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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Overnight Music video - James Blunt - Goodbye My Lover.

'Iran imposes oil counter-sanctions on EU states'

'Iran imposes oil counter-sanctions on EU states'.(JPost).DUBAI - Iran has cut oil exports to Spain and may halt sales to Germany and Italy, Iran's English-language state television reported on Tuesday, in an apparent move to strengthen its position ahead of crucial talks with world powers later this week. But in an indication that Tehran's "counter-sanctions" were of little impact, Spain's biggest refiner said it had already replaced its Iranian crude with oil from Saudi Arabia several months ago. Iran has played a tit-for-tat game over crude shipments since the European Union agreed in January that it would stop all Iranian oil imports as of July. EU states have since sought alternative supplies before that deadline, with Iran threatening to cut exports before then. "Tehran has cut oil supply to Spain after stopping crude export to Greece as part of its counter-sanctions," Press TV said, citing unidentified sources, adding that a similar move was being considered for Germany and Italy. A spokesman for Spanish refiner Repsol said it had not been buying Iranian oil for months. "No crude out of Iran for us since January," he said. Repsol's imports of Iranian crude were estimated at around 65,000 barrels per day last year, making it one of Tehran's medium-sized European customers. The EU was the second biggest buyer of Iranian oil after China before the embargo which is a direct strike on the OPEC member's biggest source of export income. Most European buyers have already reduced or halted their purchases from Iran in anticipation of the July 1 deadline and because of increasing difficulties in paying for the crude after tough new sanctions were imposed on Iranian banks. In a sign Tehran hoped to pressure other important EU customers, the semi-official Mehr news agency said the National Iranian Oil Company had been in contact with Italian buyers about signing long-term oil contacts in recent days. "It has been said that if Italian oil refineries do not agree to sign long-term contracts, oil sales to this European country will be stopped," Mehr reported. The reports followed confirmation from Iranian Foreign Minister Rostam Qasemi that oil sales to Greece had stopped. "We must say to them (the West) that we have that much (money) saved that even if we did not sell oil for two to three years, the country would manage easily," the semi-official Fars news agency quoted him as saying. But Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast, speaking to reporters in Bosnia, took a softer tone and played down reports of a cut in supplies. "Our country has decided to revise its relations with France and Great Britain when it comes to oil exports," Mehmanparast said when asked about the reported oil export cuts to Spain and plans for Germany and
Italy.Hmmm.......Meanwhile the British army is training to operate petrol tankers spark fear of a looming fuel strike. Read the full story here.

Video - Abu Hamza extradited to the U.S............Well....Maybe.

Wait a minute i see i still have another 3 months to appeal yet again this decision to an even higher EU court. There really is no end to this idiocy.

HT: TundraTabloids.

Mysterious Obama Envoys Consort With Indonesian Islamist Extremist – Names, Please!

Mysterious Obama Envoys Consort With Indonesian Islamist Extremist – Names, Please!(RRA).We’ve all enjoyed the latest rantings of Indonesia’s Minister of Religious Affairs, Suryadharma Ali, his dynamic plan to preserve the nation’s moral fibre by banning women wearing skirts that display their knees. But as I noted this weekend, our mirth should be circumscribed by the genuine threat that such nonsense could all too easily come to pass. Indonesians are in general very agreeable folks, and do not share the narrow self-righteous attitudes of this strange man. But the fact remains that Ali still holds a key position in President SBY’s Government, and has been appointed to run the new Task Force Against Pornography, which, to his way of thinking, encompasses those menacing knees that all women possess.
He is of course not just a fanatic Islamist but also out and out sexist, for there’s ne’er a peep of protest out of him about us guys who wear shorts in this wonderful hot climate whenever we get the chance. It’s pretty gals who are the source of sin, clearly. But scanning the web for my next post material, what should I find but a new claim from Mr. Ali, that Barack Obama has had envoys here, who were most taken with what the Minister refers to somewhat comically – how ‘conditions among religions in Indonesia today are much better than other countries.’ 
Of course that all depends on one’s perspective. Indonesian Protestant Church Union (PGI) - In 2010, the PGI recorded 30 acts of violence and other violations against Christians in Indonesia. This year, the PGI’s Jeirry Sumampow said, there were 54 violations across the archipelago. He said that in many of those cases the government was actively involved, including in the worst and most high-profile one, that of the GKI Yasmin church. And that’s from a 2011 statement by Indonesians, the brave Setara Institute, which also included this - “Cases of intolerance have intensified this year, numbering more than last year, and at the core of the problem is the poor law enforcement by the government,” Setara deputy chairman Bonar Tigor Naipospos told the Jakarta Globe.
Ali of course was not involved in that horrific mayhem. But as the same Time Magazine article reports, Suryadharma Ali ‘defended regulations that ban Ahmadis from proselytizing or openly practicing their faith.’
Indeed he has openly called for total suppression of the inoffensive minority’s constitutional rights. I quote from the Jakarta Globe, 28/2/11 – To shouts of “Disband Ahmadiyah” from an audience that included the heads of about 500 Islamic boarding schools and the leaders of at least nine Islamic organizations, the minister seemed to urge religious leaders to take the lead in pushing for the minority Islamic sect to be disbanded. We [the government] do not have the right to disband Ahmadiyah,” he said. “That right lies in the hands of you esteemed ulema. We, the government, only have the right to regulate and control, not to disband or excommunicate.” Suryadharma told the audience in Mataram, Lombok, which included leaders from the Indonesian Council of Ulema (MUI), Nahdlatul Ulama (NU), Muhammadiyah and Hizbut Tahrir, that MUI branches across the country had declared Ahmadiyah a deviant sect. On those grounds, he said, any request by religious leaders to have the sect disbanded was reasonable and had his approval.
So the man panders to the most bigoted elements in the country (not dishonestly, for he shares their rabid prejudice) and he has also made known his distaste for those persecuted Christians of West Java, the Protestants of Yasmin Church mentioned by the PGI leader above. Ali thinks they should knuckle under to the Islamist bigot Mayor of Bogor and give up their Supreme Court-sanctioned right to worship in their own church. But now he tells us that White House representatives have been to see him! Not long ago I received envoys of President Obama, and also representatives from other countries, to ask about inter-religious harmony in Indonesia. They were also very impressed with the condition of the people of Indonesia. Harmony among the diverse people in Indonesia is the best in the world….”
Who were these envoys of Obama? They need to be named and shamed! Can ourAmerican readers shed any light on this? 
It would certainly come as a surprise to good Indonesians like the Wahid Institute, which after the Cikeusik Pogrom declared that“Violence against Ahmadis is an almost daily occurrence, yet the President does nothing to address this.”‘ And presumably the US Commission on International Religious Freedom would also be amazed, for after Cikeusik it ‘renewed its call on Indonesia to review the blasphemy law saying this is “more deadly evidence that blasphemy laws are the cause of sectarian violence, not the solution.Astonishingly, Suryadharma’s revelation on Obama’s mysterious delegates forms part of a story in which he tries to blame ‘provocateurs’ for disturbing religious harmony. Suryadharma Ali urged the public to beware of provocateurs who fuel conflict in inter-religious life. According to him, provocateurs today are increasingly rampant and deliberately making the country unsafe. Jakarta Post 30/8/10 “The sect does not believe that Muhammad SAW was the last Prophet, which is against Islam. If such understanding is considered religious freedom, then I call it excessive freedom,” Suryadharma said.Hmmmm......Who are these 'Presidential envoys'?Read the full story here.

