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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Live transcript - 'I don't insist on keeping Article 6 of draft constitution': Morsi.

Silence the Copts

Live transcript - 'I don't insist on keeping Article 6 of draft constitution': Morsi.(AO).

I feel a responsibility for every Egyptian, whether they oppose or support me. The nation is united. All citizens enjoy the right to security.
“There is no difference between citizens in terms of their right to safety.”
“These painful events happened due to political differences. The only solution is dialogue.”
“The ex-regime used thugs and rigged elections … such methods will never be used in Egypt ever again.”
"Violence is not the solution. Wisdom, rationality, peace must be used to solve the current situation."
Whoever has come to defend legitimacy and paid with his life, I say it with honesty: while we respect peaceful expression, I will never allow anyone to kill and vandalize, I will not allow plans to murder and vandalize and terrorize citizens.”
“Investigations and confessions have shown that some of those arrested have connections to political forces. Other armed assailants were paid.”
“Yesterday was worse than Tuesday. Peaceful protesters were attacked by armed infiltrators.”
“Protesters were violent on Tuesday. Some of them attacked the presidential cars; a driver was badly injured and is still in the hospital as a result. This is not an acceptable way of protesting.”
“Assailants used shotguns and teargas while attacking protesters … calls for more violence continued until this morning.”
The prosecution will announce the results of its investigations, for those who committed the attacks, those who incited them and those who paid the perpetrators.”
“I differentiate between all stripes of political opposition and those who spend their corrupt money to destroy the nation.”
The 22 November constitutional declaration was met with opposition and this is normal, but those who attacked, incited and paid for attacks - this is something else altogether.”
“The issuing of the constitutional deceleration stirred up opposition, which was acceptable. But those who brought arms and hired thugs to wreak havoc must be punished.”
“The declaration wasn’t meant to prevent the judiciary from doing its work, or take away citizens’ rights.”
“The judiciary has protected rights and freedoms so long as it stayed away from politics. I’m sure it will carry on doing its duty.”
I am not insisting on keeping Article 6 of the declaration if dialogue with political partners leads to that. What is included in the article is already mandated, as some have pointed out.”
I will meet with legal experts on Saturday at 12:30 [local time] at the presidential headquarters to come up with a solution that shall save the nation; Some decisions will be discussed, such as maintaining the Shura Council.”
We shall also discuss the roadmap after the referendum, whether the people reject or approve it.”

Hmmmm.......Roughly translated 'It's a Zionist plot and i'll go on doing things my way.'

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