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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Overnight Music Video - Sukiyaki - Kyu Sakamoto

This was a 1963 hit in the USA. Kyu was killed in a plane crash in 1985. On August 12, 1985, Kyu Sakamoto died in the crash of Japan Airlines Flight 123.

F.B.I. warning :"You may not be able to connect to the internet after July 9".

F.B.I. warning :"You may not be able to connect to the internet after July 9".(E24/7).For computer users, a few mouse clicks could mean the difference between staying online and losing Internet connections this summer.
Unknown to most of them, their problem began when international hackers ran an online advertising scam to take control of infected computers around the world.
In a highly unusual response, the FBI set up a safety net months ago using government computers to prevent Internet disruptions for those infected users.But that system is to be shut down.
The FBI is encouraging users to visit a website run by its security partner,, that will inform them whether they're infected and explain how to fix the problem.
After July 9, infected users won't be able to connect to the Internet.
Most victims don't even know their computers have been infected, although the malicious software probably has slowed their web surfing and disabled their antivirus software, making their machines more vulnerable to other problems.
Last November, the FBI and other authorities were preparing to take down a hacker ring that had been running an Internet ad scam on a massive network of infected computers.
"We started to realise that we might have a little bit of a problem on our hands because ... if we just pulled the plug on their criminal infrastructure and threw everybody in jail, the victims of this were going to be without Internet service," said Tom Grasso, an FBI supervisory special agent. "The average user would open up Internet Explorer and get ‘page not found' and think the Internet is broken."
On the night of the arrests, the agency brought in Paul Vixie, chairman and founder of Internet Systems Consortium, to install two Internet servers to take the place of the truckload of impounded rogue servers that infected computers were using.
Federal officials planned to keep their servers online until March, giving everyone opportunity to clean their computers. But it wasn't enough time. A federal judge in New York extended the deadline until July.
Now, said Grasso, "the full court press is on to get people to address this problem." And it's up to computer users to check their PCs.
Hackers infected a network of probably more than 570,000 computers worldwide. They took advantage of vulnerabilities in the Microsoft Windows operating system to install malicious software on the victim computers.
This turned off antivirus updates and changed the way the computers reconcile website addresses behind the scenes on the Internet's domain name system.
The DNS system is a network of servers that translates a web address , such as, into the numerical addresses that computers use.
Victim computers were reprogrammed to use rogue DNS servers owned by the attackers. This allowed the attackers to redirect computers to fraudulent versions of any website.
The hackers earned profits from advertisements that appeared on websites that victims were tricked into visiting.
The scam netted the hackers at least $14 million, according to the FBI. It also made thousands of computers reliant on the rogue servers for their Internet browsing.
When the FBI and others arrested six Estonians last November, the agency replaced the rogue servers with Vixie's clean ones. Installing and running the two substitute servers for eight months is costing the federal government about $87,000.
The number of victims is hard to pinpoint, but the FBI believes that on the day of the arrests, at least 568,000 unique Internet addresses were using the rogue servers.Five months later, FBI estimates that the number is down to at least 360,000.
The US has the most, about 85,000, federal authorities said. Other countries with more than 20,000 each include Italy, India, England and Germany. Smaller numbers are online in Spain, France, Canada, China and Mexico.
Vixie said most of the victims are probably individual home users, rather than corporations that have technology staffs who routinely check the computers.
FBI officials said they organized an unusual system to avoid any appearance of government intrusion into the Internet or private computers. And while this is the first time the FBI used it, it won't be the last.
"This is the future of what we will be doing," said Eric Strom, a unit chief in the FBI's Cyber Division.
"Until there is a change in legal system, both inside and outside the United States, to get up to speed with the cyber problem, we will have to go down these paths, trail-blazing if you will, on these types of investigations."
Now, he said, every time the agency gets near the end of a cyber case, "we get to the point where we say, how are we going to do this, how are we going to clean the system" without creating a bigger mess than before.Read the full story here.

U.N. to debut plan for world socialism in June--time for US to exit?Cause Obama is in !

U.N. to debut plan for world socialism in June--time for US to exit?Cause Obama is in! (Examiner).By Jeffrey Klein.The United Nations is holding its' "Conference on Sustainable Development" in Rio de Janero, Brazil, over three separate sessions in June, to which organizers, led by UN Conference Secretary-General of Rio+20, Sha Zukang [who 'really doesn't like Americans'], expect 193 attendees from governments, the private sector, NGOs and other stakeholders, according to the Sarah de Sainte Croix March 20, 2012 article in The Rio Times.
The stated themes of this colossal conference, which is structured around a 204-page report titled, "Working Towards a Balanced and Inclusive Green Economy, A United Nations System-Wide Perspective," are “the green economy in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication,” ... [by and through] ... "the institutional framework for sustainable development,” according to George Russell's excellent and quoted-filled FOXNews article today.
More specifically, the debates will cover a ... 'breathtaking array of carbon taxes, transfers of trillions of dollars from wealthy countries to poor ones, and new spending programs to guarantee that populations around the world are protected--from the effects of the very programs the world organization wants to implement.
According to Russell, the Obama Administration officials have supported this "agenda," which is designed to 'make dramatic and enormously expensive changes in the way that the world does nearly everything—or, as one of the documents puts it, "a fundamental shift in the way we think and act."
According to U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, proposals on how the “challenges can and must be addressed,” include:

--'More than $2.1 trillion a year in wealth transfers from rich countries to poorer ones, in the name of fostering “green infrastructure ... climate adaptation ... other green economy” measures.'

--'New carbon taxes for industrialized countries [amounting to] about $250 billion a year, or 0.6 percent of [US] GDP by 2020. Other environmental taxes are mentioned, but not specified.'

--'Further unspecified price hikes ... derived from agriculture, fisheries, forestry, or other kinds of land and water use [industries], all of which would be radically reorganized--[to] “contribute to a more level playing field between established, 'brown' technologies and newer, greener ones."(Obama land grabs?).

-- 'Major global social spending programs, including a "social protection floor" and "social safety nets" for the world's most vulnerable social groups for reasons of “equity.”'

--'Even more social benefits for those displaced by [this] green economy revolution—such as those put out of work in undesirable fossil fuel industries. The benefits, called “investments,” would include “access to nutritious food, health services, education, training and retraining, and unemployment benefits."'(Foodstamps ?)

--'A guarantee that if those sweeping benefits weren’t enough, more would be granted ... “Any adverse effects of changes in prices of goods and services, vital to the welfare of vulnerable groups, must be compensated for and new livelihood opportunities provided."'

Transforming the global economy will require action locally (e.g., through land use planning)(Hmmm.....Obama land grabs?), at the national level (e.g., through energy-use regulations) and at the international level (e.g., through technology diffusion),” the document says.

It involves “profound changes in economic systems, in resource efficiency, in the composition of global demand, in production and consumption patterns and a major transformation in public policy-making.” It will also require “a serious rethinking of lifestyles in developed countries.”
This 'UN guidebook for global social engineering,' was prepared by the Geneva-based United Nations Environmental Management Group (UNEMG), a consortium of 36 U.N. agencies, development banks and environmental bureaucracies--all of which rely on the contributions, from tax collecting nations for their very existence--not a single entity engaged in the production of goods or services, producing a profit and owning singular wealth.
This UN doctrine seems to directly channel Marx and Engel's scribe of 1848, "The Communist Manifesto," wherein its' organizational and operational structure appears to largely be a paraphrasical equivalent to the 10 short-term demands Marx prescribed in section II., "Proletarians and Communists."
However, instead of the UN overthrowing the capitalist system, it simply wants to tie it to a leash and be subject to the UN ... [a] 'dictatorship of the proletariat,' to redistribute wealth around the world to "magically elevate the poverty class to the middle class.
The United States, arguably the most fertile and favorable ground for such a massive experiment, has already spent $15 [T]rillion in taxpayer treasure over the past 47 years attempting to circumvent market forces and eliminate poverty--with no affect.
Additionally, study after study has revealed the UN to have grown into an impossibly dysfunctional gargantuan, having negligent management skills, metrics and accountability, and a source of financially wasteful pandering--second only to the U.S. General Services Administration.
Actually, as this directly smacks of the long-discussed "UN Agenda 21," America must treat this audacity of the United Nations as a wake up call, and say "[last] check please"--then hit the UN exit doors without delay.Hmmmm.....If this doesn't sound like the Obama agenda then nothing does.Read the full story here.

