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Monday, April 16, 2012

Overnight Music Video - Rawhide---Frankie Laine

Obama 2010 "They talk about me like a dog" - Obama 2012 "“Throw Bo A Bone On His Anniversary.” Of course, that “bone” would be a campaign contribution, starting at $10."

Obama 2010 "They talk about me like a dog" - Obama 2012 "“Throw Bo A Bone On His Anniversary.” Of course, that “bone” would be a campaign contribution, starting at $10."(WE).Now even Bo, the nation’s first pup, is being used to raise money for his the reelection campaign of his owner, President Obama. Cute for sure, but not everybody’s wagging their tail over what is the first use of a presidential pet to raise campaign cash. On the Obama-Biden campaign website, Bo is featured because it is the third anniversary of his adoption. “It’s a promise Barack made to his daughters--that if he won the election in November 2008, he would buy them their long-awaited puppy. On April 14, 2009, Barack followed through on his promise to Malia and Sasha--the Obamas welcomed Bo into their home,” says the campaign of the Portuguese water dog. “Now, he’s got three years under his collar as the first dog. This April, wish Bo Obama a happy anniversary as a member of the first family,” adds the campaign website in a posting headlined, “Throw Bo A Bone On His Anniversary.” Of course, that “bone” would be a campaign contribution, starting at $10. “The first dog is wagging his tail in anticipation of four more years,” says the campaign. Maybe so, but some think the use of the first pet to raise money is tacky. “That’s very crass,” says Claire McLean of the Presidential Pet Museum. “That’s like raffling the dog or auctioning the pet,” she adds. “It’s not presidential to do that.” McLean says that pets have been used for fun in campaigns because they are nonpartisan. “Bo is liked by Republicans and Democrats because he doesn’t have any real political affiliation,” she said. But using him in fundraising pitches, as the campaign is, destroys that. “He becomes like a donkey or elephant,” she says of the Democratic and Republican mascots.Hmmmm.....Anything is for sale it seems.....How about The U.S.A.?“I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money”.Read the full story here.

Egyptian Presidential Election Postponed?

Egyptian Presidential Election Postponed?(Docstalk).By BarryRubin.It is being reported--though I haven't fully confirmed it--that the totally chaotic Egyptian presidential election will be postponed until after a constitution is written. That means the military will hold onto power for what? several months? most of this year? who knows. Having made one tough decision--to run a presdiential candidate--the Brotherhood must now decide whether it wants to play it safe, given its control of parliament, and have a weak president or to go for a strong president, believing that it will put its own man into office. And incidentally it isn't clear who precisely is running. The Salafist candidate, who loathes America, Hazem Salah Abu Ismail was disqualified after being challenged by a claim that his mother is an American citizen and so was Brotherhood candidate Khairat el-Shater. The Brotherhood has a backup candidate, Muhammad al-Mursi, ready to go if necessary. The Mubarak regime's intelligence chief, Omar Suleiman, has been also barred as have been all former officials though somehow there's a loophole allowing the former foreign minister to run! Oh well. The Mubarak regime barred the Brotherhood as a separate party and now the Brotherhood has gotten the Mubarak regime blocked. Such is democracy. Any way, this is another step in the growing chaos and instability that is going to continue to plague Egypt. Comment: This is a critical development and I notice that the USA Administration is quite mum about the process that is taking place in Egypt.How goes this in Egypt so goes the remainder of the ME. In Israel we are watching with diligence.Hmmmm.....Another 'crisis' that has to wait till after the 'reelection' of Obama?Read the full story here.

A Timeline of Terror: 2001 to 2012 - First rocket fired from Gaza at Israel exactly 11 years ago

A Timeline of Terror: 2001 to 2012 - First rocket fired from Gaza at Israel exactly 11 years ago.(IDFBlog).Author: IDF Website.Exactly 11 years ago, terrorists in the Gaza Strip launched a rocket at civilian communities in southern Israel for the first time. Since then, over 12,500 rockets have been fired at over one million Israeli civilians, creating an unbearable reality.
For 11 years, the rocket fire has been disrupting normal life, damaging property and threatening innocent lives - so far killing over 40 civilians and injuring dozens more. Since the beginning of 2012, already 269 rockets hit Israeli territory. During escalations, when rocket fire increases, entire families are forced to stay in bomb shelters between recurring sirens. The Gaza Strip is a 41 km long and 6 to 12 km wide region located on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea. The Gaza Strip population stands at 1.6 million and is bordered by Israel and Egypt. Israel completely withdrew from the Gaza Strip in 2005 in a unilateral disengagement, though Gaza terrorists continue to launch rockets at Israeli communities. In response to every rocket launched, IAF aircraft target the responsible terrorists with direct, precise strikes. Many times the IAF is able to recognize terrorists as they prepare to launch rockets, and manage to thwart yet another attack. 
Launching sites, terror infrastructure, and tunnels used for weapon smuggling are targeted as well, thwarting additional attacks. The IDF will not tolerate any attempt to harm Israeli civilians or soldiers, and will operate against anyone who uses terror against the State of Israel. The Hamas terror organization is solely responsible for any terrorist activity emanating from the Gaza Strip.
The recent escalation in southern Israel took place in March, during which over 300 rockets were fired at Israeli territory by terrorists in the Gaza Strip. The IDF responded with pinpoint air strikes targeting those responsible and thwarting additional attacks, mostly executed from within residential areas and using civilians as human shields. During the escalation, IDF Spokesperson Brig. Gen. Yoav (Poly) Mordechai assured during a radio interview that, "we will not allow this unbearable reality to continue plaguing the lives of civilians in southern Israel. No country in the world would allow this and we will continue operating against every terror body active in the Gaza Strip... The IAF along with exact intelligence reports has been successful in directly targeting these terrorists as they prepare to launch rockets."
Brig. Gen. Mordechai continued to accuse the Hamas terror organization as responsible for the attacks. After one of the situating assessments held during the escalation, Chief of the General Staff, Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz said, "Over the weekend more than 120 rockets were fired at Israeli territory. 90% of the rockets that were directed at highly populated regions were intercepted by the Iron Dome anti-missile defense system. The IDF is demonstrating its exact, high-quality operational capabilities in response." Prior to the recent March escalation, another escalation took place in August, 2011.
Faced with this relentless barrage of rockets fired from the Gaza Strip, Israel developed a variety of defense measures ranging from measures to identify and precisely target rocket launch sites–sometimes even just seconds before a launch attempt–to sophisticated missile defense systems.
Despite the constant threat aimed at civilians, the IDF strives to keep the casualty count to a minimum. Whether it’s the instructors of the IDF Home Front Command who visit schools and teach children how to act when the warning sirens go off, or the Iron Dome system intercepting and destroying rockets headed for population centers, the IDF works hard to protect Israel and its citizens.Read and see the full story here and here.

Obama Administration Discontinues Transparency Tool.

