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Monday, December 17, 2012

Obama Vacation Appears to be Delayed.

Obama Vacation Appears to be Delayed.(WhiteHouseDossier).By KeithKoffler.According to the Hawaii Reporter, officials had informed residents of Oahu that the usual Obama vacation-related restrictions on their travel would go into effect today and last until January 6. The White House has not announced specific vacation plans, though the restrictions are a good indicator of when they were planning to be in Hawaii.
The White House says Obama will be in Washington until at least Thursday – though it lists no specific events – so his vacation is unlikely to begin before then.
But given the current pace of fiscal cliff negotiations, it’s unlikely a deal will be reached until just before Christmas at the earliest. If Obama stays around until then, he may be faced with a vacation of less than two weeks instead of the three he appeared to hope for.
What is unclear is whether Michelle, at a huge cost to taxpayers, will decide as she has in the past to jet out to Hawaii separately from the president in order to fully realize her vacation plans.
Hmmm....."Before heading to Connecticut on Sunday, to mourn gun shooting victims, Obama attending Sasha’s dance recital"......With Michelle?Read the full story here.

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