"A Man with a vision " Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin “Armata” and much more is on the way!

"A Man with a vision " Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin “Armata” tank and Much more is on the way!(Rosbalt).YEKATERINBURG, April 21. In Nizhny Tagil we will create the main and largest test range of armored vehicles and missiles, told the Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin during a working visit to the Sverdlovsk region. As the RBC, the purpose of the visit was Rogozin Nizhny Tagil Institute of Metal Testing. "This center will be mainly in Russia, for testing of armored vehicles and ammunition for it. And it will be a major demonstration center that will be the major international meeting," - he said. Rogozin said that Russian tank builders take on the function of the training of crews of Russian tanks for foreign customers. "We are here to teach management of a tank, shooting those who would become the instructors of the armed forces of foreign countries, partner for us. Soon you will not know this place: it will rise hotels, showrooms, and all kinds of simulators," - said Deputy Prime Minister. During his visit to the Institute Rogozin himself spent shooting the T-90 and of the artillery gun. He showed samples of the latest technology and the development of Russian scientists to test ammunition. Being on the Uralvagonzavod, Rogozin also said that the latest Universal Tank Platform "Armata" will be modular, based on it will create three types of infantry combat vehicles. According to him, by 2015 Russia will launch a series of tank "Armata". "This is a universal platform, based on which will be created a modern tank of the newest generation. It will be BMP, and is protected by a machine for rescue operations on the battlefield." - said Deputy Prime Minister.The newest universal tank platform "Armata" will be modular. At its base will create three types of combat vehicles. The journalists told the Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin after a visit to "Uralvagonzavod". "By 2015 we plan to have run into a series of tank" Armata ".Rogozin added that "maybe there will be another version." According to him, the most important - is the method used by our designers. "This method is modular, that is, the repair will take place simply by removal of a particular unit - said Deputy Prime Minister. - Sam repairs will be made into a fairly quick and efficient work. And it will be (held) on the battlefield.
Turning to the events of recent years, particularly Rogozin, has identified his work by the representative of Russia in NATO (2008 to 2011). "There I realized that this whole fiction about what we need intellectual development - is nonsense. World is governed by the interests of the powerful. Strong bought the music and the weak - the raw material, "- said Deputy Prime Minister.
And went on a popular topic in recent years the modern threats to Russia. Largest country with a small and endangered populations, surrounded by overpopulated countries. In the list of threats - China, India and Indonesia and Pakistan."Not many, but we will have the ability to survive" - ​​said Rogozin.Announced the figures have been heard at the meeting with the Ural envoy Yevgeny Kuyvasheva - up to 2020 in Russia will be allocated 20 trillion. rubles for the purchase of modern military equipment, another 3 trillion. on the modernization of the MIC (7-10% of this amount can get all the Middle Urals). And called spheres that Russia "has overslept," respectively, in early development, which requires - hypersonic weapons, unmanned systems and the so-called "electronic components", or - components for modern systems. "We are lagging behind. It is important to learn to see beyond the horizon - to understand the threat for 20-30 years ahead. And act like a wolf - a proactive, cutting off the corners "- summed up his speech Rogozin."If we do not develop the Urals and Siberia, we will lose the most important geopolitical battle of the XXI century. Because it is a joke - the Chinese are already moving our far eastern border of small groups of 5 million people, "- said Rogozin. One of the most recent projects in this regard, he called the construction of the spaceport, "East" in the Amur region. However, the Urals was forced to admit the guest - domestic "defense industry" lags are at least two areas: the creation of cybernetic and biological weapons. Responding to a question from the students what had been done in this direction, Rogozin chose to make a joke at all: "Come to me then. I will say it in your ear. "Not without another geopolitical issue - the establishment of NATO bases in Ulyanovsk. Again, Rogozin had to explain that there is no framework for the alliance in Russia will not "I, in my opinion, does not look like a). an idiot, b). the traitor. I'd rather crazy nationalist patriot, as many try to call me. NATO base at home Ilyich? And there can be none!"Hmmmmm..........Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, the kind of leader America desperately needs against Iran..Read the full story here, and full story of Rogozin's vision here.(GoogleTranslate).

Video: Charles Krauthammer Takes Apart Obama’s Fairness Doctrine.

Fairness : "What is yours will be mine!"

Record 5.4 Million workers and their dependents have signed up For Disability Under Obama

Record 5.4 Million workers and their dependents have signed up For Disability Under Obama.(M).A record 5.4 million workers and their dependents have signed up to collect federal disability checks since President Obama took office, according to the latest official government data, as discouraged workers increasingly give up looking for jobs and take advantage of the federal program. This is straining already-stretched government finances while posing a long-term economic threat by creating an ever-growing pool of permanently dependent working-age Americans. Since the recession ended in June 2009, the number of people who’ve signed up for disability benefits is twice the job growth figure. (See chart.)
In just the first four months of this year, 539,000 joined the disability rolls and more than 725,000 put in applications. As a result, by April there were 10.8 million people on disability, according to Social Security Administration data released this week.
Even after accounting for all those who’ve left the program - mainly because they hit retirement age or died - that’s up 53% from a decade ago. To be sure, disability rolls have grown steadily as a share of the workforce since the 1990s. The main causes of this broader trend, according to a study by economists David Autor and Mark Duggan, are the loosening of eligibility rules by Congress in 1984, the rise in disability benefits relative to wages, and the fact that more women have entered the workforce, making them eligible for disability. Their research found that the aging of the population has contributed only modestly to the program’s growth. But the big factor in the recent surge is the slow pace of the economic recovery after the severe recession. That has kept the unemployment rate above 8% and created an enormous pool of long-term unemployed and discouraged workers. More than 5 million people have been jobless for 27 weeks or more, nearly twice the previous high set in 1983, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. “We see a lot of people applying for disability once their unemployment insurance expires,” said Matthew Rutledge, a research economist at Boston College’s Center for Retirement Research. The number of applications last year was up 24% compared with 2008, Social Security Administration data show. As the Congressional Budget Office explained : “When opportunities for employment are plentiful, some people who could quality for (disability insurance) benefits find working more attractive … when employment opportunities are scarce, some of these people participate in the DI program instead.”Hmmmm...........Must be the $$ 'Green jobs' he created?Read the full story here.

Democrats Are Jumping 'sinking' Ship USS Obama.