Obama Administration Discontinues Transparency Tool.(Heritage).Since 1993, the Census Bureau has made available detailed data about federal government expenditures in its Consolidated Federal Funds Report (CFFR). The 2012 report will be the last one.
Through the CFFR website, the public had access to such data as federal expenditures made at the county level for programs such as Medicaid, Social Security, and Medicare as well as for more obscure federal spending programs. How much did the federal government send to Autauga County in Alabama for a hazardous materials training program? That data was available, but now it is concealed.
The CFFR states:
The U.S. Census Bureau has terminated the Federal Financial Statistics program effective for the FY 2012 budget. The termination of the program results in the elimination of the Consolidated Federal Funds Report (CFFR), including the publication, downloadable data, and the On-Line Query System, as well as the annual Federal Aid to States Report (FAS). In preparation for the Fiscal Year 2012 budget, the Census Bureau did a comprehensive review of a number of programs and made the difficult decision to terminate and reduce a number of existing programs in order to secure funding for new programs or cyclical increases for other programs.
Did someone tell the Census Bureau that it must end the CFFR in order to expand other, less transparent data collection? The Obama Administration’s 2012 budget appendix includes a request to expand the Census Bureau’s research and production capabilities in some areas and a request to reduce them in others. It does not name exactly what is to be terminated but only what is to be expanded.Under the table cuts are not transparent.
The old CFFR website refers people to, with the caveat that not all of the data is available there. For the past two weeks, none of the data was available there.
I spoke with the chief of the Federal Programs Branch at the Census Bureau, who pointed me to the archives section of there. When we click on any of the files that are supposed to contain federal contracts however, we continually got “page not found” messages. Researchers who want to continue to use data they have had access to since 1993 are out of luck. On Friday, April 13, the data mysteriously returned to the page and is now located there, but the availability of the data remains spotty—one day in the last two weeks.
With the Obama Administration outspending all prior Administrations while adding to the astronomical federal debt, the fact that taxpayers can no longer rely on access to where and how their money is being spent at the county and city level is disquieting. So far, Administration officials have been able to brush the lack of transparency under the rug. For the good of the country, that needs to change. Citizens should demand to know what is happening to their tax dollars once they are sucked up by the federal government’s vacuum cleaner.Hmmmm..........“Withholding information is the essence of tyranny. Control of the flow of information is the tool of the dictatorship.” ~ Bruce Coville.Read the full story here.

Russian Inspectors Begin Surveillance Flight Over the U.S. territory from the Travis Air Force Base, located in California.

Russian Inspectors Begin Surveillance Flight Over the U.S. territory from the Travis Air Force Base, located in California.(RN).A group of Russian military observers begin on Sunday a nine-day inspection mission in the skies of the United States under the Open Skies Treaty. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, Russia’s Tupolev Tu-154 LK-1 will take off on Sunday from the Travis Air Force Base, located in California, while the maximum range of the flight will total 4,250 kilometers (2,640 miles). “Russian and U.S. experts on board the plane will monitor the implementation of agreements on the use of technical equipment for the observation,” the ministry said in a statement earlier this week.The Open Skies Treaty, signed in 1992 at the initiative of U.S. President George H.W. Bush, established a regime of unarmed aerial observation flights over the territories of its 34 member states to promote openness and the transparency of military forces and activities. The treaty entered into force on January 1, 2002 and its regime covers the national territories (land, islands, and internal and territorial waters) of all the treaty signatory states. It is an important element of the European security structure. Meanwhile Tbilisi’s decision to pull out from the Open Skies Treaty vis-à-vis Moscow sets “a dangerous precedent”, which may even lead to “collapse” of the entire treaty, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) said in a statement on April 16.Georgia announced in early April that it was ceasing its obligations under the treaty only vis-à-vis Russia.Georgia cited Russia’s decision to impose restriction on observation flight path as the reason behind its decision to pull out from the treaty vis-à-vis Russia.
The Treaty does not envisage possibility of an arbitrary, discriminatory restriction of right of any participating state. The Georgian side’s action, however leads to violation of the Russian Federation’s rights and creates a dangerous precedent, which, combined with uneasy situation existing recently in the Open Skies Consultative Commission [the implementing body of the treaty, consisting of representatives from each of the 34 states parties to the treaty], may lead to the collapse of the Open Skies Treaty,” the Russian MFA said in the statement.Hmmmm..............Anyone heard about these 'overflights' in the MSM?Read the full story here.

Russian Air Force to hold massive exercise near Japanese airspace, 40 strategic 'bear' bombers to carry out five-day drill

Russian Air Force to hold massive exercise near Japanese airspace, 40 strategic 'bear' bombers to carry out five-day drill.(OUTITW).Like the US Air Force’s B-52, Russia’s strategic bombers are Cold War relics, but they can still pack a punch with their air-launched cruise missiles. Russia has not hesitated to flex its muscles around the disputed South Kuril Islands, which Soviet troops wrested from Japan at the end of the Second World War. The Kremlin media reports that earlier today the Russian Air Force began a massive five-day drill near Japan: About 40 strategic bombers will participate in five-day drills in Russia’s Maritime Territory near the Japanese border, Defense Ministry spokesman Col. Vladimir Drik said on Monday. The long-range aviation exercise, which started earlier in the day, includes aerial bombing and launches of airborne cruise missiles at the Litovka test range, he said. Other training missions will include aerial patrol and midair refueling. About 30 crews of Tu-95MS Bear strategic bombers, some 10 crews of Tu-22M3 Backfire bombers and two Il-78 aerial tankers will participate. Moscow and Tokyo did not sign a peace treaty in 1945 and, thus, are still technically a state of war. Last year, President Dmitry Medvedev announced that Russia will beef up its military presence in the South Kurils.Hmmmm.......Give me some time Vladimir, till 'i'm more flexible'?Read the full story here.

'Iranian officials observed N Korea's rocket a.k.a. "ballistic missile" launch'

'Iranian officials observed N Korea's rocket a.k.a. "ballistic missile" launch'.(ZI).Seoul: Iranian officials witnessed the failed rocket test in North Korea last week, a report on Monday said. A “diplomatic source” informed South Korea’s Yonhap news agency that 12 Iranian officials from the Shahid Hemmat Industrial Group (SHIG) were in North Korea to observe the launch. The SHIG is the organisation responsible for Iran's ballistic missile programs. “On March 31, 12 Iranians of the Shahid Hemmat Industrial Group (SHIG) arrived in North Korea,” Yonhap quoted its source as saying. “The Iranians undoubtedly were there to observe the missile launch and receive test data from North Korea.”
A North Korean satellite, which South Korea calls a "ballistic missile", failed to enter orbit after its launch on Friday morning. South Korea said on Friday that North Korea will have to "take responsibility" for the alleged failed long-range rocket launch, which breached a UN ban. The 90-tonne Unha-3 rocket was launched at 7.39 am from the Tongchang-ri launch site but broke into some 20 pieces and fell into sea one or two minutes after the lift-off, according to the South Korean Defence Ministry. Describing the launch as "a ballistic missile test" and a "serious threat", the South Korean Defence Ministry said the broken pieces landed in waters some 100 to 150 km off South Korea's western port city of Gunsan. Pyongyang has said the launch of a rocket-mounted satellite is to mark the birth centennial April 15 of the country's founding father Kim Il-sung. News of North Korea's guests from Iran is likely to cast the spotlight onto the suspected relationship between the two nations in terms of the exchange of ballistic missile technology. One such indication of their collaboration is the Shahab-3 ballistic missile developed by Iran's SHID which is widely believed to be a replica of North Korea's mid-range Nodong missile.Hmmmmm.......On March 31, 12 Iranians of the Shahid Hemmat Industrial Group (SHIG) arrived in North Korea, that's a long time ahead for 'simple observation'.Read the full story here.HT: IsraelMatzav.

Canada's foreign minister asks Iran to release Canadian on death row.

Canada's foreign minister asks Iran to release Canadian on death row.(E24/7).Canada's foreign minister on Monday called on Iran to halt the imminent execution of Canadian-Iranian Hamid Ghassemi-Shall and to release the man accused of espionage.Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird and Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Diane Ablonczy issued a joint statement asking Iran to release and halt the execution of Hamid Ghassemi-Shall "Canada is gravely concerned by indications that the execution of Mr. Ghassemi-Shall may be carried out imminently," Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird said in a statement. "Canada urgently appeals to the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran to grant clemency to Mr. Ghassemi-Shall on compassionate and humanitarian grounds. "We urge Iran to reverse its current course and to adhere to its international human rights obligations." Hamid Ghassemi-Shall, 42, was detained in Iran and sentenced to death for espionage in 2009. According to a website dedicated to his case,, Ghassemi-Shall left Toronto in May 2008 to visit his mother in Tehran. While he was there, his brother, Alborz Ghassemi, was arrested, and Iranian authorities seized Hamid's passports, credit cards and other items. Alborz Ghassemi subsequently died in custody. Ghassemi-Shall was arrested when he made arrangements to retrieve his papers from Iranian officials. His wife, Antonella Mega, denies that her husband is a spy. Mega said Sunday that her morale is low after fighting for years to secure her husband's release. "I'm really praying to God that (Iranian officials) will do the right thing," Mega told CTV News. In a letter to the Canadian government dated February 22, 2011, Secretary General Alex Neve said the organization is "gravely concerned that he has been subject to torture and ill-treatment," and called on the Canadian government to intervene on his behalf.He immigrated to Canada following the Islamic revolution of 1979, living mostly in Toronto, but Iran does not recognize his dual citizenship.Read the full story here, more (Video) here.

