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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

LIVE UPDATES: Violent clashes explode between pro, anti-Morsi forces.

LIVE UPDATES: Violent clashes explode between pro, anti-Morsi forces.(AO).Veteran anti-Mubarak Judge Zakareya Abdel-Aziz, speaking on Al-Jazeera television channel, comments: “Egypt is passing through a very difficult period.
The former head of the Judges' Club calls on leading groups to discourage the use of violence by youth, and calls for a consensus-building initiative by Constituent Assembly members and the National Salvation Front to negotiate ways forward.
“The president, however, has to freeze the draft constitution,” he asserts.
19:56 Presidential aide Ayman El-Sayyad announces his resignation as clashes continue near presidential palace.
19:55 Presidential aide Seif Abdel-Fattah has announced his resignation, commenting: “Egypt is bigger than a narrow-minded elite. Egypt will continue its revolution”.
We can no longer stay silent because they [the Muslim Brotherhood] have harmed the nation and the revolution and we need to rebuild Egypt...the youth are the ones who took to the front lines to serve the revolution...I pray for mercy for the souls of the martyrs.”
19:52 Ahram Online reporter Ahmed Feteha says that anti-Morsi protesters are adopting a highly offensive stance towards the Brotherhood, having spotted demonstrators destroying a car of a man in Roxy Square near the palace, because he had displayed the logo of the Freedom and Justice Party. They did not assault the man, however.
19:50 Anti-Morsi protesters repeatedly chant “Jika”, the name of the protester killed during clashes with police near Tahrir Square two weeks earlier, considering him to be the first to have been killed at the hands of security forces since President Mohamed Morsi won the elections.
The people want the fall of the regime,” is another chant frequently heard.
19:43 The official Freedom and Justice Party website claims that a Muslim Brotherhood supporter has been seriously injured outside the presidential palace as a result of live ammunition.
19:41 "We will not agree to participate in any dialogue until the constitutional declaration is annulled," ElBaradei says at the ongoing press conference.
19:40 Head of the Democratic Front Party Osama El-Ghazali Harb, speaking at the National Salvation Front press conference, denounces the "Islamist militias" for attacking peaceful protesters.
19:35 Mohamed Sultan, head of Egypt’s Ambulance Authority, said that 11 people have been injured so far in the clashes which erupted in front of the presidential palace. Read the updating story here.

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