Rick Santorum ends presidential campaign after conceding to Mitt Romney in phone call

Rick Santorum ends presidential campaign after conceding to Mitt Romney in phone call.(Yahoo).After calling Mitt Romney to say he is ending his presidential campaign, Rick Santorum announced the end of his presidential campaign Tuesday during a press conference in Pennsylvania, his home state. "We will suspend our campaign effective today," Santorum said surrounded by members of his family in Gettysburg. Santorum spent the weekend off the campaign trail with his three-year-old daughter, Bella, who suffers from a rare genetic disorder, after she was rushed to the hospital Friday. "We made a decision over the weekend that, while this presidential race for us is over, for me, and we will suspend our campaign effective today, we are not done fighting," he said. Few thought Santorum would make it this far.Read the full story here.

From the Canadian Halal Slaughterhouse to the Hamas bank vaults.

From the Canadian Halal Slaughterhouse to the Hamas bank vaults.(CJR).The accompanying article at Pointe de Bascule is lengthy and rich in detail. Here’s the introductory section:
Muslim Association of Canada: a contributor to Hamas fund collector controls halal certification in Quebec
Part 1 — Presentation and General Conclusions
In her March 13 report broadcast on Dumont le midi TV show, journalist Caroline Lacroix revealed that Olymel pays thousands of dollars to the “Association des viandes halal that is controlled by Abou-Baker-Assedique mosque” located at 371 Jean-Talon E. in Montreal for the halal certification of its chickens.
During his March 23 TV show that took place after the halal issue was addressed at the Quebec National Assembly, Mario Dumont highlighted that all political parties in Quebec City had been very careful not to bring up the financial aspect of the issue:
Mario Dumont — video 04:19: Nobody discussed the money issue. What does it fund? Where does the money go? Are we financing mosques without knowing it? It seems that this issue is even more taboo. Everybody is very careful not to talk about it.
Point de Bascule spent the last few days at finding an answer to Mario Dumont’s legitimate question. Who is pulling the strings behind this Aboubakerseddik Mosque on Jean-Talon Street that receives commissions from companies like Olymel, that get their chickens halal certified, as we have learned on March 13?
Here are the main conclusions that we can draw at this time:

1.The mosque is part of a cultural centre. The centre also acts as an organization providing halal certification under a different name. We are dealing with one enterprise involved in two activities: management of recreation and culture and meat inspection.
2.The certification agency is controlled by the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC), the main Muslim Brotherhood organization in Canada. MAC owns the building where the certification agency and the cultural centre are based and the administrators of the certification agency are former MAC directors or they have publicly endorsed MAC’s positions in the past.
3.For the last ten years, MAC has been an important contributor to IRFAN-Canada, the Hamas fund collector in the country. Hamas is involved in a program aiming not only at the elimination of the state of Israel but also at the destruction of Western civilization. In a speech given on October 2011, its leader Mahmoud Al-Zahhar stated that “This (Western) civilization will not be able to withstand the great and glorious Islam.” The Canada Revenue Agency revoked IRFAN-Canada’s charity status in April 2011 after having concluded that it financed the terrorist organization Hamas.
4.MAC’s halal program is part of a global Muslim Brotherhood’s strategy. In 2010 in Islamabad, a leader of the Islamist organization, the mufti of Bosnia, Mustafa Ceric, urged Muslims “to conquer the world through Halal movement.”
Before having been able to analyse all legal implications related to the halal issue, Point de Bascule would like to make two proposals as a starter:
1.All products for which commissions are being paid to imams for halal certification should be properly identified.
2.No public money should be spent to buy products that will be served in schools, in daycare centres, in military bases, in prisons and in other public institutions if these products have been certified by imams who belong to organizations that received money or gave money to terrorist organizations’ fund collectors or if they are involved in a project aiming at destroying Western civilization from within.
It would be beneficial that private certification agencies be set up to guaranty that the products that they approve come from animals who have been desensitized before being slaughtered and that no profit coming from the sale of their certified products will go to the financing of Islamic jihad…Hmmm......Turkey wants to become the World Center for Halal food .Read  the full story here.

Video - Topless Femen Protesters Climb St. Sophia Cathedral in Kiev.

Topless Femen Protesters Climb St. Sophia Cathedral in Kiev.(RaiNovosti).Activists from the Ukrainian feminist group Femen brought their barebreasted protest movement back to Kiev by occupying the Bell Tower of the St. Sophia Cathedral in order to denounce a draft law banning abortion. Once the five protesters climbed to the top of the tower, they stripped to the waist, unfurled a seven-meter black banner with a one-word message - "STOP" - and rang the bell. “The ringing is an alarm to this eternal city of the gangster conspiracy of church and state that aims to impose government control over the sacred feminine gift of procreation," Femen said on Twitter. The Ukrainian feminists last held a topless demonstration earlier this winter in Moscow outside the Christ the Savior Cathedral. Their demand at that protest was: “God, get rid of the Tsar!”Read and see (Video) the full story here.

Video - Flashback – Obama Praising Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Obama  "A special shout out for my Pastor, a friend and great leader Dr Jeremiah Wright. HT: New Zeal.

Video - Israel and the United Nations - Pat Condell

Iran claims arrest of Israel-linked ‘terror and sabotage’ group

Iran claims arrest of Israel-linked ‘terror and sabotage’ group.(AlArabiya).Iran’s intelligence ministry said it has broken an Israeli-linked “terror and sabotage” network which had its headquarters in an unspecified nearby country, media reports said on Tuesday. “One of the Zionist regime’s biggest terror and sabotage networks and some of its agents have been identified. A group of criminal terrorists and mercenaries cooperating with them has been arrested,” the ministry said in a statement picked up by the Iranian outlets. “A number of the operatives were arrested as they were preparing to carry out a terrorist operation,” it said. “Heavy bombs,” machineguns, pistols, silencers, military communications gear and “other terrorist equipment” were seized in operations “in border and central provinces” inside Iran, the ministry said without being specific. The operations led to “identifying the Zionists’ regional headquarters in one of the regional countries,” it said, without naming the country concerned. The semi-official Fars news agency said the suspects were arrested “while preparing to carry out terrorist acts”, adding that a considerable number of bombs, machine guns, military and communication equipment were seized.Read the full story here.

Iran plans to unplug the Internet, launch its own "Halal" alternative.

Iran plans to unplug the Internet, launch its own "Halal" alternative.(AT).Iran topped a recent list of repressive regimes that most aggressively restrict Internet freedom. The list, published by Reporters Without Borders, is a part of the 2012 edition of the organization’s Enemies of the Internet report. One of the details addressed in that report is the Iranian government’s bizarre plan to create its own “clean” Internet. The proposed system, an insular nation-wide intranet that is reportedly isolated from the regular Internet, would be heavily regulated by the government. Reporters Without Borders drew attention to Iran’s national Internet plan when it was first proposed in 2011. The organization says that the system "consists of an Intranet designed ultimately to replace the international Internet and to discriminate between ordinary citizens and the 'elite' (banks, ministries and big companies), which will continue to have access to the international Internet." In addition to developing its own Intranet system, Reporters Without Borders says that the Iranian government is also creating its own custom electronic mail service and a national search engine called Ya Haq (Oh Just One) that is intended to replace Google. In order to obtain an account on the state-approved mail service, users will have to register their identity with the government. According to an article published by Fast Company in February, Iran's national Internet system represents one of the "most ambitious effort[s] yet by any government to censor the Internet." The content available over the national network will be tightly controlled. It will block access to foreign websites and services for communicating with the outside world. The Iranian government has steadily increased the intensity of its Internet censorship efforts. It's a response to the increasingly important role that the Internet has played in enabling political dissent and unencumbered communication. The supreme leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, recently established a Supreme Council of Cyberspace to regulate Iran’s new Internet. Cleric Hamid Shahriari, who is a member of the council, said the group was “worried about a portion of cyberspace that is used for exchanging information and conducting espionage,” according to an article published last month by the Wall Street Journal.Recent reports that claimed the Iranian government will deploy the network within five months are said to be inaccurate. According to AFP, reports of an August launch date were likely based on a hoax and have since been denied by government officials. The actual timeline for the launch is still unknown.Read the full story here.