Israel: Obama’s secret dealings with Iran conflict with US-Israeli understandings.

Israel: Obama’s secret dealings with Iran conflict with US-Israeli understandings.(Debka).The fundamental rift on Iran between US President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu burst into the open Monday, April 16 when high-ranking Israeli officials close to Netanyahu directly accused the president of reneging on the US-Israeli understandings reached ahead of the Istanbul talks between the six powers and Iran on April 14. Behind the show biz of Istanbul, they charged, the US and Iran had reached secret agreements in clandestine bilateral contacts channeled through Paris and Vienna. 
The row surfaced Sunday when Netanyahu said the US and world powers by agreeing to hold more talks in Baghdad next month had given Tehran a "freebie" of five more weeks to continue enriching uranium without restrictions. By singling out the US, the prime minister aimed his comment directly at the president.
Obama’s response was fast. At a news conference ending the Western Hemisphere summit in Cartagenia, Colombia, he commented sharply: "The notion that somehow we've given something away or a `freebie' would indicate Iran has gotten something. In fact, they've got some of the toughest sanctions that they're going to be facing coming up in just a few months if they don't take advantage of these talks." (THEY GOT TIME).
That is the very point on which Israel accuses the US president of playing false: time.As disclosed by debkafile on April 9, American and Israeli officials preceded the Istanbul talks with an understanding for the US to put before Iran agreed demands/concessions: Iran would be allowed to keep 1,000 centrifuges for the low-level enrichment of uranium up to 3.5 percent purity, the first time Israel had accepted the principle of Iran enriching uranium at any grade at all. It was also agreed between Washington and Jerusalem that Iran would not be permitted to keep 20 percent enriched uranium, which is a short step before weapons-grade, in any quantity. These understandings, known as the “1,000 principle,” were meant to represent the final upshot of the formal negotiations with Iran, a consensus to which US diplomats would aspire in as short a time possible. In the event, the US delegation did not present any of the agreed demands – or any other - to the Iranians attending the first round of talks in Turkey. The belated sense of being misled prompted the prime minister’s exceptionally sharp reaction. Israeli official sources now suspect that in their secret contacts, the US has granted Iran far-reaching concessions on its nuclear program - more than Israel would find unacceptable. The formal talks in Istanbul and in Baghdad on May 23 are seen as nothing but a device to screen the real business the US and Iran have already contracted on the quiet.Hmmmm......As i said several times before "What else have Obama and Erdogan promised Iran?Richard Dalton:"It should be possible to work out a first step this year".Read the full story here.

Quake Expert: Something is Seriously Wrong, says 39 quakes within two days, planet could be cracking up

Quake Expert: Something is Seriously Wrong, says 39 quakes within two days, planet could be cracking up .(ZT).A leading earthquake scientist has warned that the planet could be cracking up after a series of massive quakes in just 48 hours. Expert Gheorghe Marmureanu – from Romania’s National Institute of Earth Physics – says 39 quakes had hit the globe within two days. The series started with two massive quakes in Indonesia measuring 8.6 and 8.2 on the Richter scale rapidly followed by three more only slightly smaller in Mexico within hours. “There is no doubt that something is seriously wrong. There have been too many strong earthquakes,” said Marmureanu. He added: “The quakes are a surprise that cannot be easily explained by current scientific knowledge. With the Indonesian quake for example, statistically, there should be one big earthquake in this part of Asia every 500 years. However, since 2004, there were already three quakes with a magnitude of over 8, which is not normal.Read the full story here.

Video - Bolton Drops A-Bombs on Obama.

Bolton gave a speech at the NRA the other day and had some excellent one liners that go a long way at summarizing the foreign policy of this administration. My favorite being this one:

"The problem with Obama is that he sees American strength as provocative, when in fact it’s the exact opposite. It’s American weakness that’s provocative and we have a president who specializes in it."

Bolton also gave advice on how to treat our allies:

"If you watch how the Obama administration has performed with respect to Iran and it’s nuclear weapons and it’s support for terrorism, versus how our president has treated Israel, it’s very clear: if you want to know how to treat a close ally, look at how Barack Obama has treated Israel and then do the exact opposite."
Read and see the full story here.

Richard Dalton, former British Ambassador to Libya and to Iran:"the US simply cannot go far enough for a deal during an election campaign. A full year will be needed".