Democrats Are Jumping 'sinking' Ship USS Obama.(Investors).Perhaps Democrats know something the rest of us don't about Barack Obama's political fortunes. What else explains the increasing numbers who are openly defying the president on two key election issues? The notoriously thin-skinned Obama could not have been happy with the news last week that, as the Hill newspaper put it, "an increasing number of Democrats are taking potshots at President Obama's health care law." North Carolina's Brad Miller, who voted for the law, now laments that "we would all have been better off" if Congress had dealt with more pressing issues "and then came back to health care." Barney Frank complained that the Democrats "paid a terrible price for health care." And Virginia's outgoing Sen. Jim Webb said the law would be Obama's "biggest downside" in the election and had cost him "a lot of credibility as a leader." Meanwhile, stalwart Massachusetts liberal Elizabeth Warren is now calling to repeal a piece of ObamaCare — the 2.3% tax on medical devices — because, she says, it "disproportionately impacts the small companies with the narrowest financial margins."Fewer than half of Democrats think the government should be able to force individuals to buy insurance — the core element of ObamaCare — according to the latest IBD/TIPP poll. Only a little more than a third say the Supreme Court should "uphold the entire law." The fact that they're willing to trash-talk Obama's single biggest legislative achievement suggests they're worried about something more than how the Supreme Court will rule. This fear is even more evident when you look at the growing opposition among Democrats to Obama's position on the Keystone XL pipeline. Obama may have thought he'd cleverly handled the issue by putting it off until next year, and that no one would think to defy his veto threats. But when Republicans called his bluff with a bill to force a start on construction, 69 Democrats rushed to join them, giving the House bill a veto-proof majority. The Senate bill is just a vote or two away from overcoming a Democratic filibuster. The importance of this fight is huge. If Democrats defy him, it will severely undermine Obama's claim that he's pursuing an all-of-the-above energy strategy. Obama came to the White House claiming that he alone was qualified to unite the country behind common objectives. The fact that he's losing support from his own party on two of the most important issues of the day is significant.Hmmmm......."Et Tu Brute"?Read the full story here.

UN Approves to Dispatch 300 Observers to Syria.

UN Approves to Dispatch 300 Observers to Syria.(AA).The U.N. Security Council on Saturday unanimously adopted a resolution to increase the number of international monitors in Syria from 30 to 300 and renewed demands for an immediate halt to violence that continues to rock the country despite a cease-fire agreement. The resolution gives Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon authority to decide when to deploy the additional observers, based on developments on the grounds including “the consolidation of the cease-fire.” Ban accused Syrian President Bashar Assad Thursday of failing to honor the cease-fire, expressing dismay at the upsurge in violence. The resolution merges rival Russian and European texts and dropped a European threat of non-military sanctions if Syria fails to withdraw troops and heavy weapons from towns and cities. A small team of observers currently deployed in Syria entered the battered city of Homs on Saturday after government forces halted their shelling there for the first time in weeks. U.N. spokesman Khaled al-Masri said the monitored met with the governor of Homs and were “now visiting districts of the city.” Activists in Homs said the shelling ceased only to make it look as if the government was abiding by a truce, mediated by international Peace Envoy Kofi Annan. They said that shelling would resume as soon as the monitors left. “It is very clear that the Syrian government can stop the violence whenever it wants at any time in the country,” Walid al-Fares, an opposition activist living in Homs told Reuters. The small advance team of monitors, who had previously been prevented from visiting Homs for “security reasons,” were able to enter the battered district of Baba Amr.Read the full story here.

"I do think at a certain point you've made enough money" - Video, The American who quit money to live in a cave.

Daniel Suelo lives in caves in the canyonlands of Utah. He survives by harvesting wild foods and eating roadkill. He has no job, no bank account and does not accept government welfare. In fact, Suelo has no money at all. Suelo may have shunned all the trappings of modern American life, but he is not an isolationist. Since abandoning money in 2000, the former cook from Moab, Utah has remained an active member of his community and avid blogger. Mark Sundeen, author of The Man Who Quit Money, admits many people would regard Suelo's alternative lifestyle as bizarre. But the 2008 financial crash has led many to question the value of money. He explains some of the lessons found in Suelo's philosophy.

UN Votes v United States Support $$$ .

UN Votes v United States Support $$$.(BR).
U N B E L I E V A B L E ! ! BUT TRUE How they vote in the United Nations:
Below are the actual voting records of various Arabic/Islamic States which are recorded in both the US State Department and United Nations records:

  1. Kuwait votes against the United States 67% of the time.  
  2. Qatar votes against the United States 67% of the time. 
  3. Morocco votes against the United States 70% of the time.    
  4. United Arab Emirates votes against the United States 70% of the time. 
  5. Jordan votes against the United States 71% of the time. 
  6. Tunisia votes against the United States 71% of the time. 
  7. Saudi Arabia votes against the United States 73% of the time. 
  8. Yemen votes against the United States 74% of the time. 
  9. Algeria votes against the United States 74% of the time. 
  10. Oman votes against the United States 74% of the time. 
  11. Sudan votes against the United States 75% of the time. 
  12. Pakistan votes against the United States 75% of the time. 
  13. Libya votes against the United States 76% of the time. 
  14. Egypt votes against the United States 79% of the time. 
  15. Lebanon votes against the United States 80% of the time. 
  16. India votes against the United States 81% of the time. 
  17. Syria votes against the United States 84% of the time. 
  18. Mauritania votes against the United States 87% of the time.  
  •  U S Foreign Aid to those that hate us:

Egypt, for example, after voting 79% of the time against the United States , still receives $2,000,000,000 annually in US Foreign Aid. 

Jordan votes 71% against the United States And receives $192,814,000 annually in US Foreign Aid. 

Pakistan votes 75% against the United States and Receives $6,721,000,000 annually in US Foreign Aid

India votes 81% against the United States and Receives $143,699,000 annually.
Hmmmm.......Perhaps it is time to get out of the UN and give the tax savings back to the American workers who are having to skimp and sacrifice to pay the taxes.Source BR.

"Sanctions that Bite" - EU official says bloc may review sanctions on Iran oil.

"Sanctions that Bite" - EU official says bloc may review sanctions on Iran oil.(Abna).A senior European Union official says the bloc may in the next two months review the sanctions imposed on the Islamic Republic’s oil industry, which are scheduled to take effect in July.“The situation in oil markets is being kept under close review,” Reuters quoted the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, as saying on Friday. European countries including Greece are facing difficulty finding alternative suppliers, he added. Tehran decided to cut crude exports to certain European countries after EU foreign ministers agreed on January 23 to ban oil imports from Iran and freeze the assets of the country’s Central Bank across the EU. Iran has already cut oil exports to France and Britain as part of its countersanctions. Last month, crude prices reached a peak after Tehran’s decision to adopt the countersanctions, pushing gasoline prices in the US and UK to record highs. Iran says the sanctions have not stopped it from signing new contracts with new customers. “Iran has no problem in exporting its oil,” Iranian Oil Minister Rostam Qasemi said on Thursday.Hmmmm.....Well if Turkey is still importing 51 % of it's oil from Iran, why would European businesses and people have to suffer?Read the full story here.

U.S. Republicans seek to provide Israel with $680 million extra for Iron Dome anti-missile system.

