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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Iran, critical of cutting Iranian TV broadcasts, seeks satellite services from Obama's BFF Turkey.

Iran, critical of cutting Iranian TV broadcasts, seeks satellite services from Obama's BFF Turkey.(TI).Foreign Ministry spokesman, Ramin Mehmanparast, on Wednesday sought satellite services from Turkey for Iranian TV broadcasts, IRNA reported.
He criticized the western satellite service providers for refusing service for Iranian TV broadcasts.
He said that the move is a clear violation of freedom of expression, and that the Turkish satellite service providers are expected to help Iranian TV broadcasts with satellite services.
In a meeting with Ibrahim Shahin, director general of the state-owned Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT), Mehmanparast pointed to historical and cultural commonalties of Iran and Turkey and said there are many fields for Iranian and Turkish media cooperation.
He said that introduction of the culture, history and tourist attractions of the two countries would provide a common ground for media cooperation.
"Exchange of the media and TV products would serve as an important and practical area for cooperation."
He said that Iranian and Turkish media shoulder a grave role in outlining the sensitive situation of the Middle East region and reflecting the concerns of the public opinion and measures the governments must take in this respect.
Mehmanparst said western media by disseminating false news and reports are after sowing discord among Muslim states.
"Using capacities in the field of mass media would serve transparency for the public opinion in both Iran and Turkey."
He called for forming direct links of the Iranian and Turkish reporters with the government officials would serve clarity of the national and international issues, so that the public would get access to accurate information.
Shahin for his part called for media cooperation between Iran and Turkey and said there are common cultural and historical affinities which must be utilized for cooperation.
He welcomed Mehmanparast's proposal for direct dialogue between reporters and Iranian and Turkish government officials.Hmmmm......Oil ....Gold and now Telecommunications.."Sanctions that Benefit"Read the full story here.

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