the Federal Network Agency is proposing to suspend legal emission limits for plants. Old power stations, which are due to be shut down due to their high environmental impact, should continue to operate. “Closures of more conventional power plants are currently not feasible in Germany,” it says literally in the grid agency’s report: “Given the present and future tense situation, it is necessary to suspend closures due to the emissions reduction law.” –D. Wetzel und D. Siems, Die Welt, 10 May 2012
The German Bundesnetzagentur (Federal Network Agency) issued a press release warning that the national power grid is in serious trouble and that something needs to be done urgently. Germany’s once impeccably stable world-class power grid has been transformed and is today just one step away from being a developing-world laughing stock. This has all been accomplished in just a few short years – thanks to the country’s reckless and uncontrolled rush to renewable energies, wind and sun, all spurred on by a blind environmental movement and hysteria with respect to nuclear power. –P Gosslin, NoTricksZone, 11 May 2012.Hmmm......Barack Obama: "Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket".Read the full story here.

U.S. Postal worker says he was poisoned by mysterious (neurotoxin?)leaking parcel from Yemen... but officials deny it ever existed.

U.S. Postal worker says he was poisoned by mysterious (neurotoxin?)leaking parcel from Yemen... but officials deny it ever existed.(Dailymail).A postal worker says a package leaking a mysterious syrupy substance that was mailed from Yemen has poisoned him, but the U.S. Postal Service has denied the parcel ever existed.
The worker, 44-year-old Jeffrey Lill, says he has been has been suffering from extreme fatigue, tremors, and liver and neurological problems after coming in contact with the leaking package while working at the Orlando mail processing center in February 2011.
Lill’s symptoms are apparently consistent with exposure to a neurotoxin, according to the Florida Center for Investigative Reporting (FCIR), in a story published by the Miami Herald.
The center tracked down some of Lill’s co-workers, who said that they too saw the parcel and smelled the fumes emanating from it, which may contain a key to the postal worker’s ailment. The package, however, is nowhere to be found. USPS has denied that Lill was exposed to a potentially toxic package. In a letter to Lill’s attorney, USPS lawyer Isabel Robison acknowledged that a harmless spill had occurred on February 2, 2011, but she said nothing was spilled on February 4, the day when he believes he was poisoned.
Lill and his co-workers Paz Oquendo and Yolanda Ocasio tell a different story. Oquendo said she was the first to smell the noxious odor coming from a large mailbag hanging near the package-conveyor belts.She said she told Lill, the shift supervisor. The 44-year-old went to investigate and caught whiff of a powerful chemical stench wafting from a bag wet with a brown, sticky substance. Lill opened the bag and saw a broken package with tubes and wires sticking out. The return address read ‘Yemen.’ 
Four months earlier, bomb materials hidden inside printer ink cartridges from Yemen had been sent through FedEx and UPS in an unsuccessful al-Qaida attempt to blow up cargo planes. Following the incident, the postal service had alerted its workers to be on the lookout for packages coming from the southern end of the Arabian Peninsula. Fearing the package was hazardous, Lill ordered the 40 postal employees out of the sorting area and threw open the large bay doors to ventilate the space. Lill said he then moved the bag to a cart and pushed it outside to the hazmat shed. After he moved the package, Lill said his throat started burning and he got a headache from the fumes. Lill admitted that he did not follow the Postal Service protocol that required him to put on a protective suit before handling the parcel because he was rushing to get his co-workers out of the building. 'If I had followed the rules, I guess we would have had a lot more people exposed to it,' he said. The 44-year-old proceeded to notify his manager, Cynthia Hickman, about the spill, and was told that the next on-duty supervisor would finish handling the incident. However, the FCIR reported that the postal service did not investigate the suspicious package as a security or health threat, and did not report it to the US Department of Homeland Security in accordance with the rules. In the weeks after the spill, Lill, who had rarely missed a day of work, fell inexplicably ill. By June, the once-vital man had lost 25 pounds and wound up in the hospital with a bleeding ulcer and esophagus.US Representative Ann Marie Buerkle, whose district includes Lill's new residence in Rochester, New York, has pressured USPS to investigate the incident and come up with answers.Read the full story here.

Another Saudi woman tortures Asian maid to death.