U.S. Republicans seek to provide Israel with $680 million extra for Iron Dome anti-missile system.(Haaretz).The United States would spend an additional $680 million through 2015 to strengthen Israel's short-range rocket shield under a plan crafted by Republicans from the House of Representatives, two congressional staff members disclosed on Friday. The figure could put election-year pressure on President Barack Obama's administration to spell out what it deems suitable support for the "Iron Dome," which has played an increasingly important role in Israeli security. Israel has so far deployed three operating units of the system, which helped thwart Palestinian rocket salvos during a flare-up in fighting around the Gaza Strip last month. It has spoken of needing a total of 13 or 14 units to protect various fronts. The system intercepted more than 80 percent of the targets it engaged in March when nearly 300 rockets and mortars were fired at southern Israel, saving "many lives," a U.S. Defense Department spokesman said on March 27. The Obama administration plans to request an unspecified, "appropriate" level of funding from Congress to help expand the system based on Israeli requirements and production capacity, George Little, the Pentagon press secretary, said at the time. There was no immediate official comment from the Obama administration on Republican plans to seek $680 million starting in the current fiscal year through fiscal 2015. It is not clear how the administration will view the proposal. The matter may come up when panels of the U.S. House Armed Services Committee start crafting their version of the 2013 Defense Authorization Act next week or, failing that, when the full committee writes its bill in May.
A Republican congressional aide said the proposed additional $680 million would provide the batteries and interceptors needed to defend Israel, based on the current coverage and the arsenal available to Hamas and Hezbollah Islamist militants. The American Israeli Public Affairs Committee, the biggest pro-Israel lobbying group, did not immediately respond to questions about what it deems the scope of Israel's need.This year, Obama's budget requests $3.1 billion in security assistance to Israel, part of a 10-year, $30 billion U.S. commitment to the Jewish state's security. None of that is scheduled to fund Iron Dome. Top Republicans have criticized Obama for what they described as inadequate funding of U.S.-Israeli missile defense cooperation in his 2013 budget request released in February amid deficit-reduction requirements. "We are deeply concerned that at a time of rising threats to our strongest ally in the Middle East, the administration is requesting record-low support for this vital defense cooperation program," House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairwoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and House Armed Services Committee Chairman Howard McKeon, wrote in a February 14 letter to Obama.Hmmmm.....He's quick enough to fund the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood.Read the full story here.

Iraqi MP Blasts Erdogan's Interfering Remarks

Iraqi MP Blasts Erdogan's Interfering Remarks.(Fars).Tehran - A senior Iraqi legislator condemned the recent interfering remarks made by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on the internal affairs of Iraq, and called on the Baghdad government to revise its political and economic relations with Ankara."The Turkish prime minister had better resolve his country's internal affairs far from ethnic discrimination instead of interfering in Iraq's domestic affairs," Zuhair al-Araji from Iraq's White Bloc told FNA on Saturday. While millions of Kurds are deprived of their rights in Turkey, Erdogan is not entitled to criticize the Iraqi government for its deficiencies in dealing with different ethnic groups in the country, he stated. Araji asked the Iraqi government to revise its political and economic relations with Ankara and use other leverages at international levels to protest at Turkey's meddling in Iraq's internal affairs. Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on Friday branded Turkey a "hostile state" with a sectarian agenda, the latest in a series of bitter exchanges between the neighbors. Maliki was responding to comments made by the Turkish prime minister on Thursday in which Erdogan accused the Iraqi leader of fanning tensions between the country's Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds with his "self-centered" ways. "The recent announcements by Mr. Erdogan represent another return to flagrant interference in Iraq's internal affairs," Maliki said in a statement on his website. "His announcements have a sectarian dimension. To insist on continuing these internal and regional policies will harm Turkish interests and make it a hostile state for all." Maliki also accused Turkey of trying to establish "hegemony" over the region. Read the full story here.

Tehran Attempts to Deceive U.S. President Obama, Sec'y of State Clinton With Nonexistent Anti-Nuclear Weapons Fatwa By Supreme Leader Khamenei.

Tehran Attempts to Deceive U.S. President Obama, Sec'y of State Clinton With Nonexistent Anti-Nuclear Weapons Fatwa By Supreme Leader Khamenei.(Memri).By A. Savyon and Y. Carmon. An important element in the renewal of nuclear negotiations with Iran in the talks in Istanbul April 13-14, 2012 was an alleged fatwa attributed to Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, according to which the production, stockpiling, and use of nuclear weapons are forbidden under Islam and that the Islamic Republic of Iran shall never acquire these weapons. Indeed, U.S. leaders – among them Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and even U.S. President Barack Obama – along with 5+1 representatives to the talks, the International Atomic Energy Agency Board of Governors, and even highly respected research institutes considered the fatwa as an actual fact, and examined its significance and implications for the nuclear negotiations with Iran that were renewed in Istanbul. However, an investigation by MEMRI reveals that no such fatwa ever existed or was ever published, and that media reports about it are nothing more than a propaganda ruse on the part of the Iranian regime apparatuses – in an attempt to deceive top U.S. administration officials and the others mentioned above. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton clarified that she had discussed the fatwa with "experts and religious scholars" and also with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. At the NATO conference in Norfolk, VA, in early April, she stated: "The other interesting development which you may have followed was the repetition by the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei that they would – that he had issued a fatwa against nuclear weapons, against weapons of mass destruction. Prime Minister Erdogan and I discussed this at some length, and I’ve discussed with a number of experts and religious scholars. And if it is indeed a statement of principle, of values, then it is a starting point for being operationalized, which means that it serves as the entryway into a negotiation as to how you demonstrate that it is indeed a sincere, authentic statement of conviction [emphasis added]. So we will test that as well."
During his visit to Tehran in late March, in an interview with Iranian state television IRIB, Prime Minister Erdogan said, "I have shared the Leader's [Khamenei's] statement with [U.S. President Barack] Obama and told him that in face of this assertion I do not have a different position and they (Iranians) are using nuclear energy peacefully." On April 7, 2012, Kayhan International reported, citing Press TV, that Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu had told the Turkish Kanal D TV that there is no possibility that "Khamenei's fatwa forbidding the possession and use of nuclear weapons might be disobeyed in Iran." According to the report, Davutoglu "said that since the fatwa against the possession and pursuit of nuclear weapons was issued by Velayat-e Faqih (the rule of the jurisprudent), it is binding, and obeying it is a religious obligation." Also according to the report, also citing Press TV, Khamenei said on February 22, 2012: "There is no doubt that the decision makers in the countries opposing us know well that Iran is not after nuclear weapons because the Islamic Republic, logically, religiously and theoretically, considers the possession of nuclear weapons a grave sin and believes the proliferation of such weapons is senseless, destructive and dangerous." The report went on to state that "Davutoglu also said that if the Western powers are really interested in interacting with the Middle Eastern states, they should deepen their understanding of religious discourse, adding that Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan had previously instructed U.S. President Barack Obama on the issue." 
American Iranian Council (AIC) president and dual Iranian-U.S. citizen Hooshang Amirahmadi, who is close to elite regime circles in Iran, said: "Fortunately, President Obama has decided to tentatively trust the Supreme Leader on his words that '[the] nuclear bomb is forbidden in Islam.'"
However, MEMRI's investigation reveals that no such fatwa ever existed or was ever issued or published, and that media reports about it are nothing more than a propaganda ruse on the part of the Iranian regime apparatuses – in an attempt to deceive top U.S. administration officials and the others mentioned above.
An exhaustive search of the various official websites of Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei turned up no such fatwa, either on his fatwa website or on his personal website. Khamenei's websites post fatwas issued by him in response to questions submitted to him. Online submission of questions is an accepted and official means; all his websites offer readers options for doing so. Fatwas are issued by jurisprudents in standard question-and-answer format, and are published publicly in writing. They can also include the reasoning behind them, but not always. Today, fatwas are generally concise and limited to a yes or no answer – but always in question-and-answer form, including a summary by the jurisprudent, as follows: "I was asked a question on a certain matter. My answer is such and such."
This can be seen in the following. On March 15, 2012, the following question on the possession and use of nuclear weapons and referring to the alleged fatwa was submitted to Supreme Leader Khamenei, via Facebook, by a group called The Light of Freedom (Cheragh-e Azadi): (for image, see Appendix IV)."
Q: Your Excellency has announced a ban on the use of nuclear weapons, and considering that nuclear weapons are a requirement for deterrence and that the aim of obtaining them is to intimidate the enemies in order to prevent them from acting aggressively, and in light of what is written in Surat Al-Anfal, Verse 60... is it also forbidden to obtain nuclear weapons, as per your ruling that their use is prohibited? "
A: Your letter has no jurisprudential aspect. When it has a jurisprudent position, then it will be possible to answer it. "Summary: No answer was given." This particular question and answer on Facebook do not appear on Khamenei's fatwa website or on his personal website. It is notable that in his response he did not confirm, or even mention, any fatwa that he allegedly issued in the past – and that his summary notes that no response was given. This question-and-answer format is mandatory for fatwas, so that any position on a particular religious question will be recognized as a fatwa. Even if the jurisprudent refers to an issue verbally, his words do not constitute a fatwa unless it is later issued in this format. Any expression of a position in any matter that is not issued in writing in the format of "I was asked a question on a certain matter. My answer is such and such..." is not a fatwa and does not carry the religious significance of one; it is merely a statement. On February 16, 2006, the Rooz website reported that Mohsen Gharavian, a disciple of Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi had noted the existence of a fatwa stating that shari'a did not prohibit the use of nuclear weapons and in fact even calling to obtain such weapons (see MEMRI Special Dispatch No. 1096, "Reformist Iranian Internet Daily: A New Fatwa States That Religious Law Does Not Forbid Use of Nuclear Weapons," February 17, 2006 The website reported that, for the first time, extremist clerics from Qom had issued what the daily called "a new fatwa," which states that "shari'a does not forbid the use of nuclear weapons."Hmmmmmm....................Someone must have told the latter to ISLAMIC NUCLEAR ARMED Pakistan.Read and see the full story here.More on this 'fatwa' here.