Richard Dalton, former British Ambassador to Libya and to Iran:"the US simply cannot go far enough for a deal during an election campaign. A full year will be needed".(EAWV).Richard Dalton, former British Ambassador to Libya and to Iran and now a fellow at the Royal Institute of International Affairs, writes for EA: Given the depth of mutual distrust, it is a significant achievement for Iran and the Six countries negotiating with them to have launched a serious dialogue on a peaceful negotiated solution.
The Six [US, Britain, France, Germany, China, and Russia] have been at sixes and sevens too often. The difficult work starts now, crafting a negotiating strategy that will start building trust and will end with a permanently reduced risk of Iran ever building nuclear weapons. Iran will have to decide whether it will go beyond exploring the positions of the other side and to actually deliver on transparency, scrutiny, and limits on its freedom of action. Iran travelled furthest to make this happen: they dropped the preconditions that wrecked the last talks in January 2011. Why? Four main reasons.
The leadership decided around August 2011 that they should resolve the outstanding concerns of the International Atomic Energy Agency's secretariat and its members that there had been many, and still could be some, military dimensions to its nuclear activities.
Second, they have made significant, bankable progress in their nuclear endeavours despite sanctions, including getter much closer to weapons capability.
Third, the sanctions have hurt their economy and prejudiced domestic quiet much more than they had anticipated. Last but not least, the pragmatic reflex in Iran has never been eclipsed --- to use diplomacy to work around obstacles that cannot be shifted by full-frontal defiance. Perhaps they decided too that they should no longer take such punishment for something they are not doing at present --- going for a bomb. Even intelligence services hostile to them say they are not doing that. Some members of the Six helped. In 2011 the Russians put forward a phased plan for big concessions by Iran in return for easing pressures on them, reflecting the fact that their businesses have paid the highest price for implementing sanctions. The UK will have worked hard to bridge the inevitable gap between them and the rest, especially the hard-necked French. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reiterated publicly that Iran could expect to be able to enrich uranium once it was in good standing with the IAEA and had assured the world of the exclusively peaceful nature of its programmes. President Obama renewed some of his 2009 language implying respect for the Islamic Republic in a private message to Ayatollah Khamenei. He ended years of uncertainty when he stated during Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Washington that it was the bomb, not the capability to make one, that was the US red line. He also made clear that he would not give Israel a green light to make war on Iran in current circumstances. In European Union representative Catherine Ashton’s statement the Six referred to Iran complying with all its international obligations. Fine. But the Six appear to have improved their tactics by down-playing their demand for compliance with the UN Security Council requirements that Iran suspends all enrichment and the construction of the Arak heavy-water reactor.
Their statement said that the Non-proliferation Treaty was “a” key basis. The Iranians would no doubt have preferred “the” key basis, but it is still a new point of emphasis for the Six that will make it easier to find common ground with Iran. Other good words in the statement of the Six are “step by step” –-- seductive as are ideas of getting everything right in one go, the matters to be negotiated are too complex, and the doubts of each about the true intentions of the other, are so profound, that proceeding by verified phases is essential. And not just for the negotiators: the US and Iran both have difficult domestic political situations. They have to convince their respective nay-sayers.
Even better is “reciprocity”. Although little appeared in the media in advance of the talks about what Iran might get if it changed its policy, it is obvious that the Six have known for some time that --- to quote another official speaking about potential concessions by the Six in the margin of the talks: “We will have to be credible too." Simply holding at Iran’s head a gun in one hand and the power to impoverish Iranians in the other was never going to save the NPT, avert war, reassure the neighbours, and keep oil flowing. So each side moved some way. Earlier each had escalated in the hope of bringing extra pressure to bear to shift any negotiations their way. The Iranians started 20% enrichment, and then moved it from exposed Natanz to safer Fordow, underlining the perils for the Six in delaying a move to a more flexible and hence constructive position. And ever-tighter financial sanctions and the partial oil embargo appear to have led Iran to moderate its defiance and allow itself the option of a change of policy.
It will be tough turning these preliminary moves into a deal. The first requirement for the Six is to recognize in practise that distrust is two-way. They must be seen to negotiate in good-faith on nuclear issues and not to hold regime change up their sleeves. Second, they must temper their preference for caution by giving Iran a picture at the outset, in secret, of what a successful outcome could look like. Elements should include satisfying the IAEA that Iran’s declarations of nuclear material are correct and complete, enrichment for peaceful purposes in Iran matching output of low –enriched uranium to Iran’s future civil reactor building programme, limitation of the percentage level of future enrichment, and enhanced surveillance of Iran’s activities --- building on Iran’s Safeguards Agreement with the IAEA which it observes well --- including the Additional Protocol. In return, Iran should get progressive lifting of all nuclear-related sanctions, and --- a word dear to Iran which appeared in the statements after the Istanbul talks –-- “cooperation”, meaning in nuclear developments.
Third, nuclear arrangements negotiated between the parties and with the IAEA are a necessary but not sufficient condition for complete success. Regional political and security-related concerns must be addressed in order to start reducing the gulf between the US, Israel and the GCC states, and Iran. If in due course Iran and the US can start their own bilateral track, so much the better. Next, dialogue must be given time. It should be possible to work out a first step this year based on the much-discussed end of 20% enrichment in return for cooperation over fuel supply for the Tehran Research reactor. But talk of a final and closing window for talks is unrealistic: the US simply cannot go far enough for a deal during an election campaign. A full year will be needed. And demanded of Israel, which in any case, is highly unlikely to abort the new sanctions-backed diplomacy by attacking Iran if --- a crucial if --- there is no change in the current overall intelligence picture of there being no imminent threat to it from Iran. Fifth, the dialogue must be sustained at a much higher intensity that hitherto. Between December 2004 and June 2005 Britain, France and Germany were in regular meetings with in Iran on cooperation, security and nuclear questions to clear the ground for what became the 2005 E3 proposal to Iran. That is the model --- not the once or twice a year sessions that followed that failure. Finally, a more forthcoming tone from France's Quai d’Orsay and Britain's Foreign and Commonwealth Office would help. Of course there is a long way to go (British Foreign Secretary William Hague) and of course Iran must make urgent gestures (French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe). The White House realised that it is worthwhile to give credit to your adversary when it is deserved --- they praised Iran’s positive attitude. The tensions in the Gulf should now subside for a period of months at least. Diplomacy has a serious chance of success. Strong leadership is needed on both sides to turn a beginning into promising first agreements, and later into a permanent resolution.Hmmmm........Ahmadinejad laying back in his divan .....playing over and over this song.Read the full story here.

In light of further nuclear risks at the spent nuclear fuel pool of the No. 4 reactor, economic growth should not be the priority.

In light of further nuclear risks at the spent nuclear fuel pool of the No. 4 reactor, economic growth should not be the priority.(PLNB).By Paul Langley. The following is taken from Source: Mainichi Daily News, Japan.Author: By Takao Yamada, Expert Senior Writer.Date: April 2, 2012.[...] One of the biggest issues that we face is the possibility that the spent nuclear fuel pool of the No. 4 reactor at the stricken Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant will collapse.
This is something that experts from both within and outside Japan have pointed out since the massive quake struck. [...] not only independent experts, but also sources within the government say that it’s a grave concern. The storage pool in the No. 4 reactor building has a total of 1,535 fuel rods, or 460 tons of nuclear fuel, in it. The 7-story building itself has suffered great damage, with the storage pool barely intact on the building’s third and fourth floors. The roof has been blown away.
If the storage pool breaks and runs dry, the nuclear fuel inside will overheat and explode, causing a massive amount of radioactive substances to spread over a wide area. Both the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and French nuclear energy company Areva have warned about this risk.
A report released in February by the Independent Investigation Commission on the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Accident stated that the storage pool of the plant’s No. 4 reactor has clearly been shown to be “the weakest link” in the parallel, chain-reaction crises of the nuclear disaster. The worse-case scenario drawn up by the government includes not only the collapse of the No. 4 reactor pool, but the disintegration of spent fuel rods from all the plant’s other reactors. If this were to happen, residents in the Tokyo metropolitan area would be forced to evacuate. 
Former Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Sumio Mabuchi, who was appointed to the post of then Prime Minister Naoto Kan’s advisor on the nuclear disaster immediately after its outbreak, proposed the injection of concrete from below the No. 4 reactor to the bottom of the storage pool, Chernobyl-style. [...] “Because sea water was being pumped into the reactor, the soundness of the structure (concrete corrosion and deterioration) was questionable. There also were doubts about the calculations made on earthquake resistance as well,” said one government source familiar with what took place at the time. “[...] fuel rod removal will take three years. Will the structure remain standing for that long? 
Burying the reactor in a concrete grave is like building a dam, and therefore expensive. I think that it was because TEPCO’s general shareholders’ meeting was coming up (in June 2011) that the company tried to keep expenses low.” [...] Earthquakes in the neighborhood of level-5 on the seismic intensity scale continue to occur even now in the Tohoku and Kanto regions. We cannot accept the absurd condescension of those who fear the worse-case scenario, labeling them as “overreacting.” We have no time to humor the senseless thinking that instead, those who downplay the risks for the sake of economic growth are “realistic.” Observation: Japan is very seismically active with over 1500 earthquakes per year.Average Number of Earthquakes per Year, Magnitude 5 and Greater All Depths. Read the full story here.