Woman in burqa and two accomplices kill 10 in suicide attack in Afghanistan.

Woman in burqa and two accomplices kill 10 in suicide attack in Afghanistan.(DailyMail).A suicide bomber led police on a chase in the middle of rush-hour traffic before blowing the vehicle up outside a government building in Afghanistan this morning. The blast outside a government office, in Herat province, has killed at least 10 people and wounded nearly 30 others. The explosion seemed aimed at killing people waiting at the gate of a district headquarters building, as people were waiting to go inside to see government officials about various business matters. Two men and a woman wearing a burqa were found dead inside the vehicle, but officials could not say which of the three occupants detonated the explosives.Raouf Ahmedi, a spokesman for the police commander of the western region of Afghanistan, said police in the area had received a tip that the black four-wheel-drive vehicle was loaded with explosives. Ahmedi said: 'They were chasing the car and tried to stop it. 'The vehicle then turned toward the district headquarters building and tried to pass the checkpoint, but police stopped them to be searched and asked where they were going.' Moments later the vehicle exploded, causing a loud boom that could be heard a few miles away. Ahmedi said 10 people were killed - three policemen who were guarding the district building and seven civilians. He said twenty-seven others were wounded, including children.Nasar Ahmad Popul, the chief of the province's Guzara district who was inside the headquarters at the time of the blast, said: 'The explosion was so strong - there are casualties among police and civilians.' The Afghan Ministry of Interior said 11 people were killed and 22 were wounded. Different casualty tolls are common in the immediate aftermath of big bombings. Barriers at the blast site were blackened and investigators examined charred remains of what was left of the vehicle. Read the full story here, warning contains graphic images.

Video - Inside the prison 'home' where Osama bin Laden's wives, children and grandchildren are hidden away .

For nearly a year they have been locked up from the world, their lives and fates a mystery to the world. Since Osama bin Laden was killed by U.S. Navy Seals last May, his widows, children and grandchildren have been kept in a secure home while Pakistan decides their fate. Now the Al Arabiya television network has obtained footage from inside their 'guest house' in Islamabad. Inside, we see domestic scenes, as toddlers and children play with teddy bears and cricket bats, while the three widows of the former terrorist leader look on or read the Koran. But the boarded-up windows and a heavy armed presence outside indicate that while the place may serve as a home for the occupants, it is certainly a prison.Read and see the full story here.

Terror suspect, Abu Hamza, can be extradited to the U.S.

Terror suspect, Abu Hamza, can be extradited to the U.S.(AlArabiya).Europe’s human rights court has ruled that it would be legal for Britain to extradite an Egyptian-born radical Islamist cleric and five other terror suspects to the United States. The European Court of Human Rights ruling Tuesday in the cases of Mustafa Kamal Mustafa — also known as Abu Hamza al-Masri — and five others centered on tough U.S. detention policies. The court found “there would be no violation of Article 3 (prohibition of inhuman and degrading treatment) of the European Convention on Human Rights” if the six were extradited, but allowed a three-month stay for an appeal. Masri, a one-eyed, hook-handed hardliner, is wanted in the United States for a raft of alleged terrorist offenses, including trying to set up an al-Qaeda training camp in rural Oregon. He is currently serving seven years in prison at Britain’s Belmarsh prison. The hook-handed preacher Abu Hamza and the other suspects could be sent to the U.S. to face trial after they lost today their appeals against extradition. Egyptian-born Abu Hamza is wanted in America on 11 charges including taking 16 hostages in Yemen in 1998, promoting violent jihad in Afghanistan in 2001 and conspiring to set up a jihad training camp. Hamza was jailed for seven years in February 2006 for preaching hate and inciting murder at Finsbury Park Mosque in North London. His sentence has now been served but he could face life sentence behind bars in the U.S.. Abu Hamza was granted British citizenship in 1986. The American authorities have described him as a “terrorist facilitator with a global reach”. Read the full story here.

Israel braces for another 'flytilla'

Israel braces for another 'flytilla'.(YNet).Is a second fly-in underway? Hundreds, possibly thousands, of foreign pro-Palestinian activists are set to arrive in Israel via the Ben Gurion International Airport on Sunday ahead of trip to Palestinian Authority. The measure is perceived as having volatile potential, and police sources said Monday that security forces are gearing to stop the activists at the airport should they cause a public disturbance – something authorities believe is very likely.The "flytilla," titled the "Welcome to Palestine 2012" campaign, is expected to consist of activists from the United States, Europe, Australia and New Zealand who plan to go to Bethlehem, before travelling to other Palestinian cities.
Internal Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch, who will coordinate the government's efforts vis-à-vis the fly-in, has already held several meetings on the matter, as well as a survey of the airport.Aharonovitch's team consists of officials from the police, the Immigration authority, the Israel Aviation Authority and various other branches in the defense establishment. Sunday, which will see the end of the Passover break in Israel, is considered one of the busiest days in Ben Gurion Airport. Aharonovitch stressed that airport security, which will be reinforced, has been instructed to exercise restraint while maintaining order.
Israel's efforts to stop the first "flytilla," in July 2011, were somewhat successful, as many European nations stopped the activists from boarding their flights. Jerusalem sources said that those who will arrive in Israel will not be granted entry and will be deported.The fly-in's organizers said that unlike last year, European airlines are not expected to blacklist activists. Dr. Mazin Qumsieh, one of the organizers, said that some 1,500 people are expected to arrive in Israel as part of the "flytilla," adding that some may arrive before Sunday."The airlines won't obey an Israeli demand to blacklist activists this time… After last year's events, some groups sued the airlines. 
"I don't know how Israel plans to deal with this, but what would it look like of it deports 1,500 people?" he said. Qumsieh stressed that the activists have been instructed to tell the truth about their reason for traveling to Israel. The Palestinian Authority, he added, is aware that even if the activists arrive in Israel – they will be promptly deported. The Palestinians are aware of the fact the regardless of the fly-in's end result, they are likely to have the upper hand – PR wise.But Qumsieh insisted that is not the "flytilla's" goal: "We're not trying to make Israel look bad. I want Israel to let them in. "Israel shouldn’t isolate us from the international community," he concluded. "I hope Israel does the right thing." Hmmm.....Israel should let them in and then put them promtly on a no - fly list, let them enjoy Palestinian 'hospitality'.Read the full story here.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Overnight Music Video - Do not forsake me, My Darling. Frankie Laine

Zimmerman Family Challenges Holder To do his job and Arrest New Black Panthers.