Over 50,000 scored zero on Turkey's university entrance exam.

Over 50,000 scored zero on Turkey's university entrance exam.(TZ).According to the result of this year's Transition to Higher Education Examination (YGS), 50,805 students scored zero points on the exam, answering all questions incorrectly. The Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM) has stated that 1,895,476 students applied to take the YGS exam this year and that 57,742 did not show up on the examination date. Furthermore, the cities with the highest scores were listed as Burdur, Ankara and Karabük, with Van, Hakkari and Şırnak listing as the cities with the lowest scores. Results were announced by the Higher Education Board (YÖK) this morning and as well as this year's top-ranking student. Abdullah Coşkun from Konya province came in first among the close to 2 million students who took the test. Coşkun, who attends Büyükkoyuncu Science High School, answered all questions on this year's YGS correctly. Speaking to the Cihan news agency, Coşkun said he is thinking of studying medicine, adding that he has still not made up his mind about which university he wants to attend. “If I decide to stay in Konya, I would want to go the private Mevlana University,” he said.The quality of Turkey’s education compares poorly with OECD averages, according to a World Bank study.Read the full story here.

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Overnight Music Video - The Righteous Brothers - You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' feat. Top Gun 1986

AIM Video Study: Barack Obama vs. American Values

AIM: Accuracy in Media has recently developed a new video platform designed to compare and contrast how the Obama Administration and mainstream press coordinate and broadcast progressive ideals without any semblance of balanced coverage or debate. This week’s piece focuses on unfair criticism of the Supreme Court, the US Constitution, free markets and President Obama’s take on American values HT: NewZeal.

Video - Sudanese Governor of South Kordofan Ahmad Haroun, Wanted by ICC for War Crimes, in Pep Talk to Soldiers: "Crush Them, Don't Bring Them Back Alive, Eat Them Uncooked"

Belgian Lawyer: "Whether someone is a terrorist or a hero now depends mainly on the geo-strategic interests of our country."

                                                                     Sheik Bassam

Belgian Lawyer: "Whether someone is a terrorist or a hero now depends mainly on the geo-strategic interests of our country."(IIE).Belgium: Terror suspect doesn't show up for trial, is in Syria fighting Assad
Via VRT:
In Brussels, a trial has started against 7 radical Muslims. The defendants are facing terrorism charges. They are suspected of planning a terrorist attack in Brussels, and of recruiting new members for Al Qaeda on Belgian soil for the "holy war" in Iraq and Afghanistan. According to their lawyers, there is no proof that they actually had plans to carry out a terrorist attack.


One of the suspects is the son of sheik Bassam, a radical imam who was recently convicted in Italy, receiving 8 years' imprisonment. The suspect did not show up in Brussels today, he is said to be fighting the Assad regime in Syria.

Sheik Bassam is Bassam Ayachi father. Abdelrahman Ayachi's lawyer told the court: "My client is originally from Syria. He's currently there and is committing terrorist acts against the regime of president Assad. (...) He's doing in Syria, with support of the UN, the same things for which he is being charged here in Brussels today. In Iraq he fought against the Americans. That's not allowed. In Syria he's fighting against Assad and that's OK. Whether someone is a terrorist or a hero now depends mainly on the geo-strategic interests of our country."

Updated: Abdelrahim was previously convicted for inciting hatred against Jews, but some of the charges were dropped on appeal.Read the full story here.

Video - Amsterdam red light district Girls going wild.

Amsterdam is famous for it’s red light district. A lot of tourists walk around and have a look at this curious neighbourhood. They often see the prostitutes as a kind of entertainment, every day hundreds of ‘windowshoppers’ from all over the world take a stroll on the Amsterdam canals. Not that long ago they got to see this. With this campaign Stop The Traffik wants to make people aware that a lot of these girls are victims. "Every year thousands of women in Western Europe are promised a dance career.Unfortunately, they end up here.Stop the trafficking of women!"

"Apologist-in-chief" Envoy John Kerry to visit Pakistan for apology over NATO strikes.

"Apologist-in-chief" Envoy John Kerry to visit Pakistan for apology over NATO strikes.(Tribune).ISLAMABAD: US President Barack Obama is sending his key trouble-shooter to Pakistan later this month amidst efforts to reset ties in light of the new foreign policy guidelines recently approved by parliament. Former presidential hopeful and chairman of the US Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee Senator John Kerry is expected to travel to Islamabad on April 29 to meet the country’s top civil and military leadership, an official told The Express Tribune. He will also meet the opposition politicians and interact with the civil society in an attempt to convey a message that the US still considers Pakistan a key partner despite recent strains. One official said that the influential US senator would likely offer a formal public apology on behalf of the Obama Administration over the Nato airstrikes on a Pakistani check post in November last year. The formal public apology over the attacks that killed two dozen Pakistani soldiers is one of the key preconditions set by parliament for the normalisation of ties including resumption of vital land routes for the Nato forces stationed in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, ahead of the crucial trip, the Defence Committee of the Cabinet will have another session on April 24 to firm up Pakistan’s position on key issues with Washington. Official sources said senior US figures including President Obama’s ‘point man’ for the region, Marc Grossman, intended to visit Islamabad at the earliest but the trip was delayed at the request of the government, which is seeking clarity in its approach on redefining the strained relationship. Though the new policy terms provide broader guidelines, the government with its key stakeholders is working on a framework providing a clear roadmap for addressing some of the crucial issues with the US, sources added. US Ambassador to Pakistan Cameron Munter told a private news channel on Thursday that his country was ready to discuss new recommendations with Pakistan but said it did not necessarily mean that Washington would accept all of the demands. His remarks appear to suggest the differences with Pakistan on drone strikes inside the country’s tribal belt.Hmmmm........Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power. ~ Abraham Lincoln.Read the full story here.

Israel’s Defense Minister Ehud Barak to Panetta: What is your bottom line for Iran?

