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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman: "World would have no problem sacrificing us."

Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman: "World would have no problem sacrificing us."(JPost).
When push comes to shove, many world leaders would sacrifice Israel to appease Islamist radicals and buy quiet “without batting an eyelash,” Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman said Wednesday at The Jerusalem Post Diplomatic Conference.
The Foreign Minister said that all the promises and expressions of commitment to Israel’s security from various leaders around the world reminds him of 1938 Czechoslovakia when the country, with international guarantees, were pressured to sacrifice national interests. The Nazis then quickly overran the country. Israel, he said, “will not be a second Czechoslovakia.”
Liberman said that while the obsession of the international community with the Palestinian issue was “difficult to understand, he added it has to do with “annoyance” at seeing one successful democratic nation in the region thriving economically despite the global fiscal crisis.
Liberman says that time after time the international community denounces brutality in various countries in the region, from Afghanistan to Syria, and that because of “oil interests” they then try to balance that criticism by denouncing Israel.
Referring to the recent international outcry over announced settlement plans, Liberman told the diplomats at the conference that all settlement construction is taking place within existing communities, and that no new settlement has been authorized since 1991.
He also said that Israel has done “simulations” of what would happen if it returned to the 1967 lines, and concluded that the scenario would lead to rockets and missiles on Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.Hmmm....A breeze of fresh air in the stench of PC.Read and see (Video) the full story here.

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