Video - Former Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Shura Council Member Abd Al-Sattr Al-Meligui Accuses Presidential Candidate Khayrat Al-Shater of Embezzlement of MB Funds

U.N. peace monitors set to begin mission in Syria as truce seems to erode

U.N. peace monitors set to begin mission in Syria as truce seems to erode.(AlArabiya).U.N. peace monitors are due to start their mission in Syria on Monday to oversee a shaky ceasefire undermined by persistent violence and the shelling of the opposition stronghold of Homs by forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad. As many as eight people have been killed on Monday by the Syrian troops, Al Arabiya reported citing activists at the Local Coordination Committees. The ceasefire is part of a broader peace plan brokered by international mediator Kofi Annan, but it looked increasingly under threat throughout the weekend as the government vowed a crackdown on a wave of “terrorist attacks” in Syria.
Meanwhile, the Norwegian general Robert Mood left to Norway and he will not return to Syria again, U.N. sources in New York told Al Arabiya. Mood was supposed to head the U.N. peace monitors in Damascus. Annan’s spokesman, Ahmed Fawzy, confirmed to Al Arabiya that Mood has returned back home and that the U.N. chief will choose a new leader for the team of peace monitors. An advance team of five unarmed monitors arrived in the capital Damascus on Sunday evening, a Reuters witness said. A Syrian official escorting the team at a Damascus hotel told Reuters that more observers were expected to arrive on Monday, but offered no details. Under the U.N. plan, two dozen more observers are due to enter Syria in coming days. As the monitors prepared to embark on their mission, violence persisted on the ground.
One activist said the city of Homs, one of the hotbeds of opposition to Assad, was bombarded on Sunday by government forces at a rate of “one shell per minute.” Casting further doubt on whether the ceasefire would hold, Syria said it would stop what it called “terrorist groups” from committing criminal acts, state television reported. 
Annan, joint special envoy of the United Nations and Arab League, brokered the six-point peace plan in March as part of international efforts to stop 13 months of violence. The U.N. Security Council authorized the deployment of up to 30 unarmed observers on Saturday in the first resolution on Syria the 15-nation council managed to approve unanimously since the uprising erupted in March 2011. Syrian government spokeswoman Bouthaina Shaaban said Syria could not be responsible for the safety of the monitors unless it was involved in “all steps on the ground.” On the eve of the mission, Syrian forces pounded Homs, activists said. “Early this morning we saw a helicopter and a spotter plane fly overhead. Ten minutes later, there was heavy shelling,” said Walid al-Fares, a local activist.Read and see (Video) the full story here.

Video - North Korea “Flexes Muscles” at Military Parade.

North Korea staged massive celebrations in Pyongyang’s main square with a grand military parade to celebrate the 100th anniversary of founder Kim Il-sung on Sunday, 15th April, also known as the Day of the Sun. 20,000 soldiers and officers accompanied by military vehicles and fighter aircrafts marched in front of the North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un who reaffirmed the supremacy of country’s military in his first public speech since he assumed power in December of last year. “Let us make every unit of the Korean Public Army the shield and bombs which safeguard the revolutionary headquarters,” said Jong-Un.Source:

Iran hits back at Saudi Arabia: "Arab Leaders Have No Problem with Israeli Occupation of Saudi Islands".

Iran hits back at Saudi Arabia: "Arab Leaders Have No Problem with Israeli Occupation of Saudi Islands".(Fars).Tehran - Arabs are running a media ballyhoo about Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's recent visit to the Iranian island of Abu Musa in the Persian Gulf, while they have long kept mum about the Israeli occupation of Saudi Arabia's Tiran and Sanafir Islands by the Muslim world's No. one enemy, the Zionist regime of Israel. Israeli forces have occupied the two islands since 1967 but the Saudi people are not aware of the issue and the Saudi monarch has not made any effort to regain its territory. The two islands are located on the Southern end of the Gulf of Aqaba, leading to the Red Sea. Tiran Island, which has an area of about 80 square kilometers, is located at the inflow of the Straits of Tiran. Sanafir Island, with an area of 33 square kilometers, also lies to the East of Tiran. The two islands were given to the former Egyptian President, Gamal Abdel Nasser, for logistics use in the Six Day War of 1967 against Israeli forces. However, the islands have been occupied by Tel Aviv since Egypt's defeat. The Straits of Tiran, which has remained under the control of Tel Aviv, has strategic significance since it serves as Israel's only direct access to the Red Sea. The regional nations are surprised and rather confused as to why Saudi Arabia is so vigorously pursuing the UAE's baseless claims on the three islands of the Greater Tunb, the Lesser Tunb and Abu Musa which are historically owned by Iran, while it has kept mum about its own Israeli-occupied islands. After Ahmadinejad visited Abu Musa last week, the UAE recalled its ambassador from Tehran Saif Mohammed Abid al-Zaabi in protest at Ahmadinejad's official trip to the Iranian island. Then, the foreign ministers of the six-nation Persian Gulf Cooperation Council (PGCC) decided to hold an emergency meeting in Doha on Tuesday to discuss the Iranian President's visit to the Iranian island of Abu Musa. International documents clearly show that the three islands of the Greater Tunb, the Lesser Tunb and Abu Musa which were historically owned by Iran, temporarily fell to British control in 1903. The islands were returned to Iran based on an agreement in 1971 before the UAE was born. Iran has repeatedly declared that its ownership of the three islands is unquestionable. Under international law, no state can defy any agreements, which came into being before its establishment. Yet, the UAE continues to make territorial claims against the Islamic Republic despite historical evidence and international regulations.Read the full story here.

Israeli TV report shows air force gearing-up for Iran attack, says moment of truth is near

Israeli TV report shows air force gearing-up for Iran attack, says moment of truth is near.(ToI).A major Israel TV station on Sunday night broadcast a detailed report on how Israel will go about attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities in the event that diplomacy and sanctions fail and Israel decides to carry out a military strike. The report, screened on the main evening news of Channel 10, was remarkable both in terms of the access granted to the reporter, who said he had spent weeks with the pilots and other personnel he interviewed, and in the fact that his assessments on a strike were cleared by the military censor. No order to strike is likely to be given before the P5+1 talks with Iran resume in May, the reporter, Alon Ben-David, said. “But the coming summer will not only be hot but tense.” In the event that negotiations fail and the order is given for Israel to carry out an attack on Iranian nuclear facilities, “dozens if not more planes” will take part in the mission: attack and escort jets, tankers for mid-air refueling, electronic warfare planes and rescue helicopters, the report said. Ben-David said the Israel Air Force “does not have the capacity to destroy the entire Iranian program.” There will be no replication of the decisive strikes on Iraq’s Osirak reactor in 1981 or on Syria in 2007, he said. “The result won’t be definitive.” 
But, a pilot quoted in the report said, the IAF will have to ensure that it emerges with the necessary result, with “a short and professional” assault. Ben-David said that if negotiations break down, and Iran moves key parts of its nuclear program underground to its Qom facility, the IAF “is likely to get the order and to set out on the long journey to Iran.” “Years of preparations are likely to come to realization,” he said, adding that “the moment of truth is near.” Ben-David interviewed several squadron leaders, pilots and other officers. He noted that some of the IAF personnel, “it is likely, will not return from the mission.” An officer named Gilad said it would be “naive” to think there would be no losses. The IAF is said to be worried about the advanced anti-aircraft systems that Russia has sold to countries in the region, the report said. Among those systems, the SA 17 and 22 in Syria and Iran present a challenge. According to the report, it’s the older versions of the F-15 that can fly further than any other plane in Israel’s arsenal, and this puts them on the front line of any potential attack.
One pilot said in the report that the F-15 “is a plane with a very wide range of operation — a combination of relatively energy-efficient engines, and significant flightworthiness regarding weapons and fuel.” The IAF has a full-sized unmanned plane, the “Eitan,” that is said to be able to fly to Iran, the report indicated. “This plane can do all that is required of it when the order is given,” a pilot said, without elaboration. The attack, the report said, would presumably trigger a war in northern Israel, with missile attacks (presumably from the Iranian-proxy Hezbollah in Lebanon). “There will be no tranquility and peace anywhere in Israel,” Ben-David said. This could be the first full-scale war the IAF has fought in nearly 30 years, the report stated. Pilots had already been told where their families would be moved, away from their bases, for safety, the report said.Hmmmm......"Pour les vaincre, messieurs, il nous faut de l'audace, encore de l'audace, et toujours de l'audace et la Patrie sera sauvée!" ~ Danton. Read the full story here.

Video - Brief history of India’s fight against Islam.

It’s a never-ending battle that has been ongoing for more than 1,000 years and continues to this day.HT: CreepingSharia.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Video - PM Netanyahu Comments on Talks with Iran.

British Peer Lord Nazir Ahmed suspended after 'offering £10m bounty on Barack Obama and George Bush'.