Zimmerman Family Challenges Holder To do his job and Arrest New Black Panthers.(DailyCaller).In a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder on Monday, obtained exclusively by The Daily Caller, a family member of George Zimmerman asked the nation’s top law enforcement officer why he has chosen to not arrest members of the New Black Panther Party for their rhetoric — some of which may fit the federal government’s definition of a hate crime — throughout the Trayvon Martin case. The family member believes the reason Holder hasn’t made those arrests is because he, like the members of the New Black Panther Party, is black. “I am writing you to ask you why, when the law of the land is crystal clear, is your office not arresting the New Black Panthers for hate crimes?” the family member wrote to Holder. “The Zimmerman family is in hiding because of the threats that have been made against us, yet the DOJ has maintained an eerie silence on this matter. These threats are very public. If you haven’t been paying attention just do a Google search and you will find plenty. Since when can a group of people in the United States put a bounty on someone’s head, circulate Wanted posters publicly, and still be walking the streets?” The New Black Panthers have issued ultimatums to the Sanford authorities, saying they want Zimmerman arrested “dead or alive.” They have placed a bounty on Zimmerman’s head, and have called for the building of an army of vigilantes to track him down and effect a citizen’s arrest.Noting President Obama’s White House event last week celebrating the 1960 novel “To Kill a Mockingbird,” Zimmerman’s family member drew a novel comparison to the American literary classic. “Strangely enough this case has a lot of parallels to those of Harper Lee’s ‘To Kill a Mockingbird,’” the letter to Attorney General Holder read. “George Zimmerman has been treated much like Tom Robinson was, chastised for not being the right (or wrong) color and found guilty based on race factors. “You have the opportunity to act as Atticus [Finch] and do the right thing. Your boss would refer to this as a ‘teachable moment.’”Hmmm........."They will play the race card".Read the full story here.

State Department gave Muslim Brotherhood Delegation red carpet treatment, barred US Customs officials from carrying out inspection.

State Department gave Muslim Brotherhood Delegation red carpet treatment, barred US Customs officials from carrying out inspection.(IPT).The State Department broke with normal procedures last week when it ordered the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) not to conduct a secondary inspection on members of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) on their way to visit government officials and think tanks in the United States. This happened despite the fact that one member of the delegation had been implicated – though not charged – in a U.S. child pornography investigation, the Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT) has learned.The State Department issued a cable specifically barring Customs officials from carrying out any inspections of Dardery and the other members of the delegation on their arrival at New York's John F. Kennedy Airport. The immigration official described this action by the State Department as "extraordinary."Read the full story here.

Meanwhile, in Jordan.....

Meanwhile, in Jordan.....(INN).By Prof. MK Arieh Eldad.The world’s attention, and Israel’s as well, is riveted on Syria. Media outlets and analysts are having a field day with a plethora of stories: The massacre of civilians, Bashar and Asma al-Assad’s shopping sprees, the cynical politics of Russia and China, the West’s refusal to intervene militarily or extend economic or military assistance, and the benefits that would accrue to Israel and the West of an end to the Syrian-Iranian axis, along with the fear of massive amounts of arms reaching Hizbullah. Meanwhile, in Jordan, dramatic events are quietly occurring under the radar of the world’s media. The Hashemite regime is in trouble, and not only because the Palestinians, who comprise 70-80 percent of Jordan’s population, are waiting for an opportunity to join the “Arab Spring” and throw off the yoke of autocratic rule in order to enjoy true democracy. The Bedouins are the traditional power base of the royal family, especially the Bedouins of the cities of Karak and Salt, and they too are threatening to revolt, and for the first time calling to overthrow the monarchy. King Abdullah understands that his turn will come after Assad’s. Perhaps this is why he has prevented the Saudis from transferring arms to the Syrian rebels via Jordan. Al-Jazeera reported that five Palestinians have been arrested and charged with attempting to undermine Hashemite rule. Undoubtedly many arrests have not been brought to the attention of Al-Jazeera. A Palestinian blogger who dared criticize the monarchy was stabbed and seriously wounded. The monarchy has tried to insinuate the attack stemmed from “immoral behavior” on her part, but demonstrations swept through the local refugee camps, where angry Palestinians are sure the government tried to silence her. Compared to what is happening in Syria, this really is not much of a news story. But compared to what was happening in Jordan even just one year ago, it is the equivalent of an earthquake. Abdullah is no Assad, and the Jordanians know he will not massacre his own citizens; when the riots begin, he is more likely to flee to London. (The Palestinians do fear a civil war in which the armed-to-the-teeth Bedouin minority tries to defeat the unarmed Palestinian majority which is unprepared for battle.) A growing number of Palestinians see this as their big chance. An independent Palestinian state in Jordan is within reach. Many will not make do with that, they view it as a first stage in the establishment of a “Greater Palestine” stretching from the Mediterranean Sea to the Saudi desert. Yet the number of voices in Jordan and in the Palestinian-Jordanian community abroad, mostly in London, calling to adopt a “Jordan is Palestine” plan is steadily increasing. They see it as a way out of the dead end in which the Palestinians are trapped. They understand that faced with the Palestinian Authority’s internal problems and the never-ending postponement of local elections, along with the ever-present and openly stated threat to dismantle the Authority – they are not likely to establish a Palestinian state in Judea, Samaria, Gaza with its capital in Jerusalem. In Israel, even the Hashemite monarchy’s greatest supporters and even those who view Jordan as a strategic asset for Israel know a regime change there may bring an anti-Israel government to power. Historically, Israel’s alliance with the Hashemites rested on the mutual knowledge that the Palestinians were the dangerous enemy of both. When the circumstances change, our strategy will have to change, too. Israel should be prepared for the day after the king is deposed. If we do not, but just sit on the sidelines and watch, Jordan may become another “Hamastan” taking up arms in the unsolved Arab-Israeli conflict. Only if Israel readies itself for the day a Palestinian state is established in Jordan will we be able to adapt to the change and turn it into an opportunity for all the sides involved.Read the full story here.

"The Flexible Presidency " - No Holds Barred: Obama’s doublespeak Russia, Israel.

"The Flexible Presidency " - No Holds Barred: Obama’s doublespeak Russia, Israel.(JPost).By Shmuley Boteach.US President Barack Obama’s recent open mic comments to President Sergei Medvedev of Russia are troubling, which explains why Obama and the White House have decided to make light of them. Obama told Medvedev that he and Putin have to give him “space” on missile defense until his reelection when he’ll have far greater “flexibility,” presumably because he no longer has to answer to the American people. A great debate has been waged this year as to whether President Obama is reliably pro- Israel and deserves the support of the pro-Israel community. The president made his case to AIPAC by listing a long record of promoting military and intelligence cooperation with the Jewish state, arguing that “I have Israel’s back.” For the first three years of his presidency, Obama largely declared Israel’s settlements to be illegitimate and put near-unilateral pressure on Israel to make peace without any expectations from the Palestinian side. Ever since his self-confessed “shellacking” during the mid-term elections, part of which was due to his perceived unfriendliness to the Jewish state, the president decided to make nice with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and treat him with the same respect he accords other world leaders, albeit without the warmth of the two-armed embrace he reserved for Hugo Chavez or the bow he accorded the King of Saudi Arabia. At the UN in September, 2011, the president strongly supported Israel against a Palestinian attempt at unilateral statehood. He deserves credit for the effort. Then, he talked tough to Iran and imposed even greater sanctions. The president has gotten much better in his posture vis-à-vis Israel. But the all-important question here is: Why? Based on his actions, rather than his rhetoric, I believe the answer to the president’s new posture toward Israel lies in his words to President Medvedev. He has no “flexibility” before an election in which Jewish votes and financial support are critical to what will be a very close race.
And he therefore cannot be trusted to refrain from exerting undue pressure on Israel after the election to push through a peace deal that will likely not lead to peace but will simply compromise Israel’s security. Say what you want about Jimmy Carter, at least his disdain for Israel and its leadership was out in the open and consistent. Here is a man who outrageously compared Israel in his book Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid to apartheid South Africa. Likewise Clinton, who, as president, treated Netanyahu mostly with contempt, attacked him yet again in September of last year as an obstacle to peace. But Obama’s doublespeak when microphones are off and on is troubling. If the president dislikes Netanyahu, let him not play games with the American Jewish community and feign friendship for votes. After all, Obama came to the White House as the anti-politician, a man who was going to change the ways of Washington. A leader who was going to say what he means and mean what he says.How disappointing to discover he is guilty of the same beltway double-speak he once condemned. How worrisome to ponder what his policies on Israel will be once he has greater “flexibility.”Hmmmm........You may bet on the fact that he will not veto another Palestinian statehood bid if reelected.Read the full story here.

