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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Nat Sec Advisor meets with Pres Morsi's Assistant, Conflicting reports on postponed Mursi visit to White House.

Nat Sec Adviser meets with Pres Morsi's Assistant, Conflicting reports on postponed Mursi visit to White House.(AA).Conflicting reports surrounding whether or not Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi’s visit to the U.S. this month will go ahead as planned have arisen Wednesday morning.
News on microblogging site Twitter circulated that Mursi’s visit was postponed until early next year, sparking speculation that the reported decision may be tied to recent anti-government unrest in Egypt.
Washington Post columnist Jackson Diehl tweeted on Wednesday night: “Fascinating meeting with Muslim Brotherhood [sic] delegation in DC led by Essam El Haddad.
Mursi White House visit put off from Dec. 17 until February.”
Similarly, Egyptian journalist and former head of Egyptian Television’s news center, Abdel Latif El-Menawy, tweeted: “Sources: The White House informs Mursi of delaying his visit till February or March.”
This however conflicted with what presidential spokesperson Yasser Ali said on Tuesday, denying reports that Mursi’s visits abroad were changed because the countries he is visiting object to the constitutional declaration, Egypt Independent reported.
We did not receive any official remarks on the declaration from the United States or the European Union,” Ali said in a statement, calling on the media to be accurate in covering news.
In September, Ali said Mursi received an official invitation from the United States to visit Washington in December.
Turkish state-run Anadolu news agency said Mursi is visiting Washington after he participates in the celebrations of the second anniversary of the Tunisian revolution at the invitation of Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki on 17 December.
If the trip goes ahead as planned, Mursi is going to Washington just two days after the referendum on the new constitution on Dec. 15, which opposition political forces reject.Hmmmm......"Muslim Brotherhood delegation in DC led by Essam El Haddad" who are they meeting with?The Nat Sec Adviser!Read the full story here.

Haddad’s political involvement began during his studies at the University of Alexandria College of Medicine, where was elected president of the student union. He later obtained his master’s degree and PhD in England. In 1984, he cofounded Islamic Relief Worldwide, a Britain-based NGO, and he continues to serve as chairman of its board of trustees. Additionally, he is a member of the Arab Group for Development, the Union of Arab Exhibitions, the International Business Forum, the German-Arab Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the British Egyptian Business Association, and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. He also founded “Inter-Build Egypt,” the country’s largest exhibition for the construction sector. Haddad was arrested in 2009 while attending a demonstration in support of the Palestinians alongside then Guidance Office member Abdel Monem Abouel Fetouh. He rose through the Brotherhood’s leadership ranks and was elected to the Guidance Office himself in December 2009. His brother Medhat serves with him on the MB’s internal shura committee, which votes on strategy and policy. Within the Guidance Office, Haddad handles the foreign relations portfolio and, since the January 2011 uprising, has been influential in the Brotherhood’s outreach to the West. He met with U.S. assistant secretary of state Michael Posner in January 2012, and organized the Freedom and Justice Party’s participation in the Carnegie Endowment’s conference on democratic change in North Africa, held in Washington in April 2012. Following Khairat al-Shater’s exclusion from the presidential race in April 2012, Haddad became Muhammad Morsi’s campaign manager and, in early May, accompanied both men to Alexandria to meet with prominent Salafist sheikhs. He was later appointed an advisor to President Morsi, accompanying him when he first entered the presidential palace and later becoming his top foreign policy counselor.

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