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Monday, December 3, 2012

Iran stations defense staff at North Korean site.

Iran stations defense staff at North Korean site.(JPost).TOKYO - Iran has stationed defense staff in North Korea since late October apparently to strengthen cooperation in missile and nuclear development, Japan's Kyodo News Agency reported on Sunday, citing a Western diplomatic source. The report came as North Korea said on Saturday it would carry out its second rocket launch of 2012 between December 10 and December 22, near the first anniversary of the death of young leader Kim Jong-un's father. The Iranian mission, Kyodo said, is made up of four experts from Iran's Ministry of Defense and firms close to it. 
Citing the source, it said they were staying at a military facility 85 km (53 miles) from the North Korean border with China. North Korea has been selling long-range missiles to the Islamic Republic for many years. Iran’s long-range projectile, the Shahab 3, which is able to strike targets in Israel, is based on North Korea’s ballistic Nodong-1 missile. Iran is also believed to have received a number of North Korean BM-25 missiles from North Korea that can hit cities in Western Europe and Russia, according to reports. Both the Shahab and the BM-25 are capable of carrying nuclear warheads.Hmmmm.....It seems i was right "North Korea Announces December Missile Test....With Iranian 'officials' as spectator?"Read the full story here.

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