Video - Punjab warriors - unbelievable but true.

 Hope it's not contagious......the music.

Peres to Obama: Release Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard.

Peres to Obama: Release Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard.(Haaretz).President Shimon Peres sent a personal letter to U.S. President Barak Obama on Monday, urging Obama to consider granting clemency to Jonathan Pollard, citing the convicted spy's deteriorating health. Officials at Peres' bureau indicated that the president's diplomatic adviser handed the missive to U.S. envoy in Israel Dan Shapiro, with U.S. officials confirming that Obama received the letter in the afternoon. In a statement released by Peres, the president thanked Obama for what he said was the friendliness his administration has shown Israel, citing the Passover seder the American president held last week at the White House, and reiterating the importance of the value of freedom to the Jewish holiday. Peres updated his U.S. counterpart on a conversation he conducted a few days ago with Esther Pollard, the convicted spy's wife, stressing that the Pollard family, as well as the Jewish people, were concerned about Pollard's health. The president sent the missive after receiving a petition signed by 80 MKs, urging Obama to release the Jewish spy, as well as intense pressure from the lobby working to secure Pollard's release ahead of Peres' White House visit planned for June. During that meeting, Peres is expected to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom, which, the Pollard lobby argues, the president should refuse until the convicted spy is released. Peres' missive comes over a year after Netanyahu send a similar plea to the American president in January 2011, a letter which represented the first time Israel officially requested the spy's release. Netanyahu since raised the Pollard during his several meetings with Obama, although he did not always receive a U.S. response. Israeli officials estimated that, as with Netanyahu's attempts, Peres' missive serves, for the most part, as a declarative measure, one which won't likely draw out any U.S. reply and that won't advance Pollard's release. Hmmmm......If Obama thinks that releasing Pollard might give him a serious gain of Jewish votes he will.Read the full story here.

"Real Saudi housewives" - Saudi woman sentenced to 50 lashes, for swearing at her friend in text message.

                                                            Woman flogged in Iran.

"Real Saudi housewives"- Saudi woman sentenced to 50 lashes, for swearing at her friend in text message.(E24/7).A Saudi court sentenced a local woman to 50 lashes for swearing at her friend following an argument, a newspaper reported on Monday. The two Saudi women, aged 33 and 31 years, had decided to go out with their children for a week end night but differed on where to go. “An argument ensued and the two women decided to split…one of them later sent a text to her friend's mobile phone swearing at her,” Kabar daily said. “The other woman went to court and showed the judge the message…although that woman said she was joking, the court ordered her lashed 50 times.” Kabar said the court gave the sentenced woman the right to appeal the verdict.Hmmmm........."Real Saudi housewives".Read the full story here.

Gun rights advocate and former Obama colleague: President used to treat him as ‘evil’, "he would turn his back on me and walk away.”

Gun rights advocate and former Obama colleague: President used to treat him as ‘evil’, "he would turn his back on me and walk away.”(DC).Economist John Lott, noted for his academic advocacy of gun rights, says that when Barack Obama was his colleague at the University of Chicago, the future president treated him as if he were “evil.”
Lott relates his interactions with Obama in his new book, co-authored with Americans for Tax Reform’s Grover Norquist, “Debacle: Obama’s War on Jobs and Growth and What We can Do Now to Regain Our Future.”
“The book relates a couple out of the dozen-and-a-half conversations that I had with him,” Lott told The Daily Caller. ”But they were all very short, cut off by Obama turning his back on me and walking away.”
“He wouldn’t shake hands. It was very clear that Obama disagreed on the gun issue and acted as if he believed that people who he disagreed with were not just wrong, but evil. Unlike other liberal academics who usually enjoyed discussing opposing ideas, Obama simply showed disdain.
Lott and Obama were colleagues at the University of Chicago Law School in the 1990s.Hmmm......Does this show a man capable as setting up something like "Fast and Furious"?Read the full story here.

"The dogs of war are howling" - Adana agreement paves legal path for Turkish intervention in Syria.

"The dogs of war are howling" - Adana agreement paves legal path for Turkish intervention in Syria.(TodaysZaman).Using the provisions of the Adana agreement, signed between Turkey and Syria on Oct. 20, 1998, Turkey has the ability to classify the violent crackdown on the opposition by the Bashar al-Assad government and the ensuing refugee crisis as a threat to the “security and stability of Turkey.” Article 1 of the Adana agreement states that “Syria, on the basis of the principle of reciprocity, will not permit any activity that emanates from its territory aimed at jeopardizing the security and stability of Turkey.”
The bloody crackdown on the opposition that has entered its second year has destabilized the country, with over 1 million Syrians internally displaced and nearly 25,000 Syrian refugees having fled to Turkey. The United Nations reports say that more than 9,000 civilians have been killed in the Syrian government's yearlong assault on protesters opposed to Assad. As stability in Syria is long gone and the number of refugees crossing the border over to the Turkish side has climbed rapidly, this provision gives Turkey the right to take the necessary measures to contain the threat. The Adana agreement also raises the issue of terrorism, especially the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) threat leveled against Turkey from Syrian soil. Article 1 continues, saying, “Syria will not allow the supply of weapons, logistical material and financial support to and the propaganda activities of the PKK on its territory.” But, Syria -- which allowed Abdullah Öcalan, the leader of the PKK who is now imprisoned on the island of İmralı, to take shelter and direct the terrorist organization from within its borders for several years until 1998, the year when Syria had to deport Öcalan because of pressure from Turkey -- seems inclined to play the PKK card against Turkey since its neighbor to the north has taken a stern attitude and criticized Damascus when it chose to crush the demonstrations calling for reforms by firing at the protestors.
According to the second article of the agreement, “Syria has recognized the PKK as a terrorist organization and banned all activities of the PKK and its affiliated organizations in its territories.” However, reports indicate that the Syrian regime started supplying arms to the PKK and its affiliate organizations in recent months.
The third article of the agreement states that Syria will not allow the PKK to establish camps and other facilities for training and shelter, or undertake commercial activities in its territories.
The fourth article continues, “Syria will not allow PKK members to use Syria for transit to third countries.” The last article of the agreement states, “Syria will take all necessary measures to prevent the head of the PKK terrorist organization from entering Syrian territory and will instruct its authorities at border points to that effect.” According to intelligence estimates shared with Today’s Zaman, Syria has given the PKK free rein in the north, and Syrian security services have even assassinated moderate Kurdish politicians to pave the way for the PKK to reassert itself in Syria’s Kurdish regions. Today’s Zaman has also obtained the transcript of the meeting during which the agreement was signed, which include a series of pledges made by the Syrian government of the time. According to these minutes, Syria promised that “Öcalan and the PKK elements abroad will definitely not be permitted to enter Syria, and the PKK camps will be prevented from becoming active.”The Adana agreement was concluded after Iranian Foreign Minister Kemal Harrazi and Egyptian Foreign Minister Amr Moussa intervened on behalf of their presidents. The Turkish and Syrian delegations met in Adana on Oct. 19-20, 1998, under the auspices of these mediators to sign an agreement on cooperation against terrorism.

