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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Unbelievable: Swedish 'artist' uses ashes from Holocaust victims in 'painting' .

Unbelievable: Swedish 'artist' uses ashes from Holocaust victims in 'painting'.(UPDATED)HT: IsraelMatzav.A Swedish 'artist' has used ashes from Holocaust victims at the Majdanek death camp (pictured) in a 'painting' (Hat Tip: HaDaR).
A Swedish artist has caused outrage among Holocaust survivors by using ashes taken from a concentration camp mausoleum to create his artwork, according to media reports.
The reports say Swedish artist Carl Michael von Hausswolff combined the ashes with water to create gray lines in a painting currently on display in Lund, Sweden. He reportedly collected the ashes from the mausoleum at the Majdanek concentration camp on the outskirts of Lublin, Poland, during a visit in 1989.
This revelation caused outrage and shock in Sweden's Jewish community. Salomon Schulman, a Jewish community leader, said he had lost relatives to the Nazi death machine, and called the painting “revolting.”
"Who knows? Maybe some of those ashes belonged to my relatives. No one knows where they were taken," Schulman wrote in a letter to a popular Swedish newspaper.
"I will never go to that gallery [that is displaying Hausswolff's work]. I am appalled by this artwork and his obsession with necrophilia."
Hausswolff argues that the ashes contain the "memories and souls" of the people who were tortured and killed.
In a statement to the press, the artist invited the public to view his artwork and judge for themselves.
It is difficult to think of a worse desecration of the bodies and memories of Holocaust victims. If he had taken the body of a dead Muslim terrorist and done this, there would be millions of Muslims in the streets protesting, and the West would be taking their side.
But in Sweden, where new blood libels against Jews are issued every day, this and other disgusting displays are considered 'art.'

Update:  The Swedish gallery sees nothing wrong with this....
Martin Bryder, who owns a gallery in Lund, told Sverige Radio that he “sees no moral problem or flaw with exhibiting” a painting which the artist Carl Michael von Hausswolff made from ashes of Holocaust victims from the Majdanek extermination camp.
According to a local newspaper, Sydsvenskan, Von Hausswolff had collected the ashes more than 20 years ago. The exhibition is scheduled to open at the Martin Bryder Gallery in Lund on Dec. 15, according to the radio station.
Salomon Schulman, a teacher of Yiddish and member of Lund’s Jewish community, wrote in the same local newspaper that he found the display “disgusting” and called it “a desecration of Jewish bodies.”
He added: “Nowhere was the Third Reich more popular than among the educated academics. Today, the Holocaust and racism are still part of their salon talks.”
The directorate of the museum at Majdanek is outraged by the art. "We are deeply shocked and outraged by the information that the painting allegedly was made with the ashes of Majdanek victims. This action is an artistic provocation deserving only to be condemned," said a statement published on Wednesday by the museum staff.
"In addition, it is certain that the Swedish painter did not enter into possession of the ashes legally."
Andrzej Fijolek of the Lublin police told JTA that the police have not opened an investigation into how the artist came into possession of the ashes, since no complaint has been filed.
These Swedes are so dense it's amazing.... If I took a Swede's body, burnt it and put the ashes on display in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, do you think they might get it?
There is simply no excuse for this, and there are no limits to the Swedes' anti-Semitism.Hmmmm.....May God give them a swift and fitting judgement.Read the full story here.


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