Israel’s Defense Minister Ehud Barak to Panetta: What is your bottom line for Iran?(Debka).Notwithstanding the hugs and personal friendship, Israel’s Defense Minister Ehud Barak arrived in Washington Thursday April 19 to tax his host, US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, with tough questions about the administration’s dialogue with Iran. They followed the lines of, “What’s going on? Is there a deal? Don’t tell me what you have settled with the Iranians, just your minimal demands, your bottom line.” The questions reflected Israel’s concern at being kept in the dark about US-Iranian back-track negotiations and American concessions, including President Barak Obama’s willingness to yield on full transparency and international nuclear watchdog inspections at Iran’s nuclear sites. debkafile reports: The Israeli minister had come to ask for the truth from Panetta’s own lips on the urgent instructions of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who himself had just received worried phone calls from French President Nicolas Sarkozy and British Prime Minister David Cameron. They wanted to find out how far Washington had gone in concessions to Iran. You Israelis have more clout in Washington than us, they said. You have to try and stop the downhill decline. Concern was also registered from Berlin. The two defense chiefs talked for more than an hour, joined for some of their conversation by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey. According to our sources, they focused on the fresh intelligence reaching the US and the International Atomic Energy Agency that Iran had begun moving military nuclear facilities to secret locations not covered in the confidential deal evolving between the Obama administration and Tehran. Our military sources say that this Iranian action indicates on the one hand that a deal wit the US is within sight but, on the other, that Tehran is already taking advantage of the US concession on oversight and transparency - for concealment. Barak stated that the Israeli and U.S. intelligence findings regarding the objectives of the Iranian nuclear program are aligned, the comment he makes routinely after talking to American officials. The inference is that the two governments are aligned on intelligence but not on how to translate it into action for Iran. He added that Iran was “clearly heading towards the objective” of building a nuclear weapon. The meeting took place in the middle of a crisis hitting the White House, the Pentagon and the State Department over the president’s far-reaching concessions to Iran in another dispute, the one over three Persian Gulf islands close to the strategic Strait of Hormuz which the UAE accuses Iran of grabbing. The UAE called the Ahmadinejad’s visit a violation of its sovereignty, while the Gulf bloc saw it as a cocky signal to the region that Tehran calls the shots these days – not America. Yet, instead of backing its Gulf allies, the State Department on April 19, issued a mild statement urging Iran “to respond positively to the UAE’s initiative to resolve the issue through direct negotiations, the International Court of Justice or another appropriate international forum.” The Gulf governments had expected Washington to respond to Iranian threats to use Abu Musa for attacks on the Strait of Hormuz and their oil terminals. They are deeply concerned by what they regard as the extreme lengths to which the Obama administration is willing to go to appease Iran, even to the point of giving ground on America’s own standing in the region.Hmmmm.......As i said before what else did Obama and Erdogan promise Iran?The UAE might start thinking about starting it's own nuclear arms race.Read the full story here.

19 Million people prepare to evacuate!Popocatepetl Strato Volcano Mexico about to erupt?

19 Million people prepare to evacuate!Popocatepetl Strato Volcano Mexico about to erupt? (TS).The volcano has currently begun spewing red-very hot bits of rock, and its opening has expanded. These are indicators that the volcano, still quite active, could quickly erupt. In a statement by Mexico’s National Center for Disaster Avoidance, the volcano could make “reasonable exhalations, some with ash, sporadic very low to moderate explosions with probable burning fragments, and flaming magma within the crater.” Residents and tourists have been suggested to continue being at the very least 7 miles away from the volcano’s base, lest magma or sizzling rock injure anyone. Mexico has been encountering natural disasters with increasing frequency. On Friday, officers at the U.S. Geological Survey noted a 5.4 magnitude earthquake six miles off Mexico’s Pacific Coast. It was powerful sufficient to shake buildings 230 miles away in Mexico City. Luckily no one was hurt in that earthquake, and the country was still left relatively unscathed. A 7.4 magnitude earthquake strike just two days earlier, once more not injuring any person but leaving Mexico City citizens shaken. In accordance to Reuters, it was the third earthquake in significantly less than one thirty day period. The last main earthquake struck on March 20, injuring 11 in Oaxaca and two in Mexico.The Popocatepetl volcano (map) last erupted in 2000, and in 2005 it released a higher volume of smoke and ash. Lava was also released for the duration of 2005, and since then it has remained fairly quiet. Only in 2012 has it started moving and acting yet again.Popocatepetl is one of Mexico's most active volcanoes. After almost 50 years of dormancy, "Popo" came back to life in 1994 and has since then been producing powerful explosions at irregular intervals. In the past centuries befor European invasions, large eruptions produced giant mud flows that have buried Atzteque settlements, even entire pyramids. Read the full story here, more here, webcam here.

"Arab Spring" - Syria on Brink of Civil War – Russia.

"Arab Spring" - Syria on Brink of Civil War – Russia.(RN).Syria faces a catastrophic civil war if both sides in the crisis that has gripped the country for over a year fail to take advantage of the current fragile ceasefire there, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said on Friday. “A very important event in the developments in the country has come about,” the ministry said in a statement on its website. “The issue in Syria now is the choice between a transition towards peaceful, nationwide talks or a descent into civil war.” United Nations envoy Kofi Annan’s six-point peace plan for Syria stipulated the start of a ceasefire on April 12 in a bid to stop the violence the UN says has so far claimed around 9,000 lives. But UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said on Thursday that he had seen “troubling” evidence of ceasefire violations by both government troops and rebel forces. He also said Syria had failed to comply with its obligations under Annan’s peace plan to withdraw troops and heavy weapons from urban areas. Russia’s Foreign Ministry said on Friday the ceasefire was holding, despite “violations and provocations” but warned of a “new circle of violence” in the event of its breakdown. Foreign ministers from the Friends of Syria coalition, which Russia is not part of, met in Paris on Thursday evening. They said later in a statement that the ceasefire and Anna’s peace plan were the "last hope" of avoiding civil war in Syria. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov also criticized earlier this month Assad’s handling of the uprising against his rule and said Syria needed to be “more decisive” to meet its commitments to Annan’s peace plan. And Ban called on Thursday for an increase in the UN mission to Syria to 300 observers. Thirty observers are currently permitted to monitor the ceasefire under a UN resolution passed on Saturday, but only six are currently on the ground. His proposal was backed by Lavrov on Friday. “We should do everything possible to pass a second resolution as soon as possible to authorize a full-scale monitoring mission to Syria,” he said after a meeting with Italian foreign and defense ministers on the Syria crisis. Russia’s Foreign Ministry also said on Friday a delegation from the Syrian Popular Front for Change and Liberation opposition movement would visit Moscow for talks next week. Delegates from another internal opposition movement, the National Coordination Body for Democratic Change (NCB), held talks with Lavrov in Moscow on Wednesday, a week after Russia’s top diplomat met with his Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem. The NCB called the talks “important and successful.” A delegation spokesman also told RIA Novosti the group would consider dropping its opposition to foreign military intervention in Syria, if it was “the only solution” to the conflict.Hmmmm......National Coordination Body for Democratic name for Muslim Brotherhood?Read the full story here.

Roadside bomb near Golan border kills 10 Syrian troops, Annan spokesman: "situation on the ground is not good."

