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Friday, December 14, 2012

JW Responds to First Lady Michele Obama’s Accusations of Voter Suppression in 2012 Election.

JW Responds to First Lady Michele Obama’s Accusations of Voter Suppression in 2012 Election.(JW).
Minority Turn Out after Voter ID Increased; Majority of Voters, including Blacks, Support ID.
(Washington, DC) Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton today released the following statement in response to accusations by First Lady Michelle Obama of widespread voter suppression in the 2012 presidential election. Appearing on the Tom Joyner Radio Show, Ms. Obama said, “Voter suppression was in full force in so many states all over this country.”
Mrs. Obama’s accusations about minority vote suppression are racially divisive and show a dangerous disregard for the truth. We are aware of no evidence of actual voter suppression. If Mrs. Obama has some, it should be disclosed.
“The fact is that early exit polls reflected a pro-Obama turnout by minorities that in some key states actually exceeded numbers seen during his historic election in 2008. As MSNBC reported, ‘Non-white voters delivered a wake-up call to Republicans Tuesday night. Turning out in droves for Obama, Latino voters alone split 71% for Obama compared to Mitt Romney’s 27%. High voter turnout by minorities reflected a huge demographic shift that Republicans ignored at their own peril.’
“Voter ID requirements are widely supported and are no impediment to voting.
The First Lady’s reckless remarks are part of the Obama administration’s continued assault on voter ID and election integrity. 
This is despite that fact that an election night survey of voters by Judicial Watch, in partnership with, showed a large majority of respondents (65%) “strongly support” voters being required to show an official government ID when voting. Support cut across racial lines, with 52% of Blacks and 64% of Hispanics strongly believing that IDs should be required.
With its Election Integrity Project, Judicial Watch is taking action nationwide by suing states to force them to clean their voter rolls and protect the integrity of the election process.Read the full story here.

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