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Monday, December 31, 2012

Video - ‘UFO’ Videotaped From Airplane.

Video - ‘UFO’ Videotaped From Airplane.HT: Discovery. A home video allegedly taken just before Christmas during a late-night flight appears to show a UFO flying next to the plane. The video, posted to YouTube by a man named Mauricio Ruiz, has the Internet buzzing.
According to Tom Rose, an blogger,
The UFO itself is of a type possibly never filmed before. For most of the video the lustrous, rounded object flies alongside the jet, maintaining relative distance and speed. This in itself is unusual as aircraft are usually separated by a mile or more for safety reasons. The object looks metallic and resembles a closed fist encased in a glove.
Actually the video doesn't show a "lustrous, rounded object" -- nor, for that matter, a metallic one -- but instead a group of six or eight clustered irregular-shaped lights that remain more or less fixed in one position. Still, its identity has many puzzled: Lights on the ground? A hoax? Reflection of interior cabin lights? A flying saucer?Read the full story here.

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