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Monday, December 31, 2012

Egyptian Media claims existence of an US-Israeli Plan to Build Separation Wall in Sinai.

Egyptian Media claims existence of an US-Israeli Plan to Build Separation Wall in Sinai.(Fars).The Egyptian daily, al-Watan, quoted an informed source as saying that a group of American experts have leveled off the bordering areas in Rafah city in the North to the city of Taba in the South and parallel to the borders of the occupied Palestinian lands, drew the needed sketches for constructing a 200-km-long wall of separation and worked out a plan to evacuate the people from the region.
According to the source, the plan has been devised to guarantee Israel's security and separating a part of the border to control and monitor the area, prevent missile attacks against Israel and deploy modern systems in the region to confront the dangers posing Israel.
The plan which will be implemented after convincing the Egyptian officials and it requires forced displacement of residents in the region
Earlier reports also said that Israel is exercising a new plot to completely Judaize the Sinai desert and separate it from Egypt.
Newly obtained documents show that the purchase of Sinai lands by Israeli Arabs who had a Palestinian nationality in 1948 is considerably on the rise replacing others who bear a non-Israeli citizenship, the Al-Fajr news website reported in November.
The selling of Sinai lands to the Israeli citizens takes place at a time when Egyptian citizens themselves are prevented from buying them on different false pretexts posed by the Egyptian government, the report quoted Egyptian pundits as saying.
The same sources said that Israel is pursuing two objectives by pushing its Arab citizens to the Sinai desert; firstly, to separate the desert from Egypt in order to obviate its security concerns caused after Egyptian revolution on January 25, and secondly, to get rid of its Arab population who have settled in Israel since 1948.
The Israeli military occupied Sinai during its Six-Day war with Arab states in June 1967.
By 1982, all of the Sinai was returned to Egypt. The central government divided the Sinai desert into two governorates, North Sinai with al-Arish as its capital and the South Sinai with At-Tur as its capital.
Israeli has long been pursuing a Judaization plot to change the identity of the region. Ever since the 1967 Six-Day War, Israel has been increasingly exercising its Judaization scenario all across the occupied lands in Palestine and the Golan Heights (in Syria). Hmmmm.....Another'Zionist plot' i guess?Read the full story here.

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