Another Saudi woman tortures Asian maid to death.(E24/7).A Saudi woman tortured her Asian housemaid to death and police said the employer confessed to having used violence against the maid. The maid was admitted dead to the hospital in the northwestern town of Al Jouf and doctors discovered bruises all over her body. "Her employer confessed to having caused those bruises by using violence against the maid,” police spokesman Brigadier Daman Al Diran said without identifying the Saudi woman and the victim.Read the full story here.

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood mobile FGM convoys condemned by women’s group.

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood mobile FGM convoys condemned by women’s group.(BM).CAIRO: A number of Egyptian human rights groups have submitted a communication to the Attorney General Abdel Meguid Mahmoud against the Muslim Brotherhood`s political arm, the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) to investigate the complaints of people in the village of Abu Aziz in the Minya governorate, south of Cairo, over the existence of a large medical convoy organized by the party that wanders streets and does medical examination on people, including female circumcision, or female genital mutilation, in violation of Egyptian law, conventions and treaties signed by Egypt. In Egypt’s legal code, Female Genital Mutilation is criminalized, as well as the inciting by doctors to convince families of the young girls of the need to agree to circumcise their daughters, “as a matter of preserving chastity.” 
The communication demanded Mervat Tallawy, the head of the National Council for Women (NCW) and Major General Seraj EL Din El Rouby, the Governor of Minya, and Nasr El Sayed , Assistant Minister for primary health care, and preventive medicine, and family planning, to intervene to stop what it called “a farce propaganda for free circumcision, which was organized by one of the political parties, in Minya governorate to promote circumcision.” The communication came after reports were circulated on news websites and social networking websites, including Facebook and Twitter about a convoy organized by the FJP to promote circumcision among girls in Minya. Tallawy, on Sunday, held a meeting with the governor of Minya to discuss the mechanisms of organizing awareness campaigns and seminars for women in the governorate, on how to address and fight against female genital mutilation, “which is being carried out by the FJP in the governorate.”The National Council for Women denounced the statements issued by the Secretary of the Freedom and Justice Party for the People’s Assembly on female circumcision, pointing out that such an act and calls “may put the person who promotes it under penalty of law because FGM is criminalized, and against human rights in general and women in particular.” The Council said it would not stand silent and will “combat these calls, which is an affront to Egyptian women, especially since the law criminalizes this act,” pointing out that the attempts by some to ignore this law and the abolition of the law that bans FGM. The council added that “the call for female circumcision is totally unacceptable.Hmmm......I wonder if U.S.Senator Kerry discussed this also with the FJP?Read the full story here.

Time to Admit Defeat: Greece Can No Longer Delay Euro Zone Exit.

Time to Admit Defeat: Greece Can No Longer Delay Euro Zone Exit.(Spiegel).By SPIEGEL Staff.After Greek voters rejected austerity in last week's election, plunging the country into a political crisis, Europe has been searching for a Plan B for Greece. It's time to admit that the EU/IMF rescue plan has failed. Greece's best hopes now lie in a return to the drachma.It's time to rethink the treatment. The Greeks were never ready for the monetary union, and they still aren't ready today. The attempt to retroactively bring the country up to speed through reforms has failed. No one can force the Greeks to give up the euro. And yet it is now clear that withdrawal would also be in the country's best interest. It isn't a matter of abandoning the Greeks. Greece is and remains an important part of Europe. A Greek withdrawal from the euro will have serious social, political and economic consequences -- mostly for the Greeks, but also for the rest of Europe. 
The continent's solidarity is not tied to the euro, which is why other European countries will still have to support Greece with massive amounts of money. But only a Greek withdrawal from the euro zone will give the country a chance to get back on its feet in the long term. The Greeks would have their own currency once again, which they could then devalue, making imports more expensive and exports cheaper. As a result, say American economist Kenneth Rogoff and others, the Greek economy could become competitive again. At the same time, a Greek exit from the euro would send a strong message to other financially ailing countries, namely that Europe cannot be blackmailed. Populist politician Tsipras is merely expressing views that are already widespread within large segments of the Athens establishment, namely that the Europeans will ultimately give in and pay up, because they fear a Greek bankruptcy as much as people in the Middle Ages feared the Black Death.Read the full story here.
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