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Tuesday, December 11, 2012 says homosexuality is a choice and parents can attempt to “change” their children. says homosexuality is a choice and parents can attempt to “change” their children.(BM).CAIRO: The leading Islamic website in English,, saw one of its scholars tell the mother of a South African lesbian woman that she must try to cope with her daughter’s “choice” to be gay.
It is the latest in an ongoing string of advice given by the website on homosexuality, labeling the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community as making the choice to be gay.
Modern scientific evidence has debunked the myth that gay and lesbian people across the planet choose to be gay and are rather born that way.
“The problem you have to face is that your daughter is an adult with the free will to make her choices in life,” said counselors Razia Aamaarah and Bhatti `Ali in responding to the 52-year-old mother from South Africa.
As a parent the only thing you can try to do is point out why you believe her choice is wrong and what theological basis there is and some of the consequences she may face. Ultimately it sounds like she is decided on her future,” they added.
They continued to say that if the mother shuns her daughter, it could push her further into her lifestyle and the daughter “may feel compelled to continue living a life which deep down may not be what she wants.”
The counselors then continue to say that the mother can explain to her the Islamic principles toward homosexuality so as to potentially convince her daughter to no longer be a lesbian.
“Explain to her the spiritual rewards of fighting against her desires and give her practical support if she wants to fight her impulses,” they wrote.
“If you decide to keep ties with your daughter as opposed to disowning her it does not mean you approve or embrace your daughter’s lifestyle, as you can tell her emphatically that you cannot condone her choice but it does not mean you cannot love her and pray for her.”
Many LGBT activists in Egypt and across the world have repeatedly told that this is a common theme among Islamic scholars, who continue to view homosexuality as an abomination of Islam and human practice.
Websites like are part of the problem, they argue and without a concerted effort to educate the educated, myths and misinformation will continue to be delivered to Muslims across the globe.Read the full story here.

Ahmadinejad : "with a little bit of education reform, the LGBT community can be exterminated."
"The proper education must be given; the education system must be revamped; the political system must be revamped," he said. "But if you, if a group recognizes an ugly behavior or ugly deed as legitimate, you must not expect other countries or other groups to give it the same recognition."

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