British Peer Lord Nazir Ahmed suspended after 'offering £10m bounty on Barack Obama and George Bush'.(TheTelegraph). Lord Nazir Ahmed, 53, who in 1998 became the first Muslim life peer, was reported to have made the comments at a conference in Haripur in Pakistan. A Labour Party spokesman said: "We have suspended Lord Ahmed pending investigation. If these comments are accurate we utterly condemn these remarks which are totally unacceptable." According to Pakistan's Express Tribune newspaper Lord Ahmed offered the bounty in response to a US action a week ago. The US issued a $10 million reward for the capture of Pakistani militant leader Hafiz Mohammad Saeed, founder of the Lashkar-e-Taiba group, who it suspects of orchestrating the 2008 Mumbai attacks in which 166 people died as terrorists stormed hotels and a train station. The British peer reportedly said: "'If the US can announce a reward of $10 million for the (capture) of Hafiz Saeed, I can announce a bounty of £10 million (for the capture of) President Obama and his predecessor, George Bush." Lord Ahmed reportedly said he would arrange the bounty at any cost, even if he had to sell his own personal assets including his house.
He was said to have made the comments at a reception arranged in his honour by the business community of Haripur on Friday. A former Pakistani foreign minister and a provincial education minister were said to have been present at the reception. Lord Ahmed, who was born in Pakistan, became Baron Ahmed of Rotherham at the age of 40. In 2007 he was highly critical of the awarding of a knighthood to Salman Rushdie, claiming the author had "blood on his hands." 
In its statement suspending Lord Ahmed the Labour Party said: "The international community is rightly doing all in its power to seek justice for the victims of the Mumbai bombings and halt terrorism." Lord Ahmed firmly denied offering a bounty, but said he had told the meeting that Mr Bush and former-Labour prime minister Tony Blair should be prosecuted for war crimes.
Speaking from Pakistan to the Press association he challenged the Labour Party to provide evidence for the suspension. He said: "They have suspended me? That's a surprise to me. I did not know. "I never said those words. I did not offer a bounty. I said that there have been war crimes committed in Iraq and Afghanistan and those people who have got strong allegations against them - George W Bush and Tony Blair - have been involved in illegal wars and should be brought to justice. "I do not think there's anything wrong with that. If the Labour Party want to suspend me I will deal with the Labour Party. They will have to give me some evidence."Read the full story here.

Overnight Music Video - Ghost Riders In the Sky By: Frankie Laine

 Frankie Laine was born Francesco Paolo LoVecchio on March 30, 1913, to Giovanni and Cresenzia LoVecchio (née Salerno). [His actual Cook County, Ill, birth Certificate, no. 14436, was already Americanized at the time of his birth, with his name written as "Frank Lovecchio," his mother as "Anna Salerno," and his father as "John Lovecchio," with the "V" lower case in each instance, except in the "Reported by" section with "John Lo Vecchio " written in.[14]] His parents had emigrated from Monreale, Sicily, to Chicago's "Little Italy," where his father worked at one time as the personal barber for gangster Al Capone. His family appears to have had several Mafia connections, and young Francesco was living with his grandfather when the latter was killed by members of a rival faction. The eldest of eight children, he got his first taste of singing as a member of the choir in the Church of the Immaculate Conception's elementary school. He next attended Lane Technical High School, now known as Lane Technical College Prep High School, where he helped to develop his lung power and breath control by joining the track and field and basketball teams. He realized he wanted to be a singer when he missed time in school to see Al Jolson's current talking picture, "The Singing Fool." Jolson would later visit Laine when both were filming pictures in 1949, and at about this time, Jolson remarked that Laine was going to put all the other singers out of business.Source.

Taliban militants free 400 prisoners including 20'very dangerous Taliban militants' in dramatic attack on Pakistan jail.

Taliban militants free 400 prisoners including 20'very dangerous Taliban militants' in dramatic attack on Pakistan jail.(DailyMail).Taliban fighters armed with rocket-propelled grenades stormed a prison in north west Pakistan and freed 400 prisoners, it emerged today. The raid by more than 100 fighters was a dramatic display of the strength of the insurgency gripping the nuclear-armed country. Police said at least 20 of the inmates set loose were 'very dangerous'.Authorities fear the escaped prisoners may now rejoin the fight, giving momentum and a propaganda boost to a movement that has killed thousands of Pakistani officials and ordinary citizens since 2007. The attackers battled their way into the prison before dawn in the city of Bannu close to the Afghan border and near Peshawar. Bannu prison superintendent Zahid Khan said they used explosives and hand grenades to knock down the main gates and two walls. 'They were carrying modern and heavy weapons,' said Mr Khan. 'They fired rockets.' Once inside the building, the attackers headed straight to the area of the prison where death-row prisoners were being kept, he said. Police officer Shafique Khan said they fought with guards for around two hours, setting part of the prison on fire before freeing the 380 inmates, including at least 20 'very dangerous Taliban militants'. One escaped prisoner, Adnan Rashid, was on death row for his involvement in an assassination attempt against former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf, said Zahid Khan. The prison in Bannu housed 944 inmates. A Taliban spokesman, Asimullah Mehsud, claimed the movement's fighters freed 1,200 of their comrades. The group is known to make exaggerated claims.Read the full story here.

Chicago Law Prof on Obama: "The Professors Hated Him because he was Lazy, Unqualified and Never Attended any of the Faculty Meetings".

Chicago Law Prof on Obama: "The Professors Hated Him because he was Lazy, Unqualified and Never Attended any of the Faculty Meetings"(GWP).The highest tenured faculty member at Chicago Law spoke out on Barack Obama saying, “Professors hated him because he was lazy, unqualified, never attended any of the faculty meetings.” Doug Ross reported this and more: I spent some time with the highest tenured faculty member at Chicago Law a few months back, and he did not have many nice things to say about “Barry.” Obama applied for a position as an adjunct and wasn’t even considered. A few weeks later the law school got a phone call from the Board of Trustees telling them to find him an office, put him on the payroll, and give him a class to teach. The Board told him he didn’t have to be a member of the faculty, but they needed to give him a temporary position. He was never a professor and was hardly an adjunct. The other professors hated him because he was lazy, unqualified, never attended any of the faculty meetings, and it was clear that the position was nothing more than a political stepping stool. According to my professor friend, he had the lowest intellectual capacity in the building. 
He also doubted whether he was legitimately an editor on the Harvard Law Review, because if he was, he would be the first and only editor of an Ivy League law review to never be published while in school (publication is or was a requirement). 
This photo of Barack Obama teaching in Chicago was posted in February 2008 atPrestoPundit. In this class Barack Obama was teaching his students the principles of Saul Alinsky. Notice the flow chart indicating the flow of money and power out of productive businesses (“CORP”) and into the political class (“MAYOR”): The heading at the top reads “POWER ANALYSIS”. The sub-heading reads “RELATIONSHIPS BUILD ON SELF INTEREST”.
The symbol on the arrow between “CORP” and “MAYOR” is the “$” sign. Saul Alinsky came up with the idea of power analysis, which looks at relationships built on self-interest between corporations, banks and utilities. Barack Obama was teaching students in Chicago the Alinsky Principles. Of course, this is not a surprise. After watching the bribes, kickbacks, lies and threats this past year as Democrats fought to take over the health care industry, it’s obvious that the only subject Obama excels at is Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals. More… Isn’t it a bit odd that the only photo we’ve seen of Obama teaching, he’s explaining the Alinsky principles? Comment: Note the date of this article-no MSM ever reported on this-yes, it is time to properly vet the candidates!!Hmmm.....The smartest Pres EVAH!Read the full story here.

N. Korean Leader Kim Jong Un Speaks Publicly For First Time.

                                                            “Military first ?” 