Update: via EAWorldview.Speaking at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, following talks with President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) leader Massoud Barzani targeted Iraq’s Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s “dictatorship.” Barzani also warned that the Kurdish leadership could go to the people for a final decision since the status quo was not sustainable. Barzani may be seeing eye-to-eye both with Ankara and Washington now. Erdogan and Barzani do not want a Maliki-led Shia-dominated system backed by Tehran. Nor does Washington. At the same, Barzani’s manoeuvres to organize and bring Kurds together against the current Syrian regime are vital. Barzani welcomed Turkey’s non-violent steps for the solution of the Kurdish problem and said that both Ankara and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) must lay down arms and talk. Washington took a similar approach, with Turkey’s anti-terror package of dialogue with legitimate, non-violent Kurdish political elements welcomed by State of Secretary Hillary Clinton --- even though both sides know very well that there can be no solution without the involvement of the imprisoned leader of PKK, Abdullah Ocalan. (Turkey's pro-Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) has made it crystal clear that solution to the Kurdish problem goes through Imrali, the island where Ocalan is detained.) Put bluntly, Ankara is trying to put off the Kurdish problem by drawing all the attention to its supposed initiative and blaming BDP for "supporting terrorism". As spring is coming, which means that PKK insurgents will be more active, Erdogan's Justice and Development Party (AKP) is planning to get Barzani’s full support against the PKK --- that would force the insurgents to retreat deeper into the Iraqi mountainous areas and/or to compromise with demands on the political process. However, even if PKK cannot move freely, the pro-Kurdish BDP will keep the movement fresh in the southeastern part of Turkey through meeting sand demonstrations. AKP surely knows this but wants to get its bonus points from exploitation of the Syrian and Iraqi issues, in the guise of a "new strategy" for Kurdistan. Hmmmm.......Another thing Obama and Erdogan discussed during their half a day meeting?Turkey and America have joined in the war against 'terrorism'.Read the full story here.

OIC slaps European Union in the face, OIC Calls for Recognition of Turkish-Occupied Cyprus.

OIC slaps European Union in the face, OIC Calls for Recognition of Turkish-Occupied Cyprus.(ST).The head of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference welcomed Saturday a request by the self-proclaimed Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) to open a permanent mission to the pan-Muslim body. "The organisation welcomes this and is in contact with the host state (Saudi Arabia) to study and implement it," OIC chief Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, who is a Turkish national, told reporters after meeting Turkish Cypriot leader Dervis Eroglu. The TRNC — which is recognised internationally only by Turkey — currently holds only observer status in the 57-member OIC. "The time has come for the international community to recognise the TRNC and review UN resolutions," on the matter, said Eroglu. "If peace negotiations [with the internationally recognised Greek Cypriot-led government] fail, despite our efforts and those of the United Nations, then there will be no choice left but to recognise the TRNC," he said. Ihsanoglu called for "putting an end to the unjust isolation of Turkish Cypriots," an OIC statement said. The statement called on OIC member states, Muslims around the world and the entire international community "to strengthen effective solidarity and continue to expand relations with the Turkish Cypriot people." Cyprus has been divided since 1974 when Turkish troops occupied the east Mediterranean island's northern third in response to a Greek-inspired coup in Nicosia aimed at union with Greece. Hmmmm.....I suppose the fact that the OIC chief is Turkish has nothing to do with it, did Obama and Erdogan discuss this as well?Read the full story here.

S-400 Missiles Deployed in Russia’s Baltic Fleet in the exclave of Kaliningrad.

S-400 Missiles Deployed in Russia’s Baltic Fleet near the exclave of Kaliningrad.(RN).Russia has deployed a battalion of S-400 Triumph air defense missile systems at a Baltic Fleet base in the exclave of Kaliningrad, the Izvestia daily reported on Monday. This is the third base to deploy an S-400 battalion.Air Force chief of staff Major General Viktor Bondarev said in mid-March that one S-400 battalion was currently being deployed at Nakhodka [Russia’s Far East], a second will be based near Moscow, and a third in the Air Force and Air Defense Force chief command. By 2020, Russia is to have 28 S-400 regiments, each comprised of two battalions, mainly in maritime and border areas. The S-400 Triumph long- to medium-range surface-to-air missile system can effectively engage any aerial target, including aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, and cruise and ballistic missiles at up to 400 kilometers and an altitude of up to 30 kilometers. The Russian Defense Ministry has said there are no plans so far to export the S-400, which will be produced only for the Russian Armed Forces.Hmmmmm........Meanwhile America has a 'flexible' president.Read the full story here.

A Wicked Financial Storm Descends On America

A Wicked Financial Storm Descends On America.(NewZeal).By Terresa Monroe-Hamilton.Ever since 2008, this blog has been warning about economic devastation heading our way. You see it everywhere you look today, if you bother to look that is… Gas prices are at close to an average of $4 a gallon and in parts of California, it is now hitting $7, with no end in sight. Food inflation that is rising so precipitously, it takes your breath away – but the government says there is no inflation.
In the world that is America now, all things seem to be upside down and sliding full-blown out of control. This includes the Communist who is our current Commander-in-Chief. He claims he is drilling for oil, when the opposite is true. He is blocking all of it and piling so many regulations on our coal plants in lockstep with his bud, Cass Sunstein, that they are shutting down as well. Lie after lie after infernal lie.
As for unemployment, the government is manipulating the hell out of those numbers in an attempt to calm the sheep before the slaughter. They claim it has fallen to 8.2%. Take a long look at the U6 rate, which tracks not only those out of work, but those who’ve essentially given up looking for work. It currently sits at 14.5% – close to double what is being claimed by our ‘progressive’ leadership. Real unemployment stands at closer to 19.1% and is perhaps substantially higher than that.
People are giving up on finding work. A second, even more brutal wave of foreclosures is also on the horizon. Real hunger is coming to the US and hard times that will make the Great Depression seem like the good ole days are pounding on our door. A majority of states are now close to being unable to cover pensions and other entitlements as well as expenses. Bankruptcy is an understatement for what these states are facing. So, to “solve” the problem, a number of them are taxing more which makes it worse and worse. All the while, the rising flood of fuel prices surges against the levee.
When truckers cannot fill their tanks anymore because of the cost, store shelves will become barren wastelands. Real food deserts. When people get hungry, especially when their children are hungry, they get mean and desperate. Just what the Progressives had in mind. Violence, chaos and mayhem in the streets.
So, you say… the election is not far off and we can get rid of Obama then. Maybe, maybe not… I understand a company owned at least in part by Soros will be handling voting results. It doesn’t take a genius to see how that would be manipulated. Then there is a potential war with Iran. If Obama feels his reelection is in jeopardy, war with Iran will look like just the right emergency. Or, there could be any other number of emergencies, real or ginned up like the Trayvon Martin murder that is sparking racial unrest.
If nothing else, the debt we owe will literally drag us into hell all by itself. We’re broke and we aren’t going back to yesteryear anytime soon. That would take massive cuts and pain and no one with that kind of spine exists today in our government. But until the last penny is stolen and the last party is thrown by the Progressives, they will keep spending until there is nothing left but death, war, famine and blood. And they are okay with that, trust me. We face the abyss and our leaders are embracing the gulf.Hmmm.....If he really wanted to destroy America as a superpower would he do anything different?Read the full story here.