Roadside bomb near Golan border kills 10 Syrian troops, Annan spokesman: "situation on the ground is not good."(JPost).Ten Syrian security personnel were killed on Friday in a roadside bomb planted by "terrorists" in Sahm al Golan village in the southwest of the country near the border with Israel, state television said. It said that the bomb weighed 100 kilograms but gave no other details.France, meanwhile, seeking to avoid civil war, is drafting a new resolution for the United Nations Security Council designed to allow a larger observer force to be deployed in Syria with up to 500 observers as well as helicopters, French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe said on Friday. The UN Security Council - divided between Western countries that want to topple Syrian President Bashar Assad, and Russia and China which support him - is supposed to endorse a proposal to send a larger observer force as part of a six-point UN-Arab League plan for a political transition in Syria. "This is our last chance to avoid civil war," Juppe told BFM television. "We have this (Kofi Annan) agreement with all our partners so we have to give it a chance for a few more days. We have to give the Annan mission every chance to succeed, including with a strong force of 500 observers." Juppe's remarks came as a spokesman for Annan, the UN-Arab League's special envoy, said that the full advance team of 30 ceasefire monitors should be deployed in Syria in the coming week and that preparations were under way for up to 300 observers to be dispatched there. The week-old ceasefire is "very fragile" and the situation on the ground is "not good," with incidents and casualties reported every day, Annan's spokesman Ahmad Fawzi said. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has suggested that the 15-nation Security Council quickly pass a resolution authorizing the "initial deployment" of up to 300 unarmed monitors.On Thursday, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stepped up the pressure on Damascus, saying the UN Security Council should consider adopting a sanctions resolution that is capable of being enforced if Syria does not permit an adequate monitoring mission. The French government of President Nicolas Sarkozy, who faces the first round of a tough re-election battle on Sunday, has long led calls for Assad to step aside. It has also said it would support military action if there was a UN mandate, something that remains unlikely given Moscow and Beijing's opposition to intervention. "If in a few days or weeks it doesn't work then we will go to a next phase and a new resolution that has sanctions and intervention, as Mrs. Clinton indicated," Juppe said. Clinton said a resolution proposing sanctions would probably be vetoed now, but that world powers should push for a Chapter 7 sanctions resolution, including travel, financial sanctions, an arms embargo, and ultimately military intervention. French Socialist presidential frontrunner Francois Hollande said on Friday he would send troops to Syria in the event of a UN mandate for military intervention. "If it (military intervention) is done in the framework of the UN, then we will take part in this intervention," Hollande, who is comfortably ahead of Sarkozy for a May 6 poll runoff, told Europe 1 radio.Read the full story here.

EU plans to extend the same rights to Turkey ,Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Croatia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Israel.

EU plans to extend the same rights to Turkey ,Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Croatia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Israel.(TheSlog).The Slog has obtained sight of an official Brussels Commission document which, while not confidential, has not as far as I can tell been the subject of MSM coverage, or indeed any vote at all among MEPs. Although dated March 30th 2012 as a ‘proposal for a decision’, I can reveal that the decision has been approved and is already going ahead. It is to grant Turkish citizens the same residency and labour rights in Europe as existing EU citizens. The unelected European Commission has repealed the 1980 Ankara Accord between what was then the EEC and Turkey, and replaced it with a major change to the rights of Turkish citizens in the EU. The proposal was presented to a working group (we know not who) eleven days ago on March 30th, and approved by that same anonymous gathering. It specifically adds that ‘A first package with similar proposals in respect of Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Croatia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Israel was adopted by the Council in October 2010′ and that this too will be updated to bring it into line with the Turkish proposals. I was certainly not aware of the October 2010 ‘package’, and I doubt very much if even the eurosceptic wing of the Conservative Party is up to speed with the fact that this Turkish grant of rights is about to pass quietly into law – as so many of these lunatic Commission decisions have a tendency to do. But the clauses in relation to non-eurozone members like the UK (already sinking under the weight of unrestricted migration) are truly mind-boggling. For example: (my emphasis) ‘this [Turkish accord] will facilitate the application of these provisions by Member States’ social security institutions. This Decision shall apply:
 (a) to Turkish workers who are or have been legally employed in the territory of a Member State and who are or have been subject to the legislation of one or more Member States, and their survivors;
 (b) to the members of the family of workers referred to in point (a) provided that these family members are or have been legally resident with the worker concerned while the worker is employed in a Member State; I do not employ the phrase ‘ lunatic Commission decisions’ above lightly. Any unelected and yet sovereign body happy to take on the welfare needs of these workers at a time of euro meltdown must be deranged at least. To enumerate the idiocy involved here:

 1. Turkey’s economy under the closet Islamist Recep Erdogan is about to go bang. Enter millions of jobless Turks stage left.
 2. Turkey has already threatened to annex Cyprus…both parts of which represent an existing EU member.
 3. Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia are all recently destablised States with growing Islamist power in their politics.
 4. Um, none of them – including Israel – are in Europe. Small point, but worth bringing up I feel.
 5. All four of the above States are anti-Israel in the most bellicose manner.
 6. Germany has just passed a law denying these very rights to unemployed ClubMed citizens. How are they now going to feel in the light of this new law? How is Gunter Grass going to feel, having just been banned by the Israeli Government? 7. The anti-Islamist security ramifications of the new law would be horrendous. Hmmmm......This will do wonders for the unemployment and illegal immigrant numbers.Read the full story here.

Video - Fighting the spread of Islam - Fantastic speech by Melanie Phillips.

Two Turkish men hospitalized after drinking camel's milk, urine.

Two Turkish men hospitalized after drinking camel's milk, urine.(HD).Two Turkish men were hospitalized on arrival to Turkey after drinking camel's milk and urine while on an umrah visit, daily Hürriyet reported. The men believed the camel's milk and urine to be good for health, claiming it was written in a hadith. An imam, according to the Turkish men, also drank the milk and urine with them. The visitors were hospitalized due to high fever and unusual levels of liver enzymes. Further tests revealed that the two men had been infected with the "alkhurma" virus, reportedly catching the virus from the milk. The alkhurma virus is very dangerous and highly contagious and has a fatality rate of 25 to 35 percent, daily Hürriyet reported. İhsan Özkes, a retired religious cleric and current member of the Republican People’s Party (CHP), denied the existence of any hadith that would encourage people to drink camel's milk and urine. "Those who did drink it must have been ignorant," he said.Read the full story here.More on the subject here.

Video - CISPA Bill Picking Up Sponsors Ahead of Vote Next Week.

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Overnight Music Video - Hang on Sloopy - The McCoys

Hmmmm........I guess this is how real breasts act when confronted with Newton's laws?

German Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich: "extremism by Salafis, and forced marriage has no place in Germany".

German Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich: "extremism by Salafis, and forced marriage has no place in Germany".(AlArabiya).A conference aimed at furthering Muslim integration in Germany on Thursday condemned forced marriages and voiced concern over stepped-up recruiting by an ultra-conservative Islamic group, as a leading conservative politician said that Islam did not belong in Germany. Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich told the one-day forum that extremism by Salafis had no place in Germany after a recent drive by the group to distribute 25 million German-language copies of the Quran. “We all agree that Salafist extremism is not acceptable and does not work in a free society, as we have in Germany,” he said in opening remarks, according to AFP.
The move by a group of Salafis called “The True Religion” this month to hand out the Quran on the streets of Germany, Austria and Switzerland and via the Internet in a bid to convert non-Muslims provoked uproar in Germany. Domestic violence and forced marriage were also singled out by the forum, set up in 2006 and attended by federal, state and local officials as well as Muslim groups representing more than half of Germany’s mosque congregations. It stated that everyone has the right to “freedom from physical and mental harm, as well as the right to enter a marriage or to refrain from it by their own decision and in the framework of the applicable laws.”
More than 3,000 women and girls in Germany, most from Muslim families and many of them minors, were forced to wed or threatened with forced marriage in 2008 -- the most recent year with sufficient data, according to official research released in November. Germany passed legislation in 2010 against forced marriages, making it a criminal act punishable by up to five years in prison and providing means for victims taken abroad to return to Germany. The country counts some three million Turks or Germans of Turkish origin among its 82-million-strong population but the issue of integration remains a matter of politically-charged debate. The domestic intelligence service estimates there are about 2,500 Salafis, who espouse an austere form of Sunni Islam, in Germany and says it has them under official observation.
The agency has described Ibrahim Abu Nagie, who launched the campaign, as a prominent exponent of Salafism and German authorities view his website as a hub for radical Islamists. Meanwhile, a leading conservative politician said on Thursday that Islam did not belong in Germany, fuelling further tension. “Islam is not part of our tradition and identity in Germany and so does not belong in Germany,” Volker Kauder, head of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives in parliament, told the Passauer Neue Presse. “But Muslims do belong in Germany. As state citizens, of course, they enjoy their full rights,” he added, according to Reuters. In response to concern about radicalization and aware of the stimulus a well-qualified cohort of young Muslims could give to Europe’s biggest economy, Merkel set up forums, or conferences, six years ago to improve integration. Kauder’s comments quickly drew fire. “Volker Kauder is the last crusader for the conservatives. He is putting a bomb in the Islam conference,” said senior opposition Social Democrat (SPD) lawmaker Thomas Oppermann. “(He).. is denigrating and marginalizing all Muslims in Germany. That course is utterly wrong,” he said. Participants at Thursday’s Islam conference comprised delegates from the federal and state governments and Islamic groups in Germany. Critics, many from Merkel’s traditionally Catholic party, say the campaign is ideological, aimed at recruiting supporters. Some Muslim groups have also criticized the Quran handouts, though for a different reason. The chairman of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany has said the Quran is not a PR pamphlet for mass distribution.Kenan Kolat, the head of Turkish Communities in Germany, warned against hysteria. “If there is a glorification of violence or an infringement of free, democratic basic values, then there are police measures that can be used,” said Kolat.Read the full story here.

Iranian oil Minister: No Problem for Exporting Iranian Crude,... why is Turkey still importing 51% of it's oil from Iran?

Iranian oil Minister: No Problem for Exporting Iranian Crude,... why is Turkey still importing 51% of it's oil from Iran?(Fars).Iran would face no problem exporting its oil as there are new costumers with new contracts for purchasing the country's crude oil, Qasemi said. The minister hoped that Tehran's next round of talks with representatives of the western states in Baghdad, Iraq, (set for May 23, 2012) would follow up the agreements reached between the two sides in Istanbul, Turkey. "If the sanctions currently imposed against Iran would not be removed and if new sanctions be imposed against the country instead, this would seriously turbulent the energy market," said the minister. He also said that Iran will continue its oil exports to other countries excluding Britain and France. Speaking to reporters at a press conference, Qasemi said Tehran has officially cut off its oil exports to London and Paris. He said that Tehran was closely watching the way European states were dealing with Iran.
Qassemi had earlier this month announced that despite the international and unilateral sanctions against the country's oil sector, Iran's annual crude exports have reached $60bln. "This year the status of (our) oil exports has improved and long strides have been taken for the flourishing of the country's economy," Qassemi said. "Despite the fact that all countries have mobilized against Iran, the country's oil exports have reached $60bln now," he added.
Qassemi downplayed the effects of sanctions on the country's progress and flourishing, and said enemies should know that Iran is independent from other countries and sanctions have led to Iran's further progress and development. In the last days of 2011, Washington imposed new sanctions on Iran to penalize countries for importing Iranian oil or doing trade with its central bank. The US extraterritorial laws and pressures forced the EU member states to ratify in their meeting on January 23 and after months of debates to sanction oil imports from Iran and freeze the assets of Iran's Central Bank within the EU.
The Iranian oil ministry in a statement in late January downplayed the effects of the US and EU's unilateral oil sanctions against Tehran, and said such embargoes will merely harm the European economies and oil consuming countries. Tehran summoned the ambassadors of Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Portugal and the Netherlands to protest at the EU's unilateral sanctions against Tehran over its peaceful nuclear program, and warned them that it would soon stop oil exports to these countries if they do not reverse their decision. After the EU's decision to embargo Iranian oil supplies, Tehran stopped exports first to France and Britain and very recently to Greece and Spain. Following Tehran's oil sanctions against the three and its warning to other EU members, oil prices started soaring in the world markets.
Meantime, demand is growing for Iranian crude oil in Asian and African markets after the EU's fresh decision. Iran is currently supplying 100% of Sri Lanka's oil needs, 51% of Turkey, 25% of South Africa, 14% of Greece, 13% of Italy and Spain, 11% of India and China and 10% of Japan and South Korea's oil demands.Hmmmmm.......I thought Obama's buddy Erdogan declared they would CUT 20 % of their Iranian oil import?It's OK for Europe to 'suffer' but not for Turkey?Read the full story here.

'October Surprise' in the making? Without Warning, FBI Halts Intel Sharing.

'October Surprise' in the making? Without Warning, FBI Halts Intel Sharing.(PJMedia).The FBI has responded to our exclusive reporting this morning that they had cut off intelligence sharing of Terrorist Screening Center watch encounter reports to fusion centers nationwide. According to several fusion center officials interviewed today, the FBI is now saying that they will resume sending TSC watch encounter reports beginning next Monday. However, these reports will no longer contain Personal Information Intelligence (PII) related to the subject on the terror watch list. As one official said, “This is like promising us free bags of M&Ms, but without the M&Ms. There is practically nothing we can do with these reports without PII, which seems to be the FBI’s intent. They want to keep up the appearance of intel sharing without actually sharing intel.” Without making a public or private announcement, the FBI has ended critical intelligence sharing with all 77 law enforcement fusion centers nationwide. This policy was implemented less than two days after a top FBI official told Congress about the FBI’s extensive efforts to share intelligence with state and local partners. On Monday, a state fusion center official told PJ Media: The FBI has effectively put us out of business. We are right back to September 10. Two other fusion center officials in other states confirmed the FBI’s new policy to PJ Media. On March 1, the FBI’s Terrorist Screening Center (TSC) stopped sharing watch encounter reports with the fusion centers.
The Watch Encounter reports document incidents of individuals on terror watch lists having encounters with state or local law enforcement. Until now, the Watch Encounter reports were forwarded to the fusion center responsible for the area where the encounter occurred. Since the TSC doesn’t share the terror watch lists with the fusion centers, the Watch Encounter reports were the only means that state officials had of knowing that someone on a terror watch list had either traveled to or lived in their area.
On February 28, Assistant Director of the FBI’s Directorate of Intelligence Eric Velez-Villar appeared before the House Homeland Security Counterterrorism and Intelligence Subcommittee. The hearing focused on the FBI’s intelligence sharing with state, local, and tribal law enforcement ten years after the 9/11 attacks. Velez-Villar discussed the importance of the fusion centers in the FBI’s investigative process: Fusion centers maximize our ability to detect, prevent, investigate, and respond to criminal and terrorist activity. They assist the FBI by providing information made available by the combination of knowledge, expertise, and information within local law enforcement and homeland security agencies operating throughout the nation, and our participation allows us to provide a national perspective on regional threats and trends so we can better inform decision makers at all levels. The exchange of intelligence that takes place in fusion centers aids other intelligence and law enforcement organizations — including the JTTFs — in their investigative operations and serves as a critical tool for collaboration at all levels. Two days later, the sharing stopped. Said another fusion center official who spoke with PJ Media on Tuesday: After a couple of days our analysts noticed that the reports had stopped coming. No notice, no explanation. Congressional staffers are now investigating, and a key point has been raised in the investigation: it appears the FBI may be required to provide such intelligence to the fusion centers by presidential executive orders and federal law.Hmmm......The Director of the FBI reports directly to the Deputy Attorney General........Holder and Co.Read the full story here.
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