N. Korean Leader Kim Jong Un Speaks Publicly For First Time.(Fox).North Korean leader Kim Jong Un spoke publicly for the first time Sunday, just two days after a failed rocket launch, praising his father Kim Jong Il’s “military first” policy during celebrations marking the 100th birthday of the nation’s late founder. Kim, who has been seen but not publicly heard since taking over after Kim Jong Il’s death in December, stepped to the podium to speak before tens of thousands of people gathered in Pyongyang’s main square for meticulously choreographed festivities meant to glorify his grandfather, North Korea founder Kim Il Sung. Kim Jong Un said the era when nuclear arms could be used to threaten his country was “forever over.” He called for strengthening the country’s “military first” policy by placing the “first, second and third” priorities on military might. 
He said his country had built a “mighty military” capable of both offense and defense in any type of modern warfare. “Superiority in military technology is no longer monopolized by imperialists,” he said. Soldiers are more important than rockets and artillery, Kim said, and military officers should treat their troops “like brothers and sisters.” He said he is “heartbroken” that the rival Koreas have been divided for decades, and said North Korea “will cooperate with anyone” who truly wishes for reunification.
North Korea defied the U.S. and others Friday by firing a long-range rocket that space officials said was mounted with an observational satellite despite warnings against pushing ahead with the provocative launch. Washington and others say it was a covert test of long-range missile technology. Hours after the rocket splintered into pieces over the Yellow Sea, the country made an unusual admission of failure, but Kim did not mention the launch in his remarks Sunday. Kim Jong Un has since underlined the country’s “military first” policy with a budget that allocates a sizable chunk of funding to defense spending. International condemnation of the rocket firing was swift, including the suspension of U.S. food aid, and there are worries that the North’s next move could be an even more provocative nuclear test. The U.N. Security Council denounced the launch as a violation of resolutions that prohibit North Korea from developing its nuclear and missile programs. The council imposed sanctions on North Korea after its first nuclear test in 2006 and stepped up sanctions after its second in 2009.Read the full story here.

Saudi woman offers SR5 million for suitable husband that “appreciate marriage life.”

Saudi woman offers SR5 million for suitable husband that “appreciate marriage life.”(BM).CAIRO: A Saudi woman is offering SR5 million to get married — even if it is a misyar marriage (the couple lives separately and see each other to fulfill their needs when they please).
The woman has conditions which she will not reveal now. The main thing is that the new husband must “appreciate marriage life.”
The woman published her offer in the Saudi Arabic language magazine Roa, which and said she encouraged potential suitors to apply by e-mail or fax.
Applicants should provide their contact number so the woman will contact them in case she agrees on the marriage,” the magazine said.
It quoted the woman as saying:”It does not matter whether the new husband is attracted to my money as the most important thing is that he must appreciate marriage life and marital duties … I am even ready to accept a misyar marriage and pay him SR5 million at once … he will live with me in my villa and must accept all my conditions which I will reveal to him later.”
The magazine said the woman was married before but that she divorced her husband because he “was greedy and wanted only money.I made the wrong choice first time … I want to make the right choice now … my main obsession now is to marry … I am desperate to marry,” the woman said.
Misyar is permitted in Saudi Arabia and under Islam, though,misyar is not popular with many who see it as legalized prostitution.Women lose nearly all their rights in a misyar marriage and nearly 80 percent of misyar relationships end in divorce.There has been no follow up on the reply at press time.Hmmmm......Can Jewish people apply?Read the full story here.

Video: IDF officer strikes activist with M-16 rifle.

IDF officer strikes activist with M-16 rifle.(YNet).Palestinians and leftist activists are claiming that a high-ranking IDF officer beat a foreign activist with his weapon in an incident documented in a youtube video. The IDF Spokesperson's Unit described the incident as "serious" and noted that a full and thorough investigation had been ordered. According to the activists, the event took place on Saturday when a group of Palestinians and left-wing activists were riding bicycles together in the Jordan Valley. They claimed that the IDF had prevented them from traveling on Route 90 and that the ride was in protest of the ban. According to the activists, some 20 minutes into the ride, they were stopped by an IDF force. They claim they had tried to resume the ride in a non-violent manner but were assaulted by the soldiers. At this point, the video shows an IDF officer, a lieutenant-colonel, striking one of the activists once with an M-16 rifle. Three activists were taken to hospital following the incident. One of the activists, who took part in the bicycle ride, said that the victim is a Danish citizen and that he had required stitches in his lip. She added that they were riding on Route 90 to protest the movement limitations and general harassment of Palestinians traveling on the road. She noted that the IDF officer seen beating the activist was the "most violent figure in the scene as well as the commanding force." A Palestinian woman and a Dutch activist were also injured in the incident, she said. The IDF Spokesperson's unit said in response the event was very serious and that the Central Command chief had ordered a thorough investigation. "The inquiry will examine the circumstances which led to the incident documented in the video. Lessons will be drawn and the necessary steps will be taken." Hmmmm......I've seen US police forces taking on protesters in a lot more violent ways.Read the full story here.

Lord Nazir Ahmed, British MP of Kashmiri origin has announced a £ 10 Million reward for the captor of US Pres Obama and his predecessor G.W. Bush.

Lord Nazir Ahmed, British MP of Kashmiri origin has announced a £ 10 Million reward for the captor of US Pres Obama and his predecessor G.W. Bush.(Tribune).HARIPUR: In an expression of solidarity with Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) Chief Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, British parliamentarian of Kashmiri origin Lord Nazir Ahmed has announced a reward for the captor of US President Barack Obama and his predecessor George W Bush. He made the announcement at a reception arranged in his honour by the business community of Haripur on Friday. Former foreign minister Goher Ayub Khan, Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl’s (JUI-F) central leader Hafiz Hussain Ahmed and provincial Minister for Education Qazi Muhammad Asad were also present on the occasion. Lord Nazir said that the bounty placed on Saeed was an insult to all Muslims and by doing so President Obama has challenged the dignity of the Muslim Ummah. “If the US can announce a reward of $10 million for the captor of Hafiz Saeed, I can announce a bounty of 10 million pounds on President Obama and his predecessor George Bush,” Lord Nazir said, adding that he would arrange the bounty at any cost even if he was left with the option of selling all his personal assets, including his house. Criticising the bureaucracy in Pakistan for its alleged corruption, he said a number of British investors had been mulling investment in Pakistan but the deep-seated culture of corruption had turned them off.Hmmmm........"Outreach to Muslims" not working so good it seems?Perhaps Obama should give the Palestinians and Pakistanis a few Billions more?Read the full story here.

Video - super fast UFO above the water near the beach in Alcudia, Mallorca in Spain. 04/11/2012

German tourists filmed an aircraft and a super fast UFO above the water near the beach in Alcudia, Mallorca in Spain on April 11, 2012. Translation: “WOW, look at the second, how fast, how fast hes away! What was this, a fighter jet or what?”

Is it Contagious? Hillary Clinton went to party at La Havana, Cartagena.