Muslim advertisement stating “There is no god but Allah” has started a vigorous debate amongst Toronto transit riders.

Muslim advertisement stating “There is no god but Allah” has started a vigorous debate amongst Toronto transit riders.(Sun). TORONTO - A Muslim advertisement stating “There is no god but Allah” has started a vigorous debate amongst TTC riders and sparked a review from the Toronto Transit Commission Advertising Commission Group. After five complaints were made, a working group including Councillor Karen Stintz has decided to allow the advertisement to remain in the Kennedy subway station. “The decision to reject or accept an ad isn’t decided by whether someone takes offence to it or not,” said TTC spokesman Brad Ross. “It doesn’t violate the Human Rights Code. We can’t reject an ad because it espouses one view on religion.”
According to the Islam Info Centre, the ad -- posted in January -- is aimed at raising religious awareness. “The main purpose of posting it was to raise awareness of Islam,” said Mohammad Obaidullah, of the centre. They have not received any complaints directly. In fact, he said they have been receiving many more visitors inquiring about the religion. Obaidullah said the ad is not intended to be offensive. “Of course our aim is never to convert people. They have the choice to accept it or reject it.” But many disagree.
Charles McVety, president of the Canada Family Action Coalition, said it is offensive to all non-Muslims. “Recognize that in a public space, this is an offensive ad to all non-Muslims,” he said. “It’s saying all other faiths are illegitimate.” Tarek Fatah, founder of the Canadian Muslim Congress, does not agree with the ad, either. “This is what is called the declaration of belief. It basically reads ‘There is no god but God,’” he said. But the Muslim group translated part of the text into English, and left “Allah,” an Islam word for god, as is. “It looks as if they’re putting God against Allah and it’s very devious and dangerous to do this,” said Fatah. “It obviously offends people to whom it seems it’s an insult to their beliefs in their God. It’s saying your god is not the right god, mine is.” Fatah said he does not understand why this would be posted in a public space.“I don’t think such advertisements have place in the public transit system where there are multiple faiths,” he said. “It seems to me they’re saying ‘You have to notice us.’ It’s marking out their territory.” McVety said his concern is not where the ad is placed, but the privileges these Muslims are receiving. “I think we must have free speech not only in public spaces but also in government spaces,” he said. “Christians are not allowed to put up such an ad in any government space; they are repeatedly rejected.” McVety called Muslims a “super class of citizens” who receive better treatment than any other religion. “We must have equal treatment of equal people under the law, not different classes that have different privileges,” he said.Read the full story here.

Video - There is a price we will not pay !

Secret US-Israeli accord to Iran keeping low 3.5 enriched uranium plus 1,000 centrifuges?

Secret US-Israeli accord to Iran keeping low 3.5 enriched uranium plus 1,000 centrifuges?(Debka). DEBKAfile’s Washington sources disclose exclusively that the Obama administration and Netanyahu government have secretly agreed on “Formula of 1,000” as their final concession at the end of the forthcoming Six Power nuclear talks with Iran which starts Saturday, April 14. In substance, this formula would let Iran keep 1,000 centrifuges for enriching uranium up to 3.5 percent and stock 1,000 kilograms of the same grade uranium while, aside from a small amount for medical research, giving up its store of 20-percent grade uranium which can be jumped quickly to weapon quality.
US sources told DEBKAfile that Russia and China have accepted the deal. According to our Iranian sources, Tehran was informed of this formula through its back-channel contacts with Washington (which DEBKAfile has been tracking since mid-February). That is why in Iranian public statements in the last couple of days have harped on the issue of uranium enriched to 20 percent. US-Israeli permission to keep 3.5 percent grade is in the bag before the talks begin, so Iran is treating it as the starting-point for bargaining, not the end result, and concentrating on raising the ante through the negotiating process to come.
The concession Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak made to the Obama administration, to let Iran to continue to enrich uranium, has not been brought before any Israeli government or military forum. Their remarks Sunday, April 8, conveyed the mistaken impression that there were at odds on the nuclear issue in the run-up to international talks. Netanyahu said Israel would satisfied with nothing less than the total discontinuance of uranium enrichment and the removal of all quantities out of Iran, while Barak’s words came closer to the secret deal with Washington when he spoke of consenting to Iran continuing to produce low-enriched uranium and holding on to a few hundred kilos. At his meeting with the new Italian prime minister Mario Monti in Jerusalem, Netanyahu repeated that Israel had not changed its position and that the Six Powers must make Iran stop enrichment entirely.
But in fact, as DEBKAfile reveals here, Israel’s position has undergone a dramatic transformation and given in to Iran except for medical research on a major point of principle, i.e. enrichment. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad walked through the door this opened for him Sunday night and slapped down three fresh demands which Tehran would put before the Six Power negotiators in Istanbul Saturday:
 1. Clearance for the new system about to be activated for converting 3.5 enriched uranium to nuclear fuel rods in the first stage and nuclear plates in the second. Producing 20 percent uranium from nuclear plates is relatively fast, efficient and cheap.
 2. Permission for homemade production of nuclear fuel rods for the heavy water plant under construction at Arak. This would provide Tehran with the option of plutonium in addition to enriched uranium for making weapons.
 3. Iran’s first nuclear reactor at Bushehr is now operating at 75 percent capacity under the management of the Russian engineers who built it. Tehran wants Iranian engineers to take over the reactor’s management in full in seven months. Iran is putting those three demands on the table to counter the US-Israeli insistence on shutting down the underground nuclear plant at Fordow, near Qom.Hmmmm......As i said earlier what else did Obama and Erdogan promise Iran?I don't see this as the handy work of Israel, but as Obama's 'Modus operandi'.Read the full story here.

Video - British Islamist Sayful Islaam: Western Women Follow Lady Gaga, Behave Like Prostitutes.

Sayful Islaam : If you look to our own communities, I'm sure we see it - there is sin and haram everywhere we look. And it's so hard to save ourselves, especially the youth. Nowadays, the technology is made so you can do haram.
You know the technology that we have: they make iPods, they make iPhones, they make iPads - all of this. And what do they do with it? They listen to music, they watch haram, they do haram. All of this happens. They make a big-screen TV like we have in the front here. They make a big TV. Why? So you can watch the haram in HD. Now you can actually watch the haram in 3D. Allah be praised. This is what they do. They make all the hi-fis, the speakers, with such clear sound, so you can listen to all the beats. I don't know how the beats are, brother. Sorry. Long time, brother... But this is how it is.
Every day, there is somebody new coming out, a false prophet coming out, with their new music, new films, new things, and you see everybody running to be like them.
One brother... Who is it who was telling me about Lady Gaga? Where's he gone? There he is. There, the brother at the back... Telling me about Lady Gaga... And people, she dresses so weird and funny. I'm sure anybody that looks at her thinks: Is she crazy? But the weird thing is that people want to follow her. People want to be like her. You see many of these women - they come out, and they behave like what? Prostitutes. And what happens? The Muslim woman is the one to follow them and act like a prostitute. The Muslim men - they see the men acting like pimps and thugs... We need to become pimps and thugs. This is the strange... This is their strangeness that we see - that these people, they want the hellfire. This is why it becomes so difficult in our times. So difficult. Source: Memri.