Is it Contagious? Hillary Clinton went to party at La Havana, Cartagena.(Eluniversal). (GoogleTranslate).Rumba Cartagena spread up to the most Principals and occupied the world. In case anyone doubted it, late Saturday confirmed the second highest government official in the United States, Hillary Rodham Clinton, who for those things fun, and perhaps more challenging, she did nothing less than the bar Havana and Cuban music. In these five years, Mrs. Clinton is the most famous visitor to have attended. She arrived at 12.45 at night between Saturday and Sunday, at the very time when African Brass band, the music group that performs all night is different Cuban rhythms and delight in the act to no more than a hundred people crowded the bar.
A few hours earlier had called Aimone to reserve a table for a special character, which I did not know exactly who he was, but that was careful to put a sign of "Busy" on the only table available at that time remained at the bar, right next to where it meets the Charanga. Shortly thereafter, all present were shaken his night when he realized who had arrived. Differently than it has been seen on the streets and public places where it has been, Clinton at the bar was less guarded, he was accompanied by a small group of bodyguards and, yes, more than a dozen friends to share. Secretary Clinton immediately flew into a son montuno, the pachanga and danzones interpreting by the 11 musicians of the group led by Master Felix Cano, a Carthaginian who founded it in 1999 but for unknown seems Cuban that his emotion and simplicity make the audience feel they were in Havana for Fidel and Raul Castro.A dozen beers, two glasses of whiskey and bottles of water came to the table of the illustrious visitor. When the toast she took three sips of Eagle and then continued with the water bottle, which was served just before get up and dance "I lost my wallet" by Junior Gonzalez and Larry Harlow, after which followed in the track, the rhythm of "Island of Enchantment", Hector Lavoe and "A Killing" Fajardo y sus Estrellas. Amid the rumba Hillary also took time to congratulate the musicians, to whom they passed and shook hands with each one, yes accompanied on either side of two bodyguards not lost even the slightest moment of their movements. At quarter past one Clinton ended the rumba in Havana. She returned to the streets of Cartagena, Colombia, and through these routes, more alone than ever, the security provisions that prevent the passage of cars, the U.S. official sought his hotel to rest, thinking of closing the Summit of the Americas Sunday. Inside the bar were the other rumba, including a group of reporters and photographers at that time rested from the long hours they have imposed on the sixth Summit of the Americas.This time the break was interrupted them to return to work behind Mrs. Clinton, including photographic equipment provided, just for a couple of young foreigners, one American, who was not so surprised to see his Secretary of State but knowing that professional photographers do not carry camera.Hmmmmm......."Let's Move together"?Read the full story here, for more pictures see original Here.

"Feeding the Crocodile" - Al-Qaeda-allied group al-Shabaab executed US-born jihadist Omar Hammami.

"Feeding the Crocodile" - Al-Qaeda-allied group al-Shabaab executed US-born jihadist Omar Hammami.(SomalilandSun).The al-Qaeda-allied group al-Shabaab executed US-born jihadist Omar Hammami on April 5th, according to unconfirmed Somali media reports. Hammami, known as Abu Mansour al-Amriki, said he feared for his life from other al-Shabaab leaders because of strategic and ideological differences in a statement released last month. According to Somalia's Gedo Online, Hammami was the only one absent from a recent meeting attended by top al-Shabaab leaders in Baraawe. Al-Shabaab reportedly hunted down Hammami after he left Marka in the Lower Shabelle region. He was reportedly beheaded on the spot and buried somewhere between Marka and Baraawe. According to the report, the alleged execution angered some al-Shabaab leaders, who accused al-Shabaab leader Ahmed Abdi Godane of ordering the execution. A group of foreign fighters and other top al-Shabaab members, including Fuad Mohamed Khalaf, also known as Fuad Shongoole, reportedly fled to the Galgala Mountains following the news of the execution. Other leaders who left upon hearing the news include Hassan Dahir Aweys and Mukhtar Robow, Gedo Online reported. Aweys recently accused other al-Shabaab leaders, including Godane, of shedding the blood of Muslims and murdering innocent civilians in the name of Islam. He described the actions of al-Shabaab's leaders as far removed from Islam. Somali analysts say the al-Qaeda affiliated al-Shabaab group is on the verge of splintering due to deepening internal divisions exacerbated by recent military setbacks.Hmmmm.....An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last. ~ Sir Winston Churchill.Read the full story here.

Islamic 'Adult Breastfeeding' Fatwas Return.

Islamic 'Adult Breastfeeding' Fatwas Return.(MidleEastForum).By Raymond Ibrahim. Jihad Watch.April 12, 2012.Back in May 2007, Dr. Izzat Atiya, head of Al Azhar University's Department of Hadith, issued a fatwa, or Islamic legal decree, saying that female workers should "breastfeed" their male co-workers in order to work in each other's company. According to the BBC:
He said that if a woman fed a male colleague "directly from her breast" at least five times they would establish a family bond and thus be allowed to be alone together at work. "Breast feeding an adult puts an end to the problem of the private meeting, and does not ban marriage," he ruled. "A woman at work can take off the veil or reveal her hair in front of someone whom she breastfed."
Atiya based his fatwa on a hadith—a documented saying or doing of Islam's prophet Muhammad and subsequently one of Sharia law's sources of jurisprudence. Many Egyptians naturally protested this decree—hadith or no hadith—though no one could really demonstrate how it was un-Islamic; for the fatwa conformed to the strictures of Islamic jurisprudence. Still, due to the protests—not many Egyptian women were eager to "breastfeed" their male coworkers—the fatwa receded, and that was that.However, because it was never truly rebutted, it kept making comebacks.
For instance, three years later in 2010, a high-ranking Saudi, Sheikh Abdul Mohsin al-Abaican issued a fatwa confirming that "women could give their milk to men to establish a degree of maternal relations and get around a strict religious ban on mixing between unrelated men and women." But unlike Atiya's fatwa, "the man should take the milk, but not directly from the breast of the woman. He should drink it [from a cup] and then [he] becomes a relative of the family, a fact that allows him to come in contact with the women without breaking Islam's rules about mixing."
Now, a report titled "Kuwaiti Activists: Husband Breastfeeding from Wife not Prohibited," published earlier this month by Arabic RT (see also Garaa News) opens by announcing that "The adult breastfeeding fatwa has returned once again to the spotlight, after Kuwaiti Islamic activists supported the adult breastfeeding fatwa issued by the Egyptian Salafi, Sheikh Jamal al-Murakbi [different from Al Azhar's Sheikh Atiya]. This time around, the Kuwaitis examined the adult breastfeeding fatwa in the context of relations between a man and his wife."
While the Kuwaiti sheikhs all essentially agree that the activity is not strictly forbidden according to Sharia—only "disliked" (literally makruh)—they are divided over the particulars:
  • Sheikh Nazim Misbahi, head of the Fatwa Committee of the Islamic Heritage Revival Society in Kuwait, supports the decree, agreeing that "it is not forbidden [haram] for a man to breastfeed from his wife."
  • Sheikh Bassam al-Shatti, a Sharia professor, specifies: "If the husband deliberately sucks to obtain milk from the breast of his wife, this is forbidden; however, if it happens unintentionally during foreplay with his wife, then there is no problem—though it is disliked according to the four schools" of Sharia.
  • Sheikh Sa'd al-Anzi stressed that "if the man, while being intimate with his wife, sucks her nipples, it is nothing, considered foreplay; but if the milk reaches his mouth, he should spit out—even if goes down in his stomach," i.e., vomit.
Consider for a moment the significance of these Islamic edicts: whether women "breastfeeding" coworkers (Egyptian fatwa, 2007), whether men drinking female breast-milk in a cup (Saudi fatwa, 2010), or whether Kuwaiti minutiae concerning bedroom foreplay—all these fatwas are reminders of the inescapable strictures of Sharia law; while these sheikhs offers various circumstances and interpretations concerning "adult breastfeeding," they are all confined to the words of the prophet of Islam.
This is precisely why, despite all the claims that Islam is perpetually being "misunderstood"—by terrorists, by "Islamophobes"—understanding what Islam commands and forbids is actually quite a simple matter: along with the Koran, determine what the prophet said in canonical hadiths.
It is, after all, no coincidence that the above mentioned Kuwaitis, like Sheikh Misbahi, were members of the delegation that recently went to ask Saudi Arabia's Grand Mufti about Islam's position on churches in the Arabian Peninsula: the same source that compelled the Grand Mufti to declare that all churches must be destroyed, is the same source that advocates "adult breastfeeding": Muhammad and his teachings. All very straightforward, really.
Raymond Ibrahim is an Associate Fellow at the Middle East Forum and a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center.This text may be reposted or forwarded so long as it is presented as an integral whole with complete information provided about its author, date, place of publication, and original URL.
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