Abbas vows to renew U.N. state bid if he doesn’t receive Israeli nod to peace plan.

Abbas vows to renew U.N. state bid if he doesn’t receive Israeli nod to peace plan.(AlArabiya).The Palestinian Authority will renew its efforts to win the recognition of the United Nations for a Palestinian state if it does not receive a positive response from Israel to a suggested peace deal, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas told an Israeli delegation on Sunday, a report published by an Israeli daily said on Monday. Abbas gave Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a month to respond to the Palestinian suggestions, which will be laid out in a letter to be delivered to Netanyahu next Wednesday during a meeting in Jerusalem with Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, Israel’s Haaretz reported. “It won’t be just a letter,” Abbas was cited as saying. “I also intend to turn to the public in Israel and around the world, and present the Palestinian positions regarding a peace agreement with Israel.” Abbas made the comments in a meeting with former Meretz chairman Yossi Beilin and others involved in promoting the Geneva Initiative, an unofficial 2003 proposal for an Israeli-Palestinian peace accord. The letter is expected to lay out Palestinian conditions for returning to direct negotiations that have been on hold since late September 2010, a Palestinian official told AFP on Sunday. “It was agreed that a Palestinian delegation, including Fayyad, secretary-general of the Palestine Liberation Organization Yasser Abd Rabbo and Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erakat, will meet with Netanyahu on the 17th of this month,” the official said. According to the report published by Haaretz, Abbas said he would not wait until after the U.S. presidential polls, scheduled in November, before asking the U.N. General Assembly to upgrade the Palestinian Authority from “observer” status to that of a state without full membership in the United Nations. The U.S. administration officials had urged Abbas to wait until after the U.S. presidential voting. Abbas pledged during the meeting with the Israeli delegation that the Palestinians will continue to cooperate with Israel on security matters as long as he is in office, and that the Palestinian leaders will continue to try to prevent violence. Netanyahu’s office has said that he will respond with his own letter to Abbas, which is likely to call for a resumption of direct negotiations without preconditions. Last week, Erakat and Netanyahu’s envoy Yitzhak Molcho held talks believed to have focused on the contents of Abbas’ letter.Hmmm......Wait till i have more flexability, meanwhile i'll put $ 770 million on the side for your state.Read the full story here.

Iran Adopts Countermeasures to Defuse US Missile Shield in Persian Gulf .

Iran Adopts Countermeasures to Defuse US Missile Shield in Persian Gulf.(Fars).Tehran has devised the necessary plans and measures to defuse the potential threat of the US missile shield project in the Persian Gulf, a senior commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) said."We have thought of the necessary measures to counter this plan," Commander of the IRGC Aerospace Force Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh told reporters here in Tehran on Monday. He said after the recent announcement and deployment of the so-called NATO missile shield in Turkey, Tehran knew that the US would announce a second such plan to complete the chain of its early warning system in the region. Hajizadeh added that the Washington and Tel Aviv are seeking to establish security for Israel at the expense of the Arab countries. "All assessments have been made (by Iran) and we know that (establishing security for) Israel is the goal of all these issues," he said, but meantime stressed, "Yet, we are not worried about the deployment of such systems." Last week, Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi called on the neighboring states to avoid joining a US-Israeli project for deploying a missile shield in the Persian Gulf. "This missile defense shield (in the Persian Gulf) is a US-Israeli project and everyone should pay attention to the fact that anyone who gets involved with this project is, in fact, implementing the US and Israel's plot," he said on Wednesday. "Since the very beginning we have rejected this project as we saw it against the regional security, and we have recommended our friends not to enter such fields (of activity)," he noted. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton last Saturday promoted the missile shield idea at a Persian Gulf-US security forum in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.Hmmmm........The 'weakest link' in the chain being Islamist Turkey?Read the full story here.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Overnight Music Video - Toque a degüello (Rio Bravo) by Ennio Morricone

El Degüello is a bugle call, notable in the US for its use as a march by Mexican Army buglers during the 1836 Siege and Battle of the Alamo. "Toque a Degüello" was introduced to the Americas by the Spanish armies and was later adopted by the patriot armies fighting against them during the Spanish American wars of independence. It was widely used by Simon Bolivar's armies, notably during the Battle of Junin and the Batle of Ayacucho. "Degüello" is the first-person singular present tense of "degollar", a verb that means "to cut the throat." More figuratively, it means "give no quarter." It "signifies the act of beheading or throat-cutting and in Spanish history became associated with the battle music, which, in different versions, meant complete destruction of the enemy without mercy." It is similar to the war cry "¡A degüello!"used by Cuban rebels in the 19th century to launch mounted charges against the Spanish infantry.Source.

A funny thing happened on the way to the 2012 Elections - We went weekly to church.

Happy Easter America - Obama Orders Press Blackout After US Egan Jones Downgrades US Credit Rating.

Happy Easter America - Obama Orders Press Blackout After US Egan Jones Downgrades US Credit Rating.(PA).A shattering report from RIA Novosti’s Washington D.C. bureau appears to prove that the mainstream press in America has become nothing more than a propaganda arm of the Obama regime when during a White House news briefing this past week they were effectively ordered not to report on this past weeks credit rating cut of US government debt.The Russian International News Agency (RIA Novosti) is a Russian state-owned news agency based in the capital Moscow whose clients include the presidential administration, Russian government, Federation Council, State Duma, leading ministries and government departments, administrations of Russian regions, representatives of Russian and foreign business communities, diplomatic missions, and public organizations. The White House news briefing referred to in this report occurred this past Thursday (5 April) when Obama regime officials were queried about the latest shock downgrade of the United States credit rating stating that to the American people this critical event should be kept in the category of a “non-story” so as not to confuse and/or shock them. Most surprisingly, this report continues, the mainstream US news media, including their most important television networks and major newspapers, dutifully followed the directives of the Obama regime and failed to uniformly inform the American people of this momentous event. Credit rating agency Egan Jones downgraded the United States Thursday on concern over the sustainability of public debt. Egan Jones is one of the most important ratings firms in the world; they lowered our credit level from AA+ to AA. The firm reduced America from AAA to AA+ in July 2011, just before Standard and Poor's did the same. Egan Jones warned. "Without some structural changes soon, restoring credit quality will become increasingly difficult . . . without some structural changes soon, restoring credit quality will become increasingly difficult." They added that there was a 1.2% probability of U.S default in the next 12 months. The company cited the fact that the US’s total debt, which now equals its total GDP, is rising and soon will eclipse the national GDP; the company sees the debt rising to 112% of the GDP by 2014. Most sadly in all of these events, the once great United States, whose press freedoms were once legendary, has been placed at No. 47 on the world’s press freedom index by the internationally respected Reporters Without Borders (RSF) organization in a stunning move reflecting how deprived of real truth the American people truly are. The great American Founding Father Thomas Jefferson once warned his fellow citizens, “Our liberty cannot be guarded but by the freedom of the press, nor that be limited without danger of losing it.” With that warning going unheeded, however, the quote of the great American author Mark Twain seems to be the more appropriate one to use for this American generation, “There are laws to protect the freedom of the press’s speech, but none that are worth anything to protect the people from the press.”~ Hmmm.......Forgive me but i'll go for this more appropriate quote: “Withholding information is the essence of tyranny. Control of the flow of information is the tool of the dictatorship.” ~ Bruce Coville.